TV Asahi
"I want Taiwan to refrain from refraining"? What are you saying?
About to be invaded by China

Why Taiwan is taking self-defense action
Do I have to refrain from self-control?

Did TV Asahi succumb to Chinese pressure?
Are you afraid of the Hong Kong National Security Act?

Why should Taiwan refrain from self-control?

If you call for self-restraint, use a fighter.
It's China that flew to Taiwan's airspace.

Japanese media
I can't help it anymore

Is it invaded by China?

This makes me sad.

Japan seems to want to be a model
To Taiwan, which is doing its best in China policy

What do you say to that?

Why are you so close to China?
At this time?

Japanese media really is
Invaded by China
Is it? Already

I'm starting to think so.
He said he liked Japan so much.
I'm sorry to Mr. Li Toki.

Taiwan is an independent nation and with the People's Republic of China
It is a country that has nothing to do with Yara.

Did not have diplomatic relations in 1972
I apologized and Taiwan and
Let's re-establish diplomatic relations

Unless the Japanese desperately wake up
The time has come when it will not happen.

Politicians, media and education.
As for the economy, the Japanese center is under the central control.

Only public opinion can save Japan.

No matter how good the SDF is, politicians will
It seems that both of us slapping together and waving their tails
I can't put out power.

It was the end of the Edo period that defeated the shogunate.
If you think it was public opinion
Now is the time for people to speak out

Chukyo overthrow wave to the whole world
You will have to activate it.

To despise Japan and humiliate the Japanese
A perverted news agency that feels the best pleasure.

A decent Japanese is Taiwan
First in the Great East Japan Earthquake
Don't forget that you helped me.

TV Asahi and Asahi Shimbun are perfect
Because it's Chinese media.
The arrow spy method is required

Please arrest Asahi affiliates first.

Ambitions before they take control of the world
I ran too far ahead. The international community
See the ambition of Country C

Since it has happened, Chuco is already declining.

You can really do such crazy coverage.

Let's adjust the playfulness

I've lived in this country and learned a lot.
I have seen many things.

Politics are not emotional
Argument-based strategies and
I have suppressed literacy as important.

I just want to destroy Asahi no matter when I look at it
I can't help it.

Really, the composition of the story or the justice face
To the cowardice like a snake
I only get angry that can't be helped.

However, no matter how I think about Asahi coverage,
From where it contradicts
Start searching yourself in the library or online

It became maintenance.
The news is inconsistent in three days.
These guys are low level

Anti-Asahi conservatives
Considering mass production
The Asahi reporters were incompetent
Japan may have been protected.

If you keep silent, nothing will change.
The world will be invaded by the communist zone and slaughter people.

I'm sorry for such a world.

Shame on the Japanese media.
Especially on TV Asahi, this kind of antics
I don't think media is really needed.

In the morning of TV where you want to say that you should refrain from broadcasting.
I don't buy the products of the companies that sponsor them.

Isn't TV Asahi violating the broadcasting law?
It must have been a violation if the foreign capital exceeds 15%.

The truth cannot be reported, and the existence itself does not serve national interest.
Waste of radio resources.
Broadcast rights for children's programs are
Give up around TV Tokyo and don't worry about the rest

Recently, the news of TV Asahi, TBS and NHK
I've never seen it at all.
Japanese media is useless.

Will it be better if there are no viewers?

Even if I make a mistake, the opinions of TV Asahi are sent to people overseas.
I don't want you to think it's the opinion of the Japanese people.

And it's dyed in China like this
It's embarrassing that there is a news program in Japan.

During this time, TV Asahi announcer
I can't speak because it is censored by China.
I went to the program on youtube when I went during the program

I saw you giving.

I think they are invested and seized.

Japanese who say nothing when they hear this
It's too late for all-you-can-eat Japanese people
It may be incomplete.

I don't trust TV reports at all.
I'll report only such shit
Television loses credibility.

I don't watch TV news at all
This is rude news to Taiwan
If you make a mistake, it will affect the relationship between Japan and Taiwan.

Tele Asa is the advertising tower for Chukyo
It became clear.
After all, it feels like.

Let's not expect from TV Asahi.

I'm really sorry for Taiwan.
I'm really miserable.
Taiwan is more like Japan than Japan.

I say that I like Japan because it's about Taiwan.
Make sure you are not Japanese or non-Japanese.
It may be said on the premise.

Muu Japanese people also talk about China
I don't need Korean topics. I don't want to hear it.

So it's like TV Asahi
I don't need a place. I don't need it.

I want to know more about Taiwan and other topics.
So give up the rights of TV Asahi and talk about other countries.
Give it to a place where it will be broadcast more.

Recently, like a real Japanese person
There are foreigners who can speak Japanese.

Is it a person from Country C or a person from Country K?
You have to check the content of the story.

Foreigners are standing at the broadcasting station with their arms folded.
There are naturalized people in the Houses of Parliament to serve their home country.
There are many officials who are naturalized to try their best in their home countries.

Taiwan and America are Japan
What do you think of that?
I feel like Japan cannot help being dismissed.

TV Asahi usually has a minority
Even though human rights are crying out
The opposite is true for both sides.
This is the end of the book.

Media control is Dentsu, already
Dentsu is all under control

Information to collapse from inside
I have to work on a leak.
Is an organization already working on it?

It's as decent as TV Tokyo,
The facts are well reported on youtube.

I don't think it's a Japanese TV station
I think my thoughts are different.

I want Taiwan to do its best
I support you as a Japanese.

No longer proudly Japanese media
It's like saying you're the spokesperson for Chukyo.

Even if I report this kind of news
I wonder if there are people who can't solve the brainwashing.
It seems pityful.

The media is over, but
TV Asahi and TBS are especially bad.

You've finally identified yourself.
Was it Chinese TV?
I missed you.

The cause of the Japanese people's peace of mind is now Japan's
I think there is a problem with TV.
I don't really understand what the news is for

Really, tele morning, Corona, fueled
I'm just saying stupid things, the worst station

The Japanese are in the flower field because the media is
TV doesn't report any danger in China.
There are Japanese who are also against the enemy base attacking ability.

Terrestrial waves are not worth watching.
Being thin and hungry
The people are slept.

I don't play it on TV
For the current world situation and Chukyo
The current situation is that many ordinary people have not even discussed.

Some people have a sense of mission
He is trying to convey information as soon as possible.

I really appreciate the enthusiasm of such people.
Originally supposed to be the job of the media.

Like Hong Kong and Wiggles
If Japan is also under control
I can't even report like this.
I can't even listen to information.

It's a little off talk, but
In Kashien in the summer, you can enjoy Akahi. I want the sponsor to get off.

Every year at the opening ceremony
For high school baseball players, it was dignified
I'm saying a lot of playful play, but
How do you lower it?

For the public welfare of the Japanese people
We seek self-restraint of the tele-Am which is against.

If you are a true friend
To my neighbor doing the wrong thing
Advise me with a positive theory
I think it's the best way to get rid of it.

Why I entered Japan illegally
For Chukyo who made a mistake
Do I have to reach out from here?

There are 1.4 billion Chinese.
There are 7.7 billion people in the world.
You don't have to meet Chinese people
We can still do business with 6.3 billion people.

US dollars and Japanese yen in China
Never enter.

If you do not enter the dollar and yen
The value of the Chinese yuan declines and it becomes poor.
We should deal with India and Southeast Asia.

Japan has also enacted the National Security Law
Pro-Chinese and Pro-Chinese media
I want you to wipe it out.

Asahi Shimbun reporter in Taiwan
Do not enter Taiwan.

Japanese media by the intention of Dentsu

I don't like it-Is it Japanese?
Tele Asa or Japanese like that
No words come out, right? it's awful.

So dirty in Japan itself
Things are lonely ~ I can't do normal things

Even for free, I only stayed for 4 hours
Person selection that does not give bureaucratic color
Taiwan distrusts Japan
Far from having

I've even heard that I am a parent since Taiwan.

Both the government and the media are pro-Japanese countries.
Should I become more relative to Taiwan or Hong Kong?

TV Asahi and Asahi Shimbun are the Communist Party of China
Is it media? Is Ueno of the Tokyo Shimbun also Chinese?

Don't take up the Senkaku Islands issue
It's the cancellation of the broadcasting license.

They're not stupid.
TV Asahi sells the country seriously.

Rather than asking for reflection
You should recognize that they are already enemies.

I think all Japanese think so much.
You will be misunderstood.
Is it not possible to exclude it from Japan?

Asahi Shimbun and then Asahi Shimbun. ..

TV Asahi is self-restraining, no, please give yourself

The Asahi Shimbun isn't needed in Japan.
Dyaa is necessary.

Noble Taiwan and Japan are siblings, so parent Taiwan is normal

If you want to know real Japan, go to Taiwan.
Meet the heart of a true Japanese
My parents, my brother, my hometown.

China Asahi Korea from the time it was born
Another person with different blood is completely different from a parallel line
Wakarai Rai but absolute thinking is different

The sponsors are supporting me.
Don't buy the product of the sponsor
I do not associate with employees. I don't speak.

A Japanese who sold his soul to China for money.

TV Asahi returns radio waves
It is better to move the head office to Beijing.

Yes, it's garbage.
No, it was rude to rubbish.
I will withdraw my statement.

3 days left until the invasion of China
Let's tighten ourselves.

TV Asahi agrees with the Chinese way.
Then, the Japanese government imitates the Chinese people.
Even if you make a law that closely resembles the national law

That's good.
That's OK even if it's an anti-spy law.

Things that spoil the national interest by using public radio waves
Don't broadcast it.
Broadcast license cancellation
Call the sponsor for the time being.

Great for Taiwanese people
I'm happy and I support you.
But it's Sai-even, our president.

習近Taira's say
"I want Japan to surrender Bloodless Castle"
The movement for the practice I was saying
It's a successful announcement.

Keeping up with the pressure of the Communist Party of China
So that the Communist Party of China can collapse as soon as possible
I want Japan to do my best.

The answer is simple: Asahi Shimbun and
This is because People's Daily has a business alliance.

The website was about 10 years ago
The People's Daily banner is now
People's Daily articles are always posted.

The Asahi Shimbun article is the People's Daily
You can read it on the website.
I don't buy the Asahi Shimbun I don't watch TV Asahi

The Japanese government is anti-Japanese thought
There is a need to tighten and crack down on the press.

A level that won't make you wonder if a non-viewing movement occurs
Sponsor companies are also involved in international politics
I have to think about it sincerely.

TV Asahi decides Chinese media

Prepared for Taiwan in Japanese media and
I don't think there is a way to say about policy.

Self-restraint and the Asahi forever
I should refrain from doing so much.
Doesn't help Japan

After all, say something miserable to Taiwan
I want you to not lower the Japanese.

Such a notorious station still
I don't know why you're making it your own way.

It surely lifts and incites Japan.
The broadcast is bad, but apart from Asahi
It's not the media that Japanese people watch
You can crush it already.

Asahi can't help but
The existence of the media is allowed.
We Japanese are also guilty.
How can it be eliminated?

Unfortunately, it's not just Tele Asa.
Japanese mass media general shit recent feelings
I'm too bad to watch TV.

Somehow the commercial broadcasters of each station
I wonder if I can't deny the right to broadcast.

Forgery, anti-Japan, pro-Chugoku coverage
I want to be self-restraint during TV morning.

The area where the tail comes out immediately is from China and South Korea.
Feature! I can't stand it.

If Chinese censorship is included
It is not the media of free countries.
It is a subordinate organization of China.

What is freedom of the press.
TV is now a Chinese advertising agency.
Before Japanese media came to Japan

Only criticism of the administration
Without any thought like the opposition
I am reporting only criticism

I'm not really stuck
One-sidedly stupid broadcast
Stop it

I think it's been the case for TV Asahi.
Anyway, it's ok
The Japanese press was decent
Please report.

The national security law is an unreasonable law
Am I also caught by the Communist Party of China?

Employees say Asahi on TV and newspapers
Abbreviation for Chosun Ilbo
It's not Japanese TV.
I'm thinking so I can't do it with ease

Everyone from Taiwan, who cares about Japan,
How disappointed I heard this
I think I'll do it.
I'm really miserable.

Became a CM sponsor of the news station
Let's make a complaint!
I don't want this kind of program.

News Station Sponsor
Too many.
I want each company to make a complaint.

It's also a news station
Most of the Sunday mornings though.

That's why I have to check it
I can't deny the reverse of these guys.
There is a dilemma, but I have to keep watching it.
I'm angry.

TV morning is no good. However, with Yoko Oshita
Wide scramble of Komatsu Anna
It is different from the basics of TV Asahi.

Producers and directors on TV stations
May be different depending on

When this program is gone
The two should be independent
I'm sure you'll be able to draw other things.

TV Asahi Sponsor CM Fuigai
I have no choice but to start exercising.
Do not buy things for TV morning CM
Channel 5 I don't want to watch.

Is Japanese media a flower garden, including TV Asahi?
No no no no no.
Apparently it is reporting for Chukyo.

Such a TV station is Japan
No, it only harms the world.

Claimed to TV Asahi sponsor
It would be most effective to put it in.

This kind of parent and child bureau is destroyed

Asahi Shimbun, TV Asahi after all from China after the war
Japanese rule sent to Japan for brainwashing
It's a media dominated by Chinese spies.

I was saying that because I don't watch TV.
It seems that the U.S. reconnaissance plane does not react to the continent.

The payocs in Hong Kong sometimes even set up statues of comfort women.
A story that tells where the money comes from.

The TV Asahi sponsor is also in Country C.
Are you giving in to pressure?

A hearty Japanese, President Trump and
Ask Secretary of State Pompeo?
Pressure on the Japanese government to wipe out China, China, and South Korea.

Please help the Japanese people.
I can only think of that much.

I can't forgive you. I couldn't see the TV morning either.
If there's an invasion
How bad does China do Japan?

It's not someone you can talk to and manage.
I don't like Japanese people.

It's biased news.
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications quickly revoke
your license due to violation of the Radio Law

Do not watch TV Asahi
The sponsor will arrive if you earn enough viewership.
Because money comes in

Some people are criticizing it.
The audience rating goes up
If you don't see it, it will disappear naturally

Call the US Embassy and watch TV Asahi
Stakeholders in the United States
Let's seek immigration measures.

As the parent Chinese press
Let's tell you should shut it out.

After all, it is necessary to stop the wave in the tele morning.

When did Tele Asa become so big?
Talking to other countries is internal interference

I'm sorry for everyone in Taiwan, but the protest
Please hit TV Asahi, not the Japanese government.

TV Asahi on terrestrial news program
I didn't know TBS because I haven't seen it anymore.
But I'm glad I didn't see it.

There are hundreds of naturalized employees in Japan.
I don't trust.

Correct as a Japanese
I don't want to deviate from the information!

TV, newspapers, local newspapers and Japan
All the media is damaged by China.

Never trust the Japanese media.

The news sponsor is a problem
If not, drop the company flag on Asahi

Asahi Shimbun Newspaper Asahi Newspaper
Are you Japanese? Japanese must not forget righteousness!

Report Asahi Shimbun Tele Asa to Trump as well
I can't do it in Japan
I wonder if the government did a protest on TV Asahi.

Japan full of parents I have to do something

Information is set and the side is set
Activists should look behind them.

Communist mainstream, British, American, Communist

Like the Japanese press, it's screaming
With biased reporting, you don't have to be that vigilant.
It's okay, but

That's why I was speaking Japanese and the mystery was solved.
Tiananmen also has no law

Tele-Asa and Asahi Shimbun reporters banished the United States
Let's appeal to President Trump

Stations, meaningless comments, adult correspondence
Speaking of a powerful country

Terrestrial waves are already available, except for the weather forecast.
I don't see it, I don't even want to see it! Especially N○K

"Freedom of the press" "It's press oppression" or something.
Despite shouting loudly, democrats

Founder of Hong Kong Newspaper "Apple Daily"
Regarding the arrest of Rei Tomohide and others
Not treated as top news

"A US official visits Taiwan
TVA is a "countermeasure against."

Even NHK is the top news.
"Crisis of mass media"
I was reporting that.

Taiwan is self-restraint? ? ? It’s the other way around!

Everyone in Asahi's coverage has already reported
I don't trust it so it's okay

Japan is amazing.
You can exist in this kind of media as well.
Income that can be said to be a senior citizen
Speech that can be obtained

Freedom of thought is guaranteed.

News stations have been around
It was terrible, but what is it like?
You should spread this fact.

Other media are from Chukyo
I pray that I will never fall to the gate.

"Tele Asa" is also from the Chuo Advertising Department
You are receiving financial support.

The right judgment for "self-restraint" The media without justice will perish
Leave the media in the TV morning

Kyodo communication was life-threatening in the old days.
Some reporters interviewed,
That's that now

There is a spirit in today's Japan
There are no media or reporters.

TV Asahi, like the setting sun
Please sink.

Corona hides these external factors
I think it's something that I spread to do it.

TV Asahi inspection, inspection
I want to panic by increasing the number of infections
I wonder if it has an intention.

How many people are right
Are you getting the information?
Probably less than 10 par.

I have to wipe out the members of the pro-Chinese parliamentary media.
Real Japan does not begin.

Formerly on TV show
I think Akira Ikegami used to say
It is a secret agreement with China and does not hostile to China.
Two Chinese positions

Does not prevent normalization of Japanese-Chinese relations
Each media is subject to this condition.
Allowed to reside in China
I think I was talking about that.

For this reason, other areas are designated as Chinese territory.
In other words, China's intention
I will report along.

Self-restraint in Taiwan? What?
Who said on TV morning?

Don't you make a mistake?
I can not comment properly
It's embarrassing that they are Japanese

What do you mean by TV Asahi?
Why are you saying such things even though
you are not the representative of Japan?
Do you have the right?

If you misunderstand that it's a difference in Japan
What are you going to do?

I'm rude to Taiwan, so please come to the site
Please go out and sit down.

This is not the media anymore.
Chukyo's work organization
Itself. I don't watch TV Asahi.
Think carefully about sponsors.

I'm gonna do anything about TV Morning

Let's kill TV Asahi! Also the Asahi Shimbun.

Who said I did not know.
Not ridiculous.

Shina holds in Japan, so Japan's
All media is
It is not a news agency for Japan.
The Communist Control Law is needed.

Chukyo's business, especially for Uighurs
Persecution against Genocide

The world should not forgive.
I'm not terrestrial
I found this out online.

Did you still watch TV?
I haven't seen it right after the change
of government to the Democratic Party.

Amazed by too much bias.
I was amazed at how the comedians talked about the inside story.

Tele-Morning, which is in danger of management,
has become an American investor.
I was told to quit broadcasting.

Crush the TV Asahi.

Sorry, I made a mistake in the previous comment
The Japanese branch in the Asahi Shimbun was the People's Daily.
Correct and apologize.
Incidentally, CCTV's Japanese branch is in NHK.

Asahi is no good.
I want you to leave Japan or be crushed.
When the media here say things
There will always be problems.

This statement on TV Asahi is an act of surrender.

How low is the information beggar style?
I'm going to Erazo

You don't have to quiver, eventually Japan
The media will perish.

Chinese footage streamed in media
Speaking of explosion, accident

A child gets stuck in a hole, falls, etc...
It doesn't matter, more coverage
There is something to do.

It's from the Chukyo district
Because it was a spy station that was dispatched.
I wonder if someone really set fire

I'm nauseating.
Are they really Japanese?

Get out of Japan on TV Asahi,

Is there a Chinese company in Asahi?
Before broadcasting news etc.
It seems that the staff in charge will check the browsing?
If OK, broadcast Komatsu Anna.

I haven't seen terrestrial waves except the weather forecast.
I don't even want to see it! Especially N○K

TV Asahi Press Secretary Directly America if there is a complaint
You should tell a senior official

The behavior of Taiwan is legitimate, and the Chinese Communist Party and
The coverage of TV Asahi is wrong.

Some Japanese parliamentarians and Ishiba
Some of the opposition party members
are dyed by the Communist Party and other people are
People with a Japanese soul who do not accept bribes.
Not Communist Party Coverage

If this is true, let's go bankrupt.
Think about what you can do to do that.

Asahi Shimbun and Asahi TV live in Japan a lot.
I can't help but this is terrible.

Agnes directly in Japanese
Being a message
"Kyowa" when I was restrained

It was in my head all the time
As a Japanese person, it doesn't go away.

Writing an article closer to C
Officer's home postbox
Editor's post, reporter's post
It contains 1 to 100,000 yen in cash.

C protest by supporting protest
Individuals also have 100,000 yen.

If this continues, the entire family will be paralyzed.
This is a scarier technique than brainwashing.

TV is just about quizzes and stories about entertainers

The news is just a lie

I haven't seen TV much.

Shame on Japan! Is tele morning okay?
This is too bad. Chinese or Korean?

The coverage of TV Asahi is wrong.

Some Japanese parliamentarians and Ishiba
Some of the opposition party members are
dyed by the Communist Party and other people are
People with a Japanese soul who do not accept bribes.
Not Communist Party Coverage

If this is true, let's go bankrupt.
Think about what you can do to do that.

Asahi Shimbun and Asahi TV live in Japan a lot.
I can't help but this is terrible.

Agnes directly in Japanese
Being a message
"Kyowa" when I was restrained

It was in my head all the time
As a Japanese person, it doesn't go away.

Writing an article closer to C
Officer's home postbox
Editor's post, reporter's post
It contains 1 to 100,000 yen in cash.

C protest by supporting protest
Individuals also have 100,000 yen.

If this continues, the entire family will be paralyzed.
This is a scarier technique than brainwashing.

TV is just about quizzes and stories about entertainers

The news is just a lie

I haven't seen TV much.

Shame on Japan! Is tele morning okay?
This is too bad. Chinese or Korean?

Now that the Senkaku Islands are in danger

I only think that I have dementia.

I don't think I'll smash it in the morning.

I want you to take it up in the Diet.

To protect the human rights and freedoms of the world
I want you to become a country that fights.

I want the children of the future to be proud of themselves.

It's like a scrap of money from China
For information that only broadcasts
I think it can be operated.

Do not help Taiwan, the one and only best friend
The report that Chukyo is an ally.
Are you still Japanese?

People who go by
For tele morning employees
You have to throw stones.
It seems impossible.

Can you see the video somewhere?

Let's kill TV Asahi
Ichinaka media is not

Don't ignore TV Asahi.
I am requesting a commercial for such a program
Announce the vendor.

This is a lot from China!

TV Asahi = Chukyo = Asahi Shimbun.
This is a problem before pressure.

TV Asahi, Asahi Shimbun already
Evidence of mutualization.

The National Law enacts the Criminal Deliverer Convention
The power of China extends to the countries that have tied

Exactly say
Global devil law.

While in Japan
To say bad things about China

Detention of police in Japan
Receiving Chinese
Defying the police
It seems that they will be handed over.

Japan hands over China to criminals
I don't think we'll ever make a treaty.

However, the media in Japan
The press is all a big liar.
Life assets of Japanese people, etc.
I am not thinking of any national interest in Japan.

Everything is a big liar.

Japan quit Japan
United States
As a new state

With the New Americans
The Constitution of the United States
We should switch to a country that protects us.

The Land, Sea, and Air Self Defense Force
Civilian control
Discard it

By extra-judicial measures
Bring up the cred.
At the same time, local government police throughout Japan

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department,
Tokyo District Prosecutor Mr. Nikaido and others

All pro-Members should be arrested and disposed of.

Municipal police throughout Japan also
At the same time
Pro-Chinese representatives in Japan
All should be arrested and disposed of.

And with the Japanese Self-Defense Force
The United States Armed Forces should jointly raise.

At the same time, the LDP Komeito coalition government was formed.
The SDF and the U.S. forces have collapsed.
Japan established a temporary government

Declaring the end of the Japanese Constitution
As the new state of the United States
Comply with United States Constitution

As a New American
Should be restarted.

At the same time, now America
China's progress with the United States
We should spread various laws.

The media outlets are completely
You should crush once.

That is the best camphor agent.

If the parent company is Asahi Shimbun?
Asahi Shimbun is a common sense for left wing systems.

Everyone knows!
Asahi Shimbun, etc. We are active day and night as a small group.
Didn't you know?

About one Japanese broadcasting station
I don't mind.

Only anti-Japanese broadcasting stations.
I want you to make a proper one.

Anti-Japan, something that naturalized people have not entered.

I'm not watching TV anymore, but are you saying that?
It is funny

This is beyond the scope of press freedom
Japanese mass media wrote something like this
If Taiwan is hostile to Japan
This is terrorism

The news that shakes the core of the country is no longer
Terrorism that falls into Japan, not the media.

I have to get rid of any day by any method.
Only more enemies around Japan

China except for TV Tokyo and regions
You have been taken over by South Korea, right?

Japan must also set up anti-spy laws early
Japan is already pro-Chinese, pro-Korea Rep. It's full of bureaucrats.
Regain Japan, Yamato Soul!

Affo who is addicted to Marx
It's a waste to expect anything.

TV Asahi is probably a Chinese Communist Party operative.
am I wrong? TV Asahi.

Checking bags and shoes for media in Hong Kong
It seems that he is pointing the camera and shooting.

Also, I read so much.
It's nice.
I say it every time.

Tsai Ing-wen's name
I want you to remember.

It is necessary to have a law to protect sea property as well.
Communist has a meaningful Diet session
Winter nose people come, do nothing, legal restraint

Political remarks in the mold dynasty
I don't want you to have low intelligence

I'll speak in love with you at this time.
The video of the panda at the zoo is still silent
But let it run with Naganobu

The same applies to foreign media.
TV Asahi to make biased coverage
I'm sure they are getting the money from Chukyo.

Up to this point Japanese mass media
It is miserable that it has been acquired.

Wide scramble of TV Asahi to the proof
Komatsu Anna from the Chinese Communist Party while broadcasting
If the broadcast content is censored and it is difficult to do
I was leaking.

Asahi is from China, South Korea or Korea.
A terrorist of the world's common enemy.

Everyone, a terrorist from Japan
Exile forever.

Get lost in the morning!

Let Taiwanese people distrust Japan
You may have said that on purpose.
It's Asahi, which Japanese hate.

TV Asahi's remarks are incredibly sympathetic.
I'm angry and exploding.
I have to beat the news station
It will be polluted by the red devil.

As a Japanese person, as a human being
Bending justice and reporting with a bare interest
They are the jumbled full-blown man in the kudzu.

Everyone who sympathized with everyone tomorrow all at once
Let's give an opinion.

TV Asahi's opinion phone number is 03-6406-5555
I've been running from the morning
I protest to correct it.

Like freedom of the press
You have the freedom to protest.

Anyway too young in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Generations are suppressed by violence
Brainwashed and threatened

As a human being, I pretend not to look at it
I can't do it
I will do what I can.
Don't regret yourself.

I heard that my family is taken hostage.
I can't forgive dirty ways.
Have you been brainwashed lately in TV morning?

It may be Chukyo itself.
By the way, I don't see terrestrial waves.

What are you saying?
you are stupid?
What Taiwan is doing
It's a matter of course.

"Everyone who is a Chinese ally
Making mistakes and invading and almost evil"
The ruler was made

Japanese media sense of crisis...
The Communist Party of China loses

Enacting anti-spy law early

Taiwan just prepared for the Chinese invasion.
Self-restraint Hana

For those who try to protect themselves
It’s too insane to protect yourself.

TV Asahi doesn't need advertising revenue.
If the tweets spread, it could have an impact.

Mr. Kuma is likely to have more enemies.
Take care of your body and never be destroyed

anger. anger. anger. anger. Devil.

If there is no correction
From the country of beauty to the news director
It is good to have it specified during a love

Japanese media is
It's no longer Japanese.

They are the selling countries of media.
Where is the Ministry of Justice?
Japan is over.

I wonder if it will not be China-free.
Japanese company.

I'm doing a commercial, but in any case I'm from China and Korea.
I'm afraid both the operatives are invading.

TV Asahi broadcasting right? Let's strip it

Taiwan has history records
There is no record of entering the country
of China for one day in Tada.
I heard.

After World War II
Revolutionary in China

Communist Party Army led by Mao Zedong
In the War of the King Stone Commanded by the Government Army
I was chased by Mao Zedong Communist Party Army

The Guangxuan army fled to Taiwan, so
After that, Taiwan became Chinese
I heard that I said it.

Xi Jinping's China
The Yatsushiro elders are overdoing.
It seems that you are criticizing it.
There are quite a few countries I'm worried about.
Xi Jinping seems embattled

Outrageous TV Asahi
It was dyed in Country C
Abe-san is doing his best, but
It is sandwiched between parents and is in a tough position.

It's because it's this kind of time I want the top of Japan.

NHK National Broadcasting Station
Mr. Kono using NHK
Prime Minister Abe should report
the situation in Japan and abroad.

The Japanese government recognizes Taiwan's independence
I would like you to start considering diplomatic relations.

The staff of TV Asahi only belong to
Japanese enemy

Even if you are a good person, you just belong to
You can think of it as an enemy.

"Ask Taiwan for self-restraint"?
What should I "seek for self-restraint"?
TV and other media for both parent and child.
Are you a politician or a bureaucrat?

This is how to make a claim as a viewer
What should I do?

That's why more people are leaving TV.
I didn't see it.
Even at this time such a thing

A word that speaks a word
I'm very embarrassed.
I'm miserable as the same people.

Not only because we are on good terms
Protecting freedom and democracy
Supporting Taiwan from a basic standpoint

It will be Japanese justice.

Considering organ transplantation in Uighur
Chuko is equal to a gang.

China is no longer the same as China.
I think the distinction is also important.

TV Asahi is an affiliated
TV station of the Chinese Communist Party.
Pick up the radio waves.

Conditions for coverage in China
It's not about criticizing China.
This is not limited to Japan, but I got seriously
It's Japanese garbage,

Since diplomatic relations with Japan began,
It's ridiculous just to make a partner.
NHK has other routes, too!

TV Asahi is not Japanese media.
At least, easily succumb to pressure

Unwilling to defend democracy
It's media. Rather
It may be trying to dye the world red.

It may be controlled by Chinese back money.

TV Asahi Press Station
Who is doing it

The news station should be self-restraint
Asahi Shimbun and TV Asahi have low levels.

The Asahi series should be destroyed quickly

In Japan, individuals and companies are free to think.

Asahi in Japan thinks of Chukyo thought
Admitting is a hired company.

This report is abnormal in domestic sense.
DS makes the world of Japan, the United States and China a fool

To a slave wearing money and title
Thinking human beings who control and criticize slander
We continue to create war and discrimination.

Negative words are brainwashed.
Just go to war.

TV Asahi is pro-Chinese and anti-Japanese.
The media is poisoned and may not be trusted.

For the time being, I would like
you to pick up the radio waves of TV Asahi.

If that radio wave is used for auction Isn't it good for the government?

The Japanese media went to coverage in country c
There are Hanitra and Manetla
It seems to be watered down.

Old media is only harmful.
That's it.

At YouTube, every day
I'm talking about the Senkaku Islands, but
Don't say the Senkaku Islands issue on TV.

Constitutional revision for future national self-defense
And from the perspective of
preparing for the enactment of anti-spy law

The Japanese government has public security
against the Asahi affiliate
As an organization subject to national upheaval as well as Aum
I would like you to constantly monitor.

Well, other major Japanese media
The same applies to news agencies.

FROM For ancestors, spirits, and descendants
Anxious old man wishing for peace in Japan

I didn't watch this show, but it really is
Did you say something like this?
I think it's really a big problem, but

You don't want to see the news station.
Well, I don't have to watch it because the TV is broken.

I think it's okay for the TV morning to stop.
As expected, propaganda of the enemy country
To use radio waves, which is the property of the people,
The problem is too big

Get out of Japan!
Only people with a Japanese spirit in Japan
I hope you live.
Would be happy to live in China!

What is the new order and justice in the present world?
Crush the dirty red and his minions.
Did you understand? TV Asahi

I think it's difficult, but
If there is a video
You should upload it.

Press coverage is out of copyright.
It's okay to critique some of them.
TV morning is too cruel.

TV Asahi is good for stripped of broadcasting license
Jiro Yamaguchi outside the anti-Japan base is
It seems that he woke up in the middle of the fight

The world has steered reasonably well.
What are you saying now for Asahi?

Towards hell
Team up with the devil and disappear together

Tele Asame

I'm no longer hiding my identity
5th row Asahi Shimbun
To the purchaser, voters fully
Show off that ugly and humorous look.

I think that TV Asahi completely made
the Japanese people an enemy.

I can only think of horses and deer.
Warriors of the Wrong Country-Patriotic Heart
Keep fighting! Until Asahi is abolished

From the Communist Party of China
When a lot of money is flowing in the Asahi series
It's a reminiscent remark!

Asahi is an anti-Japan representative, but
Was it a member of the Communist Party of China?
Leftist media

I don't need it in Japan and I'm in trouble.
There will be many other things to do.

The only decent media in Japan is the Sankei Shimbun

TV Asahi is not Japanese thinking.
Decent Japanese media

It's no good to be preconceived.
There are media outlets from right to far left.

Make your own judgment and understand the extreme right and left.
I have to accept.

Small children do better, because I want you to pay attention to it
Are you going to stroke the feelings of a person

everyone. TV Asahi is an ally of Chukyo
Would you like to support such a company?

Anyway, it is necessary to check the ground wave once.
Tele-Chinese, even if Chukyo forces into Senkaku and Taiwan
Maybe they have the shoulders.
I'm angry

NHK is especially good for both Asahi and Everyday.
Not Japanese media

Prime Minister Abe for a long time
With the opposition for years, trying to drag it down

The fact that we are collaborating on the “Collecting the Cabinet”
If you think about it

I think only

Received funds from Chukyo, which was incorporated
There are a lot of directives coming from.

Constitutionally and legally
It should be stipulated that it is not Japanese media.

TV Asahi, it's a different TV.
Even if you look at it, it's an aho TV that reports only lies.
It's a miserable TV.

Asahi is a director, president, reporter
Isn't it in China?
I asked the Asahi people a long time ago.

The opinion of the Japanese people is unacceptable.
It will be difficult if you do not do something!

If you look at the recent reports,
Political and media
It's said that Chinese money has penetrated into it.
Don't feel like that

Evidence that Nippon Television is invading.

Japanese decency sponsor
I have to withdraw from TV Asahi
It's going to be a selling slave company.

Anyway let's quit cooperating with TV Asahi
It's not a Japanese TV station.
This TV station is destroyed.

I want you to stop the wave on TV Asahi.
It will be crushed if you do not stop the intimacy and lovemaking
To America.

Shouldn't Asahi broadcast early?
Japanese people should not watch Asahi Broadcasting.

Crazy is the biggest human cancer in the 21st century
I did that

Japan and the United States have considerable responsibilities
That's why Japan and the United States are the main players.

Stop the roots of madness and turn it into baked ash
I have to erase the existence from the earth
Asahi is an anti-Japanese newspaper, so I canceled it long ago.

NHK Asahi Shimbun Mainichi Shimbun Kyodo News

TV Asahi TBS

The Communist Party of China is... an enemy of democracy.
Taiwan is a democratic country.

Asahi Shimbun's president and below executives
Are you even Japanese alone?
If the National Security Law is passed in Japan as well,

All the employees of Asahi Shimbun
Will be thrown into the camp!

Politicians, TV, newspapers, Dentsu, advertising agencies
Named Japanese as a production company
There are naturalized people.
It is insidious with a clever mouth.

I think Japan needs to revise the Anti-Spy Law

What is true and what is false
I'm stupid and I don't understand at all.

But Uighur oppression, Hong Kong, and
If all the events in Taiwan and the South China Sea are true

I think Chukyo is an enemy of freedom.
However, I don't think that everything in China is an enemy.

Be certified as a company supporting terrorism

Shareholders get angry and civil law labor union
It's not enough just to withdraw.

Achieving one country and one system under the National Security Law
Before I knew it, the police replaced the People's Army.
It's probably a slaughter

My friend is
Independence of pro-Japanese Taiwan
If you give them the splendor of the United States and Britain

I told you to admit.
Some people think that way
I thought it was there.
I hope it will happen.

There are no choices because all of them are Chinese offices.
TV Red Sun is Korea and China.

It's not basically Japan.
If China does something, it will block everything.
TV terrorism, newspaper terrorism All media terrorism
Have you been?

As in the previous war, Japan's enemy is China.
Russia and America.

Eventually they lost to the world led by America.

Unfortunately, the biggest enemy would be China Russia.

In America, the top of the times is only bad.
Bad politics for profits continue.

Japan must think carefully.
The path of independence. It is Japan that once fought the world.

The Taiwan government is a KY Akahi newspaper reporter.
You should ban immigration.
By the way, communicative communication and metamorphosis every day
You should do the same because you are an operative.

To companies that advertise in news reports
Diffuse to file a claim.
ANN Net News

Report discomfort or danger to Google
let's do it.

If the Chinese are scared, return the correspondent to Japan
Isn't it possible to strip the broadcasting license?

Taiwanese oil Japan is with Taiwan.
If it comes to September, the media in Japan will also be
It is said that it will change completely.

Being in Japan is incredible.

Instead of refraining from self-restraint,
I would like to request the resignation of TV Asahi staff.

TV Asahi is about the same as Asahi Shimbun
Others under the influence of Communist China
If you have an organization

United States of America based on the UN Charter
Reoccupy and red purge
I wonder if I have no choice but to do it.

If you can only hope for that kind of thing
It is the Japanese individual who protects Japan.
It may be only.

Broadcasters without such justice, fairness and ethics
It's a comedy grass made of special effects hero things.

Awful, personally led by the government
I crushed them one by one and integrated them
Even if it is nationalized, it will not complain.

It's too dangerous to be an agent.

When it comes to war, the first place to hold back is
Was it because I had one?

The current government seems to act like a tail if it pays out.
It seems to be easy

Question from Minister Kono last time.
This time
Both are said to be normal
I understand that it's a medium, but

For people in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Don't be misunderstood

China is Taiwan's own country
I'm going, but what?

Let's sleep in sleep!
Most Japanese are
You don't know

Legally Taiwan is still
It's Japanese territory.

Akahi is a newspaper person.
Is there power from the peninsula?
Sweet on the peninsula and relatively tough on both sides.

(Still still)
The TV is a breathtaking sponsor
Is it because of it? It's terrible

TV Asahi, please stop broadcasting.
What to say? By chance!

If to Japanese TV media
When the Japanese government and official residence give their opinions

"Pressure suppression" and "national censorship"
Will make a fuss.

However, the Chinese Embassy has become a TV station.
The current government seems to act like a tail if it pays out.
It seems to be easy

Question from Minister Kono last time.
This time
Both are said to be normal
I understand that it's a medium, but

For people in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Don't be misunderstood

China is Taiwan's own country
I'm going, but what?

Let's sleep in sleep!
Most Japanese are
You don't know

Legally Taiwan is still
It's Japanese territory.

Akahi is a newspaper person.
Is there power from the peninsula?
Sweet on the peninsula and relatively tough on both sides.

(Still still)
The TV is a breathtaking sponsor
Is it because of it? It's terrible

TV Asahi, please stop broadcasting.
What to say? By chance!

If to Japanese TV media
When the Japanese government and official residence give their opinions

"Pressure suppression" and "national censorship"
Will make a fuss.

However, the Chinese Embassy has become a TV station.
Is it okay to board and claim?

After that, "To Yonechudai"
I added it
At the bottom of consciousness, first of all the Chinese government

I can only think that there is merit.
Of course, the act of invading the Senkaku Islands
Not reported in conjunction with

Asahi TV and newspapers are not completely Japanese media.
Is it possible to revoke the license?
It seems that the only purpose is to despise Japan.

Advertise on these media
Companies should be aware that they are complicating with anti-Japan.

Ordinary Japanese "Please do your best in Taiwan and Hong Kong."
It would be a good idea to report.
Licking Asahi.

Crush all media once.
It is better to abolish the Sino-Japanese Press Exchange Agreement.

Anti-spy law is also included in the set.
Communist Party's Dangerous Thoughts
I have to arrest the worshipers.
Japan does not change.

The news station has always been a left-wing system.

Japan is in a delicate situation
Post-war system established and education for masochism
There are also such bandit-like forces
I came without crushing it.

But should we rethink?
The media give their opinions to the public
As a consensus, shed both domestically and internationally.
It’s completely evil.

Not only Fuji TV
TV Asahi! In rotten media
It's a problem, China should be self-restraint
It's the second floor of the pro-Middle school

It's only a matter of time that Trump is tempted.
The United States is not only a member of the pro-Chinese law.
I also monitor the media.

It's a biased report.
Do not report the facts and mechanisms that are the soul of the press.
Judgment does not require distorted editorial or subjectivity for the viewer.

Each station, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong branch, etc.
Sales are expelled by being kicked out
Can't you bother you?
So far, it is said that they are all contaminated.

The act is wrong because it's above.
It would be impossible to succeed without being a journalist.
Liberal is a beautiful misconception

The name is to stop.
Should be called the extreme left activist.

Do you still think terrestrial is the Japanese media?
Do you have that kind of thing now?

Is there any good way to kill this TV station?

TV Asahi capital is Japan, but thought is
It's not Japanese media.

Chinese in South Korea called North Korea based on trans-limitation war

Propaganda for the Axis of Evil
We are in an information war.
Everyone in Japan should notice it early.

However, in the end, what we want to convey to the public is
Only the information of the person who is selecting comes in.
When the top is rotten, I feel sorry for the ones that work below.

Both TV Asahi and newspapers are Chinese
You should publicly declare that there is.
Then you can say anything.

Then <<< many of youtubers
Everyone and everyone who enjoys the topic
As soon as Asahi comes out, you can immediately trash.

You went to Taiwan, you're the welfare minister of America.
Then it's natural to go to Taiwan.
Because it's the best country in the world.

There is the TAIPEI law in the United States.
I have or can do Taiwan Travel Law.

TV Asahi is a Chubo broadcasting station.
And the Asahi Shimbun is a newspaper publisher in Chukyo
Everyone knows I wish I could move to China.

Such a company is not necessary in Japan.
The people working there shouldn't see with white eyes.

Japan has also enacted the National Security Protection Law
It might be useless unless the Asahi news agency is killed.

Because I got dirty money from the Chinese.
From TV Asahi/Chairman to Producer

You may be getting dirty money.

Such a guy is not Japanese, and Nakamura is an agent.
I am a Japanese rebel who manipulates Chinese images.

Japanese national treason against corporations
The Chinese praise prohibition law should be passed.

After all, Asahi Shimbun, TV Asahi
That's why it was the outing agency of Chukyo.
There are many similar media in other media! Reporters

Everyone is a member of the intelligence department, so everyone
You're a spy.

I will stop subscribing to the Asahi Shimbun.
The Spy Prevention Law is necessary.

Yeah, I've been worried for a while
Asahi flag of the company flag of Asahi Shimbun
It wouldn't suit you, so why not change to the Chukyo flag?

Even if it is conscientiously regarded as a sacred principle
If we force China to do more than that,
I can't stop China's ambition anymore.

Nothing more is more dangerous.

Ano TV station YouTube channel opening
It was for guidance and work.

Immediately after Corona in January, that channel
You can see it by checking the video and comments.

Currently, the number of countries approved by Japan is
195 countries. If Japan is added, there are 196 countries.
And Taiwan is not included in it.

The protest we can do is not to watch TV Asahi.

It's a wonderful video.
Employees of TV Asa have a calm face
You sell Japan.
Isn't it embarrassing?
I would also like you to think of a sponsor.

Since when did Japan become an eastern country?

Asahi Shimbun affiliate should be renamed to China Eastern Newspapers

I'd like to hear from America.
I'm releasing a commercial on TV Asahi
Companies can no longer export to the United States

Please do not pay dollars
The companies that use the products in the drama are also
If that happens, it will be quite difficult to make a drama.
Tele morning bankruptcy!

I know the limits of private companies.
Report that seems to contribute to evil is a jarro

TV Asahi with Kamen Rider Doraemon I should do it
The news station is also useless.

Bear! ️ Main sponsor of TV Asahi
Please check and make a presentation.

America is quicker
The middle co-demolition operation will begin.
The Japanese should make a decision quickly.

Let's kill TV Asahi together
Also the parent company Asahi Shimbun.

Living without a TV is already here.
It's long at 25-6 or more, so TV morning is also
Dogs HK and everywhere
I don't know what you're reporting.
That's right, to Shina as usual
It looks like I was wearing a pair of pants
Are you okama?

A very incredible TV station.
Ministry of Internal Affairs
and Communications, can't they manage this?

Check with the sponsor of this newsletter

Will TV Asahi stop broadcasting near China?

Bunharu, please.

Japanese major media are from Chukyo
Unreasonable deposit and honey trap
It should be done.
Please uncover

If China is so good, go to China.
It doesn't matter, there is no problem here.

It's embarrassing, please get out!
Japan is due to TV Asahi
I don't want to feel weird.

Please come out.
If you can't say anything when you're shy to China
You have to ignore China and report.

If you can't do that, fold up your company.
Please take care!

As an operative, I am from my home country.
Slave media that only follows orders

As you can see, it exposed Chinese minions.

In fact, Japanese media is
People's consciousness by the flow of Chinese things

Induced and brainwashed on TV
Japanese almost think about China
The case of wearing

This has a TV
I wonder if the Japanese are Chinese servants.

If US President goes to Biden
When it comes to Taiwan, gradually The ladder will be removed.

The world cannot escape from the demon world.
Massacre and intense repression spread throughout the world.

TV Asahi is a Chinese ally
Not my minions.

The weather forecast is the most accurate program.
Even if there is a loss, it is a lie
There is no deflection or fabrication.

Bad mass media coverage
It's easy to understand when you look at the internet.

During this time, Matsuko Deluxe-san
Where can Japanese terrestrial waves remain?
I was saying.
I suddenly blown up.

What's up with Chuko so much?
Does it make sense?

Taiwan was part of China
There has never been a historical fact.
We should talk about the future of Taiwan from this fact.

Receiving signs of decline
Participating in speech control To the mass media
There is no meaning to exist

In the history of Chinese 3,000 years
In the case of war, first of the other country
The messenger is listed in the blood festival.

Get the appropriate punishment for Asahi's folly

It's useless to use public radio waves like this.
Embarrassing guys.

I don't want to say it too big, but

Soseki Natsume was saying that.
You should stay away from bad friends.

It's coming right now

Parents are getting more and more roasted
Everyone pay attention and where and when
Are you saying something strange
Let me take a closer look
Spy is executed

Japanese investors
Shares of Asahi affiliates
You should sell it sooner.
Before damage is done

In the morning of Tele, even in Corona coverage
A hoax is thrown away and Japan is in a mess.

If China is strange, the whole world
What do you think about China in a strange way?

Corona disease
Didn't you let the fire stop you?
From now on

A foreigner regrets again
In the end
If you want to war

Japan should think of position
I'm disappointed when I'm told together.

Really nothing to China
I've come to a place where I can't say

The press is useless and the government is different.
Still looking at the problem

I can not use it because I am weak.

Japan will change.
Even if it is seriously invaded in the Kyushu area
Japan has no power to protect today.

Economic power of military power, supplies and human resources
Inferior in all numbers.
Both the loose media and the government will awaken.

Create an anti-spy law quickly
You have no choice but to clean up the media.

It seems like it's going to collapse I'm answering.

Good luck Taiwan!
Abe-chan for funerals
I wanted Aso-san to attend.

I have to kill TV Asahi.
Radio waves are decent for free competition
I have to let the media out.

The only difference is the direct contact with the residents.

The local assembly member is "the worst weakness".

Crushing with candy called election cooperation
Relentless pressure such as petition.

The execution unit is a K-national organization.
There is a fine in Kawasaki City
Hate speech
The ordinance is approved by all members of the law.

Officials obey the lawmakers.
Hey, everyone "out of hips"
Chukyo uses K nationals to control the legislators.

Local power reflected in national politics, national administration
Furthermore, "weak waist" coverage continues.

that? Anti-Abe neighborhoods such as former shields are
Would you like to demonstrate
to the fascism of the Communist Party of China?

You don't need a TV station to work for the enemy.
Rapid enactment of anti-spy law

For spy TV stations in enemy countries
Get rid of your license and kick it out.
Middle ○If you fall down, the spy media involved is

All are arrested, so be prepared.
For the time being, Asahi and the program
Protest the sponsor.

Economic activity in Japan
Japanese companies are TV Asahi
Should get off the sponsor.

If TV Asahi is Communism, the company is
Nationalization would be the right figure.

Doing business in a capitalist economy
Companies that are profitable are communist
Television stations are the enemy.

TV stations in Japan
Important "frequency band"
Have permission to use
Naturally contribute to Japan

In exchange for obligation. In reality, most of the media are
Invaded by "China Money Poison"
I can only think that. A lot of government and business circles

It is a well-known fact that it is severe.
There is no reason for Japan to silently perish

It's pretty late, but Japan is also
The "National Security Law" should be enacted and counterattacked.

I don't think TV Asahi really said, but
If true, TV Asahi is polluted by the country.

Humanitarian, freedom of speech, press
TV Asahi does not recognize freedom.

Repressed and restrained by Hong Kong people
When you don't follow your will, with Uighur people

Similarly, the organs will be taken out alive.

Taiwan is America at the forefront of liberalism
It is in Japan's national interest to protect Japan.
I'm playing commercials on TV Asahi
I want to hear the opinions from the manufacturers.

Revoke TV Station License
Before that, let's get down to the sponsor
Let's work
If you do not have business management, you can get a station license

Protest the show's sponsor company.
Let's protest at the general meeting of shareholders.

TV Asahi
What I have to refrain from is
Each of you staff is
I will strictly advise you to take self-restraint.

The central office of CCTV CCTV in Japan is
As it is in the Asahi Shimbun
It is unnatural and absurd.

Claims to TV Asahi sponsors
Japanese people who have hearts besides wearing
There seems to be nothing you can do!

It's from Asahi Shimbun.
That is the leader of the media for the Chinese and Chinese.
A considerable amount of China money also
It must be inside.

I haven't seen it for more than 5 years.

I won't watch TV Asahi anymore.
For children these days as well for children
If you don't show your opinion, you'll be brainwashed and it's scary.
I have to spread the media lie to my children.

Asahi is more than people think
You have invisible power.

Citizens have confirmed this reality
You have to recognize it.

I'm stupid recently for terrestrial waves
I haven't watched it because it's the only program.

I'm just running away from the Corona report
It's just a gourmet program, so always

Only delicious
Japanese media in Homma

Far from falling to the ground, Japanese people
Don't get interested in politics
I can only think that I am manipulating

For Japanese in Japan
Too many people don't appreciate it.

The media and press are in k and CK countries.
Excessively slow, why come to the Senkaku Islands

The media should thoroughly hit CK country
Japanese media cannot trust at all

We are funding such a program
Do sponsors have the same idea?

If you think the same, this is the boycott movement (
I personally do not like it).

Not contacting anti-social groups
Do you want self-restraint?
A news station that takes part in suppressing human rights
Looks like an anti-social group.

To China, South Korea and Korea
Japan has been invaded by the thought
Especially on the morning sun, everyday

The coverage will be pretty tough.
There can be a death sentence for spy charges.

Taiwan is a brother to Japan
Doesn't TV Asahi know such a thing?
Ah, embarrassing

The news station program sponsor is
Is it a Chinese company?

I'm hoping for a statement like this
What kind of company is such a sponsor?

Asahi has many poor quality articles.
The circulation of newspapers has dropped sharply.
Yomiuri and false contract to supplement it
It's pretty malicious.

With the Asahi affiliate, I moved to the continent
Become a nation on the other side.

Putting their thoughts into public radio waves
It's pouring, "Service of the press to the people
Is it far from?

Japanese TV morning is the media of Korea and China.
In China and South Korea, he lived permanently in that country.
Please do your best

You can welcome me.
The Asahi Shimbun also came out from Japan and even in Chukyo
I'm from Korea, so I'm from Japan.

Don't come out and come back.

Don't talk about Japanese names.
Incidentally, the Abe administration is good.
I want you to stop thinking of Chuco.

Because politics is like that.
The media is strange.

Crush such a tele morning
What are you thinking

I have been pointed out many times, but
Tsai English President is Sai Aven
It's not the president of Sou-Aven.
You've been pointed out over and over again, right?

Thank you for the Japanese mass trash.
A state where you can't go back from a long time ago.
Even if China and South Korea flew off from the earth
I will continue to report as if it exists

I don't even know what the world is like.
Those who don't understand the reason
It's reportedly rotten.

It seems that censorship from China will enter TV Asahi
I'm not a journalist when I care about censorship.

TV Asahi no longer belongs to the Chinese Communist Party
It is only a propaganda advertising medium.

Media that is so corrupt
I am afraid that there is no way to dismantle.
NHK, TBS, TV Asahi.

This is clearly and wastefully big
I knew it was an evil with influence
Anomalous things that exist still exist.

Broadcasters have to completely dismantle once.
I think it's impossible to change anymore.

I really can't trust the Japanese press.

President Lee Toki is wonderful.
Neither the Japanese press nor the Diet members can trust.

For the Senkaku issue, India, Uighur, etc.
What is China doing? Are you ignorant?

Promptly claim the correct coverage to the public
Did you forget the original mission to inform?
Please speak while considering
the position and actions of the Japanese people.

The Senkaku is in immediate crisis,
but the Prime Minister does nothing.
For Japanese media and Diet members
Face the reality without being out of focus
I want you to say, act, and do.

You don't have the pride of being a Japanese.
Zombies who have sold their souls
Will the day of returning to humans come?

Yokohama National University Faculty
of Education Elementary School Teacher
After graduating from the physical
education course of the training course
Joined TV Asahi in 1999
Yuta Tomikawa is a caster, but
Is this the one who said

The TV Asahi was revised, and both were on TV.
All the coverage is for Chuko!
It doesn't matter what Japan is.

It seems that it is difficult to solve the brainwash.

Throw away your TV.
I'll be a fool

If you look up Asahi's sponsor, you will understand.
Sometimes it can be understood by the flow of money

Invade and extort world media
Press oppression and control speech.
Communist Party Press Station

It seems like you're very excited.
Isn't it simple?

In short, Japanese newspapers, TV, radio, etc.
Information from major media is in principle
All you have to do is shut out.

I have a long life abroad
That will happen naturally, but it doesn't bother me.

When I first went abroad, I was with the United States.
From a professor with study abroad experience in Italy
The Japanese media coverage is biased.

It may not be reported overseas
I was told not to be careful.
It was in the early 80's.

The professor went to America for the first time
Did you study abroad in the late 1960s?
Around the beginning of the 70's.

It has been that way since then.

I have been in Germany for 35 years.

In the mid 80's when I came to Germany
Internet is not well developed

Subscribe to the expensive Asahi Shimbun satellite version
I didn't mind, I was from Japan
All information was shut out.

Introducing a PC with internet connection
I started reading net news
Since the turn of the century.

Initially, Asahi Com and Nikkei Shimbun
Read the free online versions of the Mainichi Newspapers, etc.
However, these major newspapers gradually became

Because we restricted the articles that can be read for free

On the contrary, I am one of those major media outlets. I have stopped reading the article.

German public television goes to Germany
Resident's card from our residents who have a resident's card
Instead of forcibly collecting viewing fees in cooperation

Published free on the internet
You can watch it from anywhere in the world.

Austrian radio and
Australian radio, etc.
You can listen to it normally from sites on the net.

However, the Japanese media are let alone commercial broadcasts.
Even NHK's TV and radio
The program cannot be viewed from overseas.

Only NHK radio course is on the internet.
Streaming from overseas

It was available, but it is also
From April this year, from overseas
Unable to use

It seems to have been unified, from overseas
I can't listen at all.

The Japanese media is
Insistently claiming copyright
The major newspapers are online versions of

Expecting to become a paid subscription member
NHK does not pay the viewing fee
For foreign residents, even language programs are available
It means not opening up.

German and Austrian public television
How stinky it is compared to radio broadcasting.

I live in german public tv
For radio broadcasting, TV and radio terminals are also available.
18.50 euros a month even if I don't have it

I paid the viewing fee, so in this case
The public broadcasting stations
of each country collaborate, like Germany

Resident's card tie-up from residents of own country
Instead of collecting viewing fees,

Public broadcast on the internet
Broadcast anywhere from anywhere on the planet
If you make it available for viewing,
the information network will be rich.

It will be fair, and will be useful
for language learning and cultural exchange.
I'm arguing that it's big to contribute.
The situation does not move easily.

In fact, recently YouTube and others
There are also a lot of news channels and the content is
It's getting darker.

If you are in Germany, the official broadcast of Germany is
Not only can you watch it online, but also
News in various languages ​​online
Information is flooded with sites and more.

What can be trusted from various information
It is up to us to choose.

If so, it is biased
Dare to know the information of the Japanese media
I wonder if there is a need to become a paid member and subscribe.

If you live in Japan, if you have a TV terminal
You can watch commercial terrestrial waves for free.
NHK viewing fees and newspaper subscription fees are also free-running.

It may continue to pay, but
At this time, it may be better to reconsider.

Honestly, from the Japanese media
Even if you do not enter information, YouTube or

Information that can be trusted on various free sites
Once you get the hang of collecting, there's no inconvenience.

On the contrary, it may not be necessary to have a strange bias.

After that, the question is
You just have to look it up yourself.

Create Japan National Security Act
I have a need
It has already been eroded quite red.

Shame on Japan!
Is there no Bushido! ?

As long as they still buy the Asahi, they push forward

Everyone, let's send a protest letter to TV Asahi!
I sent!
I also send opinions and protests to other TV stations.
You can send from the homepage of each TV station.

You don't have to broadcast on TV Asahi.
Biased reports have passed.
I don't know.

It's a wolf boy phenomenon.
Even if you tell the truth, the truth is a lie
The situation that will be.

There are too many fake
The one where the truth is fluffy

I understand, but the front is long.
After reading the news, be careful

I don't know what you're excited about for the first news
But I agree with you.
I'm looking forward to it, please do your best.

TV Asa is a Japanese company itself.

Overseas people are reported by Japanese media.
I believe in criticisms of lies against Japan.

The same applies to private companies,
which is a negative factor for their company.
Human beings who succeed in becoming
Appoint the same person as the successor.

From overseas criticism, first of all, anti-Japanese Japanese
What did you name and do online?
I think it should be announced.

If we do not lose the nutrient source of trout garbage
It's no good until I don't subscribe
Don't watch or trust

TV Asahi is an anti-Sun I've been taught by my parents since then

TV Asahi is already anime
Broadcast only superheroes

TV Asahi is originally funny.
I was wondering, but at last, it's like this
Did you say something stupid?

Why is this strange theory?
Being a sponsor of Hosutei
Criticism and boycott of companies
I have to be active.

Is it something that the Japanese people can't do?

"I want Taiwan to be self-restraint"
It's not a domestic interference in Taiwan due to TV Asahi.
Go out of business on TV morning.

Other TV stations, N○K, almost every day
Considering that there is only corona news
It's the same as TV Asahi, surely.

There is a sense of crisis rather than corona
There is news, but I don't report it.
It's funny.

Is it better than Middle 〇 or Korean 〇? I don't know if it's from North Korea.

I heard that all TV stations are anti-Abe administration.
The top of the TV station is already Japanese.
Isn't it?

I'm sure Trump's re-election There are also a lot of reports like those who do not want it.

In front of the White House in the United States about 3 days ago
I also don't cover shootings and riots.
Do you do it?

Yomiuri seems a little better, but
I may not say anything about the essence, so
After all, is there something? I'm thinking and looking.

Only TV stations with intentions
and malicious intentions from other countries
I don't feel like watching TV at all.

Rather, I think you shouldn't look at it.
It's not really interesting except for drama.
Especially news and news variety

I can't see it because it is a lie.
I have a TV because my dog ​​is free.

However, this means that the people of the middle and South Koreans
Is it the same as what I have tasted?
I can't trust TV or politics.

That's what they are doing
I don't understand.

Most of the Japanese are watching without any doubt
Even if you convey the world
situation, the danger of war and food shortage

N○K was created one year before the Great East Japan Earthquake
Special feature on earthquakes and tsunamis

It seems I was doing it

Right now, you're only doing war specials.

This is also an intention or announcement.

I don't believe anyone, so I'm tired.
Or rather, I was told I would get tired.
Should I stop telling you now?

Japan has many politicians and mayors.
Various companies and many territories

You have already been invaded.
Hokkaido is probably
I might have made a runway.

When Okinawa becomes an emergency
It's a really pitiful situation, isn't it?
There's no sign of customers at all
A red or yellow wall that won't collapse at all
roof? Goodwill? It seems that the store needs attention.

Even I was able to collect this much information
Most Japanese remain as they were before Corona.
Except for corona and economy in Japan
Believe it is peace and don't doubt.

This is a deep-seated cultural issue.
Same as blaming crime victims.

You know that.
I don't think it is in the Japanese media, but
If there is
There is only China.
Eliminate from Japan Revoke your license, Shiro

Unpleasant TV Asahi, even the fabrication of comfort women
It's a medium I hate in Japan.

TV Asahi is the same as Chukyo
You have been cornered.

TV Asahi Yuta Tomikawa
This guy is anti-Japanese? Forgive me
Exiled from Japan

Japanese media will be converted
It's impossible unless the court or the Ministry of Justice moves.

Sure? Foreigners are media (TV stations)
Should I not be able to acquire stock? Nevertheless

Why do C/K people have about half the stock?
So I can only report to neighboring countries
Did you hear?

A little old movie/drama that isn't interesting
I'm tired of seeing a song group
The nature of the Korean wave boom
Already in Japan with agents
The quiet war has begun.
There is a war to protect democracy.

In Japanese media, the content of coverage is
The check of Chukyo is sure to come in

Terrorist morning deficit newspaper Uji TV 3 octopus

Even if you ask for a fair report on
the tele- morning of the work organization
Everyone knows it's impossible.

Asahi TV, TBS TV, and
NHK is broadcasting from China and South Korea.

It's not Japanese TV.
Why is the Japanese TV station in China or
Broadcast from South Korea to China and South Korea

I have an expatriate, so the truth is
If you report, you cannot be a representative.

Nippon Television station and newspaper companies
It is better to withdraw the expatriate.
Not for Japan.

Diet members and former announcers say it.

Please get on the Asahi and make a splash
The head office should be destroyed.
Please do your best.

I'm supporting you in the shadow.
The tension seems to be high
Will you do it?

Let's protest the TV Asahi sponsor

Japanese mass media and governors' association
Confucius Institute, Pollution University, etc. are Alibaba and

I became a slave with a color of
At present, Japan's economy is being revised
by amending the Corona Special Measures Act. Plans are underway for corona to tatter.

With the voice of the governor, we will stop business at any store
You can go to business with only a small grant.

In the process, the Chinese capital was added and the employees also
If you are Chinese, you will be allowed to do business.
I'm trying to make this possible.
It's a Chinese plan.

Basically Japanese media is not decent
Due to this report, the Senkaku Islands issue has been
What to do if America stops moving

Does Japanese media want you to become a Chinese territory?

News not reported by Japan
・Chinese invasion of Senkaku
・With Chinese Uighurs Human rights violations against Tibetans

From Wuhan Institute to America
Escape from the country and the virus is artificially
A woman who testified that it was made
・About flood damage in China

There are few reports that are not convenient to China.

For the time being, it's not direct
There are things you can do.

To the president or aides in English
"This is how Japanese media come to China
It is contaminated.

The United States has not sent a fleet.
I never touch Uighur.

Only some people watching net news
A naturalized Continental man is operating under the Japanese name.

So Japan can't help the Middle America.
Continental people are so bad.

Japan is unaware of the continent
Will be sent down to the army gate.

Therefore, I immediately gave a hammer to a continental person.
I want you to send "to the world"
Ask someone who can speak English.

If China collapses like the Soviet Union
They have no whereabouts.

It sounds like you're talking to me in this situation.
There is no salvation in the terrorist era anymore.

Tibetan, a crazy wiggle in the future
Junosite for Falun Takumi etc.
All around the world when it's bright

I don't think there is a place for terrorism.
With my favorite master's madness
Please collapse together.

Asahi Shimbun is coming soon
I hope the US will clean up.
Nothing can be done without relying on external pressure
Japan is really miserable.

Because it's anti-Japan.

Looking at this, Mr. Yamaguchi's broken snap
I wonder if he was a little more sanity?

Coast Guard, Self-Defense Forces,
police all over the country, fire fighting
All critically important institutions are exceptions
There seems to be a serious labor shortage.

No matter how many patrol boats, submarines and fighters are added
Without a crew

Somehow a large number of young
people are in national defense, public security
Going to security and disaster prevention organizations
I want it.

However, I grew up in peace for many years.
It's what modern Japanese youth want it
If it's terrible, it's about time

If you want to protect Japan, you may live your life.
On the condition that you take the oath
Accepting Young Foreign Immigrants

Those who think about things etc.
It might be good.
And the elderly live in their homeland.
To give generous support to the devoted young people.

Constitutional revision, realization of
nuclear possession and emergency legal system
It's literally a life-long decision to enact.
You will have to work on it.

Asahi! Red in the past
Haven't you been disciplined for a dead person in Nishinomiya?

Asahi wants to refrain from reporting

By the way, NHK is also
The illusion of having legislative power
It seems that you can be doing

Japanese press is accurate for reality
Weak values: I think it's biased.

The NHK is originally a privately-owned aggregate.
(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) independently
Broadcasting Act (Conditions) that may have been enacted
Rape to speak legally

If there is some pressure it would be a scoop
If you have a scoop, reveal it.
If you like it, you'll just die.
Destructive terrorism!

Not only in Japan and Taiwan
Global view
From a truly global perspective
I wonder if "Don't allow the tyranny of China!"

Not only Asahi, major Japanese media
Is the report strongly shaking its tail?
I have no choice but to drip and have the bite to bite.

Asahi is already invaded by China
It's not that!
Broadcasters in other countries should return.

I'm pretending to be Japanese
Everybody be careful
ps. Not just Asahi

No longer a news station
It's not worth watching.

TV Asahi: Don't let the people down.

Japanese TV uses your bakatalent
I don't see it because it's just called "gahaha".
Gluttonous programs are shit.

It should be closed under
the "National Security Act" only in the morning.
The presence of Komatsu Anna is unique among them.

The Asahi Shimbun series is entirely in China and South Korea
I don't see it, don't buy it, or
don't believe it because it's contaminated.

TV Asahi is a red group in Japan
Antenna shop Yaro

Someone influential person, politician, critic
Anyone can be a celebrity, so why not use the media
Broadcast the situation of the Senkaku Islands
Are you saying that?

Takeshi also tells on TV
Someone complains to the media or the media

You'll understand how excited you are.
But it's hard to hear, so stop listening today.
Heart pounding, bad health!

TV Asahi and Japanese "mass garbage" are
Aggressive China Manne-Jabbu-Jabuke
I'm paralyzed, so I'm not "the media"

Mass garbage We can't trust it
Is it necessary to scrutinize the mass garbage coverage?

It's a troublesome world, but with your own eyes
It is important to check and chew.

When I crashed, I fell to Asahi
From here you can see the bottom to the bottom.

What did you misunderstand?
Become a hero by being shielded by the government?
It must have been a hero.

It's a great nuisance because the executives are too stupid.
Maybe all the employees have the same opinion.

After that, I got a TV license for TV Asahi
I sent an e-mail to the Prime Minister's
official residence to let me return.

When TV Asahi is censored together with
What are you going to do together?

What I can do
First of all, I asked the TV station my question.
Even though the students live their lives and act
I can't stay still.

Ministry of Justice, use authority, it's a stoppage

I haven't seen news reports for years.

Most Japanese media = closer to China

At the time of the revolution called Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution
Many media are banned from self-reporting
The branch office was closed.

At that time, the branch of the Asahi Shimbun was the Communist Party
Become a spokesman and maintain the Beijing branch.

Far from being ashamed of that, he was allowed a branch in Beijing.
I was proud of the only newspaper company.

As promised at this time, again this time the media
Is it action in anticipation of branch office closure?
It had become a Chukyo Goho newspaper decades ago.

All Japanese TV stations are all around
Because of this, I have no interest.
I haven't even seen it.

I want you to stop the wave as soon as it disappears.
Mass media without equality have no existence value.

President Trump to open the war, SDF
Thank you for striking us, striking us, SDF.

Why are you so excited?
Can you calm down and talk?

It's clear that money is coming from China.
The Japanese media is terrible.

My expectations.
China's market is the US policy toward China
If it is opened to the United States,
the current siege network will be canceled.

For Japan, the defense of the Senkaku will be even more severe.

America doesn't care about Senkaku
Japan, Taiwan and the Nansha Islands are in China

A military product with a sense of crisis
It's important to get them bought

Japan uses America to go to Senkaku You may want to stop the invasion of China's territorial waters.
Absolutely impossible.

The same applies to the Nansha Islands, which China reclaimed.
The airfield that was created will remain untouched.

It's like "What was it after all?"

Asahi affiliate has a branch office in Beijing in Japan
I've heard that there is only one.

Mr. Senji Mae is about the Article 9 of the Constitution
It was said and said in a thing

Bring your own territory with a global promise
Don't make a strategy to expand it

If you do, to protect Japan's own country
It's not against Article 9 of the Constitution to attack.
I heard.

By the way, the Asahi series is Ianfu
Okinawa's coral reef mystery decent
No one believes

Asked the Minister of Defense Kono and blamed it.
[Tokyo Shimbun Kyodo News]
It is useless to just listen to these two companies.

I understand what you are saying and I agree with you
I want you to speak more slowly and in a hurry.

I was surprised. It's said that it's rotten so far in TV morning.
You are completely controlled by China.

Increasingly under pressure from China
News media and politicians from China
Companies will be exposed.

TV coverage cannot be swallowed.

TV Asahi, confirmed here! Shame on Japan, the enemy of the world!

Already this TV program, this station is strong.
Paying advertising fees as a sponsor
Companies want to be self-restraint.

This kind of viewer (strongly national)
A station of personal subjectivity that is not your eyes
The program is our hand, and it is limited to crushing.

it's no use! ! With China Money
It's sloppy.
That country serves 99 million party members.
Because it is a country, it doesn't matter what happens to its people.

It hasn't changed for thousands of years.

The actual situation is Chukyo Propaganda TV
It is better to change the name together on TV

From countries harmful to the media, etc.
Anti-osmosis method is necessary to prevent investment
Someone called the Anti-Spy Act

Occasionally, but this kind of thing is
You can't stop without creating an anti-osmosis method.

Chuko is doing a penetration policy, the media is
Use to be a sponsor

Anyway, the anti-osmosis method should be created first
I say it many times, but the anti-impregnation method is important

Protest the news station sponsors

Japanese media is under Chinese rule
You can't trust it.

TV Asahi, you should refrain from activity.

Chinese Propaganda
Turned into a tool
TV Asahi is only a poison for Japan.

I can't believe I continue to use public radio waves.
I want you to revoke the authorization.

TV Asahi's parent company is
Nida, an Asahi Shimbun company under the People's Daily Tokyo branch.

TV Asahi should be certified as terror media

"Taiwan should refrain from self-help"
Commentator (Mon/Tue) Kyodo News Editorial Committee
This is Masakatsu Ota. I also doubted my ears.

TV Asahi extermination operation decision

Overseas Chinese House, Chosun Ren
These two tissues are destroyed.

At a bookstore in a mall I often go to
If you take a look at the history
reference book for the junior high school exam

For elementary school students
Chukyo propaganda is in tatters.

There are too many selling-country
companies that are not inferior to TV Asahi.

I wonder if it's something that can't be
applied to attract foreign patients
I wonder if there is a hide-and-seek
Japan in the defenseless mind.

It's been taken over by a Japanese TV station.
So are newspaper publishers in Japan.
Is that so?

Or are you a politician?
Taiwan is an important country.
If you are Japanese, you know.

CSIS "Tele morning is in love"

Tele morning I'll never see it again
Embarrassing as a Japanese

There is no future today!
When is the funeral of Ki-O-
Japanese media including NHK
Mostly on the deep state side
It's an anti-playing card.

Because it is an anti-playing card on the deep state side
We will be together with you while connected to the deep state.

I have to crush the TV morning! TBS Mone

Seriously, "Tele Asa" and "Asahi Shimbun"
I think it's time to crush it.

Super limit battle is steadily under way.
It seems that five hairs are boiling in the rice field.
It's useless

Let's pick up the radio waves from TV Asahi already lol

TV Asahi is Taiwan's
Did you interfere with domestic affairs? Outrageous

Some Japanese media are rotten
Broadcast license should be taken up.

To the poison of Chukyo's propaganda strategy
TV Asahi whose whole body is infested

It’s rotten so far. Not only in Japan
It has made the Liberal Democratic countries of the world an enemy.

In the heart of believing in the justice of the Japanese people
It must be a report declaring a war.
It is embarrassing to the world that it is a Japanese broadcasting agency.

I have no money and I don't even have a heart as a person
TV Asahi can take up the broadcasting license
Shouldn't it?

It has been over 20 years since the TV itself was disposed of.
Where is the CM of the news station?
I would like to submit your opinion.

Most Japanese media are
Attack the Japanese government and defend China.
I'm guessing.

Where did the mask method go?

TV Asahi-Chinese-Korean turners
It's an obvious evil, with no human rights or crap.

Skeptical indiscriminate
When Kyodo is the source
It's already done
Also Akahi, Hentai, and around Tonkin

Please announce the sponsorship of TV Asahi

TV Asahi is a shareholder
From a US fund
As requested to improve management

The contents of management are invaded by 🇨🇳.
Please return your license
and withdraw from the broadcasting station.

Anti-Japan TV Asahi in Japan
Producer decides direction of broadcasting
Since it has been decided, Japan will also become a communist
It can be closed

The world seems to have that tendency as well.
China disperses and promotes gold
As Kawazoe's story is like

Privileges to Japan to regain Japan
First I have to quit

TV Asahi is a Chinese compliant.
I'm an incompetent media for my friends.
I will say what I say.

It's a spy company, right? Irrelevant Taro Asahi
Go to China
Why are you in Japan

I knew the feelings of a person working for an anti-Japanese company.

Information created in this way is
It will be washed away by the Japanese people.
It's completely middle school. is rotten.

TV Asahi commentator is
Bacca, an Asahi person, of which the second floor group will come out
no doubt.

Asahi's newspapers are also cancerous. As expected, to the left

It's a country without anti-spy laws.

Asahi will be destroyed if founded, or half of employees will be caught

The news station is
Let's not look at everyone

Moreover, it was the news station that issued the corona patient.
Well, now I'm going to collapse with NHK and others

Isn't TV Asahi dangerous?
No, I'm really awkward

TV Asahi is Taiwan's past
I don't know your parent's day
Now is the time to support Japan as well.
Tele morning, it's over

I don't want to see it anymore.

Before the Great East Asian War begins
It's because Aka-Pi is a Chinese manse.

I need self-restraint
It's a terrorist broadcast of the terrorist morning.

It's a maze station.

I want to be self-restraint during TV morning.

I haven't seen any TV news programs.
The net is enough for news.
I don't get a newspaper.

I happened to come across an incident scene and watched a newspaper/TV.
There is a part that is completely different from the truth.
Fabricated for convenience.

Please note that news programs and newspapers cannot be trusted.

The world is irrational.
If you look at a large piece of gold, white is black and black is white! What?

TV Asahi, Chinese Communist Party
Don't give in to money
If it's not Japanese media
Prohibit the use of radio waves.

This war has already been lost.
The power is weaker there.
You lost strategically.

Well, this is a military collision
If there is no

Violence has become more recent
It's no good, but it's spreading
But this is
It looks like the composition of the tribe and the general public

C is a tribe of the world

Most mass media in Japan are rotted
Only the news of anti-Japan and fabrications will flow.

Despite a country of freedom and democracy
Even if there is a GHQ problem
Too bad.

In this Hong Kong democracy movement
Mr. Shuba and others were arrested and successfully released on bail.

It is completely unclear what will happen in the future.

Currently in Japan, it is used in various countries
Too many problems
The enemy is inside, not outside.

And especially for mass media
As a Japanese for reporters
Is there no pride or policy?

Apple Daily arrested this time
I don't mind reporting the truth
I want you to emulate it.

Many Hong Kong people like this in Japan.
I think it is a democratic free country.

However, the reality is that the nationality is
unknown, such as 2F and R4, etc.
The abnormal system is overwhelming.

I think everyone has already seen it.
The link is attached below.

Japan now has a proper claim
Unless the direction is clear
When things get tough
I feel a sense of crisis.

It's been a long time, but the next generation
Responsible adult, good Japan
Let's do our best so that we can properly inherit it.

Really embarrassing.
Those who have already stopped broadcasting on TV Asahi
Sounds good.
The building will be blown up

Chosun Ilbo for short, Asahi Imabara

Asahi, the media I am writing is
Maybe it's over there,
I wish I could be beaten and the company crushed

TV Asahi, other media become totalitarian
Even Corona, which is inspired by you.

What the locals are doing for the measures
The government is responsible for this, so please give instructions.

It seems that they are responsible for the government

Step by step towards totalitarianism
I'm trying to get closer, so why not?
That's why I think it's the current movement of media!

Bonkra politician, government
Speed ​​up the establishment of anti-spy laws.
Do the job.

Shinzo Abe, Yoshiyuki Suga, work fast!

The media in Japan is Uighur Autonomous Region
Tibet Hong Kong Only reports from China
I won't.

TV Asahi is instructed by the Consulate General
Therefore, I think it is an advertising agency that works.

For opinions and impressions of the news station
I wrote a complaint, but
On the face of a frog
Asahi is a Chinese ally, Kim Kana

Incredible! TV Asahi!
traitor! What should I do?

I should be with Taiwan

TV Asahi, old flower bush

I disagree with you.

The fact that TV Asa is a pro-Chinese and pro-Korea media
It has been a famous fact for many years.

Even in America, with Democratic media
There is Republican media.

It's natural because it's a free country.

However, the issue of Japan is fair and neutral
Pretending to be the news of the anti-government I thought it was the right thing to do

There are too many news agencies.
It's not what's right

It is correct to criticize the government
I'm thinking about it.

Then, we will join forces with Japanese opponents.

There is no mass media!
Why don't you stop and appeal to me?

If you want to change it, Koreans in Japan from Japan
It's useless if you don't get rid of the Chinese.

Only after you kick it out, thoroughly from there
Revise from education and feel masturbation
Discard, correct history, correct
It is useless unless you spread your morals.

TV Asahi Sponsor Yume Group
I just wish

Terrorism is the Chinese media
That's right, but the more problematic one is
That red day has some demand

The fact that it exists in Japan.
To that extent, there are Chinese Japanese in Japan.
There are many.

Most of the media are mostly Chinese.
TVs have the greatest impact on citizens.
So that the Japanese don't feel a sense of
crisis because they are out of focus

In addition, I am brainwashed so
that I don't think it's a problem for Chukyo.
Nowadays more and more people are not watching TV.

The background is just the opposite of the necessary information
Also, don't be interested in important Japanese politics.
There are various plans.

The result is a modern Japanese person who is now out of peace.

I haven't had a TV at home for ten years.

It's a waste of time.

What you need for your dreams, hopes and goals
No matter how much you can get from others
Does not absorb excess.

Watching TV is truly a peaceful bokeh
It even seems like a symbol.

Some 50 politicians are Chinese Communists.
The name has risen and everyone feels a sense of crisis
Where I want you to live.

Politicians, mass media, large companies, etc.

Various Chinese sympathies are making a comeback.
Don't be brainwashed.

I knew that and I was out of focus
I want you not to be human.

Right in Japan, like Mr. Zhou
I want many courageous people to come out.

I will return it as it is. TV Asahi asks for self-restraint.

Why are you so close to China?

Because there is censorship.
Because I'm an idiot.

I was involved in this matter on TV Asahi
Let's wash out the sponsors and make a strong protest.

Really about TV Asahi
I wonder if it's Japanese media

TV Asahi will not talk with Asahi Shimbun.

The Japanese press has a lot of financial resources.
Is it controlled by Hanitra?

The news station is
You guys
Refrain from reporting

You are all about the public opinion of the world

TV Asahi, Wan Chang of China

I asked for Asahi and Asahi Shimbun, so please crush me.

Did you give up on TV morning? Originally
Isn't it the media on that side?
The Broadcast Law needs to be revised!

Anti-Japanese people are troublesome.

Direct connection to Minister Kono
Maybe not
Tele-Sina's remarks about China

As a Japanese citizen, it exceeds the permissible range.

If possible, the defense of
the Japanese National Defense Terrestrial morning
Delusion is unforgivable and the power of the nation
With the help of Defense Minister Kono

I would like to request crushing.

Send salt to this wartime enemy nation
Allied slander slander is the next group
I will never give up.

By all means, please consider crushing the TV morning.
Do you want a second Hong Kong on TV Asahi?
By the life of Kinpae?

How does one broadcasting station "want to buy" in another country?

America's Japanese media as well
I wonder if he will put pressure on me

TV Asahi Without News
Shouldn't we just broadcast the drama?

China is already in its own country
Move, I'm involved in another country
Because it's just annoying

Don't look at the terrestrial waves.
You have to know the enemy.

Close Asahi!

I don't hate Kakuei Tanaka.
The people of Niigata Prefecture are even enviable.
I love China because I can't understand.

Not accepting Taiwan.
Not just Nixon.

Kakuei Tanaka dislikes Taiwan
Do you know what you mean? Please teach me.

About the Taiwanese samurai
Should I apologize?

Asahi people go to Yasukuni Shrine
Please visit and face the spirits!
If you can say the same thing after that, say nothing.

Commercial broadcasting is a program with the intention of the sponsor
It holds true, isn't it?

Iizuka Kozo, Ikebukuro runaway accident
The criminal will not be arrested, either.

You don't do in-broadcast on TV, too.
Everything is the power of someone.
Profit, commercial broadcasting is a commercial organization.

We do not lose ourselves, right?
NHK is also ambiguous about the country
Remarks All are profits because it's a heavenly group

Is there a decent Japanese in the terrorist dynasty?

TV Asahi, go from Japan to China

6/8 Mr. Dead Yoho (US Representative)
Twitter Hiding in the Communist Party of China
Reminded the facts exposed.

Chukyo does not keep its promise

Chukyo is power, not law.
It is the flow of false information that governs with force
It is a permanent norm, not a first aid measure.

Power monopoly is the ultimate goal of China That was all.

TV Asahi receives a lot of news from parents in particular.
It is a TV station.
Even in the coverage of corona infection, fake specialists
For employees who can only speak emotionally

There is only vulgar broadcasting that fuels fear.
You should discuss how you can improve.

Because there is only such coverage
The audience rating has dropped and even from major American shareholders

Give up the right to broadcast on TV.
Suggested to proceed with other businesses.

If you can get the audience rating, or if you get money
Only the reports that are okay to put Japan in crisis
The government cannot broadcast TV stations that cannot broadcast.
I want you to take it up.

Is there a company named "Asahi"?
It's better to change the name to Chukyo TV.

Japanese TV has been brainwashed by anti-Japanese countries.
I can't go unless I make a new Japanese first tele.
A news station that can publish news for the country (laugh)

There are many employees in Japan on TV Asahi.
I think it will be a news report for parents.

Komatsu-kun, who is doing the morning sun at noon, is out
Manufacture station as often as watching programs
I don't even want to see it.

It became a hot topic in the news on the net.
If you have a video, you might see it.

TV Asa is a media of China and Korea.
It is the people of the flower garden who do not criticize it.

All Japanese media from c country k country
Strictly control the capital audit and let it be announced.
There is always a gold connection

That is, if the flow of money is interrupted, the edge will be cut.

In Japan, there are a lot of people who can't notice because
they are out of focus.
Don't swallow what the media say.

Now, there is a temperature difference between the TV and the internet.
It's okay to understand, but when there was no internet

No one disagreed with the media.
So if you're still watching TV or newspapers,
, Many people hit the ruling party.

That's what the media is
It is nothing but propaganda.

For example, Hallyu, desperately on TV
It's said to be popular, but on the internet
Because the bad deeds of Koreans were revealed

I was wondering why Korea is so popular.

Occupy now without using force
Silent Invasion
I'm going in secret.

By suppressing the media for this invasion
I am aiming for the viewer's idiot and misleading.

Others are infrastructure and social services.
Entering the place as a mole, you can see the history of fabrication
We also do education such as planting.

Brainwash in this way and dismantle the force
Article 9 is also an agitation that protects the country.

The last is the minimum force
Breaking the infrastructure to the outside world
Break the contact network and use the media
Notify the people of the occupation of force.

This was used by Russia to invade Crimea
It is a silent aggression trick.

Compared to news station and morning show
Oshita-san's (wide scramble) even on TV morning Only is exceptional!

I haven't turned on a TV since last year's Typhoon No. 19 broadcast w

I'm not watching TV anymore.
I feel more about TV Asahi.

Well, it feels like a straight line to the war.

Red eyes
The Japanese media in the beginning of Asahi is the left wing, Payok.
As a technician, I write a thing called self-restraint.

TV Asahi Press Station
It's not something that just started.
The commentator at that time is not hard to guess.

In addition to self-deprecating news content It is a synonym for media that shoots from behind.

It's a mysterious media that there is no boycott.

The news is just a story.
And only the stories that are convenient for me

Just looking for news stories about the media.
I'm not reporting the truth

The people are watching the news on the TV The story of the story in the newspaper information
Believing it is true
It's taken for granted.

Because, "For information that is close to the truth, I'm grabbed by the media

The media and media are the evidence.
Misrepresentation caused defamation.
Most of the media for victims and

The media is often left alone.

That's why the media and
The media tells the truth
Money instead of working

I'm doing a job to find out the story of

Because there are rumors of people about 75 days, old stories are
More and more people's memory disappears

Often used for newly created material
It's a characteristic of human beings that sticks.

At least I'm in the media and media
I think so, so they're
You can do whatever you want.

Sadly the old common sense is
There are many things that don't work right now.

So what should I believe?
The information I can believe is Kuma's video
Well, that's not all, but about 80% is reliable.

I knew that TV Asahi was strange
Even if I thought I was, how much again
You can remind me if it is a crazy media.

I will record this one day, someday
Isn't it possible to arrest after the Communist Party of China collapses?

It's the worst
I'm watching TV, so something strange like this
It's embarrassing to know that you're awake.

The Asahi system has its license revoked! To the abolition office

China should be self-restraint.
The United States should hit China early.

Putting mail into the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Even sponsors are pounding
Why don't you call in?
Is the Minister of Internal Affairs and
Communications also a pro-Chinese group?

6 hours ago
Tele morning should be dismantled

See also Asahi. My chin seems to come off because I am afraid

News Station Regular
Who is the commentator?
For other countries to censor in Japan
Create legislation that prohibits it.

Ban foreign companies from investing in the media.

You have a knife attached to your back.

The Great East Asian War is China's
It started with propaganda to America.

I saw this. It almost made me laugh.
Also Asahi-san was suicide bombing.
I want Asahi to stop reporting! It's gekiko.

Terrorism internal interference

For media other than TV Asahi
You want me to do my best
Everything is over, except for TV Asahi.
Japanese media is crazy

In the first place, public radio waves are sent
to politics of other countries.
It's silly to use and say.

If that's the right thing then
I can't think of refraining from being attacked!

For people who only get information from TV media
That's the correct information for you
I think I tend to think.

Despite being an influential medium
The editing method is to take a fried foot to get the audience rating.

Isn't it the media that conveys the right thing?
I wonder if recent media have no pride.

Japan remains American law
It's better to export and combine with it
I think it's good.

By doing so, the Japanese government will also
Japanese Communist Party of Japan

So that various spies can be wiped out
I think it will be

Probably if you pass it now
I think it will be about 3 months ahead.
Anyway, it is better to make it faster
this is. anger. anger. anger. anger. Anger

Forgive Maji Tele Asahi news station.
Whether to call the sponsor company
I thought but became a sponsor

The same hole at the time of supporting
Boycott because it's Musina
I think it's better to spread to everyone.

With the Chukyo Work Team in Japan
Let's start to identify the minions.

Are you in love?

Well then, I'll rectify the hell.

Is TV Asahi China? It's too cruel to think

Let's send a protest email to TV Asahi

Ah sahi is very bad

TV morning, no good.

Asahi Shimbun Group, so let's kill everyone

Second-class mail permit and broadcast license
It is a dangerous case unless you think about canceling it.

Well, China Percy before the US-China War
Perform (Physical) to eliminate traitors
Canceled and arrested (abduction of external illness) in part
If you don't clean it, it will be dangerous.

TV Asahi is Chinese media
No? Korean media.

You should denounce more clearly.

TV Asahi, please crush me!

As a devil's minion and terrorism, it is quite natural!

Crush TV Asahi

Japan has become dangerous.

To really kill the Chinese, we
Thoroughly Made in China
I do not have it I do not buy it

There is a high probability that it is China.
I think life will be harder.
If it is done thoroughly, Japan will return the cost

Home appliances, clothes, even if domestic production is high
Foods Even if they are of good quality
Can't sell just because it's in China

If you understand that, companies will always have production bases.
Should change, I just can't believe I'm conscious

Made in china is overflowing

Because of that much production in China, Japan
Because I am turning around, I am dissatisfied with
Keidanren and the country

There is, but above all, the people are as they are.
As long as you live, Keidanren = Central politician =

Changing the stance of Japanese media
A base that is almost impossible in a few years

Even if you move to India or Vietnam
For example, forced labor of Uighurs by Chukyo
Labor cost is close to zero.

There can never be a production base on the earth.
Eliminate the demand for Chinese-made products
You have to be prepared.

It's a pity, but recently, TV Tokyo is also
It is eroded by pachinko money.

It's even worse, because I'm not working.

As you say? Where is this place?
It's weird, it's pitiful

Asahi have been taken over by Korea and China!

It seems that protest telephones will be flooded in the morning.

TV Asahi is part of the Communist Party of China.

G7 recognizes Taiwan as an independent nation and forms an alliance

TV Asahi is too embarrassing
Can the government not give strong guidance?
In the Radio Law ⁉️ Good Asahi Shimbun

Do you give a negative to Japan?
Are you embarrassed?

TV Asahi is the enemy of the world! As a human
Shame on you! Only angry anymore

A really miserable press.

Asahi is too explicit, but it's nice to understand.

Quickly enact anti-spy law
I want you to arrest spy agents in the media

That's why I can't take numbers

All the media sold their souls because they were in the red.

TV Chosun Ilbo
For short, TV Asahi

I want to ask myself for restraint at the news station.

TV Asahi
You self-restraint.
Silence all activities Silence survival
Refrain from breathing
Employees and their family members

Unfortunately TV Asahi is a Japanese media.

And this serious diplomatic issue, the siege network to China
If the Japanese government does not move against the disturbing news report
It is recognized internationally that the Japanese government has tolerated it.

Taiwanese also report Japanese TV
I'm looking closely
The media is the worst.
The government that does not move against it is also guilty.

If you're Taro Kono
(Kono-san has a big nerve in a good way.)
At least suppress the morning sun

Isn't it a statement?

The Communist Party of China is ruined
It's a very interesting event historically.

The Japanese government's irrelevant boring
If the United States cuts off due to delay act
I can't die even if I die.

Domaemon and Doraemon It will be a tool for brainwashing.

It's not so much fun lately even when watching terrestrial waves
It seems that it has accelerated because of the spread of smartphones.

The number of online users is increasing Looking at the media, the era of terrestrial waves
I recognize that it is already over.

Anti-Spy Law will be enforced if both of them are destroyed
Since it is administratively punished by national rebellion
Until then?

It must have been destroyed in decades
It is really a Ministry of Japan.
The world has a common challenge to destroy China and China

The world has a scenario of a war rush
Will be selected
President Trump's re-election and Shinano Minami
There is a great possibility that it will start in Senkaku Taiwan.

Fake news.
I can't believe it because I can't believe it in the first place.

That channel is only for Tetsuko's room

I want you to quit broadcasting on TV Asahi.

If TV Asahi is dismantled
I'd like to do a demo

I will not watch the news.
It's useless.

Who is that commentator?
I want to expose my name at least.

How can I crush Tele Asa?

Tokuya Asahi Palm!
TV Asahi also Asahi, Tokuya!

How to get pus in my parents
I'm wondering what to do

It's a protest phone on TV Asahi!

TV is really trustworthy.
I never watch TV.
I really hate the Communist Party.

Already in the name
It was written as "morning"

Let's put a complaint phone on TV Asahi.

World enemy terrorism morning!

Isn't it the same as in South Korea [retrospective law]?
(Bud Fuji TV also
Mezamashi TV, etc.
Corner where I still use TikTok
Is being done.

Because it's spyware in our report
It says "America has been eliminated".

Are you not aware of the contradiction or congratulations?

Guess mass media, Tele morning already
Taiwanese also report Japanese TV
I'm looking closely
The media is the worst.
The government that does not move against it is also guilty.

If you're Taro Kono
(Kono-san has a big nerve in a good way.)
At least suppress the morning sun

Isn't it a statement?

The Communist Party of China is ruined
It's a very interesting event historically.

The Japanese government's irrelevant boring
If the United States cuts off due to delay act
I can't die even if I die.

Domaemon and Doraemon It will be a tool for brainwashing.

It's not so much fun lately even when watching terrestrial waves
It seems that it has accelerated because of the spread of smartphones.

The number of online users is increasing Looking at the media, the era of terrestrial waves
I recognize that it is already over.

Anti-Spy Law will be enforced if both of them are destroyed
Since it is administratively punished by national rebellion
Until then?

It must have been destroyed in decades
It is really a Ministry of Japan.
The world has a common challenge to destroy China and China

The world has a scenario of a war rush
Will be selected
President Trump's re-election and Shinano Minami
There is a great possibility that it will start in Senkaku Taiwan.

Fake news.
I can't believe it because I can't believe it in the first place.

That channel is only for Tetsuko's room

I want you to quit broadcasting on TV Asahi.

If TV Asahi is dismantled
I'd like to do a demo

I will not watch the news.
It's useless.

Who is that commentator?
I want to expose my name at least.

How can I crush Tele Asa?

Tokuya Asahi Palm!
TV Asahi also Asahi, Tokuya!

How to get pus in my parents
I'm wondering what to do

It's a protest phone on TV Asahi!

TV is really trustworthy.
I never watch TV.
I really hate the Communist Party.

Already in the name
It was written as "morning"

Let's put a complaint phone on TV Asahi.

World enemy terrorism morning!

Isn't it the same as in South Korea [retrospective law]?
(Bud Fuji TV also
Mezamashi TV, etc.
Corner where I still use TikTok
Is being done.

Because it's spyware in our report
It says "America has been eliminated".

Are you not aware of the contradiction or congratulations?

Guess mass media, Tele morning already
Stop the Radio Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Breaking it down as a practical problem
If it's difficult

Rather, I'm looking at it from a Japanese perspective.
I want you to establish a national broadcasting station.

I'm watching the net as it is.
The information gap between the layer
and the layer that is not so is increasing.

NHK and Asahi are reporting biased.
Some people don't even know the facts.

However, the establishment of a new TV station is simply
Not only in terms of financial aspects, but also the radio frame

The threshold seems to be expensive, but
What the general public can do
Don't vote for pro-Chinese-Korea lawmakers

Sending parliamentarians from the public's perspective to the National Assembly
The world that should not be reported by TV and should be spread
I think that the fact is to spread the facts steadily.

Cai English = Sai Eibun
(Tsai Inwen).

I often see it on HUAWEI's advertisements and Twitter.

I haven't watched TV for the last 5-6 years.
I did not know! I'm surprised

Wuhan Virus (Chukyo Coronavirus)
The current situation that the epidemic is widespread throughout the world

The devil's hand of Chukyo is absolutely
I think it should be sober.
Nevertheless, TV Asahi
If the report was true, it would be too scary!

Let's erase all the recent Asahi

Since it is a special broadcasting station other than TV Tokyo

I want to press dozens of times, just like once 👍

TV Asahi
That's right, it's called TV Tokyo, TV Tokyo
"TV Tokyo" is also moderate.
Held at the Foreign Correspondents Association on June 4th

An important press conference for Japan!
About not broadcasting this
Call TV Tokyo

Why don't you broadcast such an important conference?
I have the freedom to not report to TV Tokyo if I hear that

Do you still praise "TV Tokyo"?
Existing Ma Su Go Mi is such a thing

If you have any questions, please watch the video at this URL
Call TV Tokyo directly and ask
Because I called TV Tokyo repeatedly, I pushed a low rating.

The news station is useless.

TV Asahi's parent company is Asahi Shimbun

I don't depend on TV.

Totally Public Security and America
I suppose it will be decided what to monitor

I'm not watching TV It fell to the point where it fell

TV Asahi, embarrassing

No matter how much... Chinese as much as you want
Anti-Japanese propaganda does not matter
Isn't it supposed to be approved on the 2nd floor?

Being back in China and South Korea
If the media lost the Japanese mind
It's natural coverage~

If there is an anti-spy law
Order to suspend media activity
Due to fear of dissolution order

Can you stop propaganda acts? maybe.

The limit of Abe? It might be good to replace Mr. Kono
If I make it to the left, I hope to continue the Abe administration.
I wonder what.

TV Asahi, please return the radio wave.

TV Asahi Owacon

Telobi Asahi So

No tele morning needed. I don't need a TV.

Please talk calmly.

Akahotai Shotgun in Tsukiji
Hold (00 bullets loaded), hold, DEATH

Terrorist red
It's a terrorist morning.
The Asahi Shimbun is from the 60's and 70's, D leather circles.
A lot of fighting spirits have joined the company
A first-class company cannot do it if it finds out.

The subsidiary Tele Asahi is hydrophilic both in black and white.
A big actress graduating from D is also a suspect
Japanese Headquarters of Confucius Academy Mawase D

Yanke as Makoto Sakurai said

I will stop watching TV Asahi in the future.

Don't buy the sponsor of the news station

This time, TV Asahi is sent to America.

I want to beat China.

Agnes Chou desperately
For the future of Hong Kong
Holding the flag of Hong Kong to bet on life

If you are Japanese, I would like to support your country.
A young oriental goddess is handed down to the Japanese

Throw words into the battlefield
I want to support my fighting spirit.

But TV Asahi! Former Japanese eyes
It's a tele morning that turns you away.

Disposable TV Asahi from South Korea or Chinese Communist
You guys have no pity? Indulge in Japan
News station.

Will you live in black? ..
Do you live in the flag of dark Chinese?
Asahi Shimbun!
"Television" isn't it?

Do not watch TV Asahi

I'm sorry again.

I live in the United States.
US-China problem at the time of American demonstration
Japan is always about Corona news.

Especially in the United States at the time of demonstration
All the people on TV all day long
Even on a day like a war, it's almost nailed

Not reported in Japan and easily
The post-event report ended the Japanese media.

Abandoned by the United States to China
I am afraid that Japan may be brainwashed.

To the politics of young college students
I also care about the lack of interest.

TV Asahi

Asahi, I scream "Asahi" On the contrary, they are advertising the Asahi name.

TV Korea Japan Branch

Who is the regular commentator of TV Asahi?

This case is huge in Taiwan.
Be grateful and respectful
I think Japanese people will feel uncomfortable.

Even those who only watch TV can see it.
Maybe you feel it?

The information society will eventually grow.
The time is coming when more articles
from other countries will be translated.
You won't be able to use your hands like they are now.

Japan firmly holds hands with Taiwan
In partnership with the United States
I have to pay the magic of China

Media is basically neutral.
At this point, it's no longer media! ..
Take down the media sign! ..

The Japanese government has put a lot of energy into it
It is necessary to think about protection

TV is a variety and drama
All you have to do is to drip only anime and movies.

Now is the time for the Taiwanese government to become the I think you should use your stance.

America and Japan
Not only forcibly involved
You can attach the world to your ally.

Thanks to a great man named Lee Tenghui
Democratic direct election of former continental people and islanders
It's possible

What is the history of the past?
Do you understand that you are the current head of state
Taiwanese Government and

In the form of a merger of the Taiwanese government
All you need is a stance
US Supreme Court Judgment

Have already won
The stance of the Taiwanese government
Can it be used by the Taiwanese government?

Then for America
Taiwan is under the occupation rule
I have asked the private government to act as a proxy.

Same as before Okinawa
It becomes a stance.

(After the Japanese federal territory of Taiwan
It's a process of joining the UN independently.
Returning to mainland Japan

It is said that it does not take a shape.

Even if you want to return to Japan
Correspondence is necessary.

Japan "Abandons Government" to Taiwan
Even assuming the San Francisco Treaty
The above has already been submitted to the US Supreme Court
I think that the achievements that have been acknowledged are great.

The United States will be even closer than it is now.
Japan... Once claimed to be Japanese territory
SDF may be in trouble, but

Which way should I support?

By the way, China 🇨🇳
The great flood and grasshoppers that are happening
It devours crops and is enormous
What is causing damage

Out of season heavy snow and hail damage,

Uighur Concentration Camp Problem
Intense human rights violations against Falun Gong people

Collision with India in the Galwan Valley
New bunyavirus outbreak

To the people of Hong Kong and
Japanese media including oppression
I haven't reported at all

I thought it was funny

Japanese media is already China 🇨🇳
I gave in to the pressure of the Communist Party

This is important international news.
Great epoch or NTD China 🇨🇳
Never give in to the Communist pressure and don't be afraid
A channel that tells the truth
Thanks to you I was able to know.

Corona is the only media in Japan.
I can't count on it at all
I understand

Now that the Communist Party and America may be in war
What's International News, especially 🇨🇳 China
Waking up and the world is China 🇨🇳

How are you facing the Communist Party?
I think it's incredibly important.
I want to know only by biased coverage
No information comes in.

TV Tokyo or TV Tokyo. You are attacking TV Tokyo.

I'm not watching the news anymore.

The enormous amount of Asahi Shimbun
I read through the process, but
Fake from the 1980s, fake
Concealment is a matter of course, the comfort women issue is

Serialized without any back-searching.
Is it the Japan-Korea newspaper?
Korea Daily/Central Daily? Was reported to.

From there, the issue of Korean comfort women emerged.
How much has Japan suffered?

Even so, there are still newspaper publishers.
It's funny, but it's a fictional
Responsible for fabrication, whole company building

Sell ​​it to the Japanese people (government treasury)
I want you to return it.
How annoying you
I am really angry even though I have no remorse at all.

"The hearty media"? Not for TV stations

May I warn you about the head office bombing? legal?

I have to hunt red

Before Asahi, Asahi Shimbun was prewar
Eroded by Comintern, fueling a live relay game
Initiating the war against the United States, and after the war as a red

Continuing to be a fan, and as a branch organization for Chukyo
It's an organization you've been working with, right?
What are you talking about now?

Same as Chukyo as "evil"
Good to make a decision.

This is an 8/12 commentary by Hideomi Tanaka.
Regular commentator first

"I want Taiwan to be self-restraint,"
I made a statement.
"Self-restraint of Yonechudai" as soon as you add it

I said,
Kyodo News for Monday
It seems to be the statement of Mr. Masakatsu Ota.

If this is true, I will involuntarily refrain from Taiwan.
After I said it, I rephrased it as "Self-restraint in the U.S. and China."

Can be taken as Honne just popped
Did it come out first?
I thought this was bad and rushed to correct it.

Joint communication could be done.

If Japanese media is healthy, from around 2005
Inhumane conduct of organ transplantation
Did you say that the situation being led by China is reported?

I attacked TV Asahi, but even dog Hk
I'm in trouble if you forget it.

Shooting over the Senkaku Islands and sending details to China
It's a wonderful thing that the SDF complains.
Only dog ​​Hk.

Well, it's just a rumor, but (laughs).
Well, the Japanese government is not normal either.
If I'm a senior government official, when I negotiate with China

Taiwan government or Falun hole learner leader
Say it as a messenger.

Even if you are a permanent director of
the United Nations, you must pass China.
Return the contributions you paid in the past...
Chukyo is not a victorious country.

Well, at least the existing major media is
Not suitable for Japanese people.
Those who get all unemployed
I think it's good.


Please raise Gamba more and more
I made a complaint to the news station.

I wonder if the sponsor is a C manager.

Calling a decent Japanese person
Collecting signatures and protesting
Call on this channel
Is it not possible?

[Reference] Addresses of Japanese media companies are listed.
NHK Broadcasting Center, 2-2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8001
Korea Broadcasting Corporation NHK East Building 710-C, 2-2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8001
Fuji Television 2-4-8 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 137-8088
Korean Culture Broadcasting (MBC) 18F, 2-4-8 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-0091
TBS TV, 5-3-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8006
Korea General TV NEWS 5-3-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0000, Japan
Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office 1-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8055, Japan
Korea Daily, 8th floor, 1-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-1004, Japan
Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Head Office 5-3-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8011, Japan
Toa Nippo 5-3-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Mainichi Newspaper Tokyo Head Office 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Tokyo 100-8051
Chosun Ilbo, 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Tokyo 100-0004 4F
Tokyo Shimbun, 2-3-13 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8010, Japan
Chunichi Shimbun Tokyo Head Office 2-3-13 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo 108-8010
South Korea Daily, 4th floor, 2-3-13 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8010