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Each media complains about Japanese people
It is a mistake to not take up at all

Thank you, Mrs. Devi.
Thank you as a citizen of Aichi prefecture.

This content should be spread as much as possible.

Postscript: I can't find the article on Yahoo!

If anyone finds it
I'm glad if you could tell me

Evil is spreading to the world, and
the face of the Buddha is up to three times

Mrs. Devi You are a true Japanese
You're right.

Trien is blaspheming art
Such things are definitely not art
I totally agree

That's exactly right.
Today's Japanese are rotten because of
WGIP and China and South Korea.

As much as that
The media and media guilty of leaving the situation alone.

Everyone, make Japanese students covered in debt
Using the scholarship system and Japanese taxes

Preferential treatment for foreigners (mainly C country people)
Do you know the government-sponsored foreign study abroad system?

There are also programs that provide 240,000 yen
even though you are an international student.

At a university that is said to be one of the best in Japan
Non-Japanese using Japanese taxes
in Asia It is a system to train leaders.

Of course, the opposition and
the media will not pursue it.

With the minions of country C in the United
States and other countries
There is a good chance that you will be told.

Regardless of the ruling and
opposition parties, crazy things are crazy! And

I think it is important to question.
Why don't you check it out?

If Mr. Takasu and other celebrities were so active
I thought it would be easy to make a recall, but

It's so difficult to contain media

If those people fail to recall
From now on, the governors of other

places will be able to do anti-Japanese
activities as much as they want.
It's scary to think.

For a signature period of only two months
Many signing activities

Advertisement to the media in the direction of Aichi
Mrs. Devi was furious at the refusal.

It also appeals for numerous sabotage activities.
Please watch the video.

Lady Debit, don't disappear from the TV.

I'm glad to say so far as a Japanese.
I would like you to talk with Mr. Sakurai.

Japan's old media is leaning to the left.
Especially in the Tokai region,
but other regions are similar.

If the people of Aichi do not do it, they have to crush it.

I wonder if the increasing garbage will be managed.

No matter how you dispose of it, it will only hurt
It is
that regulates garbage
It's supposed to be a government job, but
Mr. Kono I wonder if you can cut into this area as well.

For the most part, Aichi Prefecture is
I haven't had a good taste for a
long time. Devi-san, scold me more

This isn't played in the media.
I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Devi.

In the United States where I live,
I burn the national flag
and symbolize the country (head of state)

Burning photos is far worse than hate speech.
It is "hate crime".

Subsidizing such work with public money
I don't think it's sane, and

Originally, it should be sensitive
to human rights and discrimination.

Japanese liberals call it "freedom of expression"

I can't help feeling uncomfortable
with the positive affirmation.

What is liberal in Japan and what is liberalism
I can only think of it as a "cloak of invisibility
of unrelated anti-Japanese forces.

Mrs. Devi previously went to North Korea
I'm giving a speech praising North Korea.
What is this person's thought and position?

Thank you Mrs. Devi.

Mrs. Devi is too cool. Thank you.

Misunderstanding of freedom of expression and madness
It's okay to burn Omura's photo in front of him.

Mrs. Devi.
He spoke for everything the Japanese wanted to say.

Hahahaha. However, the media
I don't report, well, because I have freedom of the press.

Let's spread this.

I reviewed Mrs. Devi.
Once a follower of the Juche idea
There was talk of a North Korean agent, but

Looking at this, it seems different.
It was good to be a decent Japanese.

The principle of the press behavior of the old media is
I feel that it is there to reduce the pride of our country.

I don't think anything should be
"fabricated fraudulent coverage", but

I think we have a duty to tell the truth accurately.

If there are circumstances where it cannot be done
Should I quit my job?

Japan is capitalist and has a principle of free competition.
If there is no support, it will inevitably collapse, but

I pray for the establishment of
the recall of the Governor of Aichi Omura.
I want to trample CHO and eel dogs in Aichi prefecture.

Let's protect Tocchan Boya
I will never report it, so it's anti-Japanese and Japan
It's not mass media.

This "Aichi Triennale"
Exhibition of various works in
Japan It's already the story of last year

I have been
since this problem started to appear Anger boiled over and over again
I posted it

The old media in Japan is dead.

Mrs. Devi sometimes said that she was right
I think you will give me! Regarding this
Thank you Mrs. Devi.

For the elderly Mrs. Devi,
I'm embarrassed to let you do it.
I will do what I can do

Governor Omura is not a genuine Japanese!
I'm from stock!

Governor Omura If you hit it, it would be dust.

Omura's mother is not Japanese.

Omura recall signature Finally the final stage!

Aichi Prefectural Omura Recall
Please participate in the signature as soon as possible.

Today tomorrow, Aichi Tricaena Hare will also be
Now being held

Mrs. Devi's anger is from the base
The problem is that the media does not report

Victim falls asleep even if attacked
Culture has been built as Japan
The media should report with clear grounds

I want this person to be a politician rather than the Federation

Mrs. Devi is the best!

Don't do it, Lady Devi, sometimes weird
I'll say that, but this time it's wonderful.

Tedmura advocates are anti-Japanese

No, the recall signing has begun
Many people don't know that.

No one gets angry at what they don't know.

Besides, the next good candidate is
If you don't stand up, you can't sign with confidence.

Mrs. Devi was impressed.
More and more hot people like this, let's get out!

As Mrs. Devi says.

Mrs. Devi also goes to North Korea.
Where is your true intention?

Mrs., because I was betrayed by the media
Mrs., First Lady.
Mrs., because I have morals.

Overwhelming support.

Debbie is the best!
Chairman Takasu Good luck!
Sign 10 times after recall!

Meiji government's biggest blemishes
A policy that values ​​the motherland too much

The folly of the motherland
that was moved to Taiwan by another person
It's a leftist government, so just make a noise

Mrs. Devi is wonderful

Former Japanese

No, even if I say stop or not

Politicians who haven't chosen
I don't listen to you.

It's unreliable because the media is also rolled up.

It's the original activity of the former First Lady of Sukarno.
Or rather, I'm glad I was found by President Sukarno.

I will cry.

Thank you, Lady Dewi.
The Japanese media is rotten from the sex roots.

Is it the exercise of freedom not to report?
Self-protection only by the instructions of the top
We look down on the press and their families.

I want to say shame to the citizens of
the prefecture who chose the governor.
Now you can start over.
Please reflect on it.

Mrs. Devi is good
Please tell more Masgomi
Many Japanese people are quiet, so I can't say anything.

Wonderful Devi 🥺 I'm happy

I wonder why I didn't broadcast it online.

Collect media and turn it into media
It's impossible to say disappointment in the first place.

I fell in love with Mrs. Devi

National bandit Imai becomes Special Advisor to the Cabinet
There was information that it had returned.

Mrs. Devi has many things to say
Yes, but I think it's smart.

I started after rolling the anti-Japanese media.

I want you to lobby in the social circles of Europe.

That's exactly what Lady Debbie says.

Who is that! Who! Who!
That is Devi! Mrs. Devi ~ Mrs. Devi ~ ♬

I reviewed Mrs. Devi. I'm sorry as a man.

Aichi is a leftist paradise.
Both the governor and the citizens of
Aichi are on the left. Deserves the death penalty.

Mr. Ed, a photo of his wife ... (laughs)

Let's recall Governor Omura, Aichi citizens.
He is not Japanese.

Why are foreigners acting as governors?

Tokai TV, TV Aichi, and CBC have not come.
How about this?

I got a commercial fee from Aichi prefecture
I wonder if it's sontaku.

Spreading to people other than Aichi citizens
If you know someone from Aichi prefecture
Please give us a voice.

Hmmm, Triennale
People outside the prefecture only with the recall movement
I'm on the sidelines, but

This is the whole Japanese people
I think it's a problem.

Everyone declares to the official
residence and the constitution is like this

To add measures when the existence appears
Don't be wondering not to say it.

There are gratitude and apologies.


Old media is falling into gold
Work fund of country k
China's construction funds are in the pocket

I'm scared if I get angry

I wish you a successful recall.

I don't like it personally, but
I agree with Mrs. Devi's case (claim) in a proper manner.

just broadcast and report the facts

The news and broadcasting organization
is actually a propaganda organization.

That's the theory that the mass media hates.

Mr. Debbie, I'm very supportive this time.
Mrs. Devi is angry The truth that is not reported on TV