US presidential election
Dominion server rewrite

US presidential election

in question It's called a Dominion server, but

What is a server in the first place
How does it work?

Why can I cheat?
There is no safer way

The software is working fine
Because firmly

Trump vote becomes Biden vote
It has been rewritten

Scytl in Germany with a server
U.S. Army assaults
Seized the server

Trump dismissed the Defense Minister
To move the army
Defense Minister was negative
There is also a rumor that it is from

Of this company called Scytl
There are rumors that it is from the top
Democrats are on the list

He seems to be spending a lot of money
If Trump wins on the contrary

Exposing the dark parts of America
Will be released

It seems that time will finally come

In a world where justice can finally win
Will it be?

I was watching the surveillance camera
Georgia Electoral Fraud
Definitive evidence

In the suitcase
A lot of ballots

To the major GAFA media
When you put your hands in
I don't think there is

The criminal did it
I can't say it soon

World celebrities one after another
You will be arrested.
I'm looking forward to it.

This is organized
National overthrow
It will be a coup d'etat to plot

The mastermind and the people involved are
For national treason
Arrest confirmed

Well, the company is
You will deny everything

The media will try
It's not that

No matter what the media says
Unrelated story.

US TV broadcast
Real-time aggregation is

Playing cards in the scene that is out
Votes suddenly from 9000

The image that goes down to 3000 is
You can see it on twitter

If this injustice is true
The worst
in US history Isn't it an election?

Those involved in fraud
All should be punished.

Not limited to Dominion
Even a little proof item

Foreclosure early
Must be verified.

Make the software fraudulent
Hack it
Before it is erased

Record / log quickly
I want you to collect it.

Media and social
Media, Antifa

Continue sabotage

Evidence destruction assistance
You should be judged for sin.

Former President Obama
Electoral fraud
I think that.

Behind it
The work of the Chinese Communist Party
I think it was there.

After that, Obama
We are growing the Xi Jinping.

Trump 232: 227 Biden
At the moment, with Alaska

North Carolina
Playing cards
I am leading.

Dominion has 38 million votes
It is said that the above has been tampered with
There seems to be a whistleblower.

Trump's vote to Biden
Even if it can be

Biden's vote on Trump
It won't be
I guess at that point

Democratic Party of America in Japan
Even after the war was set up

Supporting the Chinese Communist Party
Helped the Soviet Union

Left wing forces
Assassinate the president and bury him in the dark

Dominion and
Search by smartmatic
The officer is a Democratic Party executive.

President Trump
As president

The one who was in Japan
I think it's good.

JB vote 130,000 suddenly
It has increased
I didn't enter

Correct the vote
Just put it in
To Ukibedia, USA

That's right

I believe very much
I can't do that.

Dominion fraud
If you fix it
Trump 410 is an overwhelming victory.

China is rapidly
now Physical (weapon) war

I heard.

First, Taiwan, Senkaku
It seems to be Okinawa, but

Japanese Government
I can't see the correspondence.

Japan has sovereignty
I'm going to stick to it

I want to know if there is one.

At this dangerous time
It's an academic conference
It's Morikake.

I want you to be sloppy.

Not to mention
U.S. presidential election

Sign R-CEP
And China
I'm sontaku.

Fight at the Senkaku
I called
To that villainous China.

Media blackout,
I think it's terrible.

Server is Germany
It is said to be in
Just suspicious
It's punpun.

That's how the Chinese Communist Party
Win the sale of electricity
If you want

What if it happened
I'm terrified.

No no YouTube
Japan is with Dentsu

Because it is a joint venture
You know Misato.

Twitter is also true
It came out.

Hide rather than say
I've run out of room
I guess.

Chinese Communist Party
The operative is also

I'm watching.

Such a thing
I've been thinking for a long time.

Generally in Japan
Many operatives
It's getting in.

Totally bad
-They are.

In that sense,
It's already daytime
We are in an information warfare.

President Trump
There is an election fraud to say

Raise it
Either will be punished

Get sanctioned
I think it should be.

President Trump

Posture is easy
On the contrary, it is suspicious.

Less influential
The video will be left alone

Great influence
There is truth

Many viewers
In the comment
There is a lot of support

I hate these
With an organization
Is to say

Japan is already
Electoral fraud

Democracy is destroyed
What is being done

If you don't remember
Don't become

Next Japan
In the election
Forgive fraudulent elections
Must not be! ️

All media
Already including SNS

It's over

Twitter used to be
Measures for CCP work

Because I was doing
It's over to that point
Isn't it?

Facebook is

the shoes of Xi Jinping Licking
Ended in a state
I do.

Patch just before the election
It was hit
There is also information.

It will be illegal
On the internet
Voting system
There was a connection, etc.

CIA from the investigation
It's been removed
It's server

I held it down
It is called the army.

United States
Justice and faith of the people

Liberal democracy
With a loving heart

President Trump
Overwhelming victory!

Evil and Communism
Biden is closer to
I will be defeated

Maybe within the year
I'm imprisoned
There will be

Even in Japan like this
The system is fraudulent

It is quite possible that there is something.

What they do is
Don't trust me at all
It doesn't become.

Multiple manufacturers
Put in the ballot

Inspect in series
A system like
It will be necessary.

It is
to consolidate into one company It is dangerous in many ways.

What to say
Do you translate it?

Desperate now
You're planning!

But a tremendous number
Hands-on look

All fraud is in favor of Biden
What is in favor of President Trump
It is unnatural that there is none.

There was a surprising video.

The TV that everyone is watching
There was a mysterious change in the numbers.

The person who was watching noticed
I uploaded it to the video.

The number of votes is lower in an instant
It changed like this.

First video
Trump 1,690,589.
Biden 1,252,537.

Each state is over
Once in Pennsylvania
Suddenly when I came back
Changes as below

Trump 1,670,631. -19,958
Biden 1,272,495. +19,958

Playing cards with the same number reduced
Biden increased

What a coincidence
Isn't anything too messy?

So openly
I have to cheat on a large scale

To President Trump
I guess I can't win.

There was absolutely injustice! ️

Chinese Communist Party and America
Democracy and the media

Dragging cards
A considerable measure to take it down
I think I knew it! ️
I can't forgive you.

6000 votes for human
Blame it.
The way is always
It's the same

Inside the Dominion staff
With accusations, a total of 38 million

Rewriting numbers for votes
I said that there was

I moved variously
It seems to be the sum of the numbers.

President Trump on Twitter
Whenever you give out information, the media will always

It's a lie! Tell me to give evidence.

Then I ask the media, why
I want to ask if I can lie.

There are many affidavits, but
Why not verify?

Reporters can interview
Although it is a mission, I am interviewing
Doesn't look like!

Do not pursue the truth
Is not a reporter

Thank you for your hard work
There are too many things here
Thank you for your information

Such a human error
The frequently occurring aggregation system is
Defective system

Evidence can be shown in court.
If you show it in advance, in court
I'll do it at a disadvantage.

Bring a warrant to the system company
Quickly seize related materials and
There is no choice but to analyze it.

System development
If there was
The proof is awkward
I think it remains in the company.

At least a development engineer
You remember.

That the judiciary is fair and just
I just pray.

Being confused by this slapstick
Battle ○ in the middle ○ Preparations are in progress
There seems to be.

To Mr. Trump
I want you to win.
I absolutely hate being under C's control.

Japanese politicians
What the hell are you thinking
Is it there?

Why are "mistakes" and "errors"?
Biden only in a favorable direction
A wonder that doesn't happen.

Really "mistakes" and "errors"
Then wrong with Trump
With 10,000 votes

It should be okay to close it.

But it doesn't.
Because I'm a convinced criminal
Because it's not a mistake or an error.

In the first place, human error is also
Elections are not allowed.

People who make mistakes, don't use machines for elections.

Don't make mistakes
Take measures to be taken
It is fair to hold elections

I think it's the duty of those who manage it.
In other words, the election manager is
You should go to jail.

That's how important elections are.

20,000 people arrested
The story of a person who can be trusted.

This is a war.

Obaka Clinton Hillary is
Will it be baked in an electric chair?
I'm looking forward to whether it's shooting or lethal injection.

November 16 Hiruobi
But with the same flow, playing cards
You were hitting.

After all, the breath of China over there
Tap from the upper layer
It will be hanging.

Trump is also in the Japanese media
You won't be able to win.

I'm not talking about bad things
It's strange because it's an inappropriate video.

It's erased and can't be seen
I don't like it so I'll see it in haste.

Dominion like
Kinpei-like personality

Seized in Germany
Scytl's server
In the data

Trump 410: Biden 128
The result was actually like this.
I have been told. It is an overwhelming victory.

Dominion (illegal counting software)
CCP Alibaba Maun's company.

Eventually, Jack Ma companies will be
As a terrorism-related organization
International sales and travel will be blocked.

Jack Ma and Ichiren Susumu's Geha
Justice Softbank is
Are you involved in this case?

Telling only the truth plainly
If you have media
I'll pay up to 3000 yen a month.

Commentary on the incident
I want it, but the announcer
No personal thoughts needed!

The media wants Biden to win
Desperately, a big grave

To dig
Do you not notice?

No matter how difficult it may be,
Believe it, the tiger is the last

With enough circumstantial evidence
The groundwork will be finished.

Next, analyze the seized server
Dominion if you find tampering
There is also physical evidence of this.

The rest is correct under the law
I want to expect from the judges.

And YouTube is a specific
Delete the site

Posting comments and
The reply function is also blocked.

This explicit information manipulation
When you look at it, the impatience is unusual.

I'm not ready anymore
Big tech.

This operation is the first time
I've been doing it before, so wow

Democratic Party even in counting software
The darkness is
involved It's too deep and too wide.

Going back to the previous
In the presidential election and in other countries
I think it might have been used

I'm horrified.

Various countries beyond the country
Trying to personalize
It means that there is an organization

If it is a human error, the opposite
The pattern should be good.

However, such a story does not come out.
It can be said that it was operated intentionally.

A human error makes it easy to vote
A system that can be operated
Do not use for elections.

People make mistakes
On the premise of doing bad things

I have to design the system
I don't think we can have a correct election.

Clinton Obama Biden
Poor people who remain in history

The first activity of the media is
Everything Trump says is a lie
It was an "impression operation".

Trump supporters are incompetent
There was also

Show evidence to your disadvantage
There is no basis for my claim.

Japanese media is at the same level.
without taking anything behind The news is spilled.

Poor quality than children's use.

Whether it's a machine or a person
If there is an error or mistake

From Biden to Trump
There should be some votes that have been transferred.
One way from Trump to Biden.

If you seized in Germany
Server data is tampered with
To the previous data (atomic data?)

If it can be restored
The transition of all data is

Zhang Yang can be clarified
I was saying on the channel.

It's getting more interesting.
Coup d'etat (also known as a terrorist)
Side Building / Hillary Clinton,

Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Dorsey,
Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and others

It was roasted by media managers, etc.
All the bad guys are wiped out

It may be.
I'm looking forward to it.

Domi ○ On is also quite dangerous, but
In this case $ cytl
And $ martmatic seems to be a mastermind.

Information about this area is on Zhang Yang Channel
Or Harano Times
Official Channel is fast

$ cytl by MS founder P. Allen
B. Gates invested $ 40 million

Server in Frankfurt
It came out by seizure
I was surprised at the data

Kataya $ martmatic is
Alibaba horse and
Clinton Foundation

Executives of Biden's selection
When you are chewing. No, this is
It's a Pandora's box.
Scary scary ...

It's happening on other YouTube too.
There is a checker and I am reporting
I was talking about the possibility.

Addition calculation Coming vote calculation
Human error? Do not be silly!

Broken calculation software
Put out the person in charge who made it!

Vaccine related is also inappropriate
It's a wind direction that seems to be a judgment.

Close to a pachinko parlor
This is the server
Not in the United States
It's too funny.

Parle for Japanese people
I strongly recommend it.

Trump 232 Biden
Trump leads at 227.
As of 16th.

Did Tora-san win overwhelmingly or sell electricity?
Reference YouTube
Zhang Yang Channel

Great victory? Overwhelming victory? [59th]
Published on 2020/11/16

Around 12:23
Will President Trump win 410 people?

This reveals Democratic injustice
Then the Democratic Party will come back
It's a story that can't be done.

It looks like it will be wiped out

What is a thief thief?
I don't say it, so the company and

Even if Masgomi denies
Dominion is very suspicious

In Frankfurt

Dominion's server
There is information that the US military has seized it.

with dominion server seized
If you search, you will find various items.
This should reveal injustice!

You may be careless
It may be a soft error, but

Conveniently for selling electricity
It's changing
Intentionally replaced
It doesn't change.

It's GAFA censorship.

When Trump loses
More in Japanese
It's going to be tough.

The whole earth is George Orwell
In "1984"
I hope you don't lose it.

It's like getting rid of Garfa
I want a Japanese genius group.

US presidential election

Made for herons
Attorney at Law, Sydney Powell
Fox News 2020.11.13 "

I saw it in ↑. Attorney
I was so confident that I felt comfortable

Democratic Party also in elections of other countries
Maybe you are intervening?

What happens to the CIA?
The military is in Germany.
It's a deep story!

When the server is abroad
Isn't it fully open?

This time, the people who move behind
something? What are you planning?

The truth and the essence of the enemy firmly

If you misunderstand the enemy and achieve your goal
The future for healthy people
There will be no rest

As you may know,
Zhang Yang's channel
You should also take a look.

This US presidential election is
Various information is available on the net

It's complicated and what's true
I can't judge.

So I'm December 8th
Conclusion until the last day of aggregation
I try not to put it out.

Power sale and needle nest soon
You can see the stupid

Myobu-san always valuable information
Thank you very much.

Now we have been
for hundreds of years From the generation of our ancestors
Has bothered us

When you can confront the deep darkness
There may be.

Shut up people with money and power
People's misery and blood all over the world
Roll up gold from

Cleverly revealing evidence
But those who know know

Now is the time with courage
Don't call it a conspiracy theory
You have to insert a scalpel deeply.

Elections are the basis of democracy and popular sovereignty.

As a result, tigers beat
Chinese bears
As a result, the tiger defeats the Chinese bear.

Trump's team is
Currently using fraudulent elections in reverse
Hiding in the Republican Party and others

Exhausting the operatives
It seems that you are doing it.

Voting machine fraud
Evidence is also coming out.

Mr. Suga
Do you know?

Winning a sale den and
I'm reporting → NHK
TV, mass media
I'm amazed at the fake news.

Actually, it is still being recounted, but
President Trump's vote is already
Umeden's vote is reversed.

President Trump looks like a big win.

President Trump is in his second term
It seems that he is about to become president.

Republican fox news
(It seems that there was an anti-Trump in the upper layer)
More popular than

If you look at Newsmax
I think you can understand.

It was this news that surprised me.
→ US President Donald Trump will be on November 12th,

Chinese Communist Party takes US capital
Exploitation, military development and

Threats that enable modernization
To deal with

Based on the International Emergency Economic Powers Act
Declared a national emergency.

If this can be proved
Evidence of organizational fraud
The media is completely accomplice

Dominion Employee Democracy
Is it a complete enemy death penalty?
Equivalently dangerous

The most important thing is the election
I think it is important to restore reliability.

This is only for Americans
I can't prove it.

Whatever shape
To protect democracy

Votes are converted due to human problems
There is a problem in itself
Isn't it a device?

Thank you for your efforts every time.

According to the theory of a certain Democratic Party of Japan
The suspicion deepened.

So the suspected side is
Evidence of innocence
I have to put it out

It seems that it will be.

Increased suspicion in the United States
Please lead the Democratic Party.

It was a familiar phrase.

This is because there are enemies in the United States
Because it is a story on the premise of
I argue without grounds

The group is at least the enemy side
It means that.

Dominion's answer / non-answer is
Everything is proof.

In addition, there are many dismissal decisions
The fact that it is out is

That much to the next step
I will accelerate.

Personally, it's faster than I expected
Later this month? The result is
I feel like it will come out.

More than any spy movie
It's exciting, but I can't laugh.

If Dominion is investigated
For elections other than the presidential election
The left wing is desperate because it echoes

It's unconfirmed information, but
In the first place, in this fraudulent election
The device used is the CIA

Establishing a pro-US administration in South America, etc.
It seems that it was used for.

What happened?
It is by the Democratic Party
It came to be used.

Dominion, an election counting company.
There is a problem with the software itself, so
Attention is being paid to whether it is possible.

Dominion's typo is
Simultaneous multiple in multiple states
Especially because I'm awake.

Punching power by chance
There are too many.

The truth in the proceedings
I hope it will be revealed.

After all politics is money and military power.

For US and Chinese politics
There is no seat for truth or justice.

The lie of landing on the moon, on 9/11
Lie about Kennedy assassination

About lies related to
If you erase the humans who approach the truth
It won't be revealed forever.

Before it gets cold
Before it can be cleaned up,
I got it early.

It was late, but
For this year's buzzword award
Add another word

"Information asymmetry"
including this time A year that was a scene.

I have to correct the crown under Lee
As you say, such
To use a suspicious mecha

From now on
Will look up.

at the time of relay I got a vote, but I got a vote
It's impossible.

In one or two places
No, there are many cases.

Ashden and his friends
Shiver and wait.
Evil doesn't last long.

6,000 votes
Isn't it possible?

Even if people can journalize
Democratic supporters fraudulently
It seems to be rewritten

Everyone on SNS and YouTube
Is it on the left side?

If it is critical to the left, it will be banned.

Only those people like that
I wonder if we will develop the system?

Only such a company operates
Will you do it?

If you have a mainstream SNS on the left
I wish there was a right mainstream.

At least both opinions
I want you to treat them equally.

Suppressing speech is not really good.

Actually, information and
on TV Make a variety show
Sometimes either

To the people on the left
Choose words that are considerate.

It's made by the creator
Not because it's on the left

The lectures of the people on the left are
It's noisy and annoying.

The human rights gar is amazing
You can get on a sound truck

That is so
Not many, but

Viewer's opinion
When you call

Various companies and
Annoying departments and people
I will call you

The press
For what reason

Biased coverage
I don't know if it is there.

A big hit with the Devil's Blade
US presidential election

This is just
at the time of Is it a coincidence?

President Trump
Evil on earth
I want you to be extinct

It's a hero heroic story
Upper Trump

How from now on
Independence of the media
Keep it or become a serious issue.

the net
Information full of truth
One citizen can judge

People are always
in the times I'm sure it's time to win.

Democratic adviser
I'm already out as an officer

I'm suspicious in Texas
There is a story that it was not introduced
This kind of thing is strange without an audit

Mya-san, the second one today
Thank you very much.

This system is

If it is the other way around, the media and others
It's all a fuss.

But if it's tiger-like information,
It looks like 410

It's an overwhelming victory, but what is Country C? There seems to be some movement, so

I think the media is the problem

To the internet space in Japan
It has become like.

Very dangerous sign

The great man of this company
Biden's transition to power

Joining the team, Warota
It's coming out

If you team up with Germany
The law of losing is activated

It's just my imagination.
Items that have entered Japan
Public security impersonates Japanese

It seems that you are reporting.

We are delivering similar videos
YouTuber is lined up
Only toned down.

More interesting than the 007 movie
Is it true someday?

You can see the result
Please make a New Year movie

Democratic Party, media
The Trump administration

The second term is done
It seems to be easier.

Continue to clean Japan
I would like to ask.

Dominion is a Japanese Musashi
It's a performance that far exceeds

Ask Germany for German operations
I got it from Germany

It ’s a strategy, so it ’s neutral.
I think it will be used by the Supreme Court

NHK's breaking news
The number of tigers does not move at all
I thought it was strange.

To Cyctel, Germany
Softbank of
The United States is also investing.

Well, it's a major shareholder of Alibaba.

That's right.
It's creepy.

Normally, this is what you do
I can't think of it
I stop thinking.

Verification if not fragile
I just have to do it.

In some respects in America
It's unthinkably loose.

When this happens, the past
How about the presidential election
Wasn't it?

Judgment that is not fair
It may have been done

About the erased video
Only the erased videos are summarized
I would be happy if you could create a site.

Biden is
We are the largest
in history Formed a comprehensive fraudulent voting organization

Even if you don't go to vote
I just said I would win.

As a responsibility to spoil the madness
In the middle of the quarter century,
Drive until Tahi is destroyed

I think Japan and the United States are responsible!

Before taking advantage of madness
Country risk is
I could have predicted

Countermeasures should have been devised.

With the Belt and Road Policy
The continent of Africa is too eroded
Only funny leaders
It has become.

Even if the war starts here,
We must raise democracy!

Even if it is related to China
Whether it's related to US elections

A sense of crisis in this situation
If you don't have it

Formerly harmless person
It may have been classified, but

Now a dangerous person
It will be.

If you like it or not
regardless of.

Indifference or
Lack of understanding itself
Harm to others.

6000 votes up and down 12000 votes

Please do your best and pursue

I'm scared, but this world

You're right.

This case is surely the machine
I happened to find out because of a breakdown

Wasn't it?

If so,
elsewhere I think you should check all the machines.

You can see the asymmetry.

Mr. Trump is
Japanese people don't understand

I have a hated face
It's a disliked tone
Is there?

Dominion is just before the ballot counting
Updates and
Unthinkable with common sense
It was done at the timing.

Biden at the time of driving
The vote is the same as the move.
Serial on ballot

The good thing is that there is no No
Same Biden vote
It is read repeatedly several times

Evidence video was taken
I'm also listening to the story.

However, this is also Mr. Trump
It seems that you noticed from the beginning

The important thing is
Not the election result
Anti-Trump faction all over the world

The true purpose of the camp is America
Being a domestic "confusion".

Divide the United States from riots
Yuyu to reduce power

To invade East Asia
Some people are analyzing it.

I'm two financial asset owners behind the scenes
I thought it was divided into two, but

The United Nations has entered here
It is divided into three

The analysis is just now
I jumped in.

Certainly from two to three
Dispersion of power is more intense when separated

But the most powerful army is
It's on Trump's side.

The concern is within Japan.
America can't move
Senkaku Taiwan at the timing
Some people read it as a simultaneous invasion.

World War III, Preface
Information warfare

Chapter 2 "US Presidential Election
Finally, "Armed War"
Will develop into
Is it?

Finally the earth is Kina
It's getting smelly, but

High from a safe position
Play a Cho-han game by watching

I'm having fun
Even though they are dancing

If you don't notice it,
A lot of blood wasted
It just flows.

Trump calls repeatedly
justice justice
It suits playing cards

Reliable as it is
Conservative conservatives
I'm sick.

From a major SNS platform
If banned, both former and child
Is it because there isn't?

The judiciary is
about election fraud As a judgment
Does not try to chase deeply.

I beat Trump
rather than wanting I would like to know that.

Given that, really
I feel sick.

What is it
What is this speech space?

What are you trying to hide?

Belief in the truth
If there is, dignified
I wish I were there

It's really unpleasant
Refresh quickly
I want you to have it.

Biden's vote on Trump

The story that the vote was abandoned
Why not at all

I have various troubles
Biden's vote was trouble-free.
It's a strange phenomenon.

In front of this company
You seem to be doing various things.

Server is not in Germany
← A big lie at this point

How long will the media lie
Do you keep spitting?

In the end no one believes
It may be that it has become.

Various information has already been
I think it has been sent, but

The status of ballot counting in the Epoch Times
Updated from time to time
So even one of the references

President Trump

I'm in the election
I'm saying I won.

There is no basis
Something like this
I'm not the one to say.
I believe

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Teacher wins 69,000 votes in Michigan

As there is evidence of being operated
You uploaded the video with the data.

When Republican support exceeds 20%
It seems that it was fixed automatically.

Attorney at Law Sydney Powell
Will do your best!

For system problems
It is analyzed by mitt.

I can't put it on my stomach and upload the video
Is the number of times increasing?

I am every morning at 3:00 (overseas time)

At the time of video upload
I wake up and listen.

I usually fall asleep, so
I watched it several times, no, I listened again.

I have media
I think it's the Biden camp
When I think so

Dominion's server
The US military held it down.

On Dominion's server
The aggregated result before falsification is
It should remain.

As long as the army is involved
I can't escape.
Because the army is neutral.

Certainly, it has been illegal
No complete election
Probably not.

However, there are still many
It would have been decided.

Even in Japanese elections, it will be a counting machine
Backdoor is installed
I've heard that it was

The counting of votes is under the eyes of the public
Using manual work and a counting machine
I want you to check double and triple

related to the foundation of the country It's work, so take time and effort
It should be done rigorously and accurately

Dominion is the Democratic Party and
The end organization of the business elite.

M IT experts are very
I have a clear explanation.

The American people are transparent
Hoping for an election, Trump's

Many in favor of China 🇨🇳 policy.

Without Dominion
The United States should have been bright red.

The opposite
Biden vote on Trump
There is no article included

If there is injustice
I want you to correct it.
America of Law and Justice
Because it's the United States.

software glitch is soft
Is it abnormal?

"Software called Glitch"

Not just software

ABC News on November 11th
At America This Week

Attorney Powell
Vote on the internet

It was rewritten
I said it without hesitation.

ABC News reports
I'm surprised

The content is too great
The ABC person was blown away

Without considerable evidence
This remark at ABC is
I don't think it can be done.

Bugs or human errors
And so on.

Carefully crafted
It's logic.

Source code from now on

Even if you submit the
Changed to code
There will be.

There is no reason for human error

Let's read the ballot
So human error is

There is no room for intervention

Also, use the same ballot
If you can put it in many times

It should be on the ballot
Even double check of ID

Because it is not done
Such a sloppy

Voting counting system
Existence itself
It's funny

What if
Even humans can read it

Who voted
It is read
to judge Because it is a device

Twitter is
Only President Trump's tweet

"Don't spread" warning
When I see it posted,

With a Dacho Club-like glue
I want to retweet

Democratic Party seats reduced in the first place
You can't win

Right now, JB is dominant
DT catches up

It's good because it's an atmosphere, but
If the evidence goes up

Democrats and other groups
If it is a systematic operation
It will be difficult

Former President Slightly Klin Family
By ** family, high-ranking government officials

Democratic Party of Japan Senator
Democratic Governor

How many people are in jail
Will enter.

If you become a national treason
You've never been out, right?
What happens?

If other countries are involved
Taking advantage of that confusion
What will the Chinese Communist Party do?

At least US politics
The economy gets stuck.

Evidence certified
To Mr. Trump
I want you to buy it

Deep state collapse?
Isn't it easy?

Leftist extremists like BLM
Rampage and in earnest
It may be in a state of civil war.

The self-protection power of vested interests is

That is Deep State
Is said to be
Is it the third for people?

I was surprised. what's with that.
Keiko Kawasoe (Chinese Communist Party Writer)
I've been saying this for a long time.

I thought it was a leap too much, but
Scattered all over the world

Gathering of Comintern
I said it was a plan, but

Don Don In a place we don't know
It's buzzing all over the world.

Often, the Arab prince
Masayoshi Son or a world aristocrat

Buying and selling Toka of children, I 習近 Xiaoping
The world has been
since it came out
With the weird Chinese Communist Party
The fight for dispatch in the United States

Hybrid car
all over the world US oil dispatch

The Chinese Communist Party is aiming with electricity
Electricity is more CO for power generation, 2 sauces

in a plastic shopping bag to shed Being deceived or behind the scenes

A bigger scheme
You're moving.

I have derailed, but
If we can't laugh from the bottom of our heart

We have already entered the era
Hmm ?? Information, hard work
I am always reassured.

Good night ~ Have a good dream.

With Morikake from any country
It's a composition that hasn't changed.

Not just an election
Liberalism and Communism
It's a fight.

U.S. military seized server
That means

CIA is a candidate for buy
Judgment that.

The Chief of Staff says the army is in the Constitution
I said at the press conference that I would follow

The aspect of this case is

Not an election violation
Overthrow of the nation
I see it as a coup d'etat
Isn't it? (≧ ∇ ≦) b

I'm about to
I'll give it to YouTube.

I will explain in the process.
As you say!

Congratulations on winning Trump
Please watch Zhang Yang channel.

The same breakdown here and there
Even though I'm awake,

Because of the staff
It's cowardly to do it, isn't it?

At least why
This kind of vote movement is

Did it happen in only one direction?
I need to explain.

It ’s the presidential election.
Media moves in the opposite direction
I'll make a fuss if there is

At the moment it is
It means that there is no such thing.

Regarding this matter
The Trump camp is quite
I have proof!

This is the camp's
A female attorney is heading

Evidence of fraud is
There are many
I'm saying it myself.

Dominion Server Management
The company Scytl is a micro
There is a software investment.

So thank you TikTok
I think it was the mediation of the acquisition.

Unfortunately, I can't make a deal
It was good.

And voting hacking
When you search for videos with

Various videos are introduced
It seems easy to take over.

Why Japan has an epoch
Like the Times
Is there no news agency?
It's a shame.

If you make a mistake of the staff
Employees also protect themselves

For the Trump camp
Whistle-blowing with the Imozuru ceremony

It's a fake media
Thank you and 5963

American people
Ignored fraudulent elections
The people have no choice but to fight this.

Due to a worker's input error
"Exactly 6,000 votes"
Is on the Biden vote?

This mistake is
It won't happen anywhere else

What is the basis?
I can't show the rationale.

In fact, the result of data analysis
Truman Black says "512,095 votes"

Became a Biden vote
Has announced.

This effect is 512,095 × 2 =
That's 1,024,190 votes.
What are you going to do

If it is a software error
Why wrong with playing cards
It was said that it was in

There is no reverse pattern
Is not it?
This is an obvious operation.

Tora-san's tempo is too good!

Maybe grab all the tails
It's important day by day

It will uncover injustice.

It's meticulous and planned.

Umeda-san, on the other hand, is already
Lots of elections.

I was empty
I'm sneaking a sword.

It would be better to draw it.

US Army
German company Ambushed and seized evidence equipment
The thing is a fact.

I was waiting! Feeling.
It's getting interesting
It's finally coming.

I'm looking forward to the follow-up report.

It ’s just my can, but
This time America

Japanese politics in the presidential election
Business world, companies
Are you involved in fraud?

The bugs in my stomach are making a lot of noise!
I have a bad feeling!

It's hard to move
I wish I had it.

RCEP and Amari
Even if you look at the tweet

Thank you Biden
To become the next president

Policy as a premise
Because I'm moving forward

The timing is too good for Amari
2F, Ozawa is suspicious!
Japan also counts votes
Use a private company called
Should not be

It should be done by a national agency.

This country is similar to the United States
I think it's been done.

When something happens

Biden vote is wrong
It was rewritten as playing cards

There is no report that
Biden is added

Intentionally at the stage of being
It is considered that it was operated
It would be reasonable.

If the opposite is true, the Democratic Party will also
Both media and BLM

Make a fuss and riot
It will be.

Not "software"

"Software glitch
(Bug) is

Bug technique in games
It's called glitch, but

No way bug technique in election

Moreover, it is used in large quantities
I can't be done.

The truth is still unknown
But so far

Seen from the behavior of
Which one is more faithful
Hey, if there is sex.

Even though it's night, the usual style
Thank you very much.

I'm sontaku with the Chinese Communist Party
It's just a country.

Thank you very much.
That helps a lot.

Negative public relations in the reporting kitchen

Let's counter it with.

Good for this video
Write a rating comment

Janjan Feed
Let's send back.

How effective is it?
I don't know
Let's do everything we can.

The media must be verified
I'm confident in the article
Isn't it?

Or does it work with money?

To Mr. Trump
Most of America
Negative media

The news is flowing
I feel sick.

Mr. Biden's
Deny all suspicions.

That's normal
Suspicion jumps

I should be looking for it, but on the contrary
One-sidedly lie
It keeps blocking.

Wow, fraudulent elections
Thanks to Myobu-sama
I see you twice a day!

Being calmly explained
I was very convinced.

Great proof.
The hegemony of country C is not retained

The darkness of CCP is immeasurable.

Dominion's server
U.S. military moves to secure
It seems that it was issued.

The loser of the press is the existing large
Hand media, winners are
The Epoch Times.

Trump camp attorney
Life is being targeted

There seems to be information, but
The facts are revealed to the rabbit
I want you to.

Giuliani and Sydney
I'm looking forward to Mr. Powell!

Major media is Trump
Number of participants in support demonstrations

It is said that there are more than 10,000 people.
If you look at the video, it's easy
It is over 100,000.

It's also called a million-person tournament
It was a convincing image though.

As the major media say
Certainly more than 10,000 people, but
Impression operation is too harsh.

After the presidential election is settled
Waste media including Japan
I hope that the reorganization will proceed.

In the first place, in theory
One person in charge

Replacing 6,000 votes
It's easy to do

How to put it away
Isn't it a big problem?

Besides, 100 people
If you cheat with the same technique

600,000 instead of 6,000
Because it can be replaced

Aggregate with another system
Need to be redone

Or in the Senate and the House of Representatives

Whether to watch first or to be erased first

China that springs up is amazing
I will teach you how to watch the press

I searched but it doesn't come out.
I want you to put a link.

Dominion Program
Alibaba's big data

That AI is used
It is said that it became clear.

Systematic and systematic fraud
Hard evidence
It seems to have been secured.

CCP's US base is
In San Francisco
A CPA China Progress Association.

It was erased last time
I've been recording since I was told.

Pretending to be a Chinese student
Someone in the party reports
Isn't it

In the age of the internet
It was good

A few years ago it was deceived
The truth was in the dark.
You should thoroughly expose injustice

Careless mistake of job seal
In a large group of states
It happens at the same time
It's ridiculous!

Dominion is
in this case From the Statistics Bureau of China
You will be told

From the beginning
Trump vote to Biden vote

Rewrite and aggregate
Then Biden

What is a sudden reversal?
I don't think so I can't doubt

President Trump
I am worried about my life and health.

Always provide accurate information
Thank you very much.

Trump is
You declared victory

"Information" of the statistics that have been kept
If you look at the column of

It said "76,567,777 times".

It's getting doublet
I'm sure good things
I think there is.

I want you to be that way
On the other hand, it's really German

U.S. military raids company
Can you

I'm still skeptical.

as of last week What was the big move next week that I was talking about?
I'm happy about this.

I'm sure C is involved!

If Trump can win
I hope you fought openly in the trial.

Testify not to be quick
The difference in the memory of the person who gives it
I think it will come out and be disadvantageous.

Did Biden win?
Since it was reported that

YouTube also has a tag copy function
I'm back.

Obviously diffusion prevention
I think it's a treatment.

Quiz: The video was banged
What is the relief of Myobu?
Sake, eat, sleep

Is it like Musashi?

Any voting system
I don't know if it is

The part to be aggregated is
As for programming

It shouldn't be difficult, so
Vote is another candidate due to a bug

To be counted is
It's hard to think of.

Handwritten ballot
It is read by a machine

If so, the reading error is
I can think of it, but

Votes move unilaterally
It's hard to think of doing it.

That is, the system
Not a bug

To be intentional
I can only think that it was organized.

Human error
Even if you believe that

Missing 6,000 votes
That's unlikely.

Thank you for your hard work every day
I also on Twitter

In Pennsylvania
About 20,000 votes move suddenly
I watched the video that I did.

If it is a human error
Not only this one, but more

There is a human error
Shouldn't it?

Immediately BAN is in the video
Digital watermark (logo?)

The time difference is
Report from the top of the bell mark

I'm pushing up and eating
Most likely.

Also, considering the total number of votes,
Hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes
I think it's a unit

Some people turn over from the Democratic Party side
It's out.
We look forward to future developments.

Hal Turner Radio Show
DOMINION employees on the site

Three people whistle-blower
3.8 million Trump votes

The article that it was manipulated
It's out.

In the case of fact, these three people will be
in the future. Oath testimony
It will be
Wait and see what happens.

More and more
I'm being exposed.
It seems that it extends to the government
Some Republicans too.

It happens to be rewritten or
A vote is given to the other party due to a mistake

I'm scared of the elections that I may enter.
Even if it's one vote.

When this happens
Let the people work
Around letting go to war
I only need

It's a terrifying world

I will support Trump forever.
March on Washington
I wanted to participate!

Let's count everything manually

(Falsification of the number of votes is
The software backdoor is
Isn't it the essence?
Background of software development company, etc.)

Did the CIA know the trick from the beginning?
Why is the CIA silent?
Pompeo is a former CIA director.

The story of Dominion
I was curious.
Thank you for uploading.

The person on the left is
Overwhelmed by quantity rather than quality

Close your opinion and how to do it
It doesn't matter.

Don't forgive injustice
Injustice is exposed
I'll take care of that.

At this rate
To the victory of that great annoying nation

By the President of the United States
It will be born at the end of January

In an unprecedented situation
Will be
Injustice is revealed
I hope you will be

It's a scary story.
However, I cannot admit it.

Moreover, the major media is
It is the Democratic Party Imperial Headquarters.

German server
The U.S. military is a story of requisition

President and member of parliament at the same time
Trump and
to vote Republicans get almost the same number of votes

Biden is better than the Democratic Party
The number of votes is overwhelmingly large.

If you look at this, something
There is no doubt that there was injustice.

Individual accidental mistakes
If you can get rid of it with
Is it a lie?

Well, to the judge
You can buy it
You won't bother

When I'm playing with my smartphone
The tick screen came out.
It's that easy.

Today, Mass Setchu
An expert at a technical university

About 60,000 votes instead of 6,000
Votes aggregated in Biden
With data that is impossible
It was reported that it was out.

Also, in the last two days
On YouTube
It was Trump support

Channels and YouTuber
Pundit one after another
Defending Biden

To comments like
It's strange, something

The pressure is
There seems to be no doubt.

Also, without any notice
Biden, DS, vaccine

The video has also been deleted
There seems to be.

And playing cards
Depressing videos and
Comments, mentors

Video post is
Continuing on a global scale
Obviously weird.

Wide range of craft activities
I'm crossing.
Full of censorship

These are
If you pass through
The United States is over.

I'll keep it cloudy for the time being
Mainly Dominion

CIA and hammer
It seems to be related.

Before that, finance, industry
IT system has been around for a long time

From more countries than Japan
Because the work is done

I haven't come out until now
But it's a funny story in the first place.

To George Soros
Voting system is
I'm being held

The person in charge of Dominion is
Mr. Trump makes a false statement

If you include it, you will be punished
In the affidavit

Countering fraud
So, legal action

You should answer from the standpoint of including.

And this is Mr. Trump's
Make a statement to
I can say all groups.

Youtube shit.
Someone's alternative video
Make a site

All errors
In favor of Biden
It is unnatural to become.

America also has judiciary
Both Chinese were acquired
Isn't it?

Software error is

using the same software It's a defect that extends to the equipment

Such a human error
There is room for it to happen
A big problem.

Either way, it's out.

German server
US military raid.

Coming out
For large-scale fraudulent elections
The guy involved can't sleep

The flow of votes is Trump
Even with Biden

Biden → Trump
It is also asymmetrical without

6000 votes
due to inadvertent mistake There will be no mistake.

Even if there is injustice
I think I can prove it

I was pessimistic because I wanted to
But it's getting more interesting.

Investigate thoroughly
Everything under the white sun
I want you to expose it.

Trump Miracle
The bud of a big reversal came out

In the election bulletin on TV
Biden actually increased

Playing cards have decreased
Evidence video is out

Domilion is
Can be operated remotely
The mechanism is a program

There are also things out there.

Speaking of Trump style
Deep state is
I'm doing my best

If you make a bad link
Will be banged.

America has also fallen

Then, the Republican side
Put the guard in the polling place
Count by hand
It's a story.

As a human error
In many states and counties
Same mistake

Trump vote ⇒
Biden vote is generated

Inappropriate due to power sales

What is advantageous to Biden
Even if I wake up, I will play cards
No advantage

Disadvantages to Trump
Even if I wake up, I will be in Biden
No disadvantage will occur.

Software errors and
If it's human error
It's happening to both sides
It should be, but it's unnatural.

Huge darkness! Concealment next to concealment

Thinking normally, 6000 votes
Human error in votes
I can't do it.

There is something behind this
Think about it naturally.

Good luck with Trump
The world is due to China
It's over.

Turn somewhere over
Then you can start over.

Everyone in America asks
Help Trump

Most of the votes I made a mistake
Only for Biden

The situation is biased
Isn't it funny?

Dominion is
Swing state

Then recounting has started
Ori Trump gets a vote
It's reversed.

As usual
Both Japan and the United States

Major media is
I haven't reported it.

tomorrow morning Possibility of announcement
There seems to be
It's possible, but

Red censorship
the Xi Jinping It's okay if you praise it

There are also cases

America 🇺🇸
The darkness is deep.

With President Rei
Democratic Party "Treason"

All go to jail.
Blessing Trump

Electoral fraud before
The voter Musashi is also
It became a hot topic on the net.

After all human beings
Count directly and count

Easy to see
Easy commentary
Thank you very much.

Good George Soros
For civil war incitement
Arrested for international wanted.

The election system is
With a closed LAN

That it should be
That's right

German server
The reason for holding it is
Source or something

Is it for?
I am wondering.

Of course, the aggregation system is
Terminal device

Including firmware
If you think you are in control

Black box and
I can't believe it, but

However, the internet
There was a system

Because there are witnesses who say

That was all
Maybe that's why
It may be.

MIT staff in each state
Number of party supporters and

Actual voting results
After analysis

Contradictory in many states
The distribution has been found.

This is a voting system
Republican supporters

The more states you have, the more votes you get
Replacement and Trump votes

When the disposal was carried out
I can explain it without thinking
There seems to be no.

Not only sociology
Too dramatic at the end
In statistics such as reversal
There is something wrong with it

at the moment There is no shortage of circumstantial evidence.

Maybe it's a fact

In the first place, what
Without campaigning

I have a basket in the basement
He can win the election
I don't understand

Will you win
The reason is simple.
If you are using a CPU and made in China
A trap to control.

The question of 6000 votes remains
But I don't remember
It's going to be.

So I won
You will win.
It's life.

The truth is revealed
I hope you

Democratic deception
Everything is revealed
I hope you

I wrote it elsewhere, but
The server is

At some point in Germany
Where are you connected
I guess

A certain KG US lawyer
Injustice at the polling place
There wasn't

All by mistake
In court

Is being heard
It seems

Come to think of it

in the voting system If tampering is possible

If you do it all with that
It's good

Everything from here
It's just speculation, but

Voting by mail is just
Just used for dizziness

The essence is voting total
By system
All injustice
I wonder what it is.

So, on the tiger side, a fake
Let me grab a fake

Hora After all tiger
The basis for what I'm saying is

Proven not to be
I make a noise and despise.

Hopefully minions
The whistleblower itself
Ko Saki in or something
I just pray that there isn't.

Democrats in every country
When entwined, soft
The law of quality deterioration.


From the experience of designing
Regarding data entry
Human error is

A mechanism to completely eliminate
Make multiple mistakes
I should avoid it.

In other words, US Masgomi
Human error saying

Software is not possible

If there is such a
The software is really

Poor quality
It is abnormal to operate it.

But in reality, the presidential election
For the important job of voting
It was used

If you make a judgment based on the facts
Definitely wrong

Aggregation is done
Built into specifications
I can only think of it.

Who will sit down
I'm looking forward to it

Far from 6000 votes
3.4 million votes

Trump vote becomes Umeda vote
It's been thrown away.

No matter how you think about it, if you do a trial
Umeda should have no chance of winning.

I bought a judge and so on.
I wonder if there is.

Originally I'm willing to fight properly
Not even a millimeter.

The army of the evil spirit is also
It's a suspicious move.

Hands for wrongdoing with a small amount of money
Dyed guards

I already have it inside
I can't cut it

The person who confesses
It seems to come out one after another.

Obama Onsen
To Kune's companion.

Somehow the world is
In a terrifying direction
I'm heading
I feel like.

Biden before the election
It was a crushing victory
The US media is

Originally, software
If you hear something is wrong

In Florida etc.
Advantageous for playing cards

There was also an erroneous tabulation
Isn't it?

Even if it makes a noise
It's not strange

For some reason stubbornly
For defects
You won't touch it

Do red hunting
Republican symbol color is

Red, Dos Black Party
The symbol color is
It's called blue.

Anyway, in the rematch of Tora-san

Yahoo comment or
It's getting pretty emotional.

To be honest,
in America Like a fake king

The media are fake
Because it is a battle, amateurs
It is
to grasp the truth I think it's difficult.

I'm watching
I think it's the correct answer.

Great impact on Japan
I'm sure there is

Suspense movie
It's interesting to see.

It's like a movie Condor.
It was a CIA movie, but

CIA is involved this time as well
It looks like.

Germany and the US Department of State
U.S. forces in Germany negotiate

Enter Scytl and set up a server
It seems that it was seized, but
State Department meeting?

From to seizure
CIA eliminated
It seems that it was.

And when this happens
From a sub-organization of the State Department

Regarding software fraud
Announced total denial.

Immediately reported by the US media

And soon the Chinese media
It seems that it is reporting it.

If this is true, media
Not only the CIA seems to be over there.

This is QAnon
It has been said since last year

But if the CIA is on that side
Is it true to say

I have been delusional again.
Anyway, to Trump-chan
I want you to win.

It's getting interesting

This bold squid is
If true

When is Trump
Even if you are assassinated
Not strange.

I think it's dangerous.

Inadvertently vote for Trump
I changed it to Biden

Forgive me
What's going on?

Election voting machine
Illegal internet
The fact that it is connected.

Worst Weapon Dominion

Made in South America a long time ago
The worst program

It was a long time ago
I forgot.

Certainly newspaper (Asahi)
I also got on.

Make this an election
It will be difficult if it is used
I thought.

Banned in the US
I think it was.

Because it was used by Biden
If there is, a big violation
It is an election fraud.

Clear this problem
If it doesn't solve, American

Underlying democracy

Against democracy It damages trust and damages
Leave in America.

American democracy
China wants to collapse
By the way

To other democracies
Brings danger.

What is glitch? Machines, plans, etc.
Defects, failures

This darkness is quite deep.
Democratic back is
Oh, it's scary just to imagine.

Both America and Japan
Major media is
To Trump's claim

There is no evidence for it
With a big chorus of lies

To the disadvantage of Biden
Evidence is
Even if Ippai comes out

I didn't know it.
Not too explicit

How to do it, Anguri and
The open mouth does not close
It's around this time today.

The backdoor is already
It is said that there is.

Also, a software company
The officer is a Democrat.

GAFA is also Rock Feller
Because it's on the side

In favor of Biden
You want to report it.

After all.

American Dominion
Voting machine is Japanese Musashi
Is it like that?

Temporarily give up a hundred steps
Not soft

6000 votes are artificially wrong

It flowed to Biden
Voter votes alone

Even though I look down on you
Is it every state?
If it was originally said

Originally for Dominion
Even if you have doubts
Is it a natural flow?
I think.

Losing to Trump
I think you want it

Dominion Voting
The truth is revealed
Is there?

I think.

Trying to make it irresistible
For every Biden
I want you to win

It seems to be full.

Of course, it's a hypothesis, but
The actual number of votes is
It was 4: 1.

But displayed
The graph was 2.x: 2.x.

The difference in votes is too
It's too big

Perfect tampering
Trying to do it perfectly
Because I did.

Has appeared

If you want to be consistent
Don't seek perfection

Dominion is in 23 states in the United States
Used in (40%) but

Aggregation software
On the internet
Connecting is

Republican witnesses
Internet connection to a counting PC

The antenna icon is
Accused of standing

CIA is Germany, Itari Ai
Seized the server

Can't you get proof?

Dominion employee
Whistleblower in court
Will it be adopted?
You still don't know?

Tora Tora Trump
The surprise attack was successful

The media is also
Outright coverage
How to get it
You're crazy.

Not an error
By specification?

Things you shouldn't forget
What happens in America
What you get is

Even in Japan
It will happen!

Multiple Chinese Communist agents
I already live in Japan.

Left wing in Japan and
Coup d'etat in cooperation
The possibility of waking up is
Certainly possible

The total number of votes collected in Kagawa Prefecture is
It was different, so if you open 500 bundles

Multiple candidates are mixed
Barcode on the top
It was a total of candidates.

Probably nationwide
It's done

Vote counting operation.

This is also a human error
It was cleaned up with.

U.S. specification machine
Same as soft musashi

That's right

Behind the scenes of the world
There are 4 to 6
Classified into strains

Major countries
The media is that
It seems that it is under the umbrella.

President Trump
Banzai Justice Wins

American democracy
It's a difficult situation.

Google search is also done by IT companies
It may be strange.

In any case
Democracy in America is
I have to do it

But in other media
I think it's about Brazil.

That is smart
It was also in the news

In any case, Japan is
I have to prepare for the war

After being attacked
It may be late
Well, even if you attack the Senkaku Islands

Replenishment of food etc.
It's quite difficult, but

Is it a Japanese submarine?
I'm waiting

Japanese submarines are
Because the sound is quiet

It is also
to attack It may be one hand

From there to World War
Chinese Communist Party in war
It seems to be prepared

I can't say that clearly
I don't think it's the smart way.

I totally agree with you.

Intentional vote replacement

The proof that it was was smoke
May be sown

But first, as an election
I want you to find out if there was a problem

The major media is unreliable
If you say yes or no

Meaning as a source of information
You don't do it.

Especially Japan
On the contrary, in this case, the media

Some people noticed something strange
It may have increased

If the Democratic Party wins
You will be more and more controlled by speech.

Bloomberg news this morning
President Trump is bearish

It was reported that it has become.
Don't tell such a lie often

President Trump has lost the case
The Wall Street Journal or Press
Japan-US Masgomi Full of lies

Mostly dangerous den
A fraudulent organization
It's a white day when you make it.

This may work.

About Dominion
Some things I know

Dominion is 2018
It was acquired before the midterm elections.

Acquired Staple
Street Capital is
Under the Obama administration

Former Ambassador to the EU William
By Kenard
It is operated.

This fund is
George Soros is involved.

Became a subsidiary of Dominion
I have a company.

Smartmatic is a Venezuelan
Software company
It was affiliated with Bitza.

Bitza shares at that time
Chavez dictatorship
I owned it.

Chicago in 2006
Made by Smartmatic in the primary
The system is used

Election results are
Because it was unnatural
Chicago City Councilor

Relationship with Venezuela
I was pursuing suspicions about it.

By the way,
in Venezuela In 2004
There was a referendum

Voting system
Smartmatic and Bitza
I was in charge.

The unnaturalness of the Chicago primary
Venezuela Referendum
It was just like the time.

Also, the Smartmatic system is

in the Philippines
2010 and 2013
Affecting midterm elections

Cheating and fraud
Raised the issue.

Currently Smartmatic
Chairman Peter
Nefenger is Joe

Nominated for migration team.

Merkel is also in the Obama area
To Biden Island
Is it a decision?
Why server in Germany

This is the
of the coming era It might be the way of war.

in Germany The server was confiscated in a US military raid.

With this, when and who is cheating
It is easy to tell if it was done.

With this, at the same time as Trump's resurrection
I was involved in this fraud

Democratic Party and media officials
I will go to jail.
Justice wins at the end

When you come here
It's a visible fraudulent election

Around this software company
It's just a black company.

A piece of paper has been replaced by money and power
Mr. Trump who is passive

When it reverses, the evil of the world
I'm sure you'll get rid of it like a potato
Even if there are restrictions on the net
Everything is clear

This company Pelosi is an executive
Major shareholders
Known for China Queen
He is the husband of Fine Stefan.

It shouldn't be suspicious
Confident when turned over
Sydney Powell Attorney
I have high expectations

If the operator makes a mistake
Even if you accidentally put it in the power sale

Trump's vote is
It won't decrease

The problem is Trump's
The same number of votes is

Going to sell electricity
You can't explain it by mistake.

Only with programming
I can't say it.

Such a story is
in Japan For a long time
I was whispered and hurt

Developed by the CIA
Because it's a system.

Google has determined that it is a Democratic supporter

Prompt users to vote only
It is said that the site was displayed.

Just not exposed
Outright work activities
It may have been.

Erased by public opinion work groups
I'm glad I saw it before.

What is Software Glitch? Software
It means a sudden accidental malfunction.

To work normally in any situation
Since it has been verified,
such a malfunction There is almost no software to wake up.

Is there definitely a mechanism in the software?
I think it's a hack from the outside.

Verification is
because it is done with a clever technique I think it's hard, but
Democracy will definitely collapse.

The achievement of President Trump is
Great world-recognized

It was the biggest policy to save the world
No one can think of anything other than an overwhelming victory

Everyone feels the question of this election
The big fraud is obvious

Evaluation of the United States itself, even existence
It's an important thing that becomes dangerous
For the world
Keep uncovering injustice

I will support you from the bottom of my heart
Many people too.

This is the Speaker of the House
Very close to Pelosi

The staff or who
Wasn't it the company you're doing?

According to the German server

of the aggregated result before fraud The winning elector is

Promoted by President Trump
Let's move to PARLOR (SNS app)

There is no suppression of speech! It's comfortable

Conservative in America
The audience rating of CNN dropped due to the big move.

You can be optimistic as a huge SNS
It's not an era.

I'm talking pretty deep, but
The font is cute as always

I just watched the video of Ikigen
Dominion is
It was said that it had already gone bankrupt.

If you are in bankruptcy, the company
What is a total denial of comments?

Please uncover it thoroughly.

Trump is actually piled up I think I'll leave it, but

Mainly the gold lord of the world
Are you hated?

In the American drama I saw a long time ago
Falsifying the number of votes in the election

Thousands of thousands of voting machines
If you do not exceed it, the first vote will be

If it is not counted
There was something like that.
This time I thought about it

How to 5W1H
If you make a mistake artificially

Will 6000 votes be one side?
Out when I can't explain.

Computer is logic
Process according to
I don't make my own judgment and I can't lie.

Science must also be reproducible.

Make an artificial mistake
It must be reproduced and shown.

If you can't,
the source code There is no proof that must be disclosed.
If the source code is correct
It's a hack.

Both Japan and the United States
The mass media is strange, isn't it?
The net is much more Matomo.
Due to software / staff mistakes
Biden has an advantage
Occurs at all polling stations you use

On the contrary, Trump has an advantage
There is even one mistake
It's too blatant not to wake up

Dominion executives
Major shareholders here too
Democratic Party officials

In other words, it's guru and black.
glitch is a failure
It is a common noun of meaning.

President Trump
YouTube channel
I watch it every day

Japanese politician and entrepreneur
Mass media also erodes
Because it is done

It's not another person's affair.

Confront evil
God bless the Trump camp

The number of votes on the Biten side is
Changed to Trump side
It is strange that there is nothing.

in the demo the other day Trump obeying the rules
I have a supporter

There was a video.

The media is Trump
Like the supporters did

Such a call is
Protect democracy.

Cut the lizard's tail
I'm sorry.

Not the name Software Glitch
glitch will malfunction if it is in Japanese.

Speaking of the hugeness of what we are doing
China is just a hand piece
I think it's one.

For some time, capitalists have replaced politicians with pieces.
I think I've made a profit by using it.

Trump also hurts several times
It may have been combined and turned into a politician.
Dominion doesn't have a server in Germany
It seems that it has been announced, but it is a kind of sophistry
Scytl, the software company used by Dominion

Well, until now the president
The winner was 70 million votes
I didn't cross it

This time I'm over both
Some kind of injustice

There is no doubt that it was there?

It is normal for the accusation side to be responsible for proof.
Probably some or considerable
There must have been a slur, but

Who is the enemy in this presidential election
It's been clear
Trump fraudulent elections
The president should pursue and wipe out the enemy

The truth is stranger than the novel
It's a typical situation now.

Scarier than any horror movie.
The current situation in the world is everywhere
There is a shadow of the black Chinese Communist Party

Give some people huge wealth
Other ordinary people are
on the fence Confine and manage inside

Gradually as the Communist Party thinks
It seems to be changed
I feel a sense of fear.

Democratic Party and Chinese Communist Party
Articles and posts that are disadvantageous

Everything out

This is the internet world and
Where and where the forces are

Do you dominate
It's very easy to understand, isn't it?

Google, Apple
Evil organization. 666 is
Hidden in the mark.

Trump to Biden
If so, Biden to
What is Trump's vote?

If it's a human error
Be sure to play Trump to Biden
If there is, Biden
There should be playing cards.

Biden to Trump
I can't hear you

Even human error
Even with software troubles

There is only Trump to Biden
Is it the Democratic Party's intended mistake?

Just circumstantial evidence
It's said that it doesn't mean anything, but

Then, I'm making this announcement
The state must prove.
I think.

It's a bogus election.

Maduro is also in Venezuela
Trick to win
I heard you were doing it.

Above all, Dominion
For the management of the company that provides it

Reported to be influential
Also Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
To be investigated
I want you to do your best.

In the first place, humanly
The table can be replaced
The system itself that can be done
Serious problem

It's amazing.

Crime is rampant worldwide.

Originally FB and Twitter
On youtube
You don't have the right to censor speech.

Censored speech in America
I will change my license
I'm told.

When the Chinese Communist Party is involved
This situation where the number of criminals increases enormously.
It's just cancer in the world.

Even if it is troublesome,
by hand Based on aggregation
Maybe it should be

Machine counting for mail voting
Because we prioritized convenience
Looks confusing

American democracy
The most important event
Why do I have to take a break from work?

Show evidence

in some country It's like an opposition party

Many competent senses of justice
Attorneys who have

One after another on the Trump camp side
I've been raising my name, so

Suspicion of fraudulent elections
As a crime of the century
It is likely to be judged.

From now on, major media will
What excuse
It's a sight to see.

Such an intentional thing
Human mistake
You can do it just by doing
There is no reason.

Dominion is fraudulent
As an election-related company
It may leave a name in history.

The future is the real election
It will be a struggle to decide the victory or defeat

Biden declares defeat at the end
Will it be the curtain for the prison?

At the presidential inauguration ceremony in January
With President Trump

Two Vice Presidents Pence
United States Capitol
I want you to line up in front.

Digitizing the national system
When you do, follow the theory of sexual misconduct

Unauthorized intervention is not possible
Do you want to build a system?

Even if it takes time and money
Do you want to go to

A good lesson to think about.
A huge digital system
It can be a huge hotbed of fraud.

It's analog and
The distributed method is

Low risk
Can it be suppressed?

If you claim it is a human error
On the contrary, from B to President Trump

Typing is
I haven't been told
What do you mean?

The person in charge of input is
President Trump's name

When I see it, I attach it to B
Implant the habit of changing

I wonder if it has been done.
That will be the case.

Don't you think so?

In any case, the program
If you look at the source code
I think you can see.

Musashi manages elections in Japan
Undertake all the production
It's the same as Dominion.

I hate Musashi.

Trump through elections
Trying to wash away the pus
It looks like you are doing it.

It's malicious.
But Biden
Dominion's fault
The lizard's tail is cut.
Not allowed

So much testimony and evidence
While coming out one after another

Still Trump
The president sheds a fake

The last bad luck and dripping
Continue Masgomi
What is it?

The power sale is won, and the next power sale
You even broadcast with the president.
I'm tired.

After all Stalin says
The result is decided by the ballot-counter
Do you mean?

This is the freedom of the United States
Democracy is the power of money
Will it be manipulated?

The biggest fraudulent election of the century
To pass through
Will it be?

If you don't reveal this, you'll be free.
I think democracy will disappear.

It's amazing

Dominion in Germany
Surprise the server of an affiliated company
I held everything down.

Due to this, the Democratic Party
Cheating is coming out one after another

Trump camp attorney
Correspondence is difficult.

From this matter, Biden
Former Democratic Presidents
It seems that he will be arrested.

Trump's overwhelming victory

Both mass media and SNS
Are they all bought?
I wonder if it was done

Alongside Pennsylvania,
Regaining its former glory

With the spirit of President Trump
It takes a matching PRIDE.

Trump's enemy is a human enemy
Don't forgive them

100% of tampering software
If all the evidence is on the server
It will be big news.

The darkness of American politics is revealed.
By the way, Dominion is
I wonder if it became SSC

Injustice is being revealed one after another.

Today's Zhang Yang 59th time is quite
Explained in detail
I was able to know in detail

Umeda, a fraudster, becomes president
Don't be!

The problem is that
there is no.

Doing it on a considerable scale
It means that he was there.

That means
It's an organized crime.

This time the scale is large
There are many people involved, so

If a lot of people tilt
Many will open their mouths.

Furthermore, this voting machine is still
Chinese Communist Party
It means that it was entwined.

The Trump camp has a gradual heart
People are gathering.

Demonstration is on the scale of 500,000 people
It has become.

America, Japan
The Chinese media is

I have decided.

Demonstrators are Trump and
Regardless of the Republican Party

America will be
as it is It's going to be crazy
Many people participate because of a sense of crisis.

at the Nixon Memorial Hall Pompeo's
Speech on the Chinese Communist Party
With that in mind

It's a battle between good and evil
I said

Now in America it is
It is appearing as it is.

In other words, a good American
It's a deep state battle.

Deep State is a shadow government and
It is a dark organization that has been said.

Biden to the members of this organization
Obama, Clinton couple
Democratic Party, major media

Major IT, China,
It contains a big game.

Aite is so big

Until now, there are many people out there, for long things
It is safer to be wrapped

So I was silent
There were many people.

But this time
There was a brave man who raised his voice.

on the flag that Trump raises They are gathering.

The number is gradually increasing.
Voting fraud is Deep State

Focusing on Jews
Financial capitalists

To take over the United States
It's just a process.

Americans are serious
I'm angry.

This is the
of this case This is the main enclosure.

A series of problems in China, etc.
I'm going to fly somewhere.

Election counting software in Japan is also
Is it okay?

Dark software is
Democracy from the ground up

It will be destroyed
Kuwabara, Kuwabara

Neighboring country Mun
It's the driving force behind the birth of the president.

Biden and China
The company works

Playing cards
It's decided for the purpose

Use only for bad things
It is a technology of the Chinese Communist Party

I'm giving a low rating to this video
Are all four children of the devil?
Do you rush?

in the first place Inadvertently mistaken vote

You can fix it
It's funny.

Voting card with holes
Automatically with a reader
Are you reading?

Is it Musashi in Japan?
I'm suspicious

Good evening

Because it is machine read
There is no room for human error.

The same is true in Japan, including the United States.
The world's major TV masgomi

SNS related companies are from the left wing
I knew it was a thought.

Apparently Marx the world
Communist and govern
It seems that you are planning.

What can be stopped
President Trump only
I'm sure they will be reelected
I have high expectations for President Trump.

Why is that information dissemination
Content is judged inappropriate
I don't know if it will be.

I think it was just the beginning.

I've heard everything.

Inappropriate judgment is issued
I think he's inappropriate.

Get money from the Chinese Communist Party
Under that influence
I wonder if there are people who are moving.

This case is on YouTube
Take it to the advanced department
Checking the content

Judgment of unknown meaning
Has been
I think it's one thing that makes me sick.

Myobu is also a little
It would be annoying

For the time being
YouTube community

To the latest YouTube post
The full text of this judgment message
Could you upload it?
Even in my free time.

This sold the soul to the devil
Biden Democratic Party and
The identity of the media that fell into hell

Zombies and Doping
Elections with a rotting smell!
There is no tomorrow in America

If you are using software for counting
On the verge of Virginia
Trump won

Suddenly Biden got 100,000 votes
It was also the fact that the accuracy was overturned.

By mistake, playing cards
I was counting

I corrected the Biden vote
Excuse is also strange.

I was watching it in real time

Vote counting workers
I thought it was that, but

Or 100,000 ballot boxes
Put it in something like

Enter it
Did you sometimes make a mistake?

I have to do that
I think

In August of this year, the Democratic Party of the United States
Bernie Sanders

A supporter of the Senator
Numerous elections in the past
Working on illegal work

The person who came is New York
Post paper
It seems that he was anonymously interviewed.

So the person in question is
For mail voting

There is a problem

In November,
about this matter There will be a conflict
It was said that it was stated.

Furthermore, by the Democratic Party
Fraud has been around for decades
It's done as a matter of course
It is also exposed.

The Democratic Party itself is no longer
Not a legitimate party
The thing is clear.

Biden himself
China more than the Democratic Party

from Ukraine
It is tainted with bribes

Such a person is the next American
Becoming the head of state, etc.
It should never be.

Until now, by the Democratic Party
Electoral fraud is

It doesn't come to light and works well
I think I was going

As expected, this time Trump
Thorough by Mr. camp

By roasting
Bringing illicit work to light

It's sunny and Mr. Trump
I hope to be re-elected.

For example, to banks and securities companies
Computer system
In rare cases

Human error will occur.

The result is huge losses.

Of course, the loss will be paid to the bank or
If the securities company does not make up for it
It doesn't become.

If the company announcement is true
ERROR easily occurs
It will be defective software.

To say that one case will occur
There is a high possibility of recurrence.

Other election results
Naturally it is suspicious.

What is the election?
The question is whether it can be said to be fair.

American elections have an impact on the world
It's a scary story only for big ones.

Multinational companies want to do business in China.
So does Hollywood and the media.

Kimmanism pervades the world
Something important is being slaughtered.

Mins Party Democratic Party is just a name
The master uses the people, but ☝💢⤵

Media blackout?
I can't even send it.
Exactly the evil world ❗

If you think about it for a moment, you'll understand.
There can be no human error.

Ballot to machine
Put it in and the machine will read it.

Put it inside out or turn it upside down
I can't read it
It's just played.

To put it in the extreme, turn your bill into an ATM
1000 yen to 10,000 yen including
There is no reason for it to be.

What percentage of Dominion is
Probability of Trump's Biden vote

What percentage of
to replace Probability to delete Trump's vote
It has a function.

Also, Trump's vote goes to Biden
There is no fact that it was replaced.

Still, Biden's vote is
Not enough, so vote by mail

I brought it in urgently and counted it.
Suddenly 130,000 votes entered Biden.

It simply takes time, but
I feel that there is no choice but to manually recount.

Within 35 days by law
If you don't decide
There is also

Apart from deciding the president
Accurate recounting over 35 days

I want you to decide clearly in black and white.

If you want to count human and computer
If there is a difference

Including source code and parameters
You can also request disclosure of specifications.

In America, from binary
Disassembled code

It seems that it can be analyzed
I feel like there are people.

I think, but first
Mr. Trump

of this century
Victory at a major turning point
Of course I want it, but

After that,
As soon as possible, over 20 years

For US Electoral Faud
The plan has been devised

Making a movie of Chinese wrongdoing
If you make a big hit all over the world

Until now, I've been deceived
Local Japanese, the people of the world

Finally the true identity of China
You will be able to detect it

Money worship companies

The same way is
I don't think it will be possible.

And a little better the world.

I think I can draw a story like this
I think it has become.

As soon as possible
I want the movie to be popular in the world.

The personal computer in which the counting software is running
I was connected to the internet
There is also a counting office.

Completely with Biden
The media is colluding and it's pitch black.

As involved in election fraud
Zuckerberg is also likely to be arrested.

To do that
Trump has to be reelected.

How will the morning edition of Japan come out tomorrow?
Still, Biden's gentle personality
Are you going to tell me something like that?

Human error?
You can rewrite it.
Thank you for your hard work

About the US voting machine and counting system
The Chinese Communist Party has been planning for 10 years.

Maybe Mr. Maun was also involved.
There are reports that there is no such thing.

YouTube Epoch Times News
It is reported in.

If youtube makes it inappropriate
It will be released on Nico Douga
Do you have a choice?

Ukrainian criminal case
as a suspect The name was officially raised

The news came out.
It penetrates quietly.

Major media outlets are
I haven't reported anything, but

It seems that it has started to move on the net.
If this matter gets bigger
Biden is impeachment level.
Please check the facts.

If you changed the votes
If you recount by hand

Know the correct number of votes
What does that mean?

In my opinion, I'm sorry to say
Trump and his claim are intelligent
It's not logical, so

Skillful media is
Easily convincing counter-arguments
It can be deployed.

So it's not true
I don't have one.

Media domineering
this time I have never felt it.

Trump's strategy is to have excellent subordinates
I think it's standing.

Press Secretary McEnany
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Lincoln Lawyer, etc.
The Trump camp is exactly
Looks like you're struggling.

Pence doesn't feel the momentum, but
Without them, it would be an immediate sink.
In addition, I would like to be reelected by Trump.

The situation is unclear, but
I expect good development.

If it is a software error
Biden vote with Trump
You can make mistakes that are recognized.

Therefore, Trump's vote is
Become a Biden vote
One direction is human
It's a deliberate result.

6000 is not enough.

The Chinese Communist Party has a view to war
I'm talking about putting it in, but

If Trump wins
You can beat America
I won't give you time.
I'm sure it'll be bumpy.

Mr. Biden as it is
If you become President of the United States

American diplomatic authority is
Will fall

At least including Japan
Developed countries hold elections
I'm monitoring and analyzing

I think I've grasped the injustice.

At least diplomacy becomes difficult.

The army seems to be Mr. Trump's ally
The CIA and FBI are
I think it depends on which one you attach to.

The Chinese Communist Party is in a hurry
Is the butt on fire?
Is it a civil war?

In the video of the Epoch Times,
on TV The screen of breaking news is instantly

19,000 votes from Trump
Just like Biden
The scene that moves as it is

I was caught.

Is this also a human error?
Aggregation software is online
It seems that they were connected
Maybe it was operated remotely.

too I can't get a vote so
I had no choice but to tamper with it

Then it was more popular
If you make Thunder a candidate
It was good, but bydenno
It must have been easy to operate

It's a tremendous fraudulent strategy.
The time limit that overturns this is
I think it's approaching.

I think I'll choose an elector around December 8th.
By then it's weekly
I have to make a conclusion

I wonder if it shouldn't be done, even after that
Can the Federal Supreme Court overturn it?

In any case, Dominion's
Gray as close to black as possible
Evidence of fraudulent software, etc.
I want you to clarify.

This nestles in American society
Political bureaucracy Business world Education world Entertainment world

It is the true identity of darkness that is always present everywhere.

Governments such as CIA and FBI
I can't trust

President Trump
This is really hard
It is understandable that it is in a state of civil war.

So many
Achikochi and artificial
If the staff makes a mistake

It was intentionally cheated
I can only think of it.

Votes from selling power to Trump
There is no story that it has moved.

Dominion whistleblowers have already
Regarding fraudulent vote counting

I am writing an affidavit.

Sufficient evidence of injustice
Confident that there is

Trump camp attorney
Sydney Powell
I was telling you.

The content of human error is
What is it like

U.S. military source code
If you don't get it
Can't the court decide?

Scan the ballot in the first place
Instead of doing

The staff looks at the ballot
If it's a type-in ​​software,

If the staff does not speak
There is no evidence.

US media too
Japanese media also
I'm saying things like and dislike.

Moreover, with shallow behavior.
I can't feel the fair.

It's a troubled world.

There is no reason not to get caught
I have no intention of hiding it.

I did it like a barre
I can only think of it.

Trump protests
It has already been calculated to come.

I want to win Biden
Rather, it is
to ruin the country. I think it's the purpose.

Illness and elections
With mess, further the country

Exhaust and devastate the human heart.

Law and order are rattling.
That is the aim.

Like crushing a country in the Middle East
This time America
Do the same
I think I'm going.

Certainly calm
Important and for now
I told you I don't understand

If it's just a mistake
Advantageous for playing cards
It's funny if there is no case

Half or half or disjointed
If so, the premise of is necessary.

However, everything is on the Trump side
Only the number of votes decreases and the Biden side increases
Only 100% happening

That means stochastically already
doubt! It's a big incident, isn't it?

The American and Japanese media are
Drowning in Chinese money

In the important presidential election
6000 votes were a human mistake

Zaken nayo

I can't believe such a company
President Trump
Good luck

Mr. Biden's side is also confusing
If there is nothing

Prove it proudly
I wish I could do it.

According to the Biden faction
I can't prove that it doesn't exist
Dodge with a single point

Slurping facts
You are trying to make it.

Such a double standard
The point of view itself is strange.

This contradiction is
all over the world I'm going through.

In this case, anywhere
There is a spy

I'm working on it
A sense of crisis

How to reflect it in national defense
It's a good time to think.

Anyway, Trump's claim is
Show evidence, Biden

Don't verify
It's the same as the uproar of Morikake.

It's too convenient.
Biden also has 130,000 votes
Show evidence that it's not fraudulent
From an equal perspective

First, an article from science
I wanted you to quote.

It was written
Without talking, children's fights
That is the only one

For American selection
before entering Don't fix both

Did you intentionally cause trouble?
The fear of leaving the world to such people
It's abnormal.

Previous references to c and k
as well as Youtube
In other rice fields and SNS
It was banned, but

It's been particularly terrible these days.

I criticized the leftist system
Just posting rice or posting
It has come to be banned.

When Japan is dominated by red

Has it become a country?

Also like Japan
American media
Human error

Visible vs. Trump
Press! Why no fair coverage.

The Great Crisis of the Liberal World

Gloating are in
of Xi Jinping I can see my face.

The imprinting of NHK is terrible.
News announcer

If you listen carefully to the nuances,
Almost everyone still has Trump

I don't admit losing (
I'm in trouble.

Not to mention the hunter's case
I didn't mention Dominion at all.

I'm making a fool of the viewer.
Receive a license fee for something like this
I can't believe there are people who pay

Both China and the United States are inhuman
I'm doing things.

Fighting these two countries is
It means the end of the world

If so, Ikasama is
The lie may also be an expedient.

Even if it is legal, there should be no war.
Hitting the squid is
Looking at the trees, not looking at the forest
It may be.

It is a fact that a counting error occurred

Is it a human error?
Including the management system
Quality assurance, right?

Then you should expose everything first.

Record showing changes in the number of votes
Soft algorithm
Execution program
Handling manual
Educational curriculum

There are a lot of them

That's a typo
There is no reason to just use words.

This is the only illegal election
The voice that came out and started over
It is strange that it does not come out.

Even one such suspicion
If there is, shut up the people
I don't think there is

To redo the election
I want you to raise your voice.

If there is one suspicious matter
Why don't people take everything?

Because I can imagine
Think calmly
It is to avoid it.

You should vote again.

Start over without voting.

The mass media is completely Democratic
Followed by the Chinese Communist Party
It is sontaku.

Until the media dismantling theory
Will it develop?

Japan is also fair and credible
Opened a news program

All over the world
The movement of military progress

The media in difficult times
Time for American elections

You shouldn't call.

Mr. TRUMP and Mr. Biden
I think we will hold hands and vote again.

I think it's the fastest and surest.
The political void is never
Don't forgive.

The FBI seems to be on the Democratic side.
Media is fraudulent

I don't report
The Democratic Party is sly.

It is a wonderful commentary.
Fairness is the basis.

Chinese Communist Party
Fairness with money
I'm buying

Biden voted by mail
I recommended it extensively
This also amplifies the sense of distrust.

Moreover, the Biden situation is
It's not liked.

I just want to use it.
The Democratic left is crying.

The battle of Trump this time is
It ’s a battle with China.

World Economic Culture by China
Borrowing a name for globalization
I had a sense of crisis about dictatorship

It is also a battle for the common people.

Biden supporters are Chinese
Brainwashed and liberal civilization

Participating in the ruin
I don't even notice that
It is a crisis of humankind rather than pity.

When I talk about this,
It is said to be a Trump believer

Point out such a thing
He is a Biden believer
I wonder if it will be said

The presidential election is interesting.

Full disclosure of ballot counting work around the world

A country that is 100% credible
Is it about Japan?

In Japan, the counting of votes is
All are done directly by civil servants.

In addition, the ballot box is
by witnesses. Manage the boxes and arrange for selection
Take a taxi

Without going anywhere
To the ballot counting office.

The taxi driver is
In the ballot box
I never touch it.

The ballot box is only touched by witnesses.

And the ballot box is a ballot-counting witness or

Fully open to visitors
Unlock and start counting votes.

Artificial votes everywhere
Operation is impossible.

And after counting the votes twice,
It will be counted.

Elections so tightly
Is there any other country that is doing it?

Japanese are always
This method is commonplace, so
I think it's the same overseas.

But in the United States
It is said that there is support from companies.

Common sense in Japan does not apply.

Biden support of the media
There is anything biased
Tired of the press

I'm angry.

Chinese Communist Party administration
With the Democratic Party and the millionaires
Suspend with the media
I'm overtaking Trump.

Dealing with these conspiracy theories
Biden with public opinion control
It would be interesting if the president was born

What the United States is with China
Isn't it different?

Credit Dada drop
Zamaamiro begins

This shakes the world
Presidential election is America
With the people

I'm trying it myself
I feel it.

Still organize in my head
There are many things, but

Something speedy
It seems to be required

It's a blind spot
Clarify the part

the essential thing Excellent
to explain carefully The caller has appeared.

Oh yeah, it's
to argue It's free, but in the end

Responsibility for proof is simply
How it is defined
The problem.

Each media, organization, individual
I will make a careful judgment.

No matter how much the mask of justice
I don't cheat even if I wear it.

The great thing about youtybe is
Actually there.

If only letters and words
Even if you leave it to me, your face and

The tone is not so.

As you get used to it, you will know it instantly.

Anyway, human beings like this
Many people think that.

If you verify the German server
When and who

Numerical manipulation in any form
When it turns out.

I held down the server
Is the US military.

The CIA has been removed.

With the dismissal of Secretary Esper
Timing is also
it matchs.
By no means inadvertently.
Inadvertent mistakes, all in the same form

No way.
People call it intentional.

Anyway, tomorrow's

from Team Trump Wait for solid evidence.

Voting for a private company
First of all, it is wrong to leave the ballot counting.

Everything in America is done by the private sector.

However, fairness such as elections
The first thing is
After all, the public should not leave it to the private sector.

This time I will investigate thoroughly, if
Severe punishment if injustice is true
You will have to punish.

In addition, a private company is
In advance if necessary
Investigate thoroughly and absolutely
If you don't, keep fairness

If you don't, you won't be able to protect true democracy.
It will collapse from the ground up.

管理者 加藤育郎