Rye Daihan

Past Korean soldiers are too
I'm cruel and lose words.

Vietnam War
Past Government
Korean Army went
Looting, slaughter, rape, etc.
Criminal behavior is a fact.

Korean soldiers at this time
Due to rape, etc.
Vietnamese women
The children who gave birth

With the first Raiderhan
Is called.

South Korea is in Vietnam
You should apologize forever

This to the Korean people
I want to show you

In fact, Koreans are
Vietnam War
The massacre also
Rye Daihan problem also
Too many people don't know.

For inconvenience
It is a gift that has been covered.

Korea demands from Japan
Received an apology

Just as much as the amount of compensation
Apologies to the Vietnamese
Should be compensated.

Koreans lie
Stop doing
Look at history.

This is true,
How's it
This is Mr. Dojin
Netsu and delusion

For Japan
It's a comfort woman
It's a charge

I'm saying
That is a comfort woman
It's just Korean culture

One of the prostitutes in the industry
That's why even recruitment
More than the number of applicants

Number of applicants from Korea
Over at your own discretion
Just came to Japan

Some amount of money
Get it and like it in Japan
I just lived
Because it's a native person

South Korea Vietnam problem
How about
Before you say
The ass of what I did
Put yourself on the button

Most were slaughtered, but
Barely survived
For women
Rye Daihan

When a mixed-race child was born
The fact

For poor women
Abortion is impossible
Would have been

Uno in Korea
Being a Hero
Korean soldiers of the time

What time do you have that cruelty

Sneaking into Japan
Repeat sexual offense
I don't know

Exactly devil
Human skin
The devil suffered
That is it.

After all Korea is
Of humanity
It's a monster.
Forgive me
Can not.

Beat the devil
Korean soldiers
can not forgive.

Korean thoughts
I do not understand.

First to Vietnam
On the other hand, Korea is
I should apologize.

They've always been
This kind of
Like a beast
It's a militia.

Japan is the Warring States Period
After the Edo period
Less crime

The country is complete.
Culture is totally different

At the time of the war
There is an invasion of the
Then there are cases like this

The world is more
Rye Daihan
Should spread the problem

About Japan
Before saying this
Their history
First review

Barbaric Country of Korea

I went to Vietnam
Life and death of Korean soldiers
Preservation of DNA regardless of

Should be obligatory.
Expecting Korea
Is it impossible?

Why the Asahi Shimbun
Rye Daihan's
Do you not report the truth?

I will report the fabrication, but
Don't report the truth
Are you free

Even if I am good
People are bad
It's sad Korea!

This Rai Daihan statue
All over the world In front of the Korean Embassy
I want to set it up.

Rai Daihan statues around the world
Let's make it.

Korean Army Vietnam
I participated in the war
From the United States
To the Korean government at that time
It was the purpose of support money
That theory is influential.

Korean Army
Aigo, Aigou
And fled the enemy

In the village after the gun
Rape a woman
I was angry.
Gaido, kind of devil.

Vietnamese Government
The invader is
Future oriented

Want to use words
Trying to forget the past

Another video with Koreans
When arguing
I'm sorry for that guy.
I think it's

Why ever in the world
For news
Didn't you?
America is
Did you hide it?

You don't have it.
If only you are good

Same as before and now.
Korea is Korea forever.
An unmistakable fact.
The more you know
The devil's business.

Chukyo's cruelty and
Side by side
It is an enemy of humanity.

The sexual case
Overwhelmingly many
I am a Korean.

There are numerous examples.

Some of the pieces on the video
The photo hurt my heart.

Comfort women in Japan
If it's terrible
Terrible US Army

To justify barbarism
Photographed by US Army
Such evidence photos

It's normal to have
I think

Very symbolic
I don't have a photo
I wonder what that means.

Rye Daihan's
From the number
An enormous number
You're raping.

Korean Army
It used to be a rape army.

The partner is an old woman, a child, and a child. No weapons
If you are a civilian
As you like

Korean Army
Repeated escape from the enemy
The United Nations Army many times
I fell into trouble
Quick escape
The army.

US Army
Vietnam War
The purpose is to participate in the war

Korea has rape
The purpose is genocide

Borrowing the power of tigers
I want to do it here

Koreans are always
Side by side with strong things
Slaughter the weak
Is a homemade work in 2000.

Until annexation of Japan and South Korea
Numerous cruel punishments
Because I was rampant

Rye Daihan also
No wonder.

Japanese after the defeat
Rape the repatriated person
Is said to be Russia.
Half are Korean
There is testimony that it was.

With the Rye Daihan problem
I noticed
As Korea claims

If you treat it as a comfort woman
Japanese half
Why aren't you there?
Is it?
Non-Factual Evidence

If the comfort women problem
If there is
Why don't you have mixed-race children?

Rye Daihan
I'm here.

Registered as a memory heritage!
Vietnam massacre
Surviving at the end

I am a mixed-race child.
Killed after rape

I don't like the dead.
It's scary.
The pursuit of truth is necessary

Rye Daihan also
It's a problem, however. Several villages
I erased it.

Than Rye Daihan
No resistance and to America
Friendly village

To kill all girls and children
The one who did it

And from my local wife
Take the person who was born
Raising problems

Trying to dwarf
Just doing
Investigating war crimes
Requests for DNA testing
I ignore you

Raidaihan mother and child are
Really favored
Are you ⁉️
Can you prove it?

Mixed race in Japan
The fact that I wasn't there

The image of a girl is in the US Army
I was hit and died
The girl is a model

Certainly Korean
Veterans' Association
Being massaged by pressure
It's like a story
Such as it was.

The media is

To the defoliant Senyukai
I was attacked
Noisy news

In Japan
It is taboo.
Or something like that.
It should have been

It was a story of a Korean rape country.

If all Korean forces are bad
Please state clearly.

All Raihan
Problems all at once
Don't do it

The issue is blurred.

Anyway, by the Korean Army
War crimes of massacre and rape
Give a different name to the world
I think it should be advertised.

This problem in South Korea
I'm half-suspicious
I think that is the current situation.

The hiding constitution of the nation is also
There may be

Don't listen to things you don't like
The ethnicity over there
I have a problem
it might be.

Rye Daihan is very
It's a problem, but the Korean Army
Genocide is really a problem

Rai Daihan is this
It's a matter of degree
I'm in trouble if you think about it.

Underlying slaughter and infants
Rape and others

Lots of scary things
There is a thing.
US official documents
Please read.

And South Korea is officially
I'm not apologizing.

Vietnam War
It’s a bad thing.
It's terrible.
Eradication of evidence
It's impossible.

For the time being Vietnam
Of the massacre, Mr. As compensation
Pay twice the national budget

Infrastructure development
Please give it to me.

Then the heart
An apologized meditative Dogeza
Don't forget every year
After a few more years
A reminder for individuals
will not forget.

Moon apologizes
I haven't.
Please check carefully.
There was just a war

The painful past is
It just happened.

Bun-chan apologizes for this
I say that I did.

If this is an apology
Japanese apology
It's a big apology.

There was a lot of rape
I heard.

Even with consent
If you run out
What's terrible?

Children of enemies
Poor thing.

Next to the statue of a girl
Raidaihan's elephant
Let's put it.

Comfort women are from the Asahi Shimbun
It's a fabrication.

Rye Daihan problem and
Indiscriminately destroy the village
What made me do it to the international community

South Korea during the military dictatorship
I went to Vietnam
About cruel behavior
Do not apologize to victims
Do not

There is nothing but a barbarian.

Vetcon and civilians
Because he slaughtered.

There are some who are there
Infants and babies
It was a sticker
Is not it.
Vetcon is a militia.

Rye Daihan problem
The fundamental element is

Civilian massacre and
Female rape.

Do not miss it
I have to proceed with the tone.

Vietnamese are proud
Because of the ethnicity
It didn't matter
There is also.

South Korea against Japan
For extortion
Be patient
It's now
I don't think so.

A statue of Rye Daihan
Made in Japan
In front of the Korean Consulate-General

Installation in public places
Is it possible?

In order to install it in reverse
What should I do?
Please professor.

Installation to install
Securing a place
After that, everyone together
Let's think about it.

Sentence apologized
is not.

Inhumane behavior
Apologies, compensation,
Korea is doing nothing.

Korean courier
By forced rape act
Born children
Guarantee to etc.

The shame of Koreans
Make proper compensation
I have to apologize.

More to the world
Should spread,

Vietnam War
Crime of Korean soldiers
It's a war crime.
If you apologize
Will it be Chara?
It won't happen.

The Rye Daihan problem is
What is the problem of forged comfort women?

It's a bad idea, isn't it?

For now, go to Vietnam
Of the amount paid by Japan
You have to give it 10 times.

The Rye Daihan problem is
National character of that country and
People from the world
You will be asked.

Don't pretend not to look
People pretending to be
= Is it the government?

Over time
Therefore, at that time
Victim speaks out
I was able to do it.

Flag of war crimes
Proud of Vietnamese
Height doesn't say that.

Also, don't tell a lie.
Hope for peace

Massacre except young women.
Young women take advantage of it for rape.

Women love
I ran away.

A woman who was late to escape
Finally killed.

Vietnam War
The Korean Army has a cleaning role
I made a wish.

Cleaner = Frontline
The village was wiped out
It's in the U.S. official document
Occurred in the process of
It is a thing.

Rye Daihan problem also
Of course,
For money
Sent to Vietnam

Rape a woman
For the destruction of evidence
All the villagers are children
I slaughtered everything.

The facts of inhuman act
You have to make it public.

Also, in the same Korea
Let's make this public
Attacking those who
The fact of being bruised.

This is
Proud to speak
What does the race do?

Regarding apology
Certainly between governments
Apology to Vietnam
I was once refused.

But at the private level
Repeated survey request to South Korea
Should be

What I continue to ignore is
There is no excuse.
That would be true.

Inconvenient thing is
Don't know, don't exist
A race to push through.

It's not an apology.

I regret it.
There was an unhappy person
I just touched.

I apologized for that.
I'm just saying

US Army released
Village security, etc.
Settlement during a mission

Rape young women one after another
Trying to stop it
Slaughtered Vietnamese people

Real Raihan
The Korean Army has 30,000 people.
At least local
I raped a woman.

The number of people is 30,000.

Should be allowed about 30,000 times,

In front of Korean embassies around the world
Lai Daihan mother and child statue
Let's build

Vietnam from South Korea
Poorest country, calling
Returned when I was told

We are France & America
After fighting against China, he became independent.
I have never asked for compensation.

Large amount of compensation and
Seeking help
I grew up warmly
Say to Korea
I do not have a relationship.

With Vietnamese
Korean Democratic Degree
It is the difference in national self-esteem.

Apparently even the body
To the extent of damage
I heard he was assaulted.

Korean Army around the world
The anomaly is widespread
Korean government
Mr. Kobo

Prostitution was legal at the time
Doing business with high prices

A military doctor has sexually transmitted diseases.
Carry out
The Imperial Japanese Army is a local
Do not rape

The world's most gentleman
It was a Japanese army.

Korean army is on the front line
Turned backwards

View the village of the camp
Rape and old people
Think of a child
Brutal like no
I'm killing you.

Korea was 40 years ago
I did it in the war

It was tied 50 years ago
Clean treaties

Forgotten at all
About 70 years ago
Even if I don't remember
Like that
A nation that you remember.

Moon is
Left human rights lawyer
Let's make this matter
Is it through?

True historical revisionist
Are you guys

During Japanese rule
Hateful for Japan

In Vietnam
Weak women and children
Abuse and assault

If Japan loses
Raise your fist.

From these guys
Strong for the weak
For those who are strong
It's a terrible country.

Passing through cruelty
A group of abnormal people

Korea has always been
Sumo wrestling with another person's litter
If you become wealthy
Dashing off

It is the work of the devil.
Japanese people also
Following Britain
Mass garbage
Dominate South Korea
Because it is done
I have no choice but to do it individually.

Vietnam War
I wrote an article about

Hit a newspaper publisher

It's national character

For Vietnam
The peninsula apologizes
Not very

Korea is now
Conceal evil deeds

Not only

Pretending to be a victim of lies

A country where you live
Know the world
Should be tightened.

The world is
Let's get along
I'm saying

The roots of Koreans
Everyone must know
I feel like I shouldn't.

Further damage
To not receive it

Old Korean military
Vietnamese people at
I killed and walked.

Trying to find Mr. Toraito
As a national guest in Vietnam
Invite me

I'll definitely turn it down
May I visit?

Vietnamese men
Not in battle
Good thing

Rape a woman
Then killed

Old people and children
Massacre and go around
It was said that there was.

Japan also holds the British Parliament
Apprentice to the Diet
For Rye Daihan

I apologize to Korea for
Pursuing compensation
Working with the UK
I think it's good.

A lie
I'm just losing
I can't stay.

What kind of Korean
If not admitted for crime I don't think it's a crime

Therefore I absolutely do not admit.

I have to admit
I'm not a criminal
You can be punished
I don't think so.

Crime scene
Even if it is pressed down
I haven't done it

Around the rampage, if you can
Trying to escape

Trial with complete evidence
When convicted
I don't admit it.
Cry for a false accusation
This is the reality.

This issue is forever
Irreversible agreement
It was done
I don't know?

Don't forgive the Raidaihan case

How cruel
Write in the video
It wasn't there
One is Vietnamese

I cut off my ears
Pass it through a string and wrap it around your neck.
Hanging out as a battle result
Lower it.

In Japan in large scale
Group operating funds
I want you to help me.

Attacking civilians
When it comes to a real battle
I ran away at a glance
I heard.

Rye Daihan
Not just
Vietnamese Guerrilla
Decide and hostility Not in the rear area

Repeated massacre in the village
It’s America
Published by the reporter.

Moreover, the reporter is
He has been killed by a Korean living in the United States.

Japan and Britain
Help Ryderhan
We should pursue Korean wrongdoing.

Apologies to Korea
Should claim compensation.

This fact To Korean people
I have to inform you
It shouldn't be

Copino for Rye Daihan.

And when defeated
Japanese woman
Crime committed to a child.
More clear
I want you to become.

Korea was 100 years ago
It's a primitive age.

Mixed race child with Vietnam
Rye Daihan

Vietnamese women
It's beautiful.

Mr. Trump
While in Vietnam
I want to send this information.

Even if Vietnam is silent
World countries cooperate
And sue then
There must be.

Rye Daihan per person
1 billion yen

For each relative
Compensate for 500 million yen.

Rye Daihan's
Japanese version
I want you to publish it.

Side by side with anti-Japanese racialism
Because you can compare and contrast
Isn't it?

Let's build a Rai Daihan statue.

As expected, Korean
Typical double tongue

Korean Army
In Vietnam
Barbaric Sylvester
Stallone Rambo
Is also drawn.

Even movies from decades ago
Because it was taken up
It's a fairly famous story.
I thought?

In the first place
South Korea
I want money
He joined the US Army and sent troops.

Vietnam's national power
If it gets a little bigger
More Raidaihan
Can be said about
Will it be?

Hope to spread to the world

President of South Korea at that time
Participated in the Vietnam War
I told you to let me do it
It looks like

So from America
Cleanup of Vetcon
You were supported.

In front of the Korean Consulate-General
A statue of Rye Daihan
Building activities, etc.
Start over in Japan
I felt like there was a need.

Even during the war
Korean soldiers are Chinese
Do cruel things

Japanese soldiers are up there
Even without doing it
I was pulling
There is a story

Let's build a statue!

Knowing the truth
Crazy Korean

The Korean Army is Cruel
I can imagine.
A metal item from a corpse

I'll take it
I have to like it
A woman and a child were killed after the rape.

Until recently South Korea
There were many rapes.

The actual victim is
Quite a few.
Mostly killed
I'm sorry.

Rye Daihan
Attack the village
You slaughtered?

Even if you are hiring with money
Attack and commit without anything
All you want to do.

Rye Daihan
Spread it all over the world.

Everyone, diffusion, diffusion.

South Vietnam
War to protect
There is that
People from South Vietnam

The Korean army slaughtered.

Check it out too.

It was a war
What can i do?

Show this to Koreans.

With Rye Daihan
Britain raises problems?

South Korea Japan
Making money during the war
Get it out and do sex
It seems that it was

Korean soldiers are violent
Offspring to Vietnam
I left a lot of them
Sounds like that.

It's worse than Japan
Woeful barbarism
It was done.
And you don't know?

With South Korea now
Have a good relationship
It's no use wishing.

The Korean government will soon disappear.

No, the Korean government
I have to do something quickly
I think the world

What are we
Can I do it?
Shame on you, shame on you.

Made a statue of comfort women
To a couple of sculptors
Raidaihan statue
What if you asked me to make it?

You can recruit funds in Japan.

Human rights Human rights and
In trouble
Inconvenience of the Ruined Country
Don't report the truth
Dog HK and Asahi and every day.

Vietnamese people
Firmly in Korea
I think it should be narrowed down.

In rural Vietnam
It's still dark
When you play until

Korean soldiers will come

It threatens children.

Cut off the limbs
Rape till Tahi

Dharma and Korean
The genocide they say
I can't laugh because I'm a devil.

This Korean is
Rider Han
Do you know

Cruel and irresponsible poles
As a country
Shameful reality.

Point out only about people
I am an important citizen

The Korean Army has no resistance
Only fight against civilians

Just being cruel and brave
Far from strength

Hesitate about cowards
I don't have the courage
In my conscience
Unbeatable strength.
Is ready
I think it's

Finally the world
Have you started to understand?

You see, apologies and
Compensate me, South Korea.

Countries of the international community
Whatever you say to Korea
It's a Buddha in the ear of a horse.

I have no ears to listen to
It's a country

Our common sense is
Common sense of the world
Tachino ga

Think right
The world is
Believe it is right

I'm out
I'll never apologize
Until now
I have no apology.

Koitsura wars
I went to work
Not really.

It's a woman hunt.

Rape and murder
Proud to be in Korea
The madness of making a memorial hall.
Secretly the Memorial Hall
The feeling of disappearing
Rape etc. still
The better one is k-army
The Vietnamese who slaughtered

The number is hundreds of thousands.
It is said.

Criminals in different dimensions.

That is k army.

Vietnam Communist Party
Executives grab the gold
Because it is done
I'm silent

After all, the Communist Party is
I only think about things.

Vietnamese people.
For Hangul

Apology, reflection
I have no words.

It is the only country in the world.

Korean soldiers are North Vietnamese soldiers.
Kill civilians without fighting
The little child who committed
Also committed and killed.

Why is the Japanese Government
Lei Daihan facts
Send to the world
Will you not do it?

Japanese human rights lawyers
Why is the problem
Would you like
Totally double stand
It's a lump, right?

Women around the world
The issue of prostitutes during the war

Attacked by truth and weapons
Violated and killed
The victim is clear

Not at the same level

The issue of prostitutes during the war
Originally it was a fabrication
Let Japan compensate you
South Korea

War crimes in Vietnam
Hidden because of the war
South Korea

See more truth
What really should be pursued
Please clarify who you are!

Vietnam in the first place
Returnees in Korea

With the nation as a hero
I'm calling

Absolutely Rye Daihan
I cannot accept it.

If you do that
Veteran Union
I'm not silent

The outrage that went to us
Ignore and blame Japan
Korean attitude is Vietnam
Draw the hearts of people
It would be something like that.

Korea is already good.
Why Parliamentarians
Hitting South Korea
Why don't you call it?

I went to Korea and was brainwashed.
Because it will be
Do not go

Ethnic people without respect
Against authority
No respect

I don't have any awareness
Country like nothing
There is only the illusion
Poor country

Bring it to the world
Hard work yourself
Feeling of being announcing

Hydrogen fluoride
Letter of credit
Anything is fine
Do the prohibition.

For imports from South Korea
Apply 200% tax
Then South Korea also

For imports from Japan
200% tariff
I'm calling
Isn't it?

Korean manufacturing industry
In total annihilation, myself
Strangle yourself
With a feeling that makes me feel

And now in Vietnam
Many Korean companies have invaded.
Many Koreans do business activities and

To Vietnam for tourism purpose
I'm in Japan.
Again by Korean

There are many rape cases.

This was born
Secondary children
It is called Rye Daihan.

Korean in Vietnam

Rape case by

Occurrence in the current progressive form

It's a big problem.

Incidentally, during the Vietnam War
Comfort station in Vietnam
Made by a Korean woman

Prostitution took place
Wealthy at high prices
For US soldiers
I was there

Korean soldiers have rape
It was the only sexual treatment.

Nevertheless, Vietnam
Koreans in the war

Men plunder, massacre and rape!

Woman is prostitution
Both men and women are criminals.
South Korea = crime

Justice sanctions on South Korea
Helping to Vietnam

Apologies to Japan
Before you say

You are Koreans
What I did for Vietnamese people

I think I should reflect a little

Anti-Japanese mass media
The newspaper is the truth
Do not report
The Asahi Shimbun is really
Disappear and die.

Rye Daihan

If you find anti-Japanese activities bulletin board-register for Japan Patriotic
Korea Fabrication Anti-Japan Site Registration Post, Bulletin Board-japan Patriotic

We Asahi flag, Statue of Liberty, I love you
Statue of Liberty official name is Liberty illuminating the world
The Statue of Liberty's head is sunshine = Asahi flag = sunshine
South Korea You can neither touch nor see Nikko
There is no freedom just to walk at night
If you don't like the Asahi flag of the sun's rays, you have to get out of the solar system.
I can't help it.
우리 욱일 깃발, 자유의 여신상, 정식 명칭은 세계를
비추는 자유자유의 여신상의 머리 = 욱일 깃발비슷?
한국 씨 햇빛에 닿는 일도 보는 일도수 없습니까? 밤에 걷는 것만 자유가 엠 햇빛 욱일 깃발이 싫다면 어쩔 수 없습니다

The truth is only one, human beings are the only ones, so the truth is only God
No one has a solid memory of the past or the past, no solid history or evidence.
For example, the story that I heard from a person, the story I saw, even if it was written in a book, a person is a devil. The truth is only God
Therefore, it is better for people to focus their attention on the future.

If past people complain about past events
If you complain to people in the past
Today's person takes responsibility for past events to today's person=lol
과거의 사건은 과거의 사람들이 불평이 있다면
과거의 사람에게 불평을 말하면
오늘의 사람들이 과거의 사건을 오늘 사람에게 책임질 = 웃음
이상한 웃음=책임을 말할 = 실수
Therefore, it is better for people to focus their attention on the future.

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