Everyone in the world ASICS
Say nothing to the boycotts and ASICS statement
Against the Japanese government
Tokyo Olympic boycott please

I don't know anymore
ASICS shock Japanese company ASICS
Goed down to the Chinese Communist Party

This is
I can't believe the statement of a Japanese company
Taiwan is part of China and with Chinese territory
Resolutely defend sovereignty
For all slander and hoaxes against China
To disagree

Please withdraw if it is a Japanese company
Asics Uighur Chinese Communist Party
to this point
I need to ask the Chinese Communist Party
I was a little shocked
Please withdraw

The head office is in Kobe, but the founder is from Tottori
I heard that the sneakers pointed out by Tottori's school are ASICS.
North Korea hits missiles and J-Alert
Even while the sound is ringing

Two high schools in Tottori are for history learning
I was on a school trip to Korea.

It seems that he didn't stop even if there was a voice of opposition

I'm sure Tottori will continue to use ASICS
I think I'll keep the students buying

Never buy ASICS products
In a sense, companies all over the world are the best now
To make bad remarks without hesitation

How terrifying you made
Do you know Asics

If you don't do that, Japan led upstairs will be useless.

ASICS products will not be sold in Japan
Let's call

It's a statement from a Chinese corporation rather than ASICS.
That's what a Chinese company would say
Pay attention to what other ASICS say

ASICS is a pair of shoes designated by my daughter's junior high school
The shoes worn by children pretend not to see the crackdown on human rights
To be honest, it's horrifying that a company makes it.

Advance into Uighur including ASICS
Companies are tied up in China
Being in a situation

It may be a situation that can not be helped
These companies have to withdraw from China early
It is visible that it will hurt from the world in the future

From now on, we will recognize it as a company that disregards human rights.

Other companies should still be considering this issue
Bash had the best asics

ASICS should not call itself a Japanese company
Please withdraw Japan and go to China

ASICS is now named JAPAN
Stop selling all products

Let's cut off politics and economy from the Chinese Communist Party.
Already good

I don't buy ASICS As far as I saw this video
I have no plans to buy it in the future

Honestly, hatred is rising
Bad shit! I'll turn the world into an enemy Fool

Do not buy ASICS products
Genocide accomplices who don't wear
It's over

You won't know ASICS unless you regret it.
That human life is more important than money

Like Uniqlo, Uighur people
Make huge profits at the expense
The top people are living in luxury.

t there any blame for your conscience?

I can't help but feel that I was told before the Olympics.
Serious Olympic crushing representing Japan
It seems that the sports maker was involved.

We offer a lot of uniforms, but I want to take them off
I think there will be players.

This is in the asics China branch
I think it;s because the Communist Party branch has been created
In other words, it is said that it has been hijacked

Even so, the Japanese headquarters agrees
Management is too stupid

really promote the boycotts of Japanese products from ASICS MUJI Panasonic

Make more money than a playful murderer
Spread to death

I think this corporation is no longer a Japanese company

With this, the Olympics are boycotted
Boycotts of Japanese culture is also decided
Asics to destroy

Companies in China don't say so
Confiscated and employees are detained and arrested.

This is the case for all companies in China.
Both TOYOTA and Panasonic will be confiscated.

This kind of thing
I have to criticize it properly
It's as if the Japanese as a whole are defending China.

The Communist Party may be aiming for this, it's a very annoying maker.

The Japanese government should tighten sanctions on ASICS
Leaving is absolutely unacceptable

Asics never buys more money than human rights

ASICS is a garbage company that prioritizes corporate profits over Uighur lives
I will never buy it again

Yeah I won't buy ASICS products anymore

ASICS is a Chinese Communist company
Don't buy nike asics

Asics can't be helped
Because the Japanese government is halfway

Asics is for students a lot
Even if adults don't sell it, they don't buy it
I want to tell you a lie

Asics is for companies that have become useless if they disappear
Make proper judgment
It's a better show for consumers and nations to do

Asics was mentioned as a candidate when it was time to replace the sneakers.
Is it okay to buy ASICS because I made such a statement?

A long time ago, I was taken care of by volleyball shoes
You will never buy it again

I won't allow such a Japanese company
t it embarrassing
I won't wear ASICS

Asics and Nike have fallen to the point of falling
Never buy ASICS

The government investigates companies that depend on China
Shouldn't we put in guidance?

The indecisive constitution of the nation against China has permeated the private sector.
It feels like an example πŸ’¦ ASICS Goodbye πŸ’¦

I don't know what to buy anymore
Do you have the image you want to keep secret?

Japanese employees may be monitored in China
How are Japanese employees feeling?

I think there will be a flood of complaints

I'm glad I'm only using adidas and Under Armor

Asics Twitter is flooded with protests.

Let's send the opinions of Japanese people to business people

I posted my Twitter address many times
Probably it is erased by AI, so please visit by yourself

Asics employees do not need to be saved in an emergency

You turned the world into an enemy
I hear Uighur screams every time I run

There is a feeling that ASICS has also been hijacked.
Will the Chinese Communist Party gradually take over Japanese companies?

As for Uighurs, there are places where it is not clear after 100 steps.
Certainly the view on Taiwan is completely over

Basically I don't buy all Made in China

What the hell is going on

The Twitter account of the Japanese embassy in China also has genocide
I totally deny it.

It ’s like an information battle and you do n’t know what to believe.

There may be a demonstration that this is not a storm of complaints
No matter how terrible this is! Really you and other Japanese
Japanese company

It's too fucking
No matter how much life it takes
I'm embarrassed

I'm glad I never bought ASICS 😊
There are some commentators who look like ASICS 🧐

Sorry. Is the Japanese government silent?

The fall of ASICS. Chinese dog company decides
Taste yourself what will happen in the future

If you don't mind, don't buy it.
Panasonic will be a selling company forever
That name will be engraved
If you don't mind, don't buy it.

ASICS is banned from selling in Japan, do not let cM flow in Japan, property freeze

The end of ASICS

ASICS has become a CCP company, does not need it in Japan, and is excluded from Japan!
There is a great shoe company in Japan called MoonStar!

Due diligence is sweet
Asics management is bad. You should have expected it, it's over.

Good grief. Goodbye ASICS. I will never buy it again

I wonder if even Chinese employees are taken hostage

Hyogo is under the control of China 😰 It's not completely Japan anymore

Shame of Japanese companies! Shame of Japan!
Never use asics products again
Why the media doesn't pick this up

Vegans don't wear leather shoes, but ASICS sneakers do.
After all it is an enemy of mankind

I don't buy it myself, but one good thing is
The CCP's barbarity is known to those who still did not know

ASICS may have sanctions from the United States
Only then may Japanese aficionados be in a hurry.
Unfortunately, ASICS has become the worst company.

If you have a normal feeling, you can understand how dangerous China is.
It's hard to understand for those who sell their souls with a focus on profits.

ASICS will not sell outside of China!
That's right.

The act of benefiting China is indirectly complicating the Genosade of Waguru.
Joining a specific opposition party or a public maze party in an election will also be a part of China's Genosad.

I can't swallow the spit. It's not a story allowed with withdrawal

Asics is crazy! Tears

You can't impose sanctions or move the world with hoaxes
Uighur problem is a fact
Asics disappear with the media

Asics is over. 😱

It's an embarrassing company

ASICS betrayed the world

I will never buy ASICS again. I'm amazed and can't say anything
You can leave Japan and sell it in China. It's embarrassing.

I was a shoe maker who liked ASICS, but I'm sorry but it's no good anymore

Let's tell the person in charge of the United States about ASICS
Asics will impeach the world and impeach the chairman and president.
Also, Japan helped China.

I was disappointed with ASICS.
You will never buy ASICS shoes in the future

I think Ashix employees will quit more and more

Asics finished stupid

I've been an adidas for a long time, but adidas is okay

ASICS has some weaknesses in China
Is China almost occupied by shareholders?

Let's spread the boycotts of ASICS.
Not to withdraw
It means that he will continue to participate in the Uighur massacre.

Does the management have any ethical ideas?
It's a shame of the Japanese. What kind of background and logic is this
Did you make a statement? It's the same as Itochu

Anyway, I will soon be unable to do business in China
Well, if you do it yourself

ASICS is fully involved in genocide
It's a declaration

I will never buy ASICS products
I don't want you to call yourself a Japanese company again
Even if there is a threat / honey trap, it's over
This can't be used for peace festivals and can't participate

I don't buy ASICS products ❗️

Asics is too dangerous. I'm really embarrassed as a Japanese.
I want you to leave Japan πŸ’’πŸ’’

Asics statement is the spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party
I will never buy it again. Please do not call yourself a Japanese company

It feels complicated, but let's see where ASICS is going
Asics' judgment will eventually prove wrong.

After all, it's boycotted from all over the world. It's a sacrifice.

And you will notice it in tatters and regret it.

For the time being, our company 150,000 people will not buy anymore
I'm sorry. I've been using it for over 30 years, but it's over.

ASICS may sell in China
It won't sell from the world

When it comes to understanding the head office
If you don't become a Chinese company in the future, you won't be able to survive.
Don't call me a Japanese company anymore
What will happen if the stock price falls?

I don't buy asics anymore

All right, then it's a war. Asics finished

A stupid company. I can't say anything even if the employee's child is bullied
Because they are involved in ethnic cleansing

If you say this, people who buy from countries other than China
I'm gone

I was taken hostage
That's what it means to expand into China
People, factories, and technology are all ready to be taken up.

Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, The North Face
Patagonia, Fira, Under Armor, MUJI, UNIQLO
GAP, H & M, I have no choice but to knit and wear waraji

There was a similar story at V Tuber's office,

I wonder what happened

You should make a wise decision

Without doing business in Europe, America, etc.

It doesn't matter if you only do business in China

When I was on land, spike shoes and jerseys were ASICS,
As an adult, sports apparel is not domestically produced and it is embarrassing to wear it

Uighur cotton is used, regardless of whether it is used or not
I don't want to wear ASICS because it's dull
Don't buy ASICS for the rest of your life

At least ASICS Don't name a Japanese company anymore

t ASICS also acquired by Chinese capital?
You also need to look at the composition of the management team.

Companies give their opinions on national policies and policies
I think it's common, but this t the case

At most one company is not doing bad things in China
It's strange to think that you shouldn't bully China.

No, when Corona made a noise and there was a shortage of masks
The prefecture that sent the mask to China is Hyogo prefecture, and the ASICS headquarters is also in Hyogo prefecture.

In other words, what is Hyogo prefecture a dependent territory of China?

I really pulled it.
Asics shoes that I used to love
I'm thinking of throwing it away πŸ’’

I'm gonna buy ASICS already
The sneakers I have are poi in the trash

Hyogo has become dangerous
Two weeks ago, the Japanese Communist Party's sound truck has been wandering around the city.
Someone drive the Communist Party out of Hyogo

Well, without any blame for winning the election fraud
It is the world that stalker groups also sneak through with hoaxes
Then the Uighur problem can be a hoax.

I don't buy ASICS

The feet of those wearing ASICS sneakers smell

I don't want to buy ASICS

Asics finished

Has been erased by GHQ
I wish I could use it as a supplementary teaching material for Japanese history.
I hope you can show it during compulsory education in elementary and junior high school

Maybe even from an infant

Then, like the adults of today
I'm willing to sell for myself
I think humans will decrease.

As a Japanese born in Japan
I think Japanese people who love Japan will grow up.

If you awaken as a Japanese, politics
The economy and everything starts to move in the direction of improving our country.
I delusion of such a thing. But I wonder if it's late.

Foot odor, don't buy these shoes

ASICS, you too πŸ˜”
I thought it was Nike a while ago
Asics this is bad 😠

Personally, don't buy Hitachi Panasonic
I was doing it, but ASICS also

Buy ASICS, don't you think you're stupid against the Chinese Communist Party?
Asics not bought
Don't buy, don't buy
Get out of Japan

Boycotts of Japanese food

Asics stupid

There are a lot of products made in China in Japan
Only ASICS does not buy

Kusare Gedo China will be irritated

The founder of ASICS is a member of Soka Gakkai
It was a foot smell

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Japanese company ASICS
Goed down to the Chinese Communist Party

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