Japan is good Japan is a good country
His Majesty the Emperor of Japan
Japan is a third democratic economy.
Beautiful scenery with four seasons
Friendly national character
Good manners with many friendly people
Contributing to Peace Hospitality Japan
A country with ample social welfare and medical care
Subculture of anime, manga, etc.
There are also Japanese food culture, Japanese food, and world food.

It's a sequel. It's a sequel. It's a sequel.
Anti-Japanese activist.Cultural information labor union meeting
NO Japan banner Made with a printing machine made in Japan and talked about

Overseas reaction Supporting Japan
The suspicion of Aichi Triennale's self-made performance deepens further

The Asahi Shimbun fabrication and NHK misinformation

Unbuying Japanese products, Koreans, wrong history truth

Chinese foreign students Culture shock Unlike Japan

South Korea is ok with Japanese people.

DHC Naoki Momota x Yoshiko Sakurai Toranomon News

China announcement Chinese shock to the truth of aid from Japan

The true intention of Korean couples Koreans want to go to Japan

Yasukuni Shrine, American historian, highly acclaimed by the Japanese Army

Construction of Micron NAND specialized factory in USA completed

NHK, the breaking media are the enemy of the people

Audience rating, completely disregarded by terrestrialists

A happy couple talks about winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tokyo Olympic Games Asahi flag homepage update

Rugby World Cup 2019 Top 8 advance

Impressed by foreigners Japan is a black country Japan that does not discriminate

Japan is a testimony of foreigners who do not need an apology

The words of His Majesty the Emperor, the ceremony of the imperial Reign
A foreigner tried a vending machine, a drink

The moment when the 2020 Olympic Games Tokyo is decided

Overseas Japan is a good country with a different world.

Aichi Triennale Anti-Japanese Governor resigns

WWUK, I would like to convey the history of young people in Japan and Korea right

Fast evidence of the Korean rule

The changing method of school media that made prewar Japan evil

To Russia who abuses Japanese heroic soldiers as war criminals

Conceptual map of Japanese waters

The Senkaku Islands are unique to Japan

Countries pressing freedom or dictatorship

Influence of
China in Japan, post-China

Senkaku problem “supports Japan”
US military leader in Japan

Former Prime “Mori”attends the funeral of Mr. Lee Teng-hui, the god of democratization in Taiwan

Japan is a good country, related links

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Lithium-ion battery Yoshino Toranomon News    

If you find anti-Japanese activities bulletin board-register for Japan Patriotic
Korean forgery anti-Japan site registration post, bulletin board-japan patriotism

We Asahi flag, Statue of Liberty, I love you
Statue of Liberty official name is Liberty illuminating the world
The Statue of Liberty's head is sunshine = Asahi flag = sunshine
South Korea You can neither touch nor see Nikko
There is no freedom just to walk at night
If you don't like the Asahi flag of the sun's rays, you have to get out of the solar system.
I can't help it.
우리 욱일 깃발, 자유의 여신상, 정식 명칭은 세계를
비추는 자유자유의 여신상의 머리 = 욱일 깃발비슷?
한국 씨 햇빛에 닿는 일도 보는 일도수 없습니까? 밤에 걷는 것만 자유가 엠 햇빛 욱일 깃발이 싫다면 어쩔 수 없습니다

Korean anti-Japanese relations links
Korea Anti-Japanese sentiment created by politics Japan is good Japan is a good country Truth of the Japan-Korea consolidation era Misunderstanding among Japanese people Anti-Japanese media
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K-POP fans overseas attacking Japanese KIMIKO email fraudulent email Japanese politician, Korea asserted validity The Asahi Flags of the Tokyo Olympics around the world
Cool opposition to Korea, false criticism against Japan Japan is not South Korea White country Japan-Korea The real reason why we cannot publish the naturalization information Japan excludes South Korea White country
Kitakyushu citizens welcome the Welsh National Team Boycott Japan Is it really Japanese? Former Prime Minister Hatoyama Unexpected in Korea exposed by boycott movement
Usefulness of Android smartphone Android and iPhone contend with something 당신 이야말로 상식이 아닌 하 토야마 What is the crippling expression? Japanese Constitution, Law
Government resolute response at Haneda Airport Lei Daihan Past Korean soldiers are cruel Hong Kong support demonstration Japanese politicians say nothing My Korean was anti-Japanese.
YouTuberWWUK, targeted Korean media Japan-Korea “Recovering Japan with a Correct History” Comfort women business How to stop making money

Korean book No more struggles with memories that cannot be ignored, a clear answer about its history "Anti-Japanese racialism"

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Japan is good Japan is a good country

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Japan is good Japan is a good country