You would have seen the identity of the Korean comfort women group.
This country is not called a country, but a region.

The truth is
for humans living in this area.
I can't find it anywhere.

Pursuing that there should be truth somewhere
The structure is fundamentally different from the Japanese.

Both those who sue and those who are accused commit suicide
There is no truth in humans either.

There are only desires, money, and tiny self-esteem.

It's a delicious business that uses the comfort women that don't exist.

There is no doubt that this person says it.
That's a contradiction.
All distorted

Is the victim business confirmed?
Are you looking for money after all?

Inner ring. Do it steadily. Grandma

These groups are the ruling party, both the Democratic Party and
Both Party Headquarters of the Platform Party
Visit Yeouido, Seoul

Shameless humans in the Diet
I absolutely oppose entering.

He protested demanding that parliamentarians resign.
A country that does not value the lives of other countries

What you shouldn't do and
A country where you can't tell what you have to do

A country where missiles do not fire and are wasted forever
We were utilized! Country that did not give 1 billion yen
A country where Japan is worrisome, worrisome, and unrelieved

A small country that does not know the horror of debt and piles up debt
A country that says Japan will perish
A country that got crazy after being drunk with radioactive water

A country that does not return the stolen Buddha image
A country with a surge in household debt

A great country that exports prostitutes to the world
A country that evaporates the important pensions of the people
A poor country that doesn't feel ashamed
Country without goods

A small country that prospered specializing in plagiarism
A country that goes mad if criticized

A country that always blames others
A country that is gangster and does not obey international law
A country that keeps shaking money forever

Trespassing! Violation of the treaty! A country that does

A country where crime is allowed if the people sympathize with it
A country that supports terrorism

A country that hates Japan extremely
A country where you can put yourself on the shelf and talk

A country that returns gratitude
A country that buys scraps of paper

An incredible country where one-third of parliamentarians are criminal records

A country where lies are widespread A country covered in crime

A country that speaks from the top
A country where both the country and the people are BK
The world's largest number of self-bankruptcy filings

The victim of "comfort women fraud" is Japan.

South Korea is the worst war criminal country after the war to use "war".

You're the old lady who embraced President Trump.

Prey on a mere professional prostitute's grandmother
Those who have done it

Auntie has also been acting fabyori here and there
That's why it's the same hole.

The abandonment of the agreement deepened the gap between Japan and South Korea, and
in front of the consulate.
I'm glad that the swap was canceled because of the image of a prostitute.

Korea and Asahi Shimbun should not believe
I'm not a comfort woman, I'm being deceived by the whole country

You don't see it at the age of 92, you're not about 20 years old.

After all, the donation doesn't come to me.
It will be a split between scammers over money

After all, both are fraudsters

The 92-year-old so-called comfort woman is fine.
The battle between thieves and fraudsters is a forged nation
I don't care

"Han" is all about Korea, honest with them
There is no concept of justice or sincerity.

I will not reflect on it
There is a habit of putting all responsibility on others.
I think it's a race that can't be helped.

Criminals prey on criminals

The comfort women's aid is an anti-Japanese group
It must have disappeared in the exercise expenses.

I don't think I got it because I didn't get it.

The Korean Council for Justice is an anti-Japanese Marxist organization and is famous.

Even if all the so-called Japanese comfort women die
The child and grandchildren will inherit it.
Proliferate forever.

Japan's left wing has a series of Korean problems. I have gained wisdom while leading.
Most of them are accompanied by that Japanese professor.

There was also a rare wal who repeated [sincerity]

As the peninsula likes the word justice
In Europe and the United States, the terms gender equality and discrimination are often used.

That's because there is a problem "there".

The comfort women resolution in the US House of Representatives is
It is based on this grandmother's "testimony."
Even if you say something beautiful now?

Propaganda has become popular on the Internet
It's time for the old media to know that it doesn't work anymore.

I want the end of Masgomi to come with the end of the Corona disaster.

I can't make money anymore because of the recent attitude of Japan
Because I felt that, it's an inner ring massage.
The end of the victim business

After all, I don't know how to use the money.
This grandmother may have begun to criticize.

Kaneda, it's not out of focus at all.
I won't complain with money

Extortioners in Japan Supporting prostitutes by Takari
The supporters who use the old lady

Abe administration with a resolute attitude
It's impossible anymore and there is a break in enlightenment money.

This time, I was hit by the United States and the 5th supplies and supplies
Drums with live dolls

A fraudulent race, a fraudulent nation, that is South Korea.
Let's send to the world!

It's usually erased by this story haste, but
There are quite a few left this time.

First of all, is it full of measures for related videos in my home country?

If this old woman's resentment was during the Japanese colonial era
I think I should have made a lot of money more easily.

What a Christmas for Jive!
Maybe you also knew "Assault Ichiban"!

This self-proclaimed comfort woman was also arrested for interest.

You will be banished from the comfort women group.

In this story, is the accused side intending to counterattack this time?
Actually, this grandmother is not Iyanfu

The situation of mud-making.
It's already too interesting in a suicide bombing battle.

I'm definitely not a comfort woman!
It is a class 5 supply certified by a high-class prostitute or the courtesan government.

I treat my grandmother as a blur

Victims of comfort women
Victim whore

I don't know what I'm fighting for
I knew it from the beginning of the smell.

Scammers split up over their share

A non-comfort woman who resembles only Lee and has accumulated heritage.

Use as much as you can
Littering because it's no longer needed
It's already used because the North has taken power completely

Is it a mistake in sexual skills, not justice?

If you can't get a share
Would you like to cry again in your usual victim position?

Is this the result of living for nearly a century?
It's an embarrassing creature.

I'm looking forward to more and more similar developments in the future.

After all, the history solidified by lies is
Invoking the Great Boomerang Law for Self-Destruction

Japanese politicians are also bad.

Make up an old woman as a comfort woman
You mean you were exploiting gold

Wasn't the beginning of the matter deceived by a fellow countryman in the first place?

Thieves fight with share distribution
I think I can get more and more if I make a noise.

It's Japan that has been deceived Grandma

I was taken away by a jeep
Japanese soldiers came by helicopter

Can you make me laugh more without ending here?

Comedy has begun (laughs)
I don't have any help from Japan anymore.
Cheers to the miserable people!

What are you planning? Who said it

It can only be seen as a liar woman and her friends, a crack.

I can't get any money.

There is a word that true evil disguises justice

It's even slower now
If you expose it around the Japan-Korea comfort women agreement
The flow would have changed more.

The comfort women are prostitutes
Prostitution is legal in South Korea from its founding to 2004

2004 "
Until the special law on sales prevention is enforced

South Korea is a state-owned country that was engaged in the Kisaeng business.

Even this old lady pretended to be herself, "
You've fallen into gold.
It's an ugly fight.

An old and short grandmother,
To perjury guilt and backing organization
There is nothing good after death.

It can be seen as a repulsive spirit, but
I'm a K national, and it feels like a mere break in gold, a break in the edge.

It's fluttering. I have no choice but to laugh.

The fraudster was in a fraud. Lol

It's a country of herons and thieves.
Rubbing the thief with a share.
The same is true for the left. Leftist = Drobo theory.

The counterargument on the part of the organization after this makes me laugh.

For some reason, I came up with Pokkenai Nai.
When I looked it up, it came out as a childish embezzlement. Strangely convinced w

You noticed that you continued to be exploited.
It's dangerous if you don't protect this grandmother.
The summary will start again

Munmun so that the product does not start talking
I have to give it a tap

Well, don't rub the inner ring as much as you like
Japan is no longer involved

No, it's fun and fun (laughs)

Uchigeba was waiting
It is best for Korea to break from the inside.

Recently, the drama has not been rebroadcast or sports.
And this is entertainment news.

As expected, South Korea has a good feeling.
Thank you, thank you.
Let's thank everyone.

It's a mysterious senility soon

In Korea, I love justice and justice.
By the way, my grandson's name is justice, not gambling.

The Korean Council for Justice, Aichi Triannare
I am also a member of the executive committee

It is also an organization that supports Shiori Ito.

The female director of the Korean Council for Justice is supporting Shiori Ito.

When it is out of focus, it says something matomo.
The composition of brain miso is strange.

Well, the people in the north were grabbing it.
It's already out of material and it's a scramble for competition.

Let's make it into a movie! National tremor!

Is it a liar battle again?
It's best not to deal with them.

I wonder if Korea is destined to self-destruct.

Get along with liars!

Speaking of wanting money clearly.

Achara's children
To the comfort women grandmother
I was surprised at what I asked.

How many men in a night
I can't believe I was dealing with him.

Gakincho's question that is impossible in Japan

It's the end of the victim business.
Well, it's a country that doesn't keep promises.

If you can't get the money in your place
Speak the real intention ❗ Stupid bare

No matter what you say now, the whole nation
It only looks like a scam.

Korea is over! !!

I knew that from the beginning.
This is the nature of Korea.

For the company that was taken care of
Because they say they were "recruited".

Mizuho Fukushima would have defended it.

Lie-spitting is called lie-spitting

Assault, Genki Counterattack, Genki Rebellion, Genki

In history textbooks
Let's write it

You are
History textbook
It's the leading role.

It was just
that was built all over the world.
The moment it became clear that it was a prostitute.

Let's live up to 140

You see, Korea ’s money is n’t going around.

Well, it's a country made of lies.

The more you know, the more you hate Korea.
Japanese politician and media snuggling up to it

I don't need it

You can take good care of Japan by breaking the ties quickly
I want people to become.

Every time I hear this "dementia old man"
Testimony that changes around

When I hear Uchigeba or that word,
I think of the student activism and the Red Army.

After all
National character !! I can't trust or trust!

It's about a liar grandmother
Originally forged Asahi Shimbun

It is
to repeat justice It's the same as saying that it's injustice.

Used as a tool for extortion
Is it treated as a blur when you say what you really mean?

To the Japanese Parliamentary League of Japan
There is a natural bokeh.

If you say that it is a separation work in the north
There is no choice but to ride the big wave!

Age spoofing of ex-Yang Kongju, a self-proclaimed unpleasant woman
Ba-san is

A fraudulent ba-san shares a share with the former closing
It's a fight for boogers and boogers.

Former Asahi Shimbun reporter Uemura writes a forged article
Because it's a mess, the comfort women (prostitutes)

I started to be beaten up
Uemura's sin is deep.

Liar vs Liar
I was fooled now.
He's gorgeous
What are you doing where there is no truth?

In the first place, this is a delusion.
It's obvious that it's a forgery, but

I want you to quit the farce.
This is a crime, isn't it?

If you look at it on a historical scale
Isn't it the daily life of a country?

When something seems to happen, use the inner geba
Fight and purge As usual

I've been exposed for a long time, but
It was hidden because it wasn't convenient.

It's a terrible story

The president of this comfort women association
Former reporter Uemura of that Asahi Shimbun reporter
It's your mother-in-law.

Uchigeba welcomes, but this is
It's as if only the privileged class is special
It's the same as the Chinese Communist Party

Not only Japan, but countries all over the world
We should stop all relationships with North and South Korea

Is it the collapse of the comfort women business?
Besides, I think I'm really 92 years old.

Everything is a forged country, there is no truth.

I will continue to demand apologies and compensation for 1000 years.
Please do your best in 970 without being fooled.

I'm sure I'll never forget the old memories even if it's out of focus.
If it is a fact, I will not say that it was used even if it was out of focus

That means that it was a lie until now
I wonder if it will be repaired

It seems that all the self-proclaimed comfort women living now are fake.
You shouldn't be alive because of your age.

Distortion of the whole nation
Did you become unbearable for fabrication?
I wonder if the money was stuck.

This person is famous for being able to buy a claim.
This person's career is also strange.

Full of plunge
It was put on a jeep
Someone who said that a helicopter came

It's better to be deceived in Korea
It seems to be
It's worse to believe in Koreans
It's okay

It's a wage increase request strike.
If the negotiations are concluded and the allowance goes up
It will be back soon.

The era is finally from bribes
I started to break away
\ (^ _ ^) /

The liar grandmother was hiring
You're just telling the scammers to give you money.

I threatened to give you money, but
I didn't get it, so I can only think of it as Barashita.

Mun misery remains 500 million yen
I was saying.
Then the remaining 500 million is Pokkenai Nai
I guess it was done.

Involuntarily fighting the dead of gold
It makes me laugh.

Grandma hugging Trump
About two years ago, at the time of the demonstration to the United States

You're the grandmother who was at the forefront of this.
Of course, I am not this grandma comfort woman either.
It is a liar grandmother.

Did you see through?
What do you do with the Asahi Shimbun?

People who lack a collective conscience.

That's the testimony of my grandmother
Say everything is correct
It was
that I asked for money Who were they?

What the grandmother is saying
If it's a lie, give it back a billion.

I have to tell the Asahi Shimbun.

Was the Asahi Shimbun a real estate company now?
I wonder if I'm still printing the newspaper. I don't know.

Bring anything to business in that country
And prolong it endlessly
Ask for money and put it in their pockets

A race with that kind of personality.
Thief ferocious
Actually, it means the race that says this.

The cut of gold is the cut of the edge, prostitution Baba
If you have time to rub the inner ring

Everything for the whole world including the Japanese people
Make a sincere apology that it was a forgery.
Before going to hell

The comfort women scam has finally come to an end.

I was reporting this in a big way
A certain newspaper company is probably a guru.

We will certify you as an information terrorist organization.
The government succumbs to terrorists
Or is it a guru

Baba's true identity is
Please report it tightly.

Bokeh old man treatment

With a break in gold from Japan
Point your spear toward your own country
Pretending to be a victim and demanding money.

Nothing has changed, normal operation! !!

In short, it's an inner geba over money.
I would like to hear the impressions of Kiyomi Tsujimoto, the Korean Council for Justice.

This is what Chongryon is doing using the Asahi.

Because the aunts will disappear from the world
There is no choice but to endure silently.

What are you talking about now? Don't get closer. Anger

Well, the comfort women's babies
Didn't you say that it was correct?

Even if money is flowing north in the victim business
They are stupid people without knowing it.

Spread the comfort women T-shirts and bracelets
Promotional sales of anti-Japanese K-pop and Korean wave stars

TV is anti-Japanese
I'm crazy about actors
Radio jack is also good

It's a split friend
You just got rid of money and exposed it.

They are the same non-human beasts in the north and south.
Don't get involved. that's all.

I'm feeling better now, I'm not odd, the year doesn't match in the first place.
If Amfu actually exists, he is now close to 100 years old.
Yeongsoo, a healthy Harmoni, and a liar.

I don't have sympathy
You're Yankongju, you've been lying all the time.

How much hurt the Japanese people
Japanese people hate lies.

I wish I had died early
Energetic 92 years old, that's a lie too!

This group should also pursue the Lai Daihan issue.

Japan, which pays for We Make Antiques, is also funny.
What are Japanese politicians thinking?
It was revealed in the age of the Internet.

The Japanese government responds to South Korea's "claim for fabrication damages"
"Apology and compensation for lies"!

It's wasteful.
You will be executed immediately for unknown cause of death.
The Social Democratic Party is the issue of prostitutes
Using articles from the Asahi Shimbun

Even if the Asahi Shimbun apologizes, it is still persistent.
It's a real waste.

Keep telling lies that everyone knows

Manuke who is deceived by my fraud is
I hear that it is Japanese.
It was
that took advantage of that person's temperament. K country person.

The Asahi Shimbun and Mizuho Fukushima's
Made up by anti-Japanese false activities.

Will be mentioned in posterity Wikipedia.

It was open near the Japanese military garrison
Private brothel from a certain time

Placed under the rule of the Japanese army
He managed the salary and health of prostitutes.

There was no abduction by the Japanese.
However, the truth by a Korean researcher.

I'm not surprised at all because it's too country-like.
Inner ring rubbing and embezzlement. So where did the 1 billion yen go?

You haven't returned even one yen to Japan.
Even though it was disbanded.

He said he didn't get the prostitute Baachan.
Who did Ninety-nine?

If this old lady also got half of the donation
I wouldn't have exposed this.

After all, the purpose of the women of the Japan Sports Association is money.
I will not pay Abe's 1 billion yen.

It doesn't end because Japan pays.
It is only important to ignore and keep a social distance.

I'm a victim so much, so I'm just crazy
I'm sorry for telling a gentle lie

Many Koreans today are disappointed.

It is said that a liar deceived a fraudster.

Was the audit conducted by NK?
When the sales ○ woman business is lost
I can't do it.

Have you used up the 1 billion yen you made from the fund?

This group is too stupid.
Grandma's testimony is the basis of our claim.

Give a lot of profit only to the old woman
I have to keep it at hand
What are you stingy about?

By the way, I would like to expect this turmoil to grow.

Even the grandmas knew what they were doing.
What are you doing now, W victims? I'm amazed.

After all Korea is useless.
Flock to gold, cat Baba. The sentence and other bureaucrats are the same.

All Koreans should buy "Anti-Japan Tribalism"
Study history again. The truth is in Japan

Perhaps Prime Minister Abe says South Korea will not keep the treaty.
Maybe it was a conclusion in anticipation

The international community knows that South Korea is a bad country.
To get it.

The fraud over 30 years is magnificent, but
It's still a scam.

Label your people as fraudsters, even if they are political groups. It's the same as pasting it. Thanks to the Asahi Shimbun.

No matter what I explain, comfort women in Korea
The movement to correct the bogus problem
Because I want to spread, the end is near.

The comfort women agreement is being rebelled.
However, when verified, it often does not match.
I'm also worried about the existence of Korean intermediaries.

The Japanese people trust indiscriminately and do not apologize.
The other person thinks that he should act after confirming the truth
It fits in the pot and you can pluck money as you like.

Therefore, it is a country where fraud in country k and domestic fraud cases occur frequently.

The comfort women themselves were also at that time
Sold to parents
Doing it voluntarily

I know it's not forced entrainment, but
People of that kind have been despised in that country for a long time.

I can't live, so I can't pull it.
To tell the truth at the end of my life ... I feel sorry for you

"There is a distorted part in Lee's memory."
That's right
So, which one is the distortion?

It's a lie that everything is distorted from the beginning.
It's a country with really horrifying people.

The money I got is not good.
Take the initiative from the government.
Spit a lie, cry and scream to face the victim

If you ask for money, don't give it to anyone.
All you have to do is yourself.

I always think, "I'm glad I wasn't born in that country."
"I'm glad I wasn't born in Korea"

I don't want to get involved anymore, so
I would appreciate it if you could disappear.
I want to say goodbye.

Did you realize your death and awaken to your conscience?
It's no use scamming anything anymore
It's easy money.

There is an end of the organization
"Begin with the distribution of the reduced share"

The mainstream is to the last minute
Remain and try to suck the remaining juice
The sidestreams can no longer suck good juice and leave

Return the palm and expose
To acquire followers to inflate the remaining juice

Activities are sharpening
Start mud matching.

This is the usual pattern.

I'm sick when I'm exposed to this.
Because it's a business.

If that performer reveals the inside curtain.
If you don't pay the guarantee with Chan, you'll be exposed.

We wrestle with people's loincloth and spend the money ourselves.

The performer is unbearable.

I want to know how Korean students and young people perceive it.
Now is the time to get off the mud boat.

It's a chance to uncover the forged fiction.

In other words, the victim business can no longer be done
The grandmother was used up and was thrown away (laughs)

The side that used it is the comfort woman business
I can't do it anymore, so I'm looking for the next business.

Lie to the next business
I wonder if there is no place for my aunt (laughs)

That ’s why former President Park Kune
You attack and destroy it.

Because the former president is selfish
I've finished it (laughs)

Well, Japan has nothing to do with it.
Do it on your own.

I already knew it, and now it's over.
Criminals, frauds, and thieves are widespread in Country K.
It is a lawless nation because criminals can become members of the Diet.

I don't want to say too much
In fact, 600 million yen out of the 1 billion agreement is in the air.