Taiwan crisis, not reported in Japan
China prepares for aggression

If you reach out to Taiwan
Rice is really silent
Will not be there

Japan and Taiwan
I have to be prepared
It will cause great damage

of the current Taiwan crisis Part of the big responsibility is

This in Japan

That awareness is now in the Japanese government
Is there from the world
Being asked

Taiwan crisis is the best in Taiwan
I think the problem is shallow

Taiwan and Okinawa are fighters
It is the radius of action and from the mainland ch
It's a short distance.

Leave Okinawa alone
Only Taiwan can be attacked
Not a position.

And the US-Japan military base is
There is

Japan is also with Britain, the United States, India and Australia
Protecting world peace
I want you to join us

Armed forces for defense

To the left, which speaks synonymously with war Not when pulled

In the rice section of overseas videos,
Only the voices of rising up from Japan

Japan should become a normal country

What the hell is the Japanese government doing
I'm doing

Even though the threat is imminent
Despite the peace blur
Congressmen are obviously unnecessary

Allies are at risk
Hand to the situation
I can't reach out
Embarrassing as a Japanese citizen

From the humanity that the Chinese Communist Party is doing
Far away
Absolutely the work of the devil
Don't forgive

To the international community
Because it doesn't become

Japan opposes China
As a democracy

Supporting Taiwan's independence
If you don't

The crisis in Taiwan is
There is also a crisis in Japan

Next is Japan's early constitutional amendment
Don't invade Japan too
Hokkaido is already
Half taken

In America and Japan
I wish I could defend

Or with China
Tough negotiate
I hope I can

Stupid politician
Just from either
It looks like it will be abandoned

Let's change the politician anyway

Taiwan is stronger than Hong Kong
Government spirit from Japan
I'm strong, so I won't give in to both of them

Invasion of Taiwan
Xi Jinping is
to the war I'm full of energy

Japan teams up with the United States
You have to do military defense
Let's establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan

If the Chinese Communist Party tries to attack
Missiles at the Three Gorges Dam
May be a sympathy

Taiwan is our Japanese
I'm my best friend

Chinese Communist Party in Taiwan
If you put your hand out
America will respond immediately

Japan also immediately revised Article 9 of the Constitution
Even if it is revised

Joined the Chinese Communist Party with Taiwan
I want to think about countering

For 75 years after the war
Article 9 revision of the Constitution
I couldn't do it, but

Finally at once
It's time to amend the constitution

The Japanese media is
Completely a Chinese servant
Did it become

Keidanren in Japan is
From your own country
Is profit important?

Japanese politicians
Rather than protecting the people
To my power
Do you cling to

War happens suddenly
That will be
later I realize it was

It ended in a melancholy
I want.
Friends in Taiwan
There are many benefactors.

Japan and Taiwan
It ’s a friendship between the people, but

The Japanese government is
Only sontaku
I can't get out of my parents

Pitiful pro-Chinese
There is a second floor
As long as

Standing position even after passing
Not clear
The Government of Japan

Prime Minister Abe cuts the second floor
I want you to take a step forward

Unless the Chinese Communist Party is crushed
Peace does not come

If the Chinese Communist Party attacks Taiwan
How about the Japanese government
Will it react?

I am very sorry.
Maybe it's just one word
It's possible for a stupid government

What is the Japanese government doing
An old soldier
in Taiwan I'm protecting it

Become a god now
Even though I'm protecting Taiwan
What is the Japanese government doing

It is
that protects Taiwan Only Taiwanese people
It's not

Become a god and make Taiwan
I have it

If you leave it alone
That means

If you leave God alone
That's what I mean, anger

Protecting Taiwan
God please Taiwan
Please protect

What is the Japanese government?
Support for Taiwan
Need to think
Isn't it

During the Tohoku earthquake
Supporting the most overseas
I got lost in Taiwan

There is also Article 9 of the Constitution, so even if you don't fight
China with America
You just have to intimidate

Send the Self-Defense Forces to the site
Keep your posture
I think it should be

Japan is sure to come after Taiwan
It is certain to be targeted
America Taiwan

Three countries in Japan
For the time being

Cooperating to protect Taiwan's death
Should be

Parliamentarians are non-billy
The Diet is closing during the summer vacation
Not the case

In an emergency in neighboring countries
It may be

About this time
I want you to be a useful country

The Chinese Communist Party was in good shape
Liberal Democratic Party

Pro-Chinese, Komeito Pro-Chinese
The responsibility of both opposition parties is great.

Supporters of them

How long will the Japanese government be
I'm lingering.

The most important best friend is
In such a stupid country
I'm about to be invaded.

Already, upstairs
Ishiba or Hotokeyo

Don't protect Taiwan now
When can I protect
Prime Minister Abe

Next to Taiwan is Okinawa.
Taiwan is for Japan

The front line against China is also
It's almost

Japan will soon be with Taiwan
Forming diplomatic relations and defending Taiwan

Should participate in
Isn't it

For that reason, the Abe administration
Immediately like the second floor or Ishiba

Removed the enthusiastic seller
I want you to change the constitution

Temporarily invaded Taiwan
Even if it is effectively controlled

The world won't allow it
Ruin the Chinese Communist Party
Become a detonator

However, Taiwanese are unhappy
Don't look at me
I want you to defend

When the Chinese Communist Party attacked Uighur
Japan didn't say anything

When the Chinese attacked Tibet
Japan didn't say anything

When the Chinese Communist Party attacked the South China Sea
Japan didn't say anything

When the Chinese Communist Party attacked Taiwan
Japan didn't say anything

When the Chinese Communist Party attacked Japan
Anyone will tell
People are gone

In the case of Japan, it depends on weapons
Less likely to be invaded

No weapons already used
Invasion is in progress

Use weapons to create a sense of crisis
Because it's worse to fan
Be careful, there are enemies around you

Japan must also think seriously
I'm coming when I can't
Isn't it a good idea?

It may be

After all, problems in other countries a
Melika is also her own country
It depends

Japan is also in the United States
Let's stop relying on

Make an army and your own
Protect the country by yourself
This is natural

Article 9 should be abolished
The idea of ​​a peaceful bokeh flower garden is
Let's stop

The world is not so sweet

Even if you look at history, the incident is
It happens on holidays

Japanese people are in Japan
I'm glad I didn't have it
Walking in Ginza

A group of idiots
And the market is
Crash on Monday
It's going to skyrocket

I'm Taiwanese, both
Don't give in
Be sure to protect the country even if you die
I am prepared.

Taiwan is always the Chinese Communist Party
I feel a threat
Your country from aggression
I'm trying to protect it.

GO TO somewhere
Bloodline for the campaign
Raised waist

For politicians
Even the dirt on the nails of President Tsai Ing-wen
I want to infuse and drink

Japan even owns
I can't protect it

Is Japan's Senkaku first?
Is Taiwan first?
That's right

Curse China

America, Taiwan soon
Nationally approved

Pro-Chinese within the LDP and
Both of the opposition people
I can't hear the voice against

Pro-Chinese in Japan, NHK
Kyodo News Mass Media

Keidanren and others are destined for the Chinese Communist Party
Will we be together?

Constitutional amendment in the Chinese Communist Party vs free category
I didn't make it in time
Is regrettable

Sino-Indian / South China, Taiwan Strait
Senkaku and
4 Tenchu ​​in front of you
If you let me eat
The Chinese Communist Party would have collapsed

Government of Japan, don't miss it

Taiwan hands in difficult times
He gave me
A good friend

China's Xi Jinping Once you start invading Taiwan

Really the world
The crisis is about to begin

Also, Japanese people
What to do

I don't know the government
I don't want you to do it
That is
It is the real intention.

Angry Devil

PLA to Taiwan
If you invade the United States

The cause of military action is
Xi Jinping of the can is
It's over.

Taiwan. Remote islands around Okinawa. Senkaku
Very dangerous

Against the U.S. military in Okinawa
Chinese Communist virus terrorism
It's started

Japan is the Chinese Communist Party, the United States so-called
Which liberal country will you be in?
Be prepared

It's time to come
If Taiwan progresses, the United States will

Direct decapitation operation in Beijing
May run

Japan is Taiwan's democracy
Can't you go to protect

Is it something that can't be managed?

In the first place, Taiwan is
Originally lived
The original Taiwanese are
I'm not Chinese

After that, he ruled
I'm not Chinese now

And Japan annexed
Also according to the treaty
Japan governs
I just discarded it

Returned to China now
Just discarded

So at the moment Taiwan is
Independent nation

The Japanese government does nothing
From now on

Drop pro-Chinese lawmakers in elections
Not just on the second floor

Japan and Taiwan are true brothers
Japan and Taiwan discuss immediately

Gentle until the Chinese Communist Party perishes
Should be a federal state.

Evacuation from Japan is another credit
Strategy to invade Taiwan

It sure seems to be done

After the invasion of Taiwan
It's the Senkaku

The country is destroyed and the Constitution of Japan remains
When the country is about to perish

I am particular about the left wing etc.
You won't have time

The first island chain including Taiwan is
I have to protect myself

Mainland Japan is also dangerous

Taiwan rides this crisis
It will exceed, but
Japan is over

A solid leader
I envy the country I am in

Japan first nationally recognized
I should do it

My mother was during the Greater East Asia War
In Kaohsiung, Taiwan
I lived

At that time, at Jinjo Elementary School
I went through
... apparently ...

By the way, her father is
I lived in Sakhalin

Her mother is Japanese
But when she was young, her family and
Relatives, school teachers and

Friends and Taiwanese people
Memories with loved ones
Raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

So including my mother
Taiwan is
for me too
Very important as in Japan
It's a country.

Now is the time for Japanese people
What is the soul
It's time to awaken.

Is it the final stage?

When the Chinese Communist Party collapses
Japanese politics too
It will change a lot

Be wary of America
Standby around Taiwan
I'm doing

In Japan
I won't report at all
If you attack Taiwan, the Japanese will be
Never forgive

Can Japan do nothing?
Because of Article 9

I'm Taiwanese
Japanese people
Thank you very much.

Sincerely thank.

The order of invasion of the Chinese Communist Party is Hong Kong
Paracel Islands
→ Taiwan → In Japan

The Japanese government is a crucial moment

Everything for Japanese companies
With your hands

Withdrawal from China even forcibly
Should let you

A world-class company
Toyota in China with electric car
I'm all in

think tank I seem to have it

About China risk
I wonder if I'm not researching

Somehow a flower garden think tank
It looks like

Taiwan is tomorrow's Japan
If that really happens

Also in the Three Gorges Dam
Let's issue 1 without waiting for the collapse

If China invades Taiwan
Indian troops invade China
It will be easier

Taiwan and India form an alliance
It's okay if you tie it

Together with the Japanese Senkaku
Isn't it good?

In the last news
People's Liberation Army

Internally the limits of socialism
There was a high-ranking official

Power struggle within the Chinese Communist Party
I'm awake and everything
Probably due to that

習近 Xiaoping to the downfall
I just hope that.

Let's go to the election for Japanese

Taiwan as soon as possible
I would like national approval.

Naturally if Taiwan is invaded
Japan must help

Taiwan's sovereignty is still
In Japan

If there is a war
Because there is Article 9 of the Constitution
I can't say

National life
Take action to protect the land

Isn't this common sense?

Due to the current domestic situation in China
Maintaining Kinpei's position

With a long-cherished wish
Only a certain Taiwan invasion recapture

There is no way to raise credit

There is a crisis in front of you
While approaching

Japanese people have 4 consecutive holidays
I'm amazed at playing

Completely Japanese are politics
Defense consciousness is destroyed
Being a par human
It's closed

Now the ultimate standing

Chinese Communist Party in Okinawa
The tip of the halberd is facing

The Japanese government is already over

Already swallowed together
Japan that has ended

The rest will be digested
Until you wait

Is this okay?

In the United States and three-legged race
Don't beat the Chinese Communist Party

The history of Japanese people is
It will be erased.

Japanese, look at me
Please wake up

Upstairs or Ishiba in the Diet
Other anti-Japanese, no traitor

You're in control

I don't have time
Immediately beheaded
Please bring it in

like this To the parliamentarians

It seems to be handed over together
When it comes to

Japan is not a Japanese country

Media news
I can't trust it at all

Very easy to understand
Sending news
Thank you very much.

Taiwan attacks Country C
If you do, the Three Gorges Dam
If you attack and destroy
It seems to be saying

Country C is bigger
Take damage
I think it's likely.

Impulsively in country K
I think I'll do it
Country C is that far
You're not stupid.

Taiwan, simultaneous invasion with Senkaku
There is a fear, but

At the same time as the start of the war, the Chinese Communist Party will be defeated
The Chinese Communist Party is finally collapsing.

coming soon Taiwan national approval

It's becoming more realistic
Finally in the four-sided battle of Gaixia

Only the invasion of Taiwan is available
The idea is

That's right
They are not stupid

Probably self-destructing
I can't read the scenario
I don't think it's a translation

If you decide to invade,
I don't have a big head

That is also exposed
Chinese Communist Party for a peaceful solution
If it doesn't change

If you accept the result,
That's why

Manga and movie stories
Something this

The current flood problem is
I don't even have to degas
I think it's a level misery

I don't think Taiwan is a whole

Foreigners who move with blood and money
You shouldn't be overconfident

Now I'm in America for profit and loss
Just attached

Make China a monster
I did

After the Tiananmen Square Incident
Japan is the emperor
Taking the initiative in visiting China
Because I went

With daily news
Liberal Democratic Party members during the Diet
Playing games and reading
It came out.

Such a crisis
I don't care

If Japan is true
Even in an alliance with Taiwan
It's not strange

If you think normally
Geopolitically, the nation-state
From good friendship

Invasion of Taiwan is impossible
America and the world

Don't forgive me

for Xi Jinping Single bump on the eyes

There are two places.

Japan approves Taiwan
Should be.

Invasion of Taiwan is impossible
I think.

The army diverts equipment
I'm doing it, so actually
There are no weapons or ammunition.

What is sloppy, madness
Let's cut the edge.

Dating with this country
And dating Taiwan
You should think about which is better

Even if it
Even if Japan's national interest is damaged

Not permanent

In the Chinese Communist Party, Japan
If you can't cut it, look at your feet
You can do whatever you want.

To spies and politicians
Work, invasion of the Senkaku, etc.
No time to enumerate

Even if you do business in China
Bringing out funds from China

It doesn't make sense if you can't
Cheap imports are no longer

Can be purchased from Asian countries

Xi Jinping is cornered
I'm going to invade Taiwan

China is ridiculous
I feel like I'm not decent

Hey greedy
I'm really angry.

How to use the PLA
I'm wrong

Not an invasion
Dealing with flood damage
Chinese Communist Party

Chinese Communist Party
Blast yourself and from foreign enemies
It's called an attack of
I'm worried about it.

The territory was occupied by a neighboring country

Some countries are stupid
You should be careful

Although there is an invasion of Taiwan
I think Okinawa is even worse.

Thank you so much.
Taiwan is America

Although there is help,

The spirit of protecting your own country
It's amazing.

Invasion of Taiwan is risky
So let's make it the Senkaku Islands

What if
What are you going to do in Japan

Japan is the first
I have to help

Get help
Don't go to help
There is no such humiliation pain

The response of the Japanese government is
It's going to be difficult

Take this opportunity
Japan must be hungry too
Japanese pro-Chinese for playing cards

Members of the Diet and various groups
I want you to do a big cleaning.

Sadly, in the current election system
Choices for Japanese people
Too bad.

Trump rushes to Taiwan
I want you to attack
Isn't it

At least with the Chinese Communist Party
When it comes to war, the Democratic Party

Unity, regardless of Republican Party

It is America to do.

I can't afford to lose
Presidential approval rating

Because it gets messy
If it was this time
Re-election will be certain.

Great as always
No terrestrial broadcasting required.

What is Japan doing
If you kill Taiwan
The Abe administration is over

Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers surrounding Abe
Only pro-Chinese
I can't expect it anymore.

Japan defends itself
Strengthen and support Taiwan

Do not allow dispatch to China
Should be done.

Spratly Islands in the South China Sea
With the Chinese Communist Army

The blockade of the Taiwan Strait
It has been whispered for a long time.

And the Taiwan Strait
If you move to the blockade, the Senkaku Islands will also be

To the occupation of the Chinese Communist Army
Expected to sortie.

America is now armed
With a determination to keep up with the conflict
It's moving

How much the Japanese government is
Analyze the situation and take political action

It is unclear whether it will be taken.
I want you to be firm
Abe administration

Mainland China Communist Party
If you invade Taiwan

Continue to Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku
Honshu, Hokkaido
I plan to invade

If China attacks
You should aim for the Three Gorges first

The sacrifice is for you
Japan will also be
if nationally approved Easy to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan

How bad is the Chinese Communist Party
You'll stretch your tentacles
Even Taiwan

the Chinese Communist Party before it is executed I have to hit

Even the world is threatened.
Good luck, don't lose to Taiwan

The Three Gorges Dam is about to collapse
So provoke with tricks

Let the other party break
It ’s a tactic.

There is a person upstairs
As long as Japan does not allow
The government does not say
I wonder

Does Japan do nothing?
Is it just regret?
Weak waist and pitiful

Medium sacrifice with minimal sacrifice
Pray for collapse
I can only do it.

The dictatorship is all
While having power
Take all responsibility

Corona, Hong Kong, Flood
Invasion of Taiwan in addition to Sino-US relations

Complete up to
Is there power?

USA / Japan / Taiwan
With Australia, UK, EU, etc.

Cooperatively compete with the Chinese Communist Party
You have to do

The current Kimpe is
I'm being cornered
I don't know what to do from

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet
Uighur in US-China conflict

Also began to claim territory.

Bhutan has no army
It's a small country.

The eyes are on the US-China conflict
Inside, when it's scratched

The Chinese Communist Party must be destroyed.

Simply, the Self-Defense Forces
Logistics support of the US military
Will just do.

It is the exercise of the right of collective self-defense.

Temporarily the Japanese government is collective
I have to exercise my right of self-defense

The administration that decided is
It will be crushed

Forbes says
Beijing and
with state-of-the-art missiles Counterattacking Shanghai is
It's a perfectly correct strategy.

Japan also goes to Senkaku on China
If there is land, the same strategy

Don't become

Defense and counterattack at the same time
I have to do it.

Paper Tiger
Such for the PLA
The strategy that deviated
Can you do it?

This time is different from before

U.S. military with Taiwan side
I will participate in the war.

For that reason, the carrier strike group
Three are arranged
That's why.

And the PLA
Soldiers like they used to be

Waste like a nose paper
Human wave tactics cannot be used.

And the best leader is
It looks like it's hiding in the clouds
I don't think there is any uplifting national prestige.

An unprecedented flood
Even though I'm awake,

Meaning like a leader
Even if you don't have it
Even visiting and consoling
I haven't done it.

Taiwan refueling

This is not another person's affair
I know things very well

Japan is in the United States
Should follow

This is for Japan
The most important case.

Japanese politicians
Firmly do this

Things to keep in mind
I believe it's something you know

The last
for me Only for scratching
I can't see it

In the South China Sea off Taiwan
4 US and British aircraft carriers
It is expanding.

Since last year, the internet and future people
Even in the story from
The country is gone
What did you say

Soviet Union disappears Russia + etc
I wonder what it feels like

It looks like it will become a reality
Personally very
I'm happy.

I've been a mass murder
A historic socialist country

Is liquidated once
Should be done

That's it too deep
Finish the account from the business
I don't know
I think so

The biggest news of the year
Although it is reported in Europe and the United States,
In Japan at all
Not reported.

Japanese people use this information
for aught I know.

The war is about to begin
Though it seems likely

Japanese TV is Corona
The number of infected people is increasing dramatically
It's just that.

Only now is the time to crush China
Hong Kong, Taiwan, Senkaku
Taken over in the order of Okinawa

His Excellency Hiroshi Nemoto of Kinmen Island
If you don't call me, the war god will come back

If there is only one god
If you give me the ability

Axis of Evil and
The supporter in an instant
Will it be planted on this earth

I want the ability to erase from.

If it can be planted
The earth is a little

Be clean
Don't be afraid to comment.

At the order of the government,
of the 5 War Zones Radiation to a large hospital

Protective clothing Medical preparation
I say I instructed.

Is it in Taiwan?
Is it in America?
The devil's dictator is

What do you want to do?
I'm worried

What should Japan do
Let's decide

Make a large number of atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs
Make a super-toxic bacterial virus

China 7 and Xi Jinping are the
Hit all at once for the place
You just have to put it in.

This story is impossible
Do you want to make the world an enemy?
If true
I'm a big idiot

Another, India
Attack near the border
I think.

2F and other pro-Chinese members
Like Torii Suneemon

Salted on Kinmen Island
It should be shown.

To the PLA that is advancing
If you are shot
They too will be eager.

A valuable source of information.

Senkaku than that
I think it ends with regret.

U.S. military base in Taiwan
You should leave it.

Show Japanese attitude
The time has come.

If you make a mistake in an important situation
It will lead to everything in the future

Be prepared and make a decision

How about Korea at that time? I wonder if it will come out

Hong Kong people as Japanese
If it's English to help

Japan helps Taiwan.
There is no sovereignty, but internationally
Japanese territory.

If it becomes the target of exclusive defense
The Japanese government is properly
Should correspond.

First of all, not Taiwan.
Japan enters the Senkaku Islands

Chinese ship from one side Pashi et al.
If you catch and resist
Attack and turn it into seaweed waste

How China will come out
Let's see

This is also a warning to South Korea
There is!

Bringing Japan's seriousness to the world
It's interesting to show

Starting with America
How do countries around the world see it?

That country, that only
I can afford the flood

I'm better than Taiwan
Aiming at the Senkaku Islands
I think it will come.

Long-sought expansion into the open ocean

With the Chinese Communist Government without saying China
please tell me.

The US government is also with China
Divide the Chinese Communist Party
thinking about. Regards

When Taiwan and China collide by force
American sky, navy comes out
I think it will come

At that time, Japan became a refueling base
Will it be?

Mr. Abe and Mr. Trump are
Simulation to that extent
You're doing it

Japan also amends its constitution soon
If you don't, the Senkaku will be taken
It's too late, isn't it?

Bipartisan Hong Kong
America trying to protect Taiwan

If that happens, the Chinese Communist Party will commit suicide

Crushing the Chinese Communist Army in the United States
Just give a chance
It doesn't make any sense

I don't understand
Low degree of people

America unmanned aerial vehicle
Did I forget to skip it?

Same for Senkaku
Operation decapitation is really
Don't be implemented

Taiwan is like Hong Kong
I'm out of freedom
I wonder if it will end up

Tsai Ing-wen, do your best

The Chinese Communist Party is certainly crazy
I'm there, but I'm sorry
Will it invade Taiwan?

If you do that
Full Bocco in America
120% sure to be

That is, the end of the Chinese Communist Party
Because it will be greeted

After all Sino-Japanese journalist exchange
Is it the influence of the agreement?

Old media is
It really damages the national interest.

Thank you for your valuable information
Thank you.

America is wonderful.

In such a case, the ruling and opposition parties
You're united together
Japan is pathetic

Always the world situation
Please tell me
Thank you very much.

Japanese TV media
It won't be.

Weak to China like now
If Abe politics continues
The Senkaku is really gone

Relying on America
should not be done.

Hong Kong as it was taken
Ikan Ikan
Only regrettable guns.

Japan has a kaku

For Taiwan and the people
Japan is independent

Japanese media
You should think about how to crush it
Isn't it early?
I'm practicing in the South China Sea
Is it because?

Consulate closure already
It's a declaration of war.

Invading Taiwan
Taiwan Army

The United States of America
Australia, India

The Philippine Army also participated
I may fight.

Logistics support for the Japanese army

have a narrow perspective.

The moment the progress begins
Arrest of Japanese in the continent and Hong Kong
Asset forfeiture begins.

How the business world sees it.

Already in anticipation of SWIFT policy
Far from money if it doesn't move

The number of hostages increases in large numbers

From now on, personal responsibility is also
I wonder if I can ask

War is not good, but
I want to see the US-Japan Allied Forces

Half of the members of parliament are
Because I'm in Japan
It's closer to China
Media too

Previously Naruka-san
As soon as the advance to Taiwan begins

Shooting into the Three Gorges Dam
Yong who was saying
If the dam collapses
The core of Wuhan was submerged

The Japanese government supports China

It must be completely de-China

America to Japan
I'm confused

Hong Kong Uighur Human Rights Issues

Now is the time
If you don't fight
About 4 or 5 years later

For the future of Japan
Will be
It's scary

Japan lands in China
I'm worried about buying more and more

The government doesn't see
Don't pretend to land

I can't get it back to Japanese things
Is it

It's a quiet aggression, isn't it?
The government and the media are all
Close to China 🇨🇳

Residents and agents
It's because it's mixed in.

Finally Taiwan
National approval

For world peace
You can see the correct state
The day is coming.

Right next to Taiwan
There is Ishigaki Island, but

Japan still has Article 9 of the Constitution
It's important

If you have this
for world peace
For all kinds of viruses
It works
I'm convinced.

Well, military geopolitics
I have to learn the viewpoint

With such political tone deafness
It is said to be stupid.

To the pro-Chinese of the LDP
Instructions from the Chinese Communist Party
I wonder.

It's pretty quiet.

When the Chinese Communist Party's self-destruction comes
As you can imagine,

as soon as possible
that Xi Jinping will be tried as I hope for things.

The US Congress is amazing
The opinion of spies in Japan is

Missiles at the Three Gorges Dam
If you type in, the Chinese people will be
It will be halved.

From the anti-war mood to the Chinese Communist Party
There can be a civil war

of the Three Gorges Dam I want the attack to be the last resort.

Even if you just leave it alone
It seems to break, but

Deadly regrettable gun and don't see
It's a swing

Finally China
It's time to crush it

Last night's TBS program
New information 7days
With a newscaster

Heavy rains & floods in China,
Broadcast the contents of the Three Gorges Dam
An unnatural commercial when I was doing
There was an interrupt, but

Chinese embassy and Chinese relations
A complaint from the institution
Did you forcibly put in a commercial?

Even if there is usually a mistake
The following video after opening the commercial
I think it will flow, but there is no

Azumi Anna was also a little upset
I apologized for the feeling, but

China has a Japanese program
I wonder if it's censored

In case of emergency
I'm going fishing.

This episode
Do you know

Former Imperial Japanese Army soldiers
I went to help Taiwan
It's an episode.

Because China is a mother-in-law
Let's beat it together

Japan also beats China
I'll colonize China

Japan also nationally recognizes Taiwan
Aligned with the United States

Japan is also in the crisis that is there now
Should be prepared

Even under this situation
Is Japan a flower garden?

Japanese media is totally
I won't report it, but

That ⒊11 and Kyushu
Northern heavy rain disaster
Regarding this corona

How much help
Did you postpone it?
Think twice.

Japan also protects Taiwan.
Become a volunteer.
Good luck Taiwan

Is it a naval battle with a nuclear power?
To say brave things

Good but with nuclear submarine
After having a hydrogen bomb
unilaterally I wonder if it will end after being struck

Japan is the bad part of China
I don't report

Secretly tied after the war

Sino-Japanese Journalist Exchange Agreement
Because it was tied.

The content is bad in China
I have to give information
It has been.

Sino-Japanese Journalist Exchange Agreement abolished
Let's appeal

in the one-child policy era PLA is in front of the enemy
I'll run away

Japan is also an Aegis ship
Support with submarines and fighters
Head to

Well it's impossible, but
Like the second floor

Pro-Chinese politicians rot
I'm untied

Until a while ago
Yesterday Tibet Today Hong Kong

Tomorrow's Taiwan, the day after tomorrow's Japan
It was yesterday's Hong Kong

Today's Taiwan, tomorrow's Japan
Is becoming

Taiwan Freedom and Democracy
Do your best to protect

If China attacks Taiwan
Taiwan over the Three Gorges Dam
Will attack missiles

Missile at the Three Gorges Dam
I wonder if I will attack
I was thinking

Missile attack on Beijing Shanghai
There seems to be a grudge.

Sino-Japanese Journalist Exchange Agreement
Because there is something like

Such an important thing
You don't report it.

for what Is it media?

Ignore Article 9 of the Constitution
Will you fight?

This is the tension situation
It used to be

Manchurian Incident
Which is the trigger?
I wonder if it will be made

I want to see the blood flowing
I don't have it so far
I feel like I'm coming.

Logistics support if you attack Taiwan
Pearl Okinawa to prevent
It looks like a harbor

If geopolitical
Taiwan is a key point
If invaded

Japan is also worried about aggression
To see is under the current constitution
Is better than seeing the fire

it is obvious.

Forever self-interest
Not covered
Now is the time for the Japanese government

National interest is the highest priority and
Should be dealt with at the risk of life

The Taiwanese authorities are at the forefront of defense
It is Kinmen Island in Fujian Province.

Chinese Communist Party during the Chinese Civil War
Why capture Kinmen Island

If you think about what you couldn't do
There is a hint

When it is hidden
I am thinking.

Why is the Japanese media
I can't report I can't report
Is it also pressure?
Is Japan okay?

So early Japan is
Landfill the Senkaku
I have to build a U.S. military base
Don't become

Then Japan will be
In the economic crisis
I will fall into it, but
It can't be helped

The people endure
I have to contribute.

China wages war
I'll self-destruct

習近 Xiaoping better to stall the
It's early

President Tsai Ing-wen 🇨🇳 Chinese Communist Party
If you attack

The world does not allow
The Self-Defense Forces are Taiwanese
I will pretend to fight

If invaded, it will be in the Three Gorges Dam
When you hit a missile
Taiwan should declare.

Towards the Three Gorges Dam
Missile launch
One of the options and
It is said.

One missile in Taiwan
Will shoot into the Three Gorges Dam

Then to the Chinese people

Xi Jinping is
the national You are in danger.

The Chinese Communist Party is always
I'm so strong, but

Missiles at the Three Gorges Dam
If you are shot
It's not over
Is it

Loft is
in this situation It looks like opening a store in Shanghai

I feel a little like myself
It looks different

But if the Chinese Communist Party
If you invade Taiwan,
the United States
The siege of the western world is in the center
Rapidly built, China

The world's repellent
It is disadvantageous to China

The Chinese Communist Party thinks
Isn't it?

The water supply of Kinmen Island is from the mainland
It is sent by pipe.

Desalination of seawater on Kinmen Island
I have to build a plant

Kinmen Island dies.

Kinmen Island water supply is dangerous
I thought, but the people of Kinmen Island also
I was delighted.

Japan can support
I wonder if there is

No one forgives
No one will invade.

Kuwait, Iraq
Same scheme as the invasion
Iraq is miserable
I saw the ending.

If that happens, America
Overjoyed, flying to the fire
Entering summer bugs. Golden bug.

Xi Jinping is
to survive What kind of cowardice
I think I'll do something brutal

We protect Taiwan
I want to stand by my side.

Nuclear weapons in Taiwan
I want to give it as a gift.

Taiwan is the Three Gorges Dam
If you destroy it, it's OK to Shanghai
Can be submerged

Japan was also during World War II
To destroy the Panama Canal

For submarine attack
I plan to go
But at the end of the war
It was canceled.

President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwanese
Good luck, freedom and peace
The respected Japanese people are
With Taiwan.

The beginning of the end.
Execution is in front of Beidaihe

Taiwan's ultimate weapon is
Sankyo Dam
Targeted missile

Work in Taiwan
Thank you
Because people live

That such misfortune does not occur
I hope.

For domestic degassing
Senkaku and Okinotorishima are

I think it's low risk
it might be.

Protect Taiwan, Japan's friend

Missile attack on the Three Gorges Dam

I fell into a four-sided battle of Gaixia
Runaway or
of Xi Jinping
How major mass waste should be
I have a question.

Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi used to be
Let's proceed with mass waste reform
It seems that it was

I agree with you now
There are many people

NHK and 4 major newspapers
I'm angry with the Tokyo flagship

Taiwan and the United States. Japan is
Do you not express your intention?

If it is a Japan-US alliance, Japan and Taiwan will also be
Not an alliance

Even though it is a pro-Japanese nation,

Mr. Abe Mr. Kono
Already good
Please indicate your intention

I think Taiwan will be saved.

Because the United States
I'm aiming for the collapse of China's strategy

If China can't drop Taiwan
One country is connected to the United States
It will be saved if you strengthen yourself

And this is the fundamental
It will be the collapse of China's strategy.

The collapse of China's strategy is
The collapse of the Chinese Communist Party
Directly connected to

Both Taiwan and Japan survive
Destiny depends on America

But the nuclear powers are
There is no reason to have a war dispute

The answer is out

Both Taiwan and Japan are nuclear powers
There is no choice but to become

Taiwan will be attacked by China
Beijing and Shanghai with missiles

You say you're aiming, but
I think I'm aiming for the Three Gorges Dam.

Then China will be destroyed.

India also missiles at the dam
I am making it possible to fire
... apparently ...

Did you hear Nikai-san?

Glory to Taiwan
China's internal party dispute
I pray for what happens

Taiwan and the Senkaku Islands
It is a relationship that cannot be cut even if it is cut.

Even if the child looks at the map
The location of the Senkaku Islands is
You can't think of it as China.

As the Chinese Communist Party
Taiwan has its own territory

of the Senkaku Islands It is a territorial claim.

In that sense,
to both regions When intimidation is going on at the same time
You know.

I can't think of anyone else
It's a situation!

Useful in the international community
To be present

Japan is free to arm
To be able to move
I have to do it.

70 years after the war, the world
The situation is completely
It has changed.

Not the Senkaku
Maybe I'll aim suddenly.

That governor is also a parent
It seems.

Government of Japan Magomago
I can't do it
Movement is too slow

I want the national approval law to be realized

Even if the Senkaku Islands are occupied
Regrettably in protest
It looks like it's done

Takeshima in an inferior country
It is occupied.

Persistently on the Senkaku
It's also related to coming
I feel like an ant.

Japanese people
to protect their own country Constitutional amendment provides exclusive defense

Maybe I'm reluctant to make excuses
I don't know

Even after the Great East Japan Earthquake
The first person to support me
To help Taiwan

Easy to take a step
I wonder

Protecting the Senkaku is the most important thing, but
to proceed with constitutional amendment The main topic is
I think there is.

Unknown nationality in the Taiwan Strait
I'm playing a submarine
I wonder if I can get it

Of course why torpedoes
Things of unknown destination

Is the war finally outbreak?

Okinawa U.S. military base
Difficult to move due to corona turmoil
Is it dangerous now?

If China is cornered
Let's aim directly at the continental United States
Let's form an alliance with Russia

If you do it,
China out yaro

In Japanese news
Since it is often not reported,

BS World News
I'm watching.

NHK in Japan a little more
I want you to report.

I'm operating
I think.

Next to Hong Kong National Security Law
Is it Taiwan?

Taiwan military training the other day
You were doing it.

And now America
Two aircraft carriers head for Nansha
You're right.

Locally fire eyes
Will you see it?

For Japan
Taiwan is the closest country

Moreover, the most reliable country

Taiwan's invasion is a war
Can be a trigger

I think you know
How about

This kind of information is available in Japan
The media will not be picked up
It's over

I have a simple question.
If China invades Taiwan
The UN forces do nothing
Is it

Because there was a story about Taiwan
When layered on Japan, Okinawa and

The islands around the Japanese archipelago
You will invade.

About 30 cruises to the Three Gorges Dam
If you shoot a missile
Isn't it good?

Already tremendous water pressure
I'll die because it's hanging
Chinese Communist Party regrets
That would be the case.

Why are Tokutei guys
When it becomes painful

Trying to make enemies in all directions
Do a bad move

Without corona
On the day of the Olympics

When invading
I saw it in another video
Exactly today

To manned areas in this era
Large-scale landing operation
I wonder if it can be done

If bombing or missile attacks
If you do something,
all over the world
Full Bocco in retaliation from the country
It's a nuclear war if it's messed up

Knowledge of modern military strategy
Because I'm a sparse amateur
I can't say anything, but

Certainly in Penghu Islands
Rather than the possibility of the Senkaku
May be expensive

Don't talk about the civil war
I can take a stance

War is usually
Impossible, but

Now the normal world situation
Is no longer
I don't know what will happen

Two U.S. Strike Fleets have been dispatched

Xi Jinping
Before becoming the emperor of the world
Being the emperor of the world
A man hated by the West

After all, the world is the enemy
I have turned it.

Without corona
During the Olympics
Attacking Taiwan

It was clear that.

Now is the time for Taiwanese people
We have to create a government

In America
I admitted it.

America, including the president
Taiwan should be saved as a nation
There is an obligation.

America in this situation
If you take action against the enemy

US military intervention
On the contrary, towards the destruction of China

Will make a serious attack.

There are 3 aircraft carriers around
Can't you see what you're doing

And since the corona turmoil
The situation where the whole world is hostile
North Korea is also in the process of separation

Moon Jae-in's Han 〇 only pro-Chinese

not changed 挿Ge the Xi Jinping As far as America is China

It is a countdown state to attack the military

British aircraft carriers too
It's about time around the Sea of ​​Japan

I pray that China is not stupid

Skirmish is
It will start.

Xi Jinping also spurious
I can't even afford it

Trump also before the election
I said I wanted to do something
It will be a place.

Timing of gimmicks
I think.

Japan is a little more
Children and
in the future Thinking about the future

Take care of the present
I want you to act.

In the United States and the United Kingdom
The person who was working

Frequently used words
To make a mistake in pronunciation
I can't believe it

Japan has h2 and epsilon
Epsilon is a solid fuel

You can also aim at the Three Gorges Dam.

H2 tons of substances
Can be dropped in Beijing.

How many epsilons
Even if you have it hidden
Don't be surprised
Should have

If you are aiming for the Senkaku
Naturally Taiwan will also be targeted

Important for Japan
I think it's a crisis, so Japan too
Let's support Taiwan.

Don't be occupied by both
Do your best for the Taiwanese army
I want it.

Japanese politicians
I'm in love with you

Whitening is progressing

Well, for 75 years after the war
Don't have your own military
It's the result of peace blurring

U.S. Army Self-Defense Forces in Naha

To Taiwan to break the flow line
Senkaku when you reach out.
Ishigaki Island Isn't it suppressed?

How to get to the Taiwan Islands
Do you invade?

In the case of the Senkaku, a camouflaged fishing boat is
Landing on the Senkaku and staying there

Okinotorishima by large ship
Riding up
It's been said

Taiwanese soldiers are Kuomintang
I heard that there are many

in it That there are no spies
I hope.

Good luck in Taiwan,
Japan is early
Constitutional amendment

Even if China threatens neighboring countries
Danger on the US mainland

It doesn't reach

Rice is seriously involved with China
It is delicate whether to fight

Rather, Japan's nuclear possession
Proceeding seems to be more effective against China

Taiwan is an important friend

Taiwan is not China

Japan also has Taiwan as a country
Authenticate and establish diplomatic relations

After that,
near the Senkaku Let's jointly develop

Currently, both of them are sontaku
Japanese media
Do not give information properly

Japan will be taken by the Senkaku.
And I want you to wake up.

Taiwan is tense
I did not know.

U.S. Consulate Closure
Movement is irrelevant
It doesn't look like it.

If Japan also makes a mistake
A fishing boat was captured in the Senkaku
You may be taken hostage

In addition, there are agents in Japan

at the time of the Tungchow mutiny case
Japanese are slaughtered like
The possibility cannot be denied.

The government correctly informs the people of the current situation
To be able to judge

Sending information
I want you to be proactive.

You're not using force right now

If you do that
America is happy
I will fly to Taiwan for support

This time, each country in China

Divide and rule or independence in each region
Don't let me

Or the Taiwanese government
To be managed

Without America
Communist in China, including Japan
How to invade

Pro-Chinese selling country
Opposition to immigration policy promotion

Xi Jinping is, of fascism
Gongen, anachronism

Or rather, it's just crazy
I can't say

The world is China
You were sontaku.

There won't be a US-China war, but
The polar battle is imminent.

Japan's nuclear weapons
Wolf 藉 Gorotsuki
of the neighboring country Invasion as a check
It will be very useful.

People screaming anti-nuclear
The representative member is
If you are on your side in China
You can think about it

Especially with opposition lawmakers in parliament
Ruling party parliamentary training group

Taiwan is fine even in a small country
The attitude is different.

If small in Taiwan territory
If an armed conflict occurs
The U.S. military will enter the war immediately

Front to the Spratly Islands
Will expand

Logistics support in Japan
The Chinese Communist Party is also participating in the U.S. military

I want to avoid it, so I'm barely right now
Looking for

If Taiwan strikes back
The corrupt PLA
I wonder if I will fight for the Chinese Communist Party

Chinese Communist Party invasion of Taiwan
The Chinese Communist Party will go bankrupt

No matter what happens in Japan
You should protect Taiwan.

Talk to America
First strike against Beijing, right?

I will protect China's sovereignty, but
CCP is not allowed

People's Liberation Army executives
You know people
This one comes with America
I'm sorry

Playing cards and
for the last few days Pompeo's statement of intention
The intention is

Re-approved Taiwan as a nation

To the current Beijing Communist Party administration
As an alternative
in Taiwan
For the administration ability of VIPs
I'm expecting it
about it.

Actual battles such as the PLA
An incompetent person with no experience.

Many weapons are on the sand
It's just a tower.
let's do our best.

The other party is a country that is extremely selfish
Most sanctions
do not stop.

An iron mallet with the United States and the United Kingdom

Taiwan's Hankou military exercise
By doing it every year
In a special case
It seems that there is no

Toyota is America
From Europe to India, United Kingdom
May be locked out from all over the world

Of course the Japanese are also
I don't have a Toyota car.

Used by national thief China
Technology is taken
It will be garbage.

Toyota also cracks down on Uighurs
When you have a kidney machine

It's a big mistake to remain

Toyota has recently become a dictatorship
A company that seems to be

During the Vietnam War
I think Okinawa will sink
Goods were brought to Okinawa.

Having lived in Okinawa
There is, but what is Taiwan?
Located at the tip of your eyes and nose
More than people on the mainland think

Keeping the war close to you
The people of Okinawa who feel it.

From the U.S. military practice field to the south
Sometimes bullets fly
It was a problem.

There are always various gatherings
At university etc.

As a general citizen every week
I was participating.

Distract the domestic eyes
Sacrifice Taiwan for the purpose.

The people pay close attention to the conflict
Taiwan and the United States are real
Become an enemy

National sentiment during battle
Unite and support the party

There is little information and it is biased
Because the people are
I'm just going to be fooled.

Involving the world with the death devil
It looks scary

China is always
I am thinking of advancing to Taiwan.

Of course there is a scenario
Not just one
Prepare many
You're doing

How to govern after that
I am also thinking.

Absolutely not allowed

China is America
Quickly in a hurry to act

in neighboring Taiwan I want to steal a weapon

China is tattered.
But be vigilant
It doesn't become.

Always have nuclear weapons
Will be crowded.

Cracked in China
I hope to fight.

India and Russia
Do not cross the border on the other side

Japan has a quick and clear attitude
I have to.

If you don't have either,
Despised by the world
Far from the spirituality of the samurai

If Taiwan falls
Next is Japan.

Taiwan is important to Japan
Even though it is in Japanophilia

Will the government betray again?

I have to change the law soon
It's no good

How much peace bokeh
I wonder if it will be printed

The government is
here I can't protect the people either.

All right Taiwan has wisdom

Taiwan's independent state recognition is
Brainwashing that can't do anything
It is the wish of the Japanese people.

How Much People Are in the Chinese Communist Party
It should attack even if it dies.

Destroy the Three Gorges Dam
I have to do
I don't think it will break.

Amendment of Article 9 of the Constitution
U.S. government pressure
If there is, it is easy to decide

Nuclear missile equipment is
Limited to US military bases
There are rumors that
I don't expect

Since the world is denuclearized, the parliament is also
For American warships, etc.
Don't equip it

Directed to all over Japan

2000 nuclear missiles
Right of collective self-defense

Even if you have individual self-defense rights
I can't deal with it

It is launched and falls in 10 minutes
Only in Okinawa
You shouldn't think

If it's just Aegis now
Only about 20% can be dropped

Country c is with the United States
Nuclear war if there is an armed conflict
Declaring that

So I decided to amend the constitution immediately
Tomitake supercomputer to the Self-Defense Forces
Need to equip

Tomitake supercomputer is an enemy
Decoding satellites and military power
Can be incapacitated

Japan is special to Taiwan
Make individual laws

So that we can have diplomatic relations
Maybe I should make a law
It may be.

Is it the blockade of the Taiwan Strait?

U.S. Navy Freegate
Wait off the coast of Taiwan.

Governor of Okinawa says nothing
Isn't it a citizen of the prefecture?

Accepting evacuation of Taiwanese refugees

Dividing the good old soul of Japan
I want to protect Taiwan.
I hope for a constitutional amendment.

China has sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands
Some Japanese ships are
Don't invade
It is
that is restraining
Need for invasion of Taiwan
Maybe because there is.

Eventually Taiwan
In the Senkaku Islands, China is at once
I wonder if it will dominate.

Such as Japan
Don't let
I want you to do it.

People's dissatisfaction is about to explode
When it becomes, to vent the gas

Criticism of the government in Taiwan advance
I might try to dodge it.

This is American
depending on how it goes It could be a military conflict
I wonder.

of my economic policy With degassing of failure

I can't stand it if it's invaded

Xi Jinping is
far Unlike the general secretary, he is crazy
Looks like I'm lost

If the middle rebound is wired
Japanese masgomi
I wonder if I've been living for half a day

There is Mr. Trump
We can't touch

Invasion if power is sold

Invasion if the opponent is seen as weak
This is the traditional method

The Senkaku Islands in front of Taiwan
One island is taken
I'm watching.

After that, Taiwan
Can you protect the Senkaku Islands?
Somehow it depends

Japan officially
Taiwan Not recognized as a nation

Effective treaty with China
When tying

Officially Taiwan
I denied it.

Early devilish Chinese Communist eradication rice
I want you to do a medium war.

In the invasion of the Senkaku, the Three Gorges Dam
With a Self-Defense Forces missile
I want you to retaliate for destruction.

Pompeo talks about the Senkaku
After all it was Taiwan defense
It is considered to be a stepping stone to

Even in Taiwan, in Kinmen Island
Action of the same method as Senkaku

It's worse than the Senkaku, but
It seems that it has been done.

Japan also has the most defense costs
Increase to the Chinese Communist Party
If you don't show the threat

And eliminate Article 9 of the Constitution.

Senkaku Islands or Taiwan
When China first strikes

At the same time, US military base in Japan
Hemi missiles may fly

Suddenly J-Alert
What to do when you become
Do I have to do it?

I have to keep it

case destroyer cockroaches Xi Jinping The mad country makes a corona
The scattered devil country

China forces Taiwan to
Even if pressure is applied, Taiwan will

To surrender is the international community
While no one is thinking

China is such a
Will you choose risk?

In the Taiwanese program I watched recently
Taiwan emergency is Japan emergency

Yoji Koda Former Self-Defense Forces
Fleet commander's remarks and

To the Nansei Islands of Japan
Missile unit deployment
Being advanced

Things are getting a lot of attention
By military cooperation between Japan, the United States and Taiwan

Expectations for support for China
It was being poured.

Japan can meet expectations
I want to do it.

Bringing China back to the start
That's right

Almost automatically the current
Breaking diplomatic relations with China and the Chinese Communist Party
Because it will be resolved

That alone makes the world
You'll be in turmoil

Do you live with China and the Chinese Communist Party?
Do you live with rice that has approved Taiwan?

Literally an alternative
It will be a stepping stone.

If you're not good at it, it's World War

World politics including Japan
The courage of the leader is tested
It will be a thing.

Make it feel like Taiwan
From the Senkaku that seems to be taken

Then look at the situation
Taiwan or Okinawa.

Taiwan approval is by all means
It's something to do.

How to approve countries
The challenge is to expand it.

National approval one after another
Then the Chinese Communist Party is

Senkaku is better than Taiwan

On earth
Government of Japan
The Kasumigaseki guys

What are you doing

If Trump is in the election
If you lose, the Americans will

I regret having killed Taiwan
It will be

Mr. Trump is waiting
When China reaches out
Will Japan also participate in the war?

Unmanned Chinese
Stand up to behave
The time has come.

Invasion of Taiwan is
to Japan The government considers it an act of aggression
I would like you to express it.

In China's selfish argument
That much correspondence
Very good.

If the world is the world, go to America
It is in a state close to Pearl Harbor.

Freedom and life of the people
When threatened
Article 9 of the Constitution is not the same.

To the persistence of China
It's the last to mention the roots.

U.S. VIPs visit for public affairs

Is it okay for Japan to follow suit?

of case than Xi Jinping in Japan There is a higher one.

Visit Taiwan to Akishinomiya
Would you like to say it?

Even if you ask under the academic name,
I don't think there is a problem.

Deploying nuclear weapons in Taiwan
What if?

Stationed in the US military.
I can't do it now.

Taiwan is currently in Corona
Due to the influence, foreigners in Taiwan
There are few situations.

The invasion of China in this situation is
To the people of Taiwan in other countries

Minimize the impact
Opportunity to invade
I'm catching it

Anyway, it was handed over from Qing dynasty
I took over the rights of the emperor
Because it's Taiwan

Chinese Communist Party governs the continent
There is no legitimacy.

Recognize Taiwan's independence
And in the last 2000 years

It's an abnormal situation
Equal to self-destruction.

Keep an eye on future developments

If the Chinese Communist Party is in Taiwan on the new day
If you attack, with the United States
Japan will also participate

That's it for the Chinese Communist Party
I wonder if I'm being driven

Japan ambushes in the Taiwan Strait
Then from the Chinese Communist Party to Taiwan
Let's protect it.
Of course it is a submarine.

Before being invaded
I have to defend

Free economic zone including the United States

Taiwan is united
I am confident that I can fight.

Of course, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces
For support and information gathering

In some cases defense
I want you to fight from the perspective.

There is one victim
Without the Chinese Communist Party Army
What can be defeated

No damage to Taiwan
I pray for that

Taiwan Oil Free Economic Zone
Hang in there.

Taiwan's crisis is also in Japan
I have a great responsibility.

China and sticky
Licking Japan
Chinese Communist Party affected areas

Although it's my home country,
I'm sick of it.

Japan is attached to Dotchi
Is it the liberal democracy side?
Dictatorship side?

It's just now, but my voice is
Chris Peppler
It calms down when I listen to it at night

No track record
I'm crazy and connected with a single piece of skin

If you are impatient Kinpei
I could do it.

If you do, Japan, Vietnam
Philippines, India, Australia
Will be hit by a total US attack

Before that, Taiwanese missiles
Destroy the Three Gorges Dam

And the CCP collapsed due to the civil war
The country is divided into 5 and 6

Chinese people fight back
The country does not attack.
Taiwan is different from Uighur

The way to avoid war
Where is it left
I want to know.

Like the Chinese
We Japanese people too
Information controlled

Living in society
I think it's
I think.

The BBC called the Chinese ambassador the other day
Broadcast the Uighur issue
It was originally

Japanese public broadcasting will do
It was a show that should be
I think so.

Chinese people
What's happening in the world now
I was informed if I was there

We Japanese people are now
In Taiwan

What's happening in China
Not intentionally informed
Isn't it

Fortunately, now
on the net It's an era, but the internet is

I wish I hadn't
The sky will be scary.

In the TV newspaper in this country
For those who are involved

Various thoughts
There will be

A hearty Japanese citizen
From people, its existence

I was ridiculed by myself
You should know that you are
I think it is.

Prime Minister Abe to ease immigration
I want to give priority to Taiwan
This may be the reason I was saying.

I want a war to happen
No, but assuming an emergency

From people who can do it to Japan
I want you to evacuate.

The Constitution gets in the way
Military movement
Limited but

Take care of Taiwanese people
What we do

Upstairs to China
At the time of medical supplies support

When relatives are in trouble
It's natural to reach out

I said, but my relatives are Taiwan
Now is the time to give back

Taiwan and the Senkaku are for China

Pearl Harbor and Kuwait
Will be an invasion

US President against war
I care about the support of Congress and the people
And various

A plot is also necessary for that
However, Taiwan, Senkaku

Regarding Nansha, the parliament is
Aggressive and China hands
If you put it out, it's not a regional conflict

It can be a full-scale war
It will be in a state.

Japan is from the island chain
Chinese Navy
Not to put out
Will be a role.

The U.S. Navy is a strait
By blockade
Stop supply of resources and
Chinese Navy

Build a siege with annihilation
With cruise missiles
Power generation equipment and

Infrastructure destruction
Military base
For missiles and MOAB
Bombing by.

A large number of Nansha bases
Underwater by attack by MOAB
It is certain that it will sink.

Especially in the Spratly Islands
Chinese military base is

Bombing before the start of the war

The possibility is extremely high.

Nansha is in international law

The cause to destroy is
It's already in place.

In any case, reach out to Taiwan
If you put it out, the Chinese Communist Party is over.

Hong Kong also compromises on everything
Don't do

How the other party goes
Instead of waiting

While taking the initiative
Show in action

Hold down from your head

The main dignitaries of the Chinese Communist Party are
I'm running away

The national power of the Chinese Communist Party is declining.

The PLA's condition is
due to the epidemic. It shouldn't be perfect

Still, I dare to do it
I mean

From the perspective, the Chinese Communist Party is quite
Being cornered
It will also be a thing.

Perhaps Taiwan is in crisis
Nothing in Japan even when approaching
You won't be able to.

Regrettable for China
That's it.

I support Trump.

In the Japanese media local newspaper
Don't be brainwashed

not to Taiwan to the sacrifice of Xi Jinping I want it.

Immediately solidarity with Taiwan
You should make a statement to the world.

Next to Taiwan is the Japanese sea
Japanese islands
Will be targeted

The sea of ​​Taiwan becomes the sea of ​​Japan
Because it can be understood.

Let the submarine sortie
I want you to show things to your eyes.

Landing in Taiwan, a red country
I want you to stop it.

Don't look.

Unless you crush the rogue
Peace will not come to Japan either.

Hand in hand with friendly countries

Reiwa is the time to defend your country
Protect Taiwan

Protect Japan and the world

For that reason, various
I am prepared to sacrifice.

I'm from Okinawa, but
I hate the U.S. military
I never thought.

Many citizens of the prefecture, especially the younger generation,
I think it's the same

Base problem in Okinawa
It's been a lot of noise, but

Some people actually accept it
I think there are many.

for Taiwan in the United States I think the action is wonderful
I support you.

Japan will cooperate as much as possible
Should help Taiwan
I think.

That's why
I have a request.

The essence of the Okinawa base problem is
Anti-American and Pro-Chinese
It's not a power struggle

Only the US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement
I want you to review

That is the base problem
I think it's the essence.

From now on, with the US military
Coexistence is America

I want to like the country
As an Okinawan citizen
I'm really sorry.

Giving time
It's not a good idea
Taiwan from the beginning
I will aim

If the Chinese Communist Party opens the war with Taiwan
The war is open with India
It may expand in an instant.

America waits for it
There will be.

Japan is in the United States
The war driven and
It's the same pattern.

Only war in the Chinese
There is no way left
It's the reality.

Japan should also be prepared.

America is now
Do not pull.

In any case, China virus

Avoiding the assassination of rice

To the basement that is not a major city
The behavior pattern that is running away is

China is this much
I don't think I'll be quick, but

The world is always this much
With a sense of tension
to be sending.

The Japanese government has a constitution
Including that attitude
I have to change it.

70 years after the war
Trends also change.

Western encounter is a delusion of human evolution
As if I wrote sour

People always make the same mistake
Admit to commit

Measures to deal with it
That's what you should focus on.

Peace is a permanent thing
Youth and peace that are misunderstood

Yell hysterically
The more elderly people are, the more

That thought is rigid
When the risk is increasing
There are few people who know.

Japan will be
as it is In the same tragedy
You will be hit.

Nuclear weapons, preparing
It seems.

Taiwan and Japan I'm not protecting
To the last
America I'm protecting it

But Xi Jinping is a extraordinary
Not intelligent

Because I'm a person who doesn't think about good and bad measures
Damage to the continental United States
there is a possibility.

America takes Xi's daughter hostage
May take.

Still in Japanese military
Anti-Japanese non-national people are against
You can call it a seller

Upstairs, like Ishiba
Seriously Sinicizing Japan
There is a guy who is thinking

I like China now
I'm sure you're thinking.

If China also becomes disadvantaged in the battlefield
In Japan, where the U.S. military base is located
You will point your spear.

Before that, a cyber attack
Will come.

For the current pro-Chinese government
I regret to say it's over

The Chinese Communist Party & PLA are crushed
I want it, but the average Chinese is
I think it's cool to blame

Really frustrating

If you were an old Japanese
To protect Taiwan first
Will send troops

Article 9 is for China and South Korea
That it exists
I understand well

If America
Taiwan Immediately after national approval
I want Japan to continue

If the Chinese Communist Party says something

Breaking with China
What is Taiwan? Have diplomatic relations.

I really want strength.

America in Taiwan
Do you want to arm yourself with nuclear weapons?

Place the American nuclear submarine

If China invades
Destroy Beijing and Shanghai
Just declare it.

Also, the same in Japan
I need to get ready.

Already Pompeo's speech and
Substantial closing of the consulate
Declaring war.

Anglo-Saxon of the United States, Britain and Australia
Countries have a close military alliance
Will tie.

The United States nationally recognizes Taiwan
Approve to Japan
It will be approaching.

With this, the United States, Britain, Australia, Japan and Taiwan
A military alliance can be formed.

The Japanese constitution does not matter

You can define it as a defensive war

Besides, India, Vietnam
Add Indonesia
Expand the coalition of the willing.

In Indonesia
Raise the Uighur issue
Battle for Islamic Doho

Islamic extremists are softened
Make China an enemy
It's also a good hand.

If Trump is
If re-elected, the Chinese Communist Party will
Collapse in a relatively short period of time
It may be.

The United States, Britain, and China are not sweet.

Japan is in crisis management
Japan such as the Senkaku was attacked
Physically in collaboration with the United States and Britain

Counterattack and constitutional amendment

Funding to defend against Taiwan invasion
I have to cooperate
Weakened in international politics

Not only the business world
I'm aiming

After the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party and democratization
Business in China is also in the US and UK
I will worship the dust.

At that startup
Pulling out young people from Taiwan
Chinese business partner
You put it in

That is the invasion after all
Often used for ethnic cleansing purposes
It's a method.

Gaining trust locally
To the point, the locals

Use it and then use it
Kill the fire after becoming

Hong Kong is ruined
Trying to escape to Taiwan
There may be an international mafia.


The anti-social forces in Hong Kong
The escape is England and

Moving in the direction of Taiwan
It seems that it's a refuge

I'm trying to secure
Isn't it

That planned economy mafia
People are Jesuits

Because it is a colony, the territory expands
It's still a feeling

China or China
Use that Daito Republic

People extend vices
I have the impression that you are
In other words, it includes Japanese people.

Japan is Asahi NHK
Already in the beginning

I'm hijacked
Unreasonable Liberal Democratic Party also on 2f

Because it's dominated
I'm sorry Taiwanese brother

In the presidential election
I wonder if it will come together

If Biden wins
I wonder if it can be taken

Somehow being Japanese
I'm embarrassed.

What is the Chinese Communist Party
Stone what and others

Still no words
No ruling party

What should I do
Are you discussing
Somehow Japan is embarrassing.

I'm in Boston
I live, but
For big news
It has become.

Madness is the most
in human history A brutal group in the United States

The Trump administration finally
When crushed

Whether it's a corona or a flood
Tibet and Uighur Autonomous Region
Repression is unforgivable for humankind
There is no destination.

Regarding Japan's position
There are many comments, but
First of all, it is essential to clean Senator Aichu

Elected upstairs and Ishiba
Voters in Tottori, Wakayama
Great responsibility

Not to mention Komei Ritsumin

This invasion of Taiwan
It's possible, but I'm a direct
I think it's unlikely.

The scenario I think
Suddenly occupy the Senkaku Islands

Landing on a unique territory

Fishing boats to the Japanese government
The request to stop the invasion is the foundation

Protests by the Japanese government and international public opinion
While dodging with ease

Build a military facility in the Senkaku
In about 3 months

Military facilities in the South China Sea and the Senkaku
From Okinawa to Taiwan due to influence

Singapore line is Go
It becomes a split shape and is
in Taiwan Geopolitical value declines

Result America is the Philippines
I have to lower the line to
I can't get it, and I'm forced to
in Taiwan
Motivation to restore location
become thinner.

As a result, Taiwan is isolated
Take in slowly.

I have this
if Xi Jinping I will go with the procedure.

From the front with America
Gachi game is truly
I want to avoid it

Missiles in Beijing and Shanghai
If you shoot it, it will be
Many casualties have come out

Taiwan is worse
It will be done
Isn't it

Chinese Communist Party has begun to invade Taiwan
At that point, the Chinese Communist Party is over.

Chinese Communist Party interferes with domestic affairs in the world
As you say, the world is so

I wouldn't support the Chinese Communist Party.

When the United States protects Taiwan

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