The Separation of Powers in the United States Fall

It's an easy-to-understand analogy. You don't have to deliberate because you've already killed and used the stolen money. Hey! You don't need a judge!

A terrifying decision that the killed one wins and the stolen one wins. Mr. Trump has believed in the judiciary and has kept the constitution. However, the Supreme Court judge was an idiot who didn't understand that and only passed what he wanted to do. (Excluding 3 people of justice)

If the judiciary collapses, only the military will protect American democracy. I hope the US military will be dispatched for world peace.

There is no separation of powers in the current United States 🇺🇸 Socialist nation‼ ️ Tora-san regain 🗽

If you don't need to deliberate, you don't need a Supreme Court judge, right

The US Supreme Court has become the lowest court for lazy gathering salary thieves. Return taxes to the people. After all there is election interference from foreign countries, is this a military job?

The US Supreme Court is rotten. There are only three decent judges, and the other six are rotten. The military is no longer the only reliable source. I would like you to arrest six rotten judges for national treason.

The United States 🇺🇸 is pretending to be a lawmaker in a suit, but the UN High Commissioner must join the ranks of least developed countries to monitor legitimate elections ! ️

The Student Organization is better than the Supreme Court 🤪 No matter who you think, it's funny.

The DS will do everything in its power to distort the decision. It is within expectations. The death penalty is hanging in front of me ...

Are the Americans worth it because we Japanese are angry at the Supreme Court's decision? Fight with all your might for future elections !!! Japanese Trump supporters We sincerely cheer!!!!

This is the method of the head family Chukyo, which embeds all the election results in the ground and makes it absent.

This is a problem if, in a problem, justice becomes a problem, and the human society does not have the ability to think about it and produce legitimate results . The function is expected of the court and is an obligation entrusted by the Supreme Court. The court is sick. A state in which a robot like a human being has a crazy robot.

Mr. Zhang Yang, please do your best without losing to the Asahi Shimbun! I support you!

There is a word that the judiciary moves the goal post, but these series of things are like playing soccer by losing the goal post of your own team, and you said that you won by scoring the opponent's goal even though it was not originally a match I'm saying. Extremely

That nightmare ww You have already experienced it in Japan. That is the United States now. Let's look forward to the people who have finally moved from couch potatoes to the internet four years ago . I have to support the Republican Party of the Tora-san team.

Thank you for your delivery. Everything is as you say. The reason I don't understand is clear, and all the logic is strange. Judiciary that can only be said to be selfish. I can't stand it. I just hope that everything is wiped out and you can start from scratch.

Judiciary that admits fraud for the sake of concession The judiciary itself is already a criminal 😡

The United States has become a lawless zone. There is no human right to vote.

The Republican Party does not deliberate, but the Democratic Party's appeal may be deliberated. Is it the midterm elections first? Does it end with a Democratic overwhelming victory or is there a fraudulent way to pretend to be a close battle? I knew the end of US democracy. It's worse than the Chinese Communist Party.

If so, Mr. Trump's tax problem has already been filed, so I can't be guilty! ️😹

I have to return to the value of my own country! ️ I felt that Mr. Zhang Yang appealed to the Japanese soul. Zhang Yang is amazing! ️
The US judiciary carved a shameful front row ...

American judiciary is over. America is a lawless zone!

Around this time, I was only asked what I could say, "That's true!" When you're not surprised, you're done. I think it was a chorus since November last year, saying, "If I can bring it to the Supreme Court ...". I have never experienced such a feeling of loss.

Of course, the people are watching the Supreme Court's decision this time. I think there are many people who have awakened to a method that ignores the will of the people. Isn't it certain that the number of people who support Mr. Trump has increased?

Teacher It looks like you're a little tired, but is that okay? Please take a good night. Thank you for the easy-to-understand explanation.

The judiciary should be there to protect the people and the country, but not for those who destroy the country and afflict the people. The collapse of the separation of powers is the collapse of the country, and I can't forgive this. The sale of electricity is trying to confuse the Middle East with Syrian airstrikes, affecting not only the United States but also the world. You should stop this guy early, that's why I want 🐯 to come back soon.

The American judiciary is already crazy. No matter how you think about it, it's impossible! Is the proceeding meaningless because the election is over? Hmm? Does that mean that in a murder case, the dead will not come back to life, so there is no point in trial? Anything can be done if this goes through w As Mr. Zhang Yang says.

If the judiciary does not work, then there is no legal way to correct the injustice. In other words, there is no way to defeat Biden's coup administration. Except for the military coup. Will the United States have no choice but to divide?

It means that all of the judiciary, administration, and legislation are dominated by the great forces of darkness. This time, the six Supreme Court judges did not fulfill their responsibilities, probably due to pressure. I was particularly disappointed with Judge Barrett.

It is masgomi trash that creates the democratic people's will. It is a group of large companies that dominates trash. Democracy is entrepreneurship. Democracy was an illusion from the beginning. The Illuminati, who created democracy and communism, dominate everything.

Thank you for the update. I was a little worried, but I was relieved by Mr. Zhang Yang as usual. I will continue to support you, so please do your best. The American judiciary is dead. It's a very disappointing reality. Where is America going from now on? I don't want the Communists to become an all-you-can-eat country. I sincerely hope that the worries of the true patriots will regain the country. And Japan also has to avoid stepping on the American rut. I will do my best, so please continue to teach me!

The Supreme Court can only be said to be an institution for crushing Mr. Trump. Contrary to public opinion, it can only be said that it is crazy. It's clear that the Supreme Court is no longer in control.

Where did the good old America that I longed for when I was a boy go? True Americans, isn't it time to take concrete action to regain the soul?

twenty five

If you don't understand communism, you'll be fooled, and it's too late after being fooled 💢

Americans, get up now! When you crush the left wing and the DS with all your might. If Tora-san fights back, stand up without hesitation! Don't give in to any threat. Rin's appearance, fighting to protect P lawyer as a mirror! Japanese people are also supporting us. And we will fight for our own country!

Now that the separation of powers has fallen, elections have been stolen, and freedom of expression has been deprived, it is strange that militias do nothing in the United States, where the Constitution guarantees the right of the people to stand up with guns.

Let's disclose all the proceedings and discuss how the people of the world will judge.

You just have to stop being the Supreme Court Judge for life. My eyes are cloudy because we are safe.

The Democratic Party of the United States may still have only developing-country thinking. If you dare to say democracy, it's the same as a selfish child.


Did Mr. 🐯 want to show the public the situation that even the judiciary was rotten? ❓ It's good. I want you to come back to 🐯 soon! ️

Does the Supreme Court adopt lawlessness even if it exists? Do not judge by law. The right not to convey information.

Thank you for the delivery ✨ "Political accuracy is the ideology of the leftists, so I have to return to the traditional values ​​of my country"  Before I explained about political accuracy, I understand it is fair You need to make a decision, Mr. Choyo, I support you 🌸

There is nothing to judge the US Supreme Court. The final decision of the United States is entrusted to the judges who have been rotten for decades . Neither the media nor Big Tech criticize it. The American Constitution doesn't make sense either, so you can do whatever you want.

Thank you for the easy-to-understand explanation. Even if I murder, I'm dead, so I can't help but pursue responsibility.

How many Supreme Court justices remain in Washington, DC? Already, the Supreme Court judge on the DS side cannot be tried if he has been arrested by the military . This information may also be a nuisance. The darkness is deep in the United States.

How long will the monkey play of USA Co., Ltd., a deep state nation, continue? It's about time to get bored.

The Left does not obey the Constitution ... The Supreme Court does not obey the Constitution ... eh? America is under the Constitution ...? ?? This was also old America. The same thing happened in America, President Lincoln? Do you follow the constitution? The US military is said to serve the Constitution. Take a look ♥ Hey, President Lincoln ♥

Does Kent Gilbert still say that American judiciary is sound? And even if you XX the Supreme Court judge who voted against it, you won't be judged, right?

American prestige has fallen to the ground. now is the time! Japan is an opportunity to become an independent country!

America 🇺🇸 has all been known all over the world that several DSs dominate the country! ️ Only Mr. Trump tried to stake this, but he nailed it to the bran! 😱😱😱

The country was finally built by plot. The end of the democratic republic.


The reason I'm not in a good position in America right now is because the law is strange! 🤬 If it's the law, break the law! 🤪 Hahaha 🤣" Became 😓

According to the logic of the US Supreme Court, the one who does it wins. This is a decision to change the constitution and the law. I can't talk.

Since the political party recommends and decides the judge, the political color comes out. I think it is also necessary to vote for the direct confidence of the people.


I was impressed by Mr. Zhang Yang's sharp point. If the state of separation of powers collapses, America will have no future.

It's a messy reason that there is no point in deliberating because the election has already ended. It's like saying that it doesn't make sense to investigate the cause after an incident has occurred. You're crazy.

The separation of powers ended when President Trump (correct) cherished the Constitution. I'm sorry. I pray that the separation of powers, which is the basis of democracy, will be restored in the United States 🗽. 🙏

twenty one

Is a country without judiciary eligible to be a leader in liberalism? It is time for Japan to become a leader in world liberalism.

So how should we live in this world? A chaotic nation that does not judge evil. Does such a developed country currently exist? America has fallen into a lawless zone. I'm sorry. Money has changed humanity, order, and even justice in America today. The good old days are gone. The ancestors are saddened by the reality of America today. we are sorry, our proud America became such a country.


It's the way the Communist Party does it ... I don't care about the reasoning. ... Sometimes the Asahi Shimbun criticized Mr. Zhang Yang ... Congratulations! The fact that the Asahi Shimbun denied it means that Mr. Zhang Yang's statement was proved to be true.

It is not a separation of powers, but a connection with each other by concessions .

Isn't it possible for a coalition of local courts to sue the Federal Supreme Court?⁇ T ^ T


The current situation is justice of the US left. Losing conservatives who abandoned the exercise of power and believed in the judiciary. Even if all the people vote for conservatives in the next election, the result will be a leftist vote. How many years will this be Japan?


From the 18th century to the beginning of the 21st century, there was a great country in North America, but it was destroyed because it accepted too many immigrants.

Judiciary eventually turned into a desk theory that had no power to confront money and evil. Isn't it possible that these stupid people can only regret their judgment by giving them primitive fear?

Just fill it in. This is just like the Chinese Communist way.

There is no point in hearing what is over! Has become the case of the US Supreme Court.

A certain online media introduced it by ridiculing it as "a person who sends conspiracy theory" with a sighing expression that has not been determined to be Mr. Zhang Yang. This is also a work of crushing Mr. Trump in Japan, on the contrary, people who did not know will go looking for Mr. Zhang Yang's video with interest, and more people will be impressed by their deep insight and know the truth. I laughed unintentionally.

Thank you for your always exciting commentary. When I hear Zhang Yang's story, my chest is refreshing ~ www

Political accuracy = political character. It's about political ideas and principles. Only the military court is left.

Good evening 🌆 Thank you for the delivery ♪ Syrian air strikes as soon as possible. ゜ (゜'Д `゜) ゜.

Good evening, Mr. Zhang Yang. Thank you for the information commentary. I was waiting for the update. It's a scam to steal a vote and win. I can't forgive the Democratic Party, the Chinese Communist Party, and spies who do not admit criminal acts. You should invade countries around the world and be mass arrested. You should be aware that if you don't catch it, it will get worse.

The Supreme Court of the United States, which is too serious and meaningless to exist, should be closed!


Does it make sense even after killing a person because it's after killing ❓😫 American Judiciary is rotten 😤👎

The judiciary committed the deadly sin of giving political correctness over the constitution.

If the Supreme Court is afraid of threats and repeats inaction, it is 100 times better to let AI judge! Arrest-Military Trial-Should be executed! 😡💢

Return to my favorite strong America 🌺 President Trump resurrection 🌸

Somehow America is gradually breaking down. Already a decent American citizen ... You can see the tears of 80 million Trump supporters. Well, I believe in Trump unconditionally.  Somehow, tears are about to come out. I can't leave the American people poor and dear.

It seems that military control will not be possible if the Supreme Court pays in advance. Biden is launching a missile today.

Justice has lost its meaning. Before I knew it, the superpower America had become the same country as China. I'm stunned.

It's time for the Supreme Court to reform, everything is about to regain the founding spirit. How do we come up with the wisdom to overcome ...

Zhang Yang is angry. Barrett is too terrible.

I was quite disappointed with the dismissal of this deliberation.
The Supreme Court has come to life. Tora-san will be attacked due to tax issues,
and elections will be fraudulent, so there is no chance of winning if it remains as it is.
Is the patience of the conservatives reaching the limit and there is only a way of civil war? I want to know what the possibilities are


Even John's Apocalypse looks like a picture book I see the future of hell

If this situation continues, I think some countries will ignore the United States.

Thank you, Mr. Zhang Yang! ️American judiciary is also rotten. Those three are disqualified as judges. ❗ I would like you to arrest them for national treason and go to jail.

Even if it rots, as the word of the sea bream says, it will be patience until March 4th in the future of America ❣ Let's wait for Tora-san's appearance ❤

Kavanaugh and Barrett are Catholics and I think the Vatican power worked.

In the United States, President Trump extended the wartime state of the Iraq War by one year in May 2020, and is therefore under wartime. Electoral fraud is a felony, but during the war, election fraud with the participation of foreign powers is "a national treason is established", and if the Supreme Court cannot judge it, "it must be judged in a military trial". A person who finds injustice is also guilty of national treason.

Good evening ^ _ ^ Why did you bomb Syria?

Mr. Zhang Yang. Thank you for your easy-to-understand explanations and suggestions. With this, the Supreme Court has no hands or legs. If you don't stop this movement early, it will accelerate at once, which is scary.

Judge Thomas, Judge Arito, and Judge Gorsuch of the Supreme Court have decided to fulfill their responsibilities without giving in to pressure. Of the remaining six judges, the non-liberal judges must have been very threatened and afraid.

Every time I hear Mr. Zhang Yang, I feel that Japan is already on the same path as the United States. 😩

DS, global corporations, and investors have the power to defeat the US president, who should have been the most powerful person in the world. Japan, Europe and the United States are all swallowed. I wonder if dystopia is waiting.

That was a really funny reason. Is the American people silent on this result? I want to punish the poor judges.

The American judicial system is over ... It's safe to say that something like the American version of "Sekihotai" has come out. Punishment for DS!

I was surprised that Mr. Zhang Yang was featured in the Asahi Shimbun ...!

twenty one

Barrett is terrible ~ What is this guy? Arrest for national treason!

Corruption next to corruption. Betrayal next to betrayal. The United States is terminal. The fate of Japan is the same through the Japan-US Joint Committee. Even if the world collapses unreasonably, I want to be a group of people who can worship the distribution of heaven. Thank you, Mr. Zhang Yang.

Be careful because Zhang Yang is notorious for conservative attacks and is notorious for the relentless Anti-Trump on-the-board representative, Kenji Wada's Pasiri, a high school graduate of the biting devil Kazuya, and Aka Korobi Gay Nenji. Well. w

Zhang Yang, are you all right? ?? I'm worried that my complexion and dark circles can be seen through the video ...
I am worried that the fall of American society means the possibility of the fall of Japanese society in the future. .. ..

Political business leaders Medical Association each Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan is also exactly the same are dominated by gold fellows DS Illuminati of the back of the Chinese Communist Party

It's very angry. Since I couldn't get rid of it once the trial was opened, I made another prepayment following the proceedings in Texas. If the judge, who is also the guardian of the law, is not willing to work, please leave the job immediately. America, a country of freedom and justice, has become a thing of the past, a bad country ...

If the judiciary is so rotten, it will be a big wall against Tora-san's reelection! America can't count on

I'm afraid of Mr. Trump, so if I retired camouflage, will the Federal Supreme Court work? Rabbits will have a large number of Republican Trump members and a new platform will be rushed.

Unfinished law - abiding country :. + ((* ' `Zhi)) + :. forever that no to complete [unfinished rule of law] victory of嗤cormorant Confucian the嬴政Do 😭 rule of law is it to be completed forever It is a challenge for humankind without it and it is the responsibility of humankind (o ゝ Д ・) b

America has become an insanely unpleasant country.

We should have issued martial law to suspend the Constitution, which has corrupted the judiciary. Judge Barrett, who was nominated by Tora, was an evil stick, and as a result, Tora's eyes were a knot hole.
President Trump may have nominated him to find out that Kavanaugh and Barrett would betray him.

The separation of powers is over!

twenty four

Political correctness is said to be "political correctness" in Japanese. I don't think "political accuracy" can be conveyed.

The same is true for Japanese fraud cases. I also feel a contradiction in Japanese trials and laws. I feel that it is a world of victory.

America is over, so you can ignore it anymore. I can't get along. Japan should take leadership.

It is clear from the current situation of Blue State what kind of society this federal Supreme Court decision will create.

Yabe Completely, the court system in the United States is worse than that in Japan during the Edo period.

The Supreme Court, which turns white into black, has become communist. There is no choice but to believe in the people who supported Trump.

Mr. Zhang Yang's opinion is logical and easy to understand. The Supreme Court dismissed was incoherent, and if left unchecked, the United States itself would begin to perish. The darkness of America was shown in this presidential election. It is not a democratic nation that should serve as a model. I'm looking forward to Mr. Trump's counterattack, which he hasn't given up.

I didn't think the United States was so rotten. The United States is no longer a democracy. It's the beginning of one-party dictatorship by the Democratic Party ...

Good luck in America 👍👍 Revive!

The separation of three powers has died in the United States, the last bastion of democracy! ️ From now on, fascism (totalitarianism) will be the major player. Media blackouts and behavioral regulations will be strengthened. And human rights and life are ruined. The society for the people is over! ️Establish (DS) is laughing

Who made Barrett a judicial judge? Shame on the traitor's ungrateful fellow, the same as McConnell .

In Zhang Yang's video "Reading the Tenshi [84th]", the miraculous fact that the leftist Ginsburg died in September and Trump was able to nominate Judge Connie Barrett just before the election was "Tenshin. Was expressed. It's a shame that Judge Connie Barrett has turned to the "not deliberating" side. If possible, I would like to hear Mr. Zhang Yang's thoughts on what kind of thought Connie Barrett made on the left-wing decision, and what was the true meaning of [genuine]. I think. 84th video


If this happens, why not make the judge AI?

At We the People dissent from Congress & SCOTUS judgment! CPAC, Jericho's horn will be blown high.

See the true identity of "political correctness"! The same occupational illness as the Cultural Revolution and the Khmer Rouge.


I feel that education, economy, politics, and so on have already penetrated into Japan, even if totalitarian communism has permeated as water soaks. I think that Japan has a responsibility to learn from it and leave it to future generations as a bright future Japan because it was clearly visible in the US presidential election.

Thomas has great courage!

Tora-san will come back soon and need major surgery.

Isn't it impossible for Mr. Trump to be reelected if the judiciary does not work? The United States, where justice is suppressed and injustice is pervasive, collapses.

The Supreme Court should have the confidence vote together during the presidential election. In Japan, the judge's XX method is used for confidence voting. The United States should also imitate.

If a politician with a good mouth makes an extreme claim at such times, I feel that a revolutionary government could easily be formed.

I'm always watching. I am impressed with the sharp analysis. By the way, sometimes, there are some unreadable kanji and some expressions that I don't understand in Japanese. I'm wondering if this is the case. It's not a criticism. I said a little.

The Japanese judiciary is strange, but if the judiciary goes wrong, it will be essential to rebuild the fundamental system of the country from the beginning.

The system is completely broken in the US. It's now time for military to step in to save the constitution. If that is broken as well the US should be invaded by China already.

It is no longer necessary to follow the orders of the Supreme Court.

Really American judiciary, really rotten. It's strange to think about it. Is it unreasonable to argue a little within the scope of the law? If so, is it time to give some kind of shock therapy? It's really scary.

Why Syrian airstrikes? The army cannot obey Biden.

Gold-dominated composition Capitalist end-of-life judiciary is no exception.

Americans live like Americans and Japanese live like Japanese. You can only make a true country from there.

Unreasonable power ... The "non" has surpassed the "reason" and "law", and the United States is in a terrible situation. The only solution that can be taken in "human resources" is "rights", that is, "physical means" ...

Judiciary collapse. You can do whatever you want to do evil. Lawless nation America.

With this, I had no choice but to forcibly eliminate it as a national treason. The reason why the three powers are independent will start from now on. Once the military trial proves evidence of fraudulent intervention in another country, all that is left is to snoop on the rebels and condemn them.

It was a wonderful story and I clap my hands unintentionally. It seems that the United States we think is over. As it is said, I thought that Japan should return to its own culture. You also have to be independent of your strength.

Judge Thomas's "buried" reminded me of the accident handling in every country.

The United States has fallen from developed countries in the presidential fraud election by Biden.

It's really over! It's not a law-abiding country, and I'm surprised that it's been so terrible.

The fact that the judiciary did not keep the constitution in the first place destroyed the whole system of the law.

Thank you always ww The American judiciary has completely collapsed! !! The judiciary was also acquired. Please wipe out the evil, President Trump, the savior. I'm sick of evil. w ,

It's 😖💦! The judiciary must be solid. Everything is similar to some country

Really w I don't need justice ww There is no meaning to the existence of justice, and have you become a tax thief?

American Judiciary Died American Owata

It is no longer a state of emergency in the lawless United States, where the judiciary has also failed. In order to regain justice and prestige, there is no choice but to severely judge rebels in military courts. The responsibility placed on the United States is significant in order to maintain the legal order of the world.

The US Supreme Court sends out to the world: "In the United States, as long as you embrace a judge in corruption, you can do all-you-can-eat elections!"

You have been reborn as a country free to "crime". The judiciary just committed suicide. I am satisfied with the title.

There is no problem if you hide it. If you can't see it, the problem disappears. The judicial system that the person who sent it wins. Formally the same democracy as the Chinese Communist Party.

Because if you deliberate, the injustice will be revealed w

I understand the story, but I'm so depressed that I can't finish it.

The law protects the basic human rights of human beings. In the United States, this law has also been distorted. I can understand the feelings of Mr. Zhang Yang, who is disappointed to see the world where there are no nations on earth that can claim correct human rights.

The longing America is exposing more and more stupid people. I want you to be in cool America ...

I want to know how the American people feel. Information is controlled by big tech etc., and the weak may not know the actual situation. However, I would like to expect (there is no choice but to) that if the situation is true, the will of the people will move and the situation will be overcome.

The person who is considered to be the highest guardian of the Constitution does not set the example. I am amazed at the low aspirations and pollution of new judges including Barrett. The answer to the people is also stale. Pathetic. There is no authority.

Politicians and bureaucrats in the US, China and Japan ... The judiciary is rotten ...

How does the American people understand that this basic judiciary is being violated?

Far from being great, I fell into a country that is not normal 💀

Zhang Yang is angry. The United States is pitch black in this.

The American judiciary should be crushed. The logic is messed up.

It was on BuzzFeed. .. .. Are you okay? Disseminate "conspiracy theory", YouTuber is an assistant professor at Tohoku University University side "considers response" Please do not lose, Mr. Zhang Yang. Like Trump, we support Trump with human rights, human behavior, passion, momentum and the power to never give up .

It seems that Americans are also childish because they resonate with childish ideas like political correctness. However, it is the same in Japan. Somehow, we have to reverse the times like this off-base.

The army's uprising shite no longer violates the law! The government isn't working! It gives more legitimacy to the creation of a new constitutionally guaranteed government!

Is political accuracy a good translation of "political correctness"? American leftist political accuracy, politically correct, is anti-Trump.

What happens to the United States! 🐯 Good luck! A gentle curve is very scary. I am very worried.

The left wing is sneaky.

It's a pitiful story. Japan also falls short of talking now. Where is the world that has lost its nuclear weapons going? People who have a voice do not understand the place of life because they do not have the idea. The core of values ​​has become money.

Outrageous selfishness has taken over the United States! ️ I think that only military means are left for this orbit correction.

The separation of powers in the United States has ended, will Japan follow?

Courts that sell the country for money  What freedom? Freedom of injustice

If the law doesn't work, and if justice doesn't go through, there is no point in the existence of a law-abiding country. It's over, but if we don't judge it now, it will be repeated more openly and openly four years later. When that happens, the real death will come to the United States.

Childish judgment without depth! !!

The judge of the US Supreme Court this time (because it's over, it's rejected without meaning even if it's deliberated now !?) is just the collapse of the judiciary. I felt like I was reminded of how fragile the judiciary that should measure (correct) good and evil based on the Constitution (no significance of existence!), And only the emptiness of "what is judgment?" Remains. Where should we go if the Supreme Court, the final bastion, does not ask? With this kind of stance, I'm sure you'll win in the future.

The US values, where money is important, have backfired.

Then what should I do? Everyone already thinks of this video by Mr. Zhang Yang. Then, I would like to hear Mr. Zhang Yang's opinion on what to do. Then what should I do? Was martial law correct? Mr. Zhang Yang was negative about martial law. If there is no judiciary, legislation and administration, the only option is the military. How do you think about this?

Japan is also dangerous. Japan must also speak out and put pressure on the government that Komazawa University has been acquired by China.

Isn't the American people aware that they have lost the truth and justice? It 's strange that the Japanese are the same now, but I was expecting the pursuit of American justice and truth. It's a shame !! Japan has to wake up because a savior has been born in Japan !!

For cardiopulmonary rubber. Earn time by blinding the parent lamp judge. Have fun after working a little more.

Democracy is fragile

Deny without explaining the rationale. It means that you admit it 💡 Stupid Nihon Shimbun ❗ I want you to crush it soon.

Since it is a case law principle, even if you violate the elections after the next time, there will be no problem if you win anything. The separation of powers and democracy are over, and the United States is democracy in a country that is currently developing like this. The principle does not take root, and the left-wing totalitarians in developed countries are getting more and more gloomy.

Democracy has been hijacked by communism.

The most illogical, anti-intellectual, and immoral "US Congress" and "US Supreme Court" in the world. How do ordinary Americans explain the difference between right and wrong to their children?

What is the definition of political accuracy? ❓ Is it a translation of political correctness? If so, I think that the decision of the Federal Supreme Court this time is nothing more than the application of [theory of political act]. Where did the superiority of the judiciary go?

What did the Supreme Court say when the Republican Party set up an electoral fraud and created the Bush Jr. administration?

Don't regret not issuing martial law forever! The end of America. Is the world unified in China? You won't even have an election in 2024! Money and violence.

Is the word politically accurate in Japanese?

So I should have moved the army

The end of the judiciary. The beginning of dictatorship by CCP. Because it is not guilty, murder, theft, looting, destruction, and drugs flood the city. The city will become Gotham City. Only those who oppose CCP will be judged. I think it is difficult for other countries to endure when the rice country collapses. Is it possible to have a military trial?

Don't be stupid. Weak bullying by the judiciary is rampant.

American justice system is corrupt, the judge are not doing his / her job as it should be, but they are walk with the wind and democrat must be accountable for this mess, American has Supreme Court for darkness, instead of Supreme Court, .. The comment .. was posted in the Epoch Times video.

Does it mean that all evil has come out! What do you do, Mr. Trump?

America is over. Such a country is not qualified to be respected as a leader in democracy.

Who recommended Kavanaugh and Barrett to Mr. Trump?

Is it justice to win even if you cheat? !! Then, the next step is for the Republican Party to illegally cast 100 million votes and win! (Laughs) The dismantling of the United States is near, and communism called democracy has begun. The future is covered in darkness! (Crying) Is there no choice but to wait for China's default (bankruptcy)? !!

If we set such a precedent, fraud will continue to pass. No, don't be more openly cheating. Because humans are paralyzed creatures ... It will be an increasingly chaotic world, as the Bible says.

You don't need a minimum court. I'm going to watch a Western American drama from now on. Whether it's cheating, corrupting, or thieving, it's a thing of the past. There is nothing to deliberate. Let's be a salary thief and go the easy way. This is the way the judges of the lowest court live. the end. There is no choice but to arrest the judge as a thief.

Many are out of control.

Will democracy in the world collapse and become communist? I want you to forgive me.

Arrest six people, including Governor and Barrett, under the Insurrection Act!

Originally, the separation of powers was a house on the sand, and I think it's a shame. There are few noble people, so it is better to stop doing beautiful things. As an alternative, Trump has a quantum computer (made in Japan), so it is more realistic to enter a program to eliminate human inconvenience so that everyone will be fair to it.

I wonder if the power of the shadow is working

The United States is a vile third-class nation. Various acts 🙏

It's like a Tokyo trial!

What is this!

I knew from the flow so far that this would happen ... What would you do in the future after giving your turn to evil? The remains are hardened fraud of the scaffold, and even I can not say own fault a complaint be forced up to checkmate in a fake crime too late as long as not a punch line that already martial law in, to fix why this situation authority Did you end up doing nothing while holding the? After that, I have no choice but to expect a little from the various suspicious movements of DC and military relations that are happening now ...

The judiciary has also fallen, probably under the pressure of the Democratic Party. There is no longer American democracy and justice. The Democratic Party and the media, whether fraudulent or false, do not choose the means, and if they win, it doesn't matter. It's like a dictatorship. America is no longer the world leader, it's the CCP way.

It's a really hidden story.

I'm afraid that crime will increase.

What does political accuracy mean in Japanese? I couldn't understand it for a moment, so please let me know. I'm sorry.

It's too terrible ... America is broken. ..

It's scary. No matter how much you commit a crime, you are now in the United States ❌. The United States is brilliantly Chinese Communist ❌

If you don't do something about Dominion, Shigeki Makido won't come. Other than the military coup, is it possible that martial law or something has already been issued and that action will be taken within 60 days of the presidential transition period (constitutional law?)? Or will 🐯 become another ruler of 50 states , with the US 1871 Constitution invalidated ? .. What really happens!

Democracy in America is over. Shifted to the Democratic fascist regime. I don't think American courts are so polluted. I was disappointed.

I'm tired of it

What a wonderful state of America ~ ♪ That means ~ ♪ From now on, Japan is allowed to drop the atomic bomb on the United States, which has been a dream for many years ~ ♪ If I dropped the atomic bomb, I dropped it ~ Lee ♪ such accused in the crime because after Well ♪ international school law because the eye for an eye, at any time I ~ ♪ I have the right to be able to drop the atomic bomb, Japan is brought to the United States is Ha ha ~ ♪

Has America become a humanitarian nation?

It's not just China's fault that made America like this. There may be a problem with the fundamental idea that the United States originally had. Of course, I can't say the answer myself, but I think we Japanese as well as Americans need to think twice.

Only Mr. Zhang Yang, who is from the CCP country, can understand the current situation in the United States , which is being permeated by political correctness . You can also see that maintenance is fighting against those who think that they can do whatever they want with the judiciary and the media suppressed . Is Roberts of the Supreme Court the first judge invited to Epstein ? He should disappear from the judiciary if he is irreversible and has any conscience. He and the other judge is to not qualified to, not a human being from the date of participation to that party.

What should America do? Is it possible to return to tradition?

Good evening! Thank you for the information.

I think we can't deal with this situation with a straightforward approach. That's the coup d'etat, or something equivalent to it, and I feel like I won't be able to return to the original United States unless the current rotten and acquired authority is exhausted. Even in the case of one human body, if a person is infected with a formidable virus, he / she will get a high fever, sweat a lot, and raise immunity to fight the virus. Even if it is said that the United States is radical, it seems that it is okay to generate "fever" and "immunize" (= use force). ... Well, there seems to be a big move from CPAC, so maybe I should pay more attention to it.

Supreme Court of the United States ........ No need ......... American judiciary in the first place ......... A theater that protects the rich from ancient times ........ Final The means is threatening money .......... Only the common people who stole expensive things are seriously guilty ....... Mr. Zhang Yang, who reviews the contents that are disappointing, will not be able to do it ... ... Well, such a federal Supreme Court is no longer ignored .... America is such a country ......... I'm not stupid ... ..

The problem is probably because there is only one person, "Chief Justice Roberts". L. Lin Wood pointed out in advance. You probably have your own weaknesses. The judicial policy is clear, and if you go into deliberation, the constitutional violation is obvious, so you should "erase" it at that stage. If you dare to defend yourself, state legislation and state court rulings allow whatever the process is. In short, the Supreme Court doesn't want to be involved in the work and threats from the Democratic Party, the slander from the state legislators, the media push, the public opinion of the Democratic supporters, and so on. At the time of the inauguration, Judge Barrett, who betrayed, thought that he would smile with Mr. Trump, who was next to him, and he looked sideways at "glare, hatred," which is my impression.

Teacher, the last thing that remains is liberalism! Japan will continue as it is ❗️

Do you live according to Ds? Will it be revived as a fort? You've lost your chance! Are you threatened? It's been a mess more than before. If you cross the vermilion, it will turn red! This is exactly this.

Even if it is proved that Japan has not been able to become independent of the judiciary, no one will make a noise. During the Democratic Party's administration, it was said that it was the Naha District Court's decision to release the captain of the fishing boat that collided with the Senkaku, but was it Mr. Nagashima? As Sengoku will visit China soon, he testifies that the administration has put pressure on the Naha District Court to release him.

The fact that China has not issued any protest statements despite the fact that the media has emphasized the Biden administration's stance toward China may be evidence that the Biden administration is completely controlled by China. It's scary to think that America's democracy is completely over and the day of communist world domination is approaching. I never thought that the greed and vested interests-dominated communist ideas that had completely dominated the media around the world without anyone noticing had such terrifying power.

Is the judiciary also dementia?

It will be full of crimes 🍀
Some of the now rotten American judiciary, Democrats, and Republicans represent the evil of America today. The last judge Trump nominated was against it, but how Trump didn't see people . And he said that the Trump camp would keep the constitution, but is the Supreme Court who does not keep the constitution worth the existence? Trump said the Constitution, the Constitution, but the Supreme Court to keep is in sight. At the end, Trump created this rotten America because of his treason and martial law.

Republican judges were loyal to the law, and Democratic parties were criticized for their judgment based on their own interpretation of the law. In particular, President Trump chose Barrett because he was a female judge who was a law supremacy, but this time he changed his stance and got better. Does it mean that the deliberation is over? So don't say that the elections from now on will be Democratic. That means that elections are meaningless. Electoral fraud is obvious, but if overlooked, it will be said that it is strange for the judiciary to judge the "illegal" in the future. In other words, it is said that the same thing as burying the accident cause of the Shinkansen accident vehicle in China without investigating it was done. Even if an accident occurs, it is not investigated, and even if there is an election fraud, it is not heard, it is buried, and it is buried in the darkness. Even with the exception of the three conservative judges, the other rotten judges will lose the meaning of the Federal Supreme Court in the future. They are embarrassing.

Possible reasons for the Supreme Court dismissing the proceedings・ One of the requirements for proceedings Judging that it does not meet the plaintiff's eligibility (Texas is in a position that it cannot participate in elections in other states)・ Voting results have been confirmed So the benefits of the complaint have disappeared? Did you decide? (The position that it is impossible to change the voting result even if deliberated from now on) It can be said that these two have set a bad precedent. But what if you file a proceeding regarding the value of one vote? Of those who voted on election day in the United States, those who were said to have already voted could not vote on their own initiative. In addition, many problems such as the problem that the deceased person cast a vote and the problem that three mail ballots were sent to a German reporter who originally did not have the right to vote are left unsolved. The right to vote of the people is the basis of the democratic system, and if it is violated, it cannot be dismissed and escaped. But in today's rice, it's no surprise. This is because it seems that state judges and attorney generals, who should be neutral in nature, are sontaku.

Thank you for your delivery. If the police deliberately overlook the current offender, it is a crime. If a lawmaker or president is invading the country and does nothing, it is a crime. Therefore, it is a crime for a judge to dismiss the proceedings, ignoring the Constitution. When Mr. Trapu nominated Mr. Barrett, the Democratic Party made a fuss and opposed it. In other words, Mr. Barrett is not a person who violates the Constitution for no reason. At least something happened to Mr. Barrett. Like Mr. Trap's lawyers, it is natural to think that there was considerable pressure. The policy has come to light regarding measures for Mr. Trap's election and his return to social media. The soundness of the judiciary will be the last challenge. Perhaps there is a surprising speech at CPAC.

I wonder if President Trump has already woven it in. Everywhere is rotten. I don't think MAGA is just talking about the ideal. More and more child trafficking criminal groups have been arrested. A large number of troops are still stationed in Washington, DC . Something has changed from what it used to be in America. I want to accompany President Trump's mysterious journey that no one has ever experienced.
Around this time Do you say that now? I think that's been obvious since they dismissed the Texas proceedings. It was clear to everyone that the American judiciary was dead at that time. At that time, the Conservative Supreme Court Judge said that he would use this as a lesson and squeeze his courage next time.

End of America.

Did the separation of powers exist in the United States for a long time? I think the people of the USA have long ignored the people's will. I think the young people were driven to the battlefield by being deceived by the past wars. Vietnam War etc. The European Front of World War II, etc. Young people in the USA were struggled by capitalists and exhausted the people. Mr. Trump who stopped this logic may be an obstacle. International financiers. How can the weak people be stopped? Even if a large number of people safely demonstrate and protest, some of them will be treated as rebellions by incorporating radicalization. It's a communist way. The Democratic Party also turned into a Communist Party.

I think this is the result of the scenario of the dark side who intentionally created a confrontation axis with pro-wrestling evil in order to seriously offend the sensible people from the beginning. Just imagining how much money was spent to produce this result makes me sick.

More comfort women ...

This is an event in the United States and has nothing to do with the United States.
fall. Even though I had a lot of evidence of fraudulent elections, I was put on my sleeve by the court and lost all, so there is no reason why it is functioning as a separation of powers. If such a scam goes through, the United States will go straight to exile. Since the role model of a democratic country is like this, the influence of Japan is enormous
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