American people
The largest ever to wake up
Trump support demo

From now on
I think the people's will will move.

For too bad elections
for a normal person unacceptable.

Even Japanese people can't forgive
I don't think Americans can forgive it.

Don't forgive lies and injustice
In the United States and Japan
There is still a future.

At this rate
It can't end.

Something in Hong Kong last year
I want you to be like.

This rally in Japan
It was reported that there were 1000 people.

For some reason, the media in Hong Kong
I was reporting.

About Washington
We have no choice but to spread.

The Democratic Party is completely evil, isn't it
These guys are in the world
I think there is

Freedom and democracy
To protect
I need justice
I understood that there is

Evil that is only unpleasant
Must be judged

This time of things presidential election
The mistake is
It never works.

Justice Justice always wins.
Why is that
Because it's U.S.A.

In Japan News
I've reported thousands of people, but

Sankei is on the scale of thousands
It was written as a demo, but

I think there are tens of thousands by all means
Really stupid.

President Trump
I had goose bumps.

Great number of people!
Someone who is not masked
It's wonderful that there are many

So many people
From the brainwashing of major media
You're awake

America lost
Something like that
I'm desperately trying to protect it.

Its appearance is even moving
Japan has lost
I don't know what it is

Japanese media is inconvenient
I will not report that

Upper management is in the Biden administration

Japan is also a fire on the opposite bank

I have to keep track of it
You can't

in Japan Not reported

Government of Japan
Biden side fraudulently
Close your eyes

How long will bifurcated diplomacy be
I'm going to continue

Is there a sense of justice?
Shame on you

I have lived seriously
People get angry

It's natural to represent everything.
Japan is the same

Do nothing with just your mouth
Please act, please

Japanese mass media is
This participant
About 2000 people

BLM raid
Don't say either

Arrested and injured
It was said that it came out

I was only reporting that
Really rotten

Let's do it thoroughly
We will never lose

American public opinion is becoming more and more
Leaning on the Trump camp

With that public opinion in the background
For the Pence cannon on January 6th next year
I have high expectations.

So many
There are supporters
I feel Mr. Trump's strength.

I'm worried
If you lose here

Injustice is widespread all over the world
I think it will end up

Unbeatable battle I think.

Justice always wins
President Trump
There is no loss
CCP is destroyed

Only this
American people
Unjustly angry
I'm saying that.

America is a country of freedom
The rights of the people are
by law A protected law-abiding country

Yet freedom and the people
The assault that robs you of your rights
Because I did.

The violence of fraudulent elections
Because I did

I must never forgive
It's natural to get angry.

Voting Machine
in Michigan Suspicion in the judiciary

I want to know the truth

While cheating
No remorse at all
I'm happy to fall into a person

They are not humans
I want you to catch every one

Even Japanese people are quiet
Masgomi and the government

I'm angry at all
I want to believe

American public opinion is steadily

To Trump's ally
It's attached

Just be careful with your body
I want you to do your best.

The Japanese Prime Minister also hurried to sell electricity
It was
that I congratulated Big mistake Big miscalculation.

The world situation is totally
I can't see
Blind, no, no government

To such a government or politician
If you leave it to me

An important alliance
You will lose

I used to be a military
I bought it at the shop

It is written on the sticker
U.S. Army
It's a catchphrase.

Without courage
Freedom cannot be protected.

I was watching it in the repo.

Flynn was great.
A lot of enthusiasm is also great

The power of justice for the American people
I thought I would believe it.

Japan also has an attitude
It should be clear.

Putin also
I'm supporting Trump

With this
I can't give up

To President Trump
God bless.

Everyone is inside
May no life be taken.

please protect it.
Please watch over.

Corrupt America is
It's falling to the ground, but

The people have not lost justice.
As expected

Westerns and Star Wars
It is my favorite national character.

Still more
Mr. Trump
Cheer me up

This invisible battle is
Never lose

Masako Ganaha's
I saw the video but

America is amazing
It has become.

It's just a civil war.

Why is the Japanese media
I don't report at all.

After Trump's reelection
Japanese media
I want you to crush it.

End of the war with President Trump
I will post it.

Victory is certain
I'm looking forward to what I say after the victory

Re-election by the U.S. military
I think it's the best

2020 is
United States 46th

Just decide the president
It's not the year

Good in the world
Sensible people
Freedom and democracy

It's also a year of determination to protect

Distorts malicious intent and injustice
Don't talk
Mass media
It's also the year I gave up

And the fight is
It continues

It โ€™s courage.
It's totally.

Only justice can defeat evil

After all, world freedom and
For safety
President Trump
I think I have to make a decision

This election is Trump
The president is making
Make drama.
Of course happy ending

Both YouTube and Twitter
Democratic injustice
It seems that it will be erased if you give it.

No matter how much the Chinese Communist Party is
Even if I do my best

Justice is on Trump's side
There is

Already America
The people know.

The more you waste, the more
The plating will come off.

Until justice wins
Until Trump wins
Never give up.

The Japanese media is also stupid.

About the Trump administration
After broadcasting

Even though one person wins
It's a waste.

If you succumb to the threat
The future is from darkness
I can't escape.

Flynn's popularity is amazing.
Good luck Trump.

Serious America
I pray for the victory of the people.

Don't report the truth
That deserves national treason

Of course, the Japanese media is also

Media in Japan
The national treason to judge
I wish I had it.

Patriotism is a good word.
More than that word
I feel the weight

I was born
I love the country and that

Wishing for the prosperity and well-being of the country
How about Japanese people

Youtube event
Large number of viewers
1000 people

Trump 175,000
Sonoda is winning
I don't know

Cooperation with major media
With grassroots movement

This many people
Playing cards to move

Moreover, the incumbent president

How he is American
Are you doing your best for
You can see if you have worked hard.

After all this time

Biden camp pushes Gori
Even if I take the position of president

American people
You can see that I won't forgive you.

I think it's patriotism.

Japan is also in Japan
Now on the pro-Chinese route

Hit a councilor into hell
You have to drop it.

It's the NO1 channel, isn't it?
More than any channel

I think the content is wonderful.
Thank you always

So many
People get together

President Trump is still

You're a leader

Required by the people
Great leader

If the Republican Party doesn't move
What to say

Acquired by the Chinese Communist Party
Like the Democratic Party
It โ€™s an enemy.

President Trump is also hard

Enemy both inside and outside
Mass media is also an enemy
If you win with this
But it is amazing.

I'm worried every day, every day
When I wake up in the morning

The first thing to think about is
I wonder if something has progressed

Open YouTube.

Such thoughts
It's the first time I've been born.

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Only about Trump
Every day I think about it.

The safety and future of your own country
Only your own profit until you sell it

The person who seeks is
Rather than being greedy

With some illness
Isn't it

Drugs and alcohol
Like gambling addiction
I'm completely mentally ill

Not an American
What I can do
Introducing this program to the surroundings

Fake coverage of the Japanese media
It is to explain the evil technique of the Chinese Communist Party.

This rally is free and
Democratic nation America

The aspect of the holy war that protects justice
I think it will be presented.

America now
Mr. Trump
The supporters

Those involved in Japanese politics
Mass media

Performing arts operatives
It's muddy and stagnant. Open your eyes.
Please take a closer look

And think
When everything is done

To ourselves in this Japan
Whether there is a job or a place to stay
Did you understand

At the end, Mr. Trump
The people support and move
I sincerely pray for reelection.

Playing cards with recopter
This is no longer a movie

Good luck Trump!

I've been walking slowly until now
Public opinion has begun

From now on
Accelerate and spread
I'm looking forward to going.

Are you watching a hard-headed Japanese?

Donald Trump

This popularity is no longer
Winning itself
No need to hold elections anymore

Tora-san is in history
The remaining rare president.

Return B old man is
Stealing elections

Also for presidential candidate
Inferior worst

As a dirty person
Will leave a name.

He is the president
Can't be

The destination is Prison
Being fooled by voters

Parents and children together before
The wrongdoing of the past

According to the Japanese media

President Trump
The popularity is amazing

Patriots in the United States
I'm in love with Trump
I'm ready

The future scenario is
It has become

The final deciding factor is
Vice President Pence
It's in my hands.

Trump is also hard.

To deal with the villains who confront
I'm pushing forward

When you open the lid, the surroundings are
It was a mess.

President Trump's
in the meteor shower I prayed for reelection

Becoming a spirit at Yasukuni Shrine
I have been praying.

I'll get Japan back.

Shivering with Trump's courage.
Let's change the game board.

Mr. Ganaha is local
It was reported

Surely a witness of history
It will be

The resistance is Republican
If you are inside
It will destroy the Republican Party.

Flynn, formerly
Although he had a mild-mannered personality,

To friends on suspicion of Russia
Betrayed and fiery
I'm so angry.
Russian gate fabrication that Trump has been fighting for
To President Trump
Take this

The above backing is
Will not

This is the US-China war
I think it will be

Dew also anticipates that
I agree with rice

The mark also collides with the inside.
In the Sea of โ€‹โ€‹Japan

Britain is coming on a warship
If you do, the mark and the inside
In the land
Do you blame me?

to make it a popular movement youtube is important.

It's a regulation for that.
Really dirty

If you see this, you can sleep with peace of mind

Vice President Mike Pence
It's a Trump victory.

Martial law is issued
Eliminate Chinese spies.

I also wanted to participate.

Just watching the video
I was impressed and shocked.

Japan is about this
I don't know.

Director of National Intelligence Ratcliff
December 18th
It seems to submit a report.

Foreign governments
for this election That I was involved

If the government officially approves
I think public opinion will change.

Finally on youtube
Censorship will begin.
Save video

Biden and Kabara Harris
Supporting such scraps
He's like an immigrant.

Good luck with Trump.

I was waiting for Mr. Oikawa's video
Media announcement
The numbers are much smaller.

I'm sure there are thousands
I should have reported it.

Deceive important numbers
It's the usual way, but

Despise the patriot
I can't forgive them.
Let's get up Japanese too.

Furi, a big thug of the Democratic Party.

Republican Party doing nothing.
The Liberal Democratic Party does nothing.

Tora-san justice is
I pray for victory.

Live distribution is really exciting.
It's not over yet.

This is the fairest election
I think it will be.

Of course,
by hand Count votes
I think you will get surprising results.

American Patriot

Proceed to the pro-Chinese route
How about Japan
It's embarrassing as a Japanese.

Everyone is hungry for information.
Things in the movie
In real time
I'm awake.

I was relieved to hear your voice
There is still a way
Thank you

Flynn's last 3 years
Under circumstances
in developing countries
It was like a political prisoner.
Not allowed

The Supreme Judge is also hard
In American society

A state in which murder may occur.

Rifle, shotgun
Possession of a pistol
The natural American society.

For Japanese people
You won't understand

Our people are happy
Runrun in the flower field

Morikake, Sakurami
Excitement with.

President Trump
Charisma is dangerous.
It's too cool.

On the other hand,
in Japan Ghasu grows grass

It's a simple question, but
Biden supporters

Which part of Biden
Do you support it?
Please tell me

If it is erased
Nico Douga
How much is it?

Looking at Yahoo News
It doesn't appear at all
Watch this video
I knew it for the first time

American people
Even if I raise my voice

The media takes
If you don't raise it, public opinion

Don't be
I think it's okay.

If you are a decent American
It's natural to get angry.
This anger is not only for Americans

It is widespread in the world.
I'm looking forward to the future
They are indomitable.

The House of Representatives on January 6th is no good either.
There is only martial law

When passing by
It was really amazing.

Everyone hands to the end
I was shaking
I can't forget.

To be honest, I almost cried.

Trump assassination
I'm very worried
Even if you are reelected as president

I don't know what will happen
Not only in America
Japan also has to do something

Rather than looking for a courageous person
Promises thorough protection
I gave it to you
It seems better

In this presidential election
Vested interest rigging

It was
I was able to confirm it again.

Did not war
Trump is
after all
Republican Vested Interest
From vested interests

It is treated as an obstacle
It looks good.

Human rights groups
Did not war
You should praise Trump.

American public opinion
More to correct

The flow changes
I hope you

I'm angry
Japanese media, business world
Both inside are dominated.

However, it is complicated to the goal
Hurdles and difficulties

It's still a big deal
Trump's mental power
I admire the toughness.

America without the use of force
What is hijacking?
I'm clever.

On the next strategy
It's a necessary event.

The people's
for violent treatment Support will be indispensable.

Beyond the US presidential election
Freedom as human dignity

The fight to win and the body I'm trembling.

Always easy to understand
Thank you for the commentary.
for the Japanese people The swell is coming!

I'm in the US, but I'm a Trump supporter
Even without this election,

I think it's funny
People are pretty
I feel that it is increasing.

The complexity of American elections is
The ancestors will someday be free

The destination of democracy
Injustice and distortion
I think I was worried.

Until now it was formal
The mechanism is useful
The time has come.

Courage is important, isn't it?
Courage is something that can't be calculated
Manga but lol

I think I'm supporting Trump
Trump cap on Amazon
I bought it

Even though it's Japan, I don't have the courage to wear it.

The presidential election of America ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ is
It's too complicated.
Injustice is easy to happen
That's the reason.

US presidential election
The rule of fraud avoidance is
Like an onion skin.

When you reach the core
Vice President decides

It's the history of fighting injustice.

President Trump
The day of reelection
What Japan received after the war

From the rule of the US DS
The day to be released

I've been waiting

The movement to protect Trump is
Supported by anger.

To become president

By all means

Shocked about Texas
It was
I got courage.

Justice wins
Namu Amida Butsu
Hit the Chu Mad Mouse

American Patriot
The heat is amazing

Because the House of Representatives is a Republican
Will Trump be chosen?
I'm worried

Freedom when I was young
Full of possibilities
It was overflowing
I was longing for America.

But for the last few decades
I wasn't disappointed in America.

But this month
In the appearance of a beloved American

America I was longing for
When I come back, my chest gets hot.

America is a country of freedom
Must be a country of justice.

Even if you force martial law
Was there really any injustice?
You should check.

Biden's son is too bad.
As a result, Japan is sacrificed
It is certain that it will be.

The game will be from now on.
It will be related to Japan as well.

A great example of the separation of powers.
The administration is polluted and the judiciary is also

Even if I'm scared, there is still a parliament.
It is the members who move the parliament

It is the locals who move the members of the Diet
Information is what moves the locals.

The importance of freedom of speech
I think about it now.

I've done something wrong
Great different from shit commentary

It's the end of a big battle.
The people move the members.
It will be a pleasant movement.

Re-election under military control
I want that to happen.

This is the public opinion
It's a little scary when it's broken.

America can maintain national polity
Isn't it gone?

China in Canada
It was said that he was doing military exercises
So in the end
No matter what you do, it will be rejected

Things don't go on and just before taking office
To a military coup or the public
Large-scale demonstration by
I feel like it's about to break out.

No matter what happens
No wonder

On the video, but in real time
During General Flynn's speech
Tora-san is riding

Two (one is a decoy)
Over the sky multiple times
I saw it go back and forth.

This doesn't end there
I felt it again.

Write an affidavit
Accused of fraud

There are "general" people.
Judges and lawmakers are their

Embarrassed to see courage
Isn't it?

Now is my life
When completing a job.

I've been waiting

Nice, America
Many people are awake
When Japanese people wake up

Now is the consensus of the people and all evil
Aburidashi Global

President Trump reelection
In the tailwind, one net is exhausted
Let's crush it

This is where people's will moves
Mr. Trump's

How to do
Become a nation for the people

An example, great
Japan is also such a nation

I want you to be
But the Japanese are
Because it's quiet
Is it impossible?

Those who are angry here
Japan is also called Corona
Terrorist acts to the fullest

I'm suffering damage
as a party American movement
Let's cheer.

Army and FISA
Including Guantanamo

Behind the scenes right now
Various fun things
I think it's happening

Seriously in the presidential election
From the people who worked on it

I don't think I can forgive you.
I'm Japanese too
I'm angry.

Ramu's C domestic
Eliminate groceries

Unity is a very good thing
I think, but take measures against infection

So bad news
Being washed away and mild-mannered

Trump supporters
I don't mind if it shrinks.

Because it's a feature-length novel
Let's go until January 6

So Republicans don't do anything
I'll get tangled at the very end.

American people
I stood up
Exactly the eve of the revolution

Various developments have already come out
It's just amazing to come
Good luck justice

Assuming various things
There are rules

I think it's because of the time difference.
When I wake up in the morning, eh
There are too many things to say.

Have the courage here
I have to pass justice

I will regret it for the rest of my life.
Bushido is gone

People's will spreads more and more
So we

More like this
Spread the video
I think I should go.

President Trump
I believe in victory
I will never lose!

Because evil is widespread in the world
None Buddha's face up to three times

Trump is also for maintenance
Because there are many enemies.

Human nature aside
To the Biden Communist Party

How to get the government
I won't go.

No one has touched it.
The Supreme Court's family is back

For ANTIFA and Biden camp
Under terrible threats
Isn't it?

During December, mainly the Democratic Party
And give up on playing cards
Will come out strongly.

Democracy collapse
I'm trying to make you
Democratic Party, China.

Information on allies
Japanese TV stations to ignore.

It's over
I know this
Only a few people

This country is also
You have been hijacked.

If Trump is
25 Victory States
All electors

If you refuse to vote
What will happen?

Don't be banned

It's decided
President Trump.

12 days local time
President Trump

With Director of National Intelligence Ratcliff
Army Black Knights American Football

Watch the game and watch the soldiers
I encouraged you.

Michael Flynn is amazing
The Japanese are completely
It looks like a sheep

It's completely a sheep now.
I believe in Medea
From the Meiji Restoration
I've been brainwashed

Unfortunately in our country
The person who corresponds to Trump
I'm not

Because even in the Republican Party
There is a deep.

That's exactly what my father Bush is.
Of course, the child bush is the same.
I'm a companion.

American democracy
You are fighting to protect it.

Think calmly
Unfair, Americans
I can't forgive you.

Why GOP lawmakers
Can't you stand up?
There must be a reason for that.

That is the core of the problem
I wonder what it is.

Participation with a helicopter and Kasuge

This is this video
Liberate Hong Kong Era Revolution
is not it.

Lieutenant General Flynn Lynnwood
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
Vice President Pence
President Trump.

Don't lose to the Communist Party.

Republican courage
The president is doing his best
Isn't it

After Trump reelection
There is no place for the Democratic Party.

Biden becomes president
The army has a coup
Wake up scenario
I wonder if there is also.

House of Representatives Mo Brooks on 1/6
Senate Ted Cruz
If you disagree, it's OK

Republican Party
I want to tell a member of the Diet

This stands on the side of justice
It's a chance to make a name for yourself in history

Adversity is a chance
The spirit of
I want to inspire you.

I learned a lot.

In the news of NTV
Demonstrations of about 1000 people
It was done.

It's a quick report
I was doing

You can't see that.
To the Japanese media

Fake news
Is it dripping?
The demo video is edited
Is it made?

It's like a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.
With US Republicans

Japanese Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers
In terms of lack of courage
It's exactly the same.

Why are you on the sidelines
To playing cards
Won't you cooperate?

The answer is deep state
Because it is threatened.

Not supported by elections
Because it will be.

Even if the Pence cannon comes out on the 6th
8th at midnight
Peros cannons may come out.

If that happens
I think it's a civil war.

Republican lawmakers' escape is
I wonder what it is.

Is it just anti-Trump?
Even weaknesses from the Democratic Party
Is it held?
Is it just a peace bokeh?

Let's revolutionize the Earth Defense Force
Defeat the evil C madman

worldwide Supporting the revolution
The watchword is Dr, TORASAN

Japanese media is
Why the events of the world
Can't you tell it realistically?

All from youtube
The truth is told
Please be firm

Don't lick the people
Japan is a flower garden

What a complicated system
Please explain here

As you can understand for the first time.
Thank you very much.

Ted to Senator
Mr. Cruz
Will you raise your hand?

American people
Good luck

Looking at such a system
I think the United States is profound
Good luck with Trump
The world is supporting

White House
On the site
President Trump

American democracy
People to protect

Participate as much as possible in the rally
Spread and do your best

American elections
It's really complicated

More rigorous and simple
Is it something that can't be done?

Until Trump wins
Until January 20, 2021

Lamps and Trump
For all supporters
I pray every day

Alas, American
I don't know the actual situation, so

Wishful thinking is unreliable.

Anyway, I can't do anything
From Japan to Tiger
Just send ale.

It's not the eve of the revolution

The OANTV program was on the air.
Feel peaceful and warm without violence
I couldn't stop because of tears.

In front of the people with a helicopter ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
To appear
President Trump
It seems (in a good way)

Trump reversal victory
Please be sure.

Texas proceedings
I couldn't accept it
On the contrary, America is one

Democratic Party appealed to Supreme Court
By the way, for the presidential election
I don't want to get involved, so I rejected it.

That in Washington
Trump support demo

Japanese mass media
Abnormal reporting
What is that?

Everyone replaces it with bad words and reports
Why don't you report the facts?

It's like Korean
Comfort woman problem
It seems to be reported.


YouTube too
Trump victory video
Doesn't it seem like it can't be delivered?

There is no such unusual story
Already Umeden & Insane
It looks like he's in a dictatorship

Japanese mass media
Especially NHK is the worst

This often pays the license fee
I can take it

Japan-US mass media
President Trump to dismantle

If you ignore injustice
I support martial law.

Public opinion is already
As more than half

I can see it.

After all, Americans are
Do not allow injustice
I wasn't silent.

Japan is here and there
Intervened by the country
It looks like dried octopus.

Really individual election violations
It seems cute.

Elections by other countries fraudulently
to access.

This is something other than a war act
It's nothing.

It's definitely not something you should forgive.

After Trump reelection
Be sure to cheat in the media
I want you to uncover it.
The same is true for Japan.

Great public opinion
Republican Party doing nothing
If this doesn't work

There will be no next time, and for the people
Not a member of the Diet
If you think it's justice, move

Hispanics are
in the first place Like the Democratic Party
There was an image.

It's separated
So the Democratic Party is decent
If you do an election, you lose first.

The point is Trump
Supporting Republican forces

How much to a monolith
Is it

I turned over to the Democratic Party
What percentage of Republicans
Isn't it coming back?
I think.

In the history so far
Betrayal is the most

I'm pulling
Isn't it?
How is it?

God is the right person

Become a friend
Good luck with Trump

Supporters of Trump
Good luck to everyone
Justice wins

At least Korean
Candle Revolution

The person on the left who was praising
This must be admitted.

Appearance in a helicopter
I was moved and cried

Justice is not dead yet.

Trump is
Pharmaceutical companies price
Against the reduction

I refuse
When it's crazy

Foreshadowing is finally
It seems to be recovered

In the American Constitution
If you cheat in the election

Not eligible to become president
I want you to add

It was sealed
If you replace it

They are also illegal
Contents of the sealed seal
There is no problem because it is

Even the content of fraud
Concealment pressure
It feels too bad

Everyone Trump-sama
Good luck with your support
There is.

I will do my best to support you.

I already have it mentally
Not really.

In any case
President Trump
Bumpy to thief

Get tired
I'm sorry
I can't say it

The last is mount
In position

Make it full bocco
Fainting KO wins a big turnaround
I think.

Good luck Trump

President Trump
be careful.

Don't be assassinated.

Events in Japan
I hope there is

Make yourself a considerable threat
Including family members
I can't usually do it

Even murder is easy
It's like pulling it off
Because it's the other party

If you keep going like this
January 6th is Washington, D.C.

A ridiculous number of
Americans gather
I wonder

Show your last hope
I feel like I'm lost

President Trump
It's the strongest in history.

Putin also
Attach to the point of view.

Good luck with Mr. Trump.

This rally is a moving thing
Anyway, do your best
I pray for victory every day!

White House
Be sure to sign

I am always grateful for your help.
You can sleep now.

God YouTube
Everyone for justice
Truthful news

Even though there are many
Chinese Communist Party

Youtube all over the world
If you criticize the election

to be deleted
Help me

Chinese Communist Party
Destroy now

Please correct
The truth is
Human beings all over the world

There are many help
May you be protected

Trump and his supporters
May you be protected

Lord Jesus Christ
By your name
I pray for amen

Can the US military be trusted?

Trump is a grassroots movement
Biden is money and violence

The army still seems healthy
It is very nice.

Devil Biden and the Chinese Communist Party
Christianity (Protestant)
There is a plan to make it a little bit

Activate martial law

The body of the media
People who work in the media
I wasn't silent.

Japan is here and there
Intervened by the country
It looks like dried octopus.

Really individual election violations
It seems cute.

Elections by other countries fraudulently
to access.

This is something other than a war act
It's nothing.

It's definitely not something you should forgive.

After Trump reelection
Be sure to cheat in the media
I want you to uncover it.
The same is true for Japan.

Great public opinion
Republican Party doing nothing
If this doesn't work

There will be no next time, and for the people
Not a member of the Diet
If you think it's justice, move

Hispanics are
in the first place Like the Democratic Party
There was an image.

It's separated
So the Democratic Party is decent
If you do an election, you lose first.

The point is Trump
Supporting Republican forces

How much to a monolith
Is it

I turned over to the Democratic Party
What percentage of Republicans
Isn't it coming back?
I think.

In the history so far
Betrayal is the most

I'm pulling
Isn't it?
How is it?

God is the right person

Become a friend
Good luck with Trump

Supporters of Trump
Good luck to everyone
Justice wins

At least Korean
Candle Revolution

The person on the left who was praising
This must be admitted.

Appearance in a helicopter
I was moved and cried

Justice is not dead yet.

Trump is
Pharmaceutical companies price
Against the reduction

I refuse
When it's crazy

Foreshadowing is finally
It seems to be recovered

In the American Constitution
If you cheat in the election

Not eligible to become president
I want you to add

It was sealed
If you replace it

They are also illegal
Contents of the sealed seal
There is no problem because it is

Even the content of fraud
Concealment pressure
It feels too bad

Everyone Trump-sama
Good luck with your support
There is.

I will do my best to support you.

I already have it mentally
Not really.

In any case
President Trump
Bumpy to thief

Get tired
I'm sorry
I can't say it

The last is mount
In position

Make it full bocco
Fainting KO wins a big turnaround
I think.

Good luck Trump

President Trump
be careful.

Don't be assassinated.

Events in Japan
I hope there is

Make yourself a considerable threat
Including family members
I can't usually do it

Even murder is easy
It's like pulling it off
Because it's the other party

If you keep going like this
January 6th is Washington, D.C.

A ridiculous number of
Americans gather
I wonder

Show your last hope
I feel like I'm lost

President Trump
It's the strongest in history.

Putin also
Attach to the point of view.

Good luck with Mr. Trump.

This rally is a moving thing
Anyway, do your best
I pray for victory every day!

White House
Be sure to sign

I am always grateful for your help.
You can sleep now.

God YouTube
Everyone for justice
Truthful news

Even though there are many
Chinese Communist Party

Youtube all over the world
If you criticize the election

to be deleted
Help me

Chinese Communist Party
Destroy now

Please correct
The truth is
Human beings all over the world

There are many help
May you be protected

Trump and his supporters
May you be protected

Lord Jesus Christ
By your name
I pray for amen

Can the US military be trusted?

Trump is a grassroots movement
Biden is money and violence

The army still seems healthy
It is very nice.

Devil Biden and the Chinese Communist Party
Christian Protestant

I have a plan

Activate martial law

People who work in the media
What do you think
I want to hear.

Trump channel
Even in Japan as I made
Let's make a video site

Remove Google Chrome
Switched to Microsoft Edge

Google is privacy etc.
I'm not protecting it.

There is also YouTube.

There are many Chinese Communist employees
Personal information is leaked. "

Re-election under US military control
Governor's Prophecy

Senator Ted Cruz
The motion of the petition is

Is it difficult?
What do you think
I want to hear.

Trump channel
Even in Japan as I made
Let's make a video site

Remove Google Chrome
Switched to Microsoft Edge

Google is privacy etc.
I'm not protecting it.

There is also YouTube.

There are many Chinese Communist employees
Personal information is leaked. "

Re-election under US military control
Governor's Prophecy

Senator Ted Cruz
The motion of the petition is
Is it difficult?

It's an emergency
Strangely, the American people revolutionize
Is causing

Our Japanese people are also revolutionary
Are you prepared forโ‰

For many Japanese people
By all means in the United States, an ally

This large scale made
I want you to watch the video of the event.

These Americans
If you look at it, it will be the current Japanese people
You should know what is missing.

The world is dyed in Chinese Communist color
Stop it, stop

Especially Texas fathers

The sense of justice of the American people and
Patriotic Japanese, too

I think there are many things to learn.

of the politician of their choice What do you do before you complain
Think again about what to do.

If you are reading this,
Not as stupid as I
I don't think it's necessary because I think it.

Trump confirmed

Thanks to Mr. Ganaha
The actual situation of the local area is all over the world
It will be transmitted.

Don't let Republicans hang out
Voters continue to put pressure
You need to.

This kind of American
Without touching the local situation

Trump lost or endlessly
The possibility of a rematch is zero

Biden won
It's a fool of Nettouyo

To those who complain of injustice
I say calm

Somehow disgusting people
It has been revealed.

Trump with us
It is the same and has drawbacks.

I still think he is the right person

I said in the demonstration before the Supreme Court
Because I'm an aunt in the words of women
I'm in tears

Certainly the Republican Party is angry
I can understand that it is suitable.

Elections intervened by other countries
It's already known.

Kariume is a national rebellion and Taiho
If it is done, will Ume also resign due to the joint system?

Before that, the plums were scared
Retirement? Recently, I can't see the plum blossoms.

After all the Federal Supreme Court is
Texas complaint
I want you to accept it and discuss it.

First Biden in the presidential election
that supported Famous singers, for example

Lady Gaga and
Taylor Swift
Ariana Grande
It was us

Now completely silent.

Biden and the Democratic Party
And the major media
You may have noticed its true identity.

This presidential election is
That Vietnam War
It's just like the situation.

Illegal vote invalidated
We can't go to the majority of each other

I can make it into a state
Elections with the same rules in the future

Trump as I did
A very popular candidate like

Like Biden
Super small fish unpopular candidate side

If you cheat,
I can bring it to a draw
That's right.

How much American election
It was a colander.

Breaking News for the last 3 days
Should be a historical reference

Download the video
I saved it.

For the future of Japan
As the biggest incident

Widely in the memory of the people
Will remain
I'll play Trump
Absolute victory!

Among several means
The majority vote by the House of Representatives is a rebellion

Since the possibility is not zero,
I'm worried

No matter what the pattern is
Trump victory.

Furthermore, the people are no longer silent.
The eve of the revolution.

As the title of the song
Biden team side

Even if you do such a rally
No one will come (laughs)

U.S. lawmakers get high salaries
Despite taking it
do nothing.

While arranging such quibble
It is more
to issue martial law
I think it's easy to intervene
To crush the country

Even if it's a House vote
Is the Republican Party okay?

Republicans are
of this American If you look angry and do nothing

Under martial law, not by House vote
Military-run re-elections are more accurate
I think it reflects the will of the people.

Mr. Trump
It seems that I still have a hidden ball
Let's arrest Obama

Bystanders are the most
of hell Where is it hot?

of this election in the United States The way it should be is also for Japanese people
It's never another person

Rather, there are many people in the flower field
Japan is
I think it's more serious

As a petition by the Japanese
Pro-Chinese pro-Korean lawmaker of the Japanese government

A petition to appeal for investigation
It's up

Japanese politics to Japanese
Petition to get it back

In 2 days,
I have to collect 40,000

Proud Japan for Japanese people
Let's get it back for the world

Biden State Electors
Putting the voting destination in Tora-san

Only this time
If there are too many
Even though it's the best.

As a result, 410 tigers were acquired.

I think everyone is the same, but
It has been done.

Speech by former General Flynn and
Appearance from the sky of President Trump
It's like a movie.

It really looks like the eve of the revolution.

Caused such confusion
Investigate the cause
Hayo Retaliation China Hare

A crying TRUMP Oyabin
When it came out.

So far it's too bad.

What is already correct
It's no longer a passing world
Hard power is flowing.

Even if there is injustice
It has nothing to do with the election results

It's normal to win
It is firing in the judiciary.

If Trump still loses
The defeat of democracy causes the Japanese to
You will lose your traditional life.

In The Epoch Times
I was impressed by watching the video

This is really free
A revolution of justice will occur.

I want it to spread to Japan

My book title candidate
From fake news
It is a technique to protect yourself.

Don Don fraudulent election Biden
For the next president
It seems to be progressing
Be desperate.

Mood New Year's Eve
The start is also the worst.

Pence โ†’ Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is not motivated
It turned out

After all, the Supreme Court's request is dangerous.
The state legislature has no choice but to do its best.

I definitely don't want to lose

In Washington, D.C., where the Democratic Party is strong
The significance of the rally was great.

The result on January 6 is big
I pray for New Year's present.

Now is the crisis of the world
Don't you think
Everyone! Both in evil

Japan will also be invaded.
The general public is slow

You will be enslaved.
Freedom is gone

I can't express my opinion freely.

Be courageous and have peaceful bokeh
Don't be afraid

Diamond and

Kokujin 2 women
The whole story is on the talk channel.

America is also important, but
Please also take up Japan.

Especially about former Prime Minister Abe

From now on, quite a few people
Guilty at court martial

A decision was made and the NATO army also
When it starts to move

Japanese media is
How to report
I want to see it

When America changes drastically
You are welcoming.

If America changes, the world
I think Japan will change as well.

Good luck, Mr. Trump!

The Supreme Court dismissal results in
President Trump's side
It will be a tailwind

Helped to form public opinion
It seems.

This is courageous
Republican Senator

More state legislatures
I hope you can give it to me.

What is Attorney General Barr now
Are you doing anything from the bar

Left without announcement
Why is it done?
Why is this not reported?

Japan's ruling and opposition parties
From familiar politics
It's a wonderful landscape.

To the politics of the people
I can feel my thoughts.

While listening to the video
I feel strange
Although it is suspicious of elections

To correct justice so far
It's a twist and a twist.
After all it depends on the capital of country C

It is said that there are many people who are done
I wonder if that is the case.

The Federal Supreme Court keeps the Constitution
I don't feel like it anymore

Who on earth keeps the Constitution
Are you trying?

In both judiciary and administration
Not legislative

It's only the people
Public opinion
Will be decided

Protect the freedom of the world

March for Triumph!
Good luck with Mr. Trump!

Trump supporters
Crush the Republican Party

Is it okay Republican
Great President Lincoln
I'm crying

The last is war.

The appearance of a helicopter made me cry for some reason.
Thank you, Mr. Kawa.

In a story to challenge on January 6
Bringing one senator
Isn't it easy?

What about Ted Cruz?

Thanksgiving greetings 1,000 rebirth guys
It's out of the mosquito net from either side.

As the House of Representatives chooses
A traitor in the House of Representatives

It can never come out
Is it something?

Cheering demo is a good word

Without Mr. Trump
America to China
A duck that had been hijacked.

The Vice President is the trump card.
Refuse to count Democrats
You have authority!

It is
that exposes evil It is said to do nothing, but

I wonder if it's the Republican Party right now.
I think it's the same in Japan, but

There are many lethargic people.
I didn't come to my head
Doing a road rage

Than such a small thing
Give life to something bigger

Always useful information
Thank you

Please spread
Multicultural Society Basic Bill

Give foreigners suffrage
Dangerous bills could pass
In the situation

E-mail the official residence or
Became a member of the Liberal Democratic Party House of Representatives
Let's call!

The Japanese people are the Japanese government
I want to investigate

At the White House HP
Signing activity is taking place.

Achieved with 100,000 people
About 40,000 people are missing signatures.
The deadline is 12/15.

By achieving the signature
The US government becomes the Japanese government

For the cause of investigating Country C
I heard that it will be.
Thank you for signing.

I understand this story well.
Thank you very much.
Still until January 6th next year
There are various ways to do it.

I can't be optimistic, but
Movement for re-election
There is a high possibility.

I have hope. Justice wins
God is watching.

I have to be brave
There are times when you can't.

I pretended not to see it
The time will surely come to regret.

Ignore the serious public opinion

Justice always wins
Don't forgive the dark world

Evil humans have no future
to a good human being I wish you blessing

If the good one neglects to act
Evil will definitely win

Obama's Trap
Republicans have been acquired
I want to bring it to the parliamentary decision.

The state that held the election seriously
The state that held the election fraud
What's wrong with the proceedings.

If anything, about 10,000 people
Citizens defeat state government (in violation of the Constitution)

I think it's okay to have a class action proceeding.

It may be legally messed up
Maybe, but only feelings

To the White House
Japanese politics petition signing site
We The People japanese-government

Fill in your name and email address
Sign in and you're done.

Thank you for your cooperation
Thank you.
Until the 15th!

I live in the United States.
I think it's hard, but
good luck.
I always cheer for you.

Biden Obama arrested
Dominion! Shootout! Kraken

Even if you decide to vote in the state legislature
Republican majority states

I may not vote for Trump
I don't know.

In this US presidential election
President Trump
After re-election

Pro-Chinese in Japan
Bureaucrats, media, business world, etc.
And the thorough elimination of operatives.

Japanese people like Americans
Each one raises a voice

Communist Party erosion from Japan
Clarify the craft activity
Fight injustice.

The charm of Mr. Trump is
I understand well!

And he becomes president
Something that says it should be

President Trump
Not only Amelie

The world from communism
I'm protecting it.
Apprentice Japanese politician.

There are many difficulties and enemies, but
From the bottom of my heart I want you to win.
I will support you till the end.

This is a bloodless revolution!
America is amazing
Can Japan do it?

As for the American people, the enemy country C is
Intervene in the US presidential election

I am planning to overthrow the government
You should know the facts.

Peki to re-election after January 6th.

That's right
I have to put pressure on the sober party members

The root of injustice is the nation of C
It is a sin of the whole.

As there is a Japanese gangster designation

To be designated as a nation in the world
If you raise your voice, money and temptation
It may be difficult to receive.

Japanese lawmakers
There are many elderly people
I wish I had retired

Donald Trump

The great decisive battle of good and evil in the last days
It arrived in 2020, at that time

False Prophet Satan

The Antichrist is human and
Fight against each other.

In this battle of good and evil
The human world is s faith
Baptized for change and reconstruction.

Faith is finally revived.
Mankind is against the Creator
Solidify loyal faith and be reborn.

The number of people gathered is
I want to know.

Can a drone be legally flown?
Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?
I think the number of people is the key.

It's a great excitement.
On the other hand, support for the buttocks
I've never heard of a demo.

Voices on both sides
Some people are picking it up

If you have one, you should be able to see it a little.
There is only a riot of Gorotsuki

From the big picture
The answer of the American people is clear.

When the politician doesn't move
Have you already made it with money?

Stretch it to the last minute
Trying to sell it high
It's time to do it.

After all, Trump and Biden
Which is more powerful

I feel that Congress is also bribed.
So it โ€™s martial law.

Moved from Europe
After many wars

America that dominated the world
The last enemy is America itself
Heart-warming development similar to manga

Government of Japan
It's really embarrassing.

I'm sorry to President Trump.

I want to have a chest.

I have tears.
I believe that justice will always win.

Do nothing in America

Ignore Japan's national interest
People do not want

It's like the Liberal Democratic Party that does everything.

Politicians are money in every country
Dirty and pathetic.

When talking about election fraud in Japan
You will be treated as an idiot riding a conspiracy theory.

The Japanese are completely into distorted media
I'm being deceived, but

Biden cheering party business world
The speculation of the political world and the media world
That's right.
What is the future of the brainwashed Japanese?

Attitude calls for a revolution

Biden remarks on US interruption
The Democratic Party is likely to be fired.

Different from BLM
Show me a protest without violence

Mr. Alexander is
In the video of Mr. Ganaha

Japanese people are watching
You gave a speech.

Every rally is wonderful.
Goose bumps.
Light always wins!

Don't forgive injustice! Protect liberalism
Good luck with President Trump!

This helicopter scene.
A former precognition person
He said he saw it.

The same person can't do it twice
Even if it passes the third time.

Now that person is monitored 24 hours a day
It seems that it has been done.

Really difficult thing
stay up.

Thousands of people on TV
Participation and biased coverage.

The traitor may be Mr. Pau L.
I'm going to put out something
I haven't put out anything yet.

Next to Kuraken is Manticore
Or say
I feel something subtle.

I understand very well.
Thank you

Just like passing through a needle hole
It's difficult, but
I want you to do your best

Justice of the American people and
I believe in courage

Good luck Trump โ—๏ธ Good luck
American people

In Europe and the United States, even ordinary people do this

I'm aware more and more
The Japanese are also sloppy corona
Be aware of the farce

The most worrisome thing is to vote
By the opening on January 6
In addition, the Chinese who do dirty things
Would you like to replace it?

Good at changing votes
I'm really worried about the sly Chinese Communist Party.

I want to go too

Great supporter of President Trump
stop the steel! โ€ฆ U.S.A.
U.S.A.โ€ฆ U.S.A.โ€ฆ U.S.A.โ€ฆ

I can't be in the Biden camp
Do you control a violent group?
But for Biden
I was supporting pumpkins

We are also one, one
Increase the maintenance of awakened Japan

Thoroughly lying
Tsukuru mass media and
Put pressure on the government

Nikkei Web has thousands of people
I was reporting.

The Japanese media is
I don't want to see the truth

I don't want to hear I don't want to say
Only those guys.

Today, December 14th at Kiyomizu Temple
This year's kanji will be announced.

It's called an election fraud.

Please be careful
Please attach.

Dochira's candidate tries to win
The turmoil of American society

Battle of the world division
Second Civil War

A civil war will be inevitable.
Tora-san's supporters are amazing.

Sorry for running out of frames
Left-handed Okama needle vinegar is Senator
How long will you be doing

Trump wins by all means

So far in the United States both
Is it intruded?

I am reminded almost every day.
With this amount, Japan is also quite

It must have been done.
Of course the second floor is so

Motegi's attitude is playful
Suga becomes a low-ranking official
It's also humble

I'm convinced that's the case.
If you don't do something, Japan will also
The fire on the opposite bank is not enough.

Handsome Ted Cruz
Isn't there a senator?

The politician is the Chinese Communist Party
Why do people
hear their voices?
Don't you hear the voice?

Become a politician with one vote from the people
The politician
Don't forget

What politicians are doing now
It's a betrayal to the people! !!

I want to tell politicians.

There are many good people
Isn't it?

America Damashii is here
For those who are manipulated inside

You don't understand
God is watching
I pray for America's prosperity

The movie Total recall is

Even in the real world
It's happening
It may be.

But does it work?
Opacity and

I mean, until now
in a series of unexploded ordnance
Trump re-elected
I doubt if it can be done.

The mechanism of the US president is
What's going on

To the inside of the local United States
Familiar tools

Based on the existence etc.
Analyze and convey in detail

There are few YouTube media.
From outside the United States called Japan

It is difficult to get the correct information even if you look at it.
I have English ability

Correct information
Few to tell
It can be said to be one of the channels.

Republicans also become a Chinese bacterium
Was it poisoned?
That's why I won't win

Ali with live video
When it appears

With Sammy Davis jr from all over the world
Written and funny.

Canadian about a week ago
I was doing it in the news.

Two or more parties
for counting on 1/6 If the party is not present
I shouldn't

Pence is Pennsylvania
Electors such as

Don't choose or state legislature
Hire an elector

If you do something like

Democrats leave
It may be a ballot counting stop

To Vice President Pence
The veto is
I did not know.

Other countries intervening in elections
It is not forgiven.
We are witnesses of history
Just Trump
I just support you.

I feel restless every day
Trump has been
for 4 years With huge enemies inside and outside

I think our
It's just a few things now.

Not only Americans
Freedom of the world

All the people I love
I support you.
We will not give up

The future of America ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ is
In the future of Japan ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต

The stupidity of Japanese newspapers
It stands out.

Very nice content
Thank you for the video.
Americans ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Great.

I'm fine.
Trump support! For reelection

Let's continue to support from Japan.
Public Opinion, Public Opinion, Tsunami
It's a swell like that.

Information on wonderful events
I was happy to know

Power when you become a crowd
Can you break it?

I'm dying to support you.
What is from a foreign country
Can you do it?

Option explanation until January 6
Thank you very much.

Good news for Pence veto
There is also a report on December 18

until the beginning of the new year It seems that the situation is not reached.

Signed up to 15th

America ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Already finished
Politics, economy, judiciary
Corrupted and corrupted

The media is also rotten
It is impossible to end the public opinion

It's enough.

in Washington DC

Watch the big march.

Public opinion supports Mr. Tora
It's obvious

The time has run out.
I have nothing to lose.
Immediate Presidential Decree
And issue martial law

Democratic Party's Dos Blackness
The day to uncover so far
The excitement doesn't stop when I come

However, the Suga administration in Japan
And mass media

I'm dead
This time is
on the opposite bank Don't catch fire!

Destroy the Republican Party

The turmoil in the U.S. presidential election is
World order
The pain of birth to regain.

Mr. Tora's camp I want you to do your best

In the right world
When it becomes

dating with country c
Can be done.

Of course, it is not led by the Chinese Communist Party
Reborn as a democracy

The voice is muffled.
It's hard to hear.

The people of the United States
Should be wonderful.
I believe in it.

Pretending not to know

Japanese media

This series of
No way
You're checking

Inside the Republican Party
Contaminated by madness
It's the same as the Liberal Democratic Party.

TV and newspapers are crazy
It may be an advertisement mainly for funders.

It is included and the news is
It has been stopped.

Naturalization or
for management Taken US citizenship

There are American citizens and naturalized Japanese
With the intention of madness

Freedom not to report
I'm enjoying it.

Justice always wins at the end.

I have to see righteousness
Without courage

I need the media already
A world without it is formed
It has been done.

Japanese tiger
Article to lower moss

It hurts my chest to see
It was

To put it the other way around
Such an article is

If it increases, it will increase
The other party is
I'm impatient
I wonder what that is.

Banday is still
Enter the White House
If there is something like

The largest
in American history It's a shame

America ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ is completely the world
Dignity as a leader
You will lose

Remains hot in America
Half the spirit of justice!

Presidential election during the virus epidemic.
It is now organized
I can only think of it.

In advance, the president will vote by mail
He was fraudulently concerned.

If this happens, the military
Trust loyalty and hold elections
I wonder if I should start over.

Of course, it's bad at the same time
It's about hunting them down.

Biden will raise the white flag.
He knows the loss best. ..

It's a rumor, but from Corona
A terrible virus
I heard it's widespread

Even in Germany yesterday
City blockade has begun
Japanese people should be careful

It's cool.
America is great

If the sale of electricity becomes president
Various influences on Japan
I think it will come out.

Like a Republican who does nothing
Government of Japan does nothing

Female to the Japanese government
The White House
It is a signature to move.

This is no longer a public opinion

Evil will surely perish, and all
Lies and darkness are also revealed.

This is the word of the Bible.
Good luck with President Trump.
I support you till the end.

Trump and Aso
There are similar parts.
Say rags to Trump CNN

Aso Asahi says rags
Bullish attitude to each other
High approval rating from each other

America and Taiwan are steadily China
Japan-China friendship even though it is excluded
The policy is pushing forward
Japan is tough

Even if Biden becomes president
It is
that there was a suspicion of fraud I can't erase it.

If there is something, it's no good
It is said.

Either way, it's 100% untrustworthy
The president is no good.

If the loser is this one,
It makes me think it's good

Not a winner
At the top of the country
You can't be.

Justice wins
Don't forgive injustice

This is the true liberal society
I think it should be.

President in the final vote of both the House and Senate
If you choose, it will be Republican's advantage

I'm saying it, but

Supreme Judge with Conservative Dominance
There is a precedent for making a wrong decision.

In other words, a member of the House of Representatives betrayed
Vote for Biden
There is a good chance.

In my opinion, vote from martial law
On the road where the route is left
Is it not?
The enemy is sneaking into all of the organization.

Currently on the net
If the information on fraudulent elections is true

State legislature
election results There is no need for courage to deny.

It's a matter of course
Isn't it just obeying?

The excitement of public opinion
Does that mean it's not enough?

The enemy is inside
Enemies over c countries
Is it an insect in the lion's body?

As evidenced in Japanese history
The enemy is an internal enemy rather than a foreign enemy

It may be a strong enemy, isn't it?
The United States is no longer
Dichotomy becomes apparent

My heart is full of turmoil.
Really riots
I want to pray that it won't happen.

BLM leaves the hotel after the rally Riot to attack, in the next day's article

Trump supporters
When a rampage was injured
What you feel.

Texas dismissal of proceedings
I just had a case
Voting in the House of Representatives in one state

with Pence's authority Nomination of Mr. Trump
โ†’ The Federal Supreme Court is also worried.

Anything to play cards
I want you to win
You can rest assured to say this

There is no material
It's frustrating.

After all Marshall Law
Is there only

Electoral fraud in Japan
You're doing it.
Don't speak up too much
There are only people

Japan's stupidity that has continued since the Meiji era
Someday a dynastic politician
I hope it will be eradicated.

America is democracy
With the Socialist Communist Party
I'm fighting.

Japan has no internet
Saying nothing about politics
I didn't understand it well, but

Now to the Socialist Communist Party
I found out that it was invaded.
Japanese people also stand up
Maybe it's time

Crush the Republican Party?
I did not know.
As you said, it's a real revolution.

I can't sleep if I don't watch this anymore.

Trump Modern God

White House
There is a signature of 100,000 petition
The Japanese are the Japanese government
Ask for a survey

The deadline is December 15th.
You can set Japanese at the bottom
You will receive an email after signing

Then sign again and you're done.

Mr. Ratcliff will be on 12/18
Intervention of other countries in this election
Report officially Trump

It seems that you will escalate to the president.

Based on that, various movements
There is a story that you can do it.

Also, Mr. Lynn Wood
"There will be a big event within a few days.

I want you to believe in President Trump. "
I am making a meaningful tweet.

What will happen now?
Believe in God and President Trump.

Go to the US-China war as it is
Deep state
It's a jar I think.

The United States is worldwide
Deep state
The cleanup is also done first.

Xi Jinping is
to the Republic of China regulations Signed.

Civil war in the United States and China
Domestic Deep State
All you have to do is wipe out (Cabal).

The least injured method
It also prevents Japan from becoming a battlefield.

Finally, FOX News
Powell Attorney
You made it appear.

On the compass of Actinidia polygama
There is a Japanese translation video.

All Americans
Democratic Party's Electoral Faud
How to get to know
I hope it will be.

Far from being unusual
This is abnormal.

If this is allowed
Future Eternity, Republican Party
Democratic Party's Electoral Faud
You will be content with it.

Thanks to those who added subtitles.

Attorney Powell
Cyber โ€‹โ€‹Pearl Harbor
This is

On SNS as a hashtag
Flying around

It will be a pain for Japanese people in the United States.

The last army takes the lead
It's refreshing to vote again.

The true number of votes for selling electricity is Hakujitsu
It will be exposed to the original.

I want you to re-election
The best way to calm the country
I can say

Because the U.S. military intervenes
I think it's safe, but
Still the spy
There is a possibility of sneaking in

Even in the Republican Party, the Chinese Communist Party and Zubuzubu
I can't do anything because I have

Casino from the Chinese Communist Party in Japan
Give preferential treatment if you can

I was dismembered that I received the money
I was caught showing off
What other people say

I have to ask
It's a threat to say that.

I think the elector
I don't care

with foreign election intervention I think the election can be treated as invalid.

Based on that
Vice President Pence
I think it will be invalid.

And President Trump
I think the term will be extended for another term.

I want the video to have subtitles

The army seized
Will Dominion be released?

for this presidential election Anger at NHK's public broadcaster

Infringes our right to know
Article 21 of the Japanese Constitution is a violation of the Constitution

It's still decided by Biden
Repeat the press! ๏ธIs this okay?

Dark side Dark side
Will the Democratic Party of Japan win?

Will the Republic of Justice Win?
I don't know, but the election
Is it okay to lose meaning?

Buzzing in Texas suit
The people came to know.

Existing media even a little
What's happening if you move
You will know.

If public opinion moves, it's like an avalanche
All existing media
I think it will be a winner.

For some reason, the Treaty of Portsmouth
I remember history.

It's become an Elai thing
Things are tangled up to here
I didn't expect it to be crowded

But victory is always the right one
Will be held on top.

A little more
Let's support from overseas

This is only in America
It doesn't matter.
The world is dominated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Now is the moment, no matter what
Let's make Trump president

I'm supporting
Not just Americans.
I also support from Japan

For one wolf
10,000 sheep in a bundle
There is no enemy even if it becomes.

Thumos. Thumos. Thumos.
Mr. Trump and others

Cheering teams from all over the world
Overcome this difficult situation.

Why can't I win the blame?
Not a lawyer corps
It's suitable for lawmakers.

Is it because my superiors and aides said?
Supporters are a little more
I have to think with my head
It will be irreparable.

What happened to Ted Cruz?
Only parentheses?

Acquisition so far
When the intimidation becomes obvious

The House of Representatives chooses risks
I think it's big.

If you are entangled in one or two states, you are out.

I mean,
Dirty so far
Keep fighting on the ring

Is that a good idea?
Expectations for Ultra C
I want to do it.

If the will of the people is cut off
The tiger can't do his best either.

I can't sell electricity anymore
Enlightenment shift change started.

Especially for those who are watching TV
There will be more unpleasant news

Believe in Zingiber and support
Just continue.

Looking at the excitement of this rally
I think that fostering public opinion is enough

Mr. Ratcliff is the final stage
It looks like you'll be a key man
The rest is BLM and Antifa

Destroy terrorists
I want you to be safe
Trump supporters and
I'm worried about Mr. Ganaha

I pray for the reelection of President Trump.

Raising public opinion is the Supreme Court
It will be the driving force to move.

However, the other party is
in the past Lincoln and Kennedy
Because they are assassinating
To escort President Trump
Please do your best.

This is the will of the people.

Thousands on Yahoo News
It was written. Lol

Really the media
Work hard

Now democracy and
It's time to fight communism.

We are the Japanese media
Turn pro-Chinese, etc. into enemies

Absolutely democratization with the power of money
Don't be moved
Let's fight.

Mr. Trump is great, but
Let's get up too

Is it a seal?
Isn't it dangerous?

Hot hot America

Japanese media is
Rebels on Trump's side

In the comment that concludes the story like
I am amazed.

President Trump reelection
I just hope.

Come here, the purpose of DS et al. Is
The turmoil and division of America
It has become clear.

To me, that scenario
Towards, Tora-san

Both fans and Ume-san operatives
Get together and run
It looks like there is.

You can put together America
Do you need a common slogan?

According to the scenario, America is
I'm heading for confusion.

The angry people of the United States
To the constituency senator
"By mail"

If you submit a petition
Elderly people who are vulnerable to the internet
Senator also

To decide
You will not be able to.

Even if the postal service is acquired
Millions of mail
Disposing is
I can't do it.

Republican, with courage
Good luck for justice
I have to do my best here

America sinks in a swamp of mud.

For money trap
Whether it's on or not

In a honey trap
Whether it's on or not
Everything has already been revealed

I have to take the courage to fight here
Both myself and the world sink into the swamp.
Take your hands together and do your best

If you are elected by Congress
House of Representatives elects president
The Senate will be elected Vice President.

Republicans in both the House and Senate
Biden wins in the minority
There seems to be a member of the Diet who admits it.

Party discipline in the United States
I don't have it, so I'll overturn it in Congress.
Has a high hurdle.

In the direction of pulling out the treasure sword of the legendary family
Can I bring public opinion?
I feel that it will become important.

I think the trial is no longer possible.
I was cheating no matter what.
The side does not withdraw

However, the order is
It's important, but

Martial law
It's a military trial from.

Besides martial law
Opportunity for reversal
I was very surprised to find it.

It looks like it will work.

A total bird's-eye view
Unless Trump gives up
Trump will win.

After that, how much
Will you win effectively?

That is, through the battle
Washington Swamp
How much can be purified.

For that, smartly
It's not just about winning.

At the last minute battle
It is necessary to raise the public opinion.
It's already a Trump theater.

Well definitely

Mr. Trump is reelected.
Now both Mr. Trump and his supporters
It's time to put up with it.

I'm just worried
It is the Chinese Communist Party that has become discolored.

Mr. Trump
Make a fool and cheat
Justify support

Harmful media
Will be crushed.
Thank you again tonight.

I'm a Trump believer, but
Seen in neutral

Mr. Trump is quite
Looks disadvantageous.

Good or bad
Mr. Trump is too kind.

I want to get public opinion on my side
I understand, but as the police of the world
I want you to show your strength.

For Mr. Trump
I want you to be strong

If the repulsion is large
The larger it is, the stronger it becomes.

President Trump's camp
I won madly
After re-election

What is the Chinese Communist Party and DS
Will it come to an end?
I can't help but look forward to it.

China is rated AAA
National interest company goes bankrupt
It seems that they are one after another

America takeover fails
For the dismantling of the Chinese Communist Party
I pray that you will be connected.

Mr. Pence nominates
Assuming that it is possible up to 1/6

After that, I'm not silent
For the Democratic Party

Assuming I could go to the Supreme Court

This is also suddenly by 1/6
Can you decide?
I'm worried

Great, America
To awaken
If you can see it in real time
I was convinced.

Other assumptions
I think there is
Military court.

CCP member list on sky news
It seems that leak information has also been released.

I also expect Japanese names.

Biden's Antifa
BLM is also active on the same day.

In addition, this civil war situation has disappeared
Let America be one
Let's hope.

I'm threatening with all my might
I wonder if they are spreading bribes.

I don't say where to whom.

Succumbing to it, the place is
Even if I protect myself

After that, the palm is turned back
For "accidents"
I don't know if I'll meet.

I believe in it
Can you face God?

Label of a non-religious person
When the result is pasted

Before political beliefs
Isn't it a disgrace?

President Trump of Justice Appears
January 6 Pence's denial is activated.

Ratcliff-san ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ Named together
Martial law โ†’ military intervention, re-voting

January 20 Trump
Until the presidential inauguration ceremony

I can't take my eyes off
Insomnia ongoing

The White House in the United States
We the people
We are collecting signatures on the site.
When this signature reaches 100,000
How much
for Japanese politicians
Overseas forces
So-called operatives

Can be investigated
That's right.

To protect Japan from China and South Korea
alone Please give me many signatures.

In Japan, a democracy
Win democracy over me who live

The American people who took it

It teaches me how to be
The essence is people's conscience and
A sense of justice and courage

Weathered in Japan today
Maybe it's something you've done?

But somewhere we are
It may be the way to go!

List of people caught under martial law
Aunt Kuri-kinton and his wife
Kamara Peroshi

Governor Soros Kenpu
Governor Hotoma
Doshi Zakabagu

Oh, I'm not guilty because selling electricity is dementia.

What's happening now is
Inflated by fraud and fraud

I've been fooling us for many years
Incompetent big villains at home and abroad

Competent and brave with a sense of justice
People reveal their ugly appearance

Then scream
Rampage while raising
When it's rolled up
The truth is to say.

This year and the 6th of the new year
Keep an eye on it.

The United States
True Justice Can you penetrate
I will keep an eye on it as a Japanese.

So many people
You're marching

True democracy
The figure you seek hard is
The people's will is great.

Japanese media
If threatened
In the same way

No more threatened
However, Mr. Trump
Supporting them
What do you think of when you see it?

Immediately fair coverage
Please switch

Good as the same Japanese
Correspondence is truly embarrassing

And already selling electricity
On the charge of national treason

Under de facto surveillance
Being placed and unable to escape

Certainly in
There seems to be information from sources

It's already
by the CIA Director Arrested and confessed

on the charge of receiving that Considered to be under surveillance

National treason
To escape life imprisonment for charges

Power sale raises a white flag in response to a judicial transaction
I think there is a possibility of giving it.

It is democracy that protects the election
I agree because it's an obligation.

Americans are divided into two
Civil war (though it won't be)

If it becomes like
Isn't it the jar that the Axis powers think?

President I can hit it next time I give up
Do you have a hand?

About Texas
I was disappointed

The rally is
at this timing There is an American atmosphere
It was good to understand.

Everyone has a job at the end of the year
I will be absent
You can meet as much as you want.

This year as usual
You can't go through the year.

Simply why
Candidates are disqualified
I wonder if it will not be.

Republicans are also threatened
I'm getting money
It may be

The result is America
The country becomes a communist and socialist country
Do you think it's okay to become?

Deploying on the Canadian border
I am also worried about the movement of the PLA.

Which road is making such a fuss
Elections are the history of America
It will be handed down forever as a stain

Uncover the truth and do everything
Can you expose it under the daytime?

Or is it buried in the darkness?
The future view of America will change

The decision can be made
Each American

We Japanese are
I can only watch over
I regret it

With overwhelming evidence
Candidates in election campaign
Connecting with foreign powers
Allegedly caused national treason

If you are detained
I want to know what will happen.

At this time, the Vice Presidential candidate is also
Will you be detained together?

Will the election be invalidated?

Until the military trial
Will the incumbent president continue?

Or the Speaker of the House
Do you act on your behalf?

It's too chaotic, but
Not a missing scenario.

Cool Trump
Truth and Justice in America
I want you to stay

Who needs the world
Mr. Trump, a person with strong patriotism

I'm supporting Trump.
Don't lose to the power that doesn't go down

As Senate Chair
Vice President Pence
Each state
from the councilor
Accept the ballot counting results
You can refuse
There is something interesting in the view.

Just without showing any grounds
I feel that I can't refuse it.

Senate or bicameral
Declaration of convening a public hearing
Make a suggestion and refuse
I think we need to prove it.

Only this decent
I was a little relieved because there were people

President Trump also
You would have been happy

This will give more public opinion
Judiciary to move

All Congress is in the right direction
You should go!

Not President Trump
The Japanese government is getting more and more rotten

President Trump reelected
I want you to be the Prime Minister again.

Many people have affidavits
Testifying injustice in Germany

Combat the CIA server
There was a seizure and fraud

Appeal to the Supreme Court
in each state Republicans are silent.

There is really evidence
This result makes me terrified.

Which is
when you come here Fake news
I don't know.

I watched it in the video of the Epoch Times in the daytime.
The background is
I didn't know

I was impressed by the masterpiece.
Is that why?

But it's American
I just envy you.

Quietly Trump myth
It's getting closer to reality

Do it in real time
I'm glad to see you
Thank you.

Biden has a lot of
Trump side is cheating
I haven't cheated at all.

It's an extreme theory, but there are so many people
Voted for President Trump
If voters participate in the proceedings

I think it will be a great thing.

The vote was actually stolen
Potential voters

You have the right to file a class action
Full of dead people's votes and fake votes

It's a handstand on the Biden side
You can't do the same thing.

Actually money and time
It's easy because it takes
I won't go, but

Watch the demo
I dreamed a little.

With President Trump
To all the people who support him
May the blessing come
I pray every day.

Patriotism in Japan
this video distribution If you don't watch
I like Japan

I can't say
US-Japan relations are closed rooms

What should we do now
Is it America and

Japan and the world
To protect democracy
Because I think I have to move

Don't lose to both inside
Outrageous guys
While asking for a lot of teaching

While enjoying the rights
It is an organization that returns gratitude.

The whole world
these people It's time to annihilate.
Let's stand up together

for Tora-san The status of the President of the United States is

Don't love America, go to America
Financing to make money by eating a nest
Globalists and the United States

Trying to destroy
Chinese Communist Ideology

To wipe out

of its supporters It was created with a sense of solidarity

Far left of all political forces
Occupied by globalists

Tora-san's power is
in Japan Rebelled against established political parties

Information discussion
It looks like it's within 5 days.

Already done
Is there a possibility?

Within 45 days of the end of the US elections

The Director of the National Intelligence Service is the next leader
Discuss and other appropriate

Administrative departments and institutions are
Foreign government, or foreign government

As an agent or
On behalf of a foreign government

The person who acts is
The intent or purpose of interference

Show that you acted with
Evaluation of information
It shall be carried out.

Maximum range that can be confirmed
The nature of foreign interference and

To do that
Adopted method, related parties

And approve it, instructions
Sponsored or supported
Shall identify foreign governments

The Director of National Intelligence said this evaluation and
President with appropriate supplementary information

Secretary of State, Secretary of Finance, Secretary of Defense
Attorney General

And to the Secretary of Homeland Security
It shall be provided.

This presidential election is in history
Engraved deeply
It will be an event.

The people resist greed

Belief in the policy you are looking for
Have it and carry it out for the people
To President Trump
I want you to win

For Trump supporters
Awe and faith in God

Take it and confront fraud
I want you to arouse courage

Re-election of President Trump
I hope I can't stop

I participated in the rally.
Including Michael Flynn
20 people, over 4 hours

in a series of speeches People were listening enthusiastically.

Silent majority
The patience bag has run out

I'm not silent
It was an atmosphere.

The last of all the speakers is now

Jesus Christ, go back to the Bible

Correct according to God's teachings
If you do something, the road will be opened.

I was suing, so
After all America is Christ

I was keenly aware that it was a religious nation.

It's still okay.

Republicans desperately
I'm supporting Trump

I can hear the story at all
It doesn't come.

Supporting Trump
American Citizens
And attorneys.

After all, the Democratic Party and
Fighting Biden
I'm not there.

You're fighting all the evil.

Good luck, Mr. Trump.
Good luck American people ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ.

At this event

Trump supporter
Four people were stabbed by ANTIFA.

But in the media
Don't say which side

Injured in this demo
I am reporting.

ANTIFA also violence the police
I was working and screaming.

The Trump side also follows the police instructions
It was peaceful.
It is a clear impression operation.

Trump side
Go to a rally and harass

Violent acts
Even though it's ANTIFA.

Watching the live, this report is

The commander-in-chief of the U.S. military is
We follow the US Constitution only.
I declared that

President Trump
Director of National Intelligence Ratcliff
In response to the suggestion

Declaring limited martial law

Only in the US Constitution
U.S. military fairness to obey

Under fair control
How to re-election

Common sense regardless of partisan
All Americans can understand
I think it's a solution.

The Federal Supreme Court is sick
Republicans in Congress
Sit down,
in each state council
Republicans are all cowards
I think it's no good

Under martial law
Ms. Sidney Powell

Already in the led military court
It's clear

All the suspects
If you go to Guilty
A decent Democratic supporter

Voters are also Democratic leaders
It's easy to understand sneakyness

Isn't it?

Except for re-elections under military control
No matter what method you take
The grudges of Democratic supporters remain.

Well, that outright
Injustice has been done, and

Media where the law doesn't work
Don't report it properly

It's no wonder you get angry.

Rather, you should get angry
I think you should stand up.

We Japanese people are also Trump
The president has a favor

I have a loan

to the North Korean abduction issue
Sincere efforts and
References in UN speech

Good relations with the Japanese Prime Minister, etc.
In the sense of returning that favor,

The country of America
Protecting democracy and

Supporting President Trump
I think we should do that.

A person who can move the world

hurdles over and over again
If you don't cross
I can't decide.

Senator is Texas
Ted Cruz hands
I'll list it

Although it deviates from the main subject,
Communism in the United States

What has penetrated so far
I'm still surprised.

With the mystery stolen by China
Use the money you got
Spreading Chinese thought

Legal profession, politician, etc.
In a state of manipulating a wide range with gold

The lead President ็ฟ’่ฟ‘ Xiaoping
In the situation to decide

President Trump issues martial law
Trump if announced
As a reset action

It will be engraved in history

Biden / CCP side is
Intimidation and assault with madness
โ—‹ Because even people will come

After all, only the presidential decree โ†’ martial law
I don't feel like it.

According to the video below
The U.S. Army has already
to Taiwan Prepare to deploy 4 divisions

It seems that there is
If this is true
The US military is already in a state of war.

Even if the world is totally controlled
I feel uneasy.

Paris Agreement? United Nations? WTO?
There are various things, but

People who move with money
If there are so many, the whole world will be

Falling into the hands of middle โ—ฏ
I am worried that it will end up.

The one that suffers the most is
You are the general public, aren't you?

Mr. Trump signs the Paris Agreement
I thought when I left.

Mr. Trump is a national
It โ€™s an ally.

I want you to do your best
Is it difficult to be reelected?

In terms of flow, Japan is also regulated
It's like socialism.

In the name of international cooperation
Regulations will be applied more and more.

Governor Kemp, Georgia
If you admit voting fraud

Governor Kemp's daughter
Boyfriend Hrrison Deal (20 years old)
12/5 was killed.

It's a traffic accident on the surface, but

The explosion sound was amazing & the engine was
Because 50-60 yards were blown away

Auto mechanics also
No matter what you think

In a normal accident
That's not possible
I'm saying

It's not an accident in America
Many voices say it was murder

It's up
Chinese Communist fireworks are often
I'll fly

Toka Clintoned
Also Clinton
Clinton killed

Or, again Epsteined
Died in prison as suicide

Epstein, a childhood criminal
It's the same trick again
It is said that.

Such a young man is also assassinated

This Judiciary and Republican Party
The movement of the state legislature

Looking at Swing State
Extremely possible
I think it's low.

1/6 Pence
Electoral refusal to open
Because it will be a gambling

At that timing
Do you gamble?

An executive order
I have to put it out and fight
I think it's too late.

The opponent who is fighting is the law
I don't follow the rules
I'm fighting with different legal rules.

President of the United States
The system to choose is until the inauguration

Objections at some barriers
I found that I could file a petition.

Finally, Vice President Pence
Because it's a decision
To Mr. Trump

There are still cards left
It means that there is.

But to the Chinese elections
If you can prove your involvement

Invoking martial law
Under the control of the U.S. military

Elections in problem states
It's better to start over
It feels refreshing.

By the way, in China
Those who helped

You can be arrested for treason.

Probably Mr. Trump
America to back

Public opinion is martial law
I think I agree.

That's the last one.

with martial law Hold another election.

Congressmen are no good.
Republican lawmakers
Everyone is weak

Chinese Communist Party and Dominion
I'm dyeing my hands.

I can't help it now.
Mr. Nikai wants to be conservative
Something like saying.

Because it can be led by the army
If so,
It's never been better.

It's a big mess
Inevitable but
Better than becoming a communist nation.

Michael Flynn's
Compared to brave behavior

Supreme Court Judge
Especially to President Trump

The three appointed are

Jobs that should be done
I think it's abandonment / escape.

Also under Trump rule
Economic turnaround, regardless of race

For those who work sweating on their foreheads
Because of the benefits

Originally the president
Republican Party to Support

A member of the Diet is on the sidelines
The correct election was held
Inviting people's anger

I could read the situation.

Texas lawsuit
126 members of the House of Representatives

The reason I agreed was yesterday
January 6 Electoral Voting Results

Republican Senator
If you stand up about one person

Possibility of improvement
I want to connect hope.

Last introduced
John Ratcliffe
In the remarks of the Director of National Intelligence

The time has finally arrived
Both Japanese and Japanese options are

If there is, it is flexible
It is possible to deal with
I think it's fine.

If you don't act, you'll lose.

American people
Don't make a fool

Get up, American people
Hold down the power of the people's will
I can't do

You can challenge
Is it only one state?

Like a Texas lawsuit
Collecting multiple states
Can't you?

Ted Cruz

Mo Brooks
To the remarks of the House of Representatives
I haven't noticed it
Is that right?

If you notice
Is it more likely?

Congressman Mo Brooks

Republican Party to President Trump
Introducing the Senator

Ask for it
Is that difficult?

In Japan,
Not reported

What was it yesterday?

NTV of Japanese Masgomi
This March of Justice

By terrestrial broadcasting
I was there.

Electoral fraud is not allowed

Supporting President Trump
I was showing people in the video

Japanese masgomi
Did you shed this?
I don't know.

The national polity of the United States Federation is the military.

The Chinese Communist Party also says that the national polity is the military.
I'm saying

Proud of the United States Federation
There are enough military personnel

Indiscriminate to their own people
For repression and suppression
The muzzle never points.

The Chinese Communist Army is under a dictatorship
It's okay for selfishness

your own people Point the muzzle and hesitate

Every life without feelings
Make it absent.

An army that protects the lives of the people
Army to protect the property of privileged people

Which is the right army
It is obvious if there is one.

However, the president
Praise those soldiers
When you say something, the Republicans also

Including the Democratic Party and the chairman
Sincerity and
regardless of everything
Applause of respect
I will send it generously.

This is just
It is due to ideological guidance.

Great for news and public opinion
By manipulating information that influences

With personal weakness
It is due to induction.

But now everyone is
Which information is correct

Isn't it?
Depending on the times when you can judge

On the contrary, how the current
Media and journalism
You can see if it is corrupt.

On the contrary, this time
In the US presidential election
What I saw is exactly

Do not report accurately
Information manipulation

Each media is
Exposing the nature and essence
It became the result of issuing.

Under such circumstances
Winning with the most votes in US history

Why JB is peculiar to Americans
An enthusiastic rally
Won't you do it?

So many media companies
Even if there is only one place
Even if you hire for money, you will be a supporter

Gather people by pretending to be
Enthusiastic festivities

There are no Americans to do
It's strange and can't be helped.

President Trump also
Trump camp
Corporate lawyer Giuliani also
He became ill but recovered immediately.

in this epic scenario The ending is

The diverse ethnic groups of the American people
The pride of the people of this country

When I think about it,
naturally I think I will give you an answer.

Assuming there was fraud
If you think of it as a real problem

Democrats and Republicans
For Mr. Trump
Don't you want me to be reelected?

Because with China
Including American companies

Companies in Japan and around the world
There are adhesions and even

Even if companies and lawmakers are cut off
It should be inseparable.

If Trump
if re-elected
Even many lawmakers have females
Strangle the councilor himself

It will be, then
To Trump Nisan

I can't cooperate
it might be?

White House
Dare to petition

I haven't touched
Isn't it a bittern decision?

Japanese judiciary is via the second floor
Received instructions from the Chinese Communist Party
The Prime Minister moves the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office

On the other hand,
The legislators are in a slump.

Even if it is Goto, the ruling party
A voice that opposes from inside
I can't hear you.

As in the United States, interests and
I only think about votes
Is it a politician race?

If you support the villain
America is over
Don't you think
I want to say.

Tangle until January 6
Intricately led by the U.S. military
It will be deployed by the NATO Allied Forces.

A spy on the Japanese government
May be
So to investigate

to the White House Please sign

Please spread and share

Before Christmas
At the Consulate-General of Hamburg
With 5 Delta Force who died

CIA 1 American citizen
All as heroes of the martial arts

To Mr. Trump, President of the United States
Honorary funeral of the American flag
I want you to go.

The Constitution of Japan is the Constitution of the Earth.

Legally firm
President Trump

If you can win, that way
Good, but the people's fraud election

Take it in advance
Vice President Pence opens the package
Named President Trump

I wish I could change it
If it's a DS, that much
Laugh and do the media

As if I didn't use it
Will do

Anyway, the Democratic Party
Republicans with strong self-assertion

It's been done considerably
I wonder what it feels like

If Japan is less than this
I don't feel comfortable living when I think about it

I wonder if it will be entangled until next year
Somehow Hunter Biden

Untouchable method
Capture from the NTA side

Your hands are moving forward
Information came out.

Once with money the police and
Embrace the FBI

Killing other people
I was restrained by intimidation

Hit Al Capone
Crushed battle proven
It's a hand.

If it is this, it will be a potato-type
Mass production of arrested people

Because there is a possibility
It's pretty interesting
I wonder if it will be
I'm expecting it.

Japanese media coverage
Terrible thing Terrible thing

Do not admit defeat
Mr. Trump's supporter Ga

Supporting Mr. Trump
The far right and Mr. Biden's

Supporters collide
Injured person moth

As if Trump
Supporters are violent
It was an expression that I said

I can't do it. It's frustrating.
It's sick.

Impermanence, helplessness.
Even if you get stuck in civil affairs

There are detectives and there is also military.
The materials are also available.

Still more for the current administration
There are many cards.

State of emergency etc.
If you don't have to use it
What's better than that
No, but

To liven up the public opinion
Media and Big Tech
You need to control the interference

To do so within the year
Promulgation is unavoidable
I think there is a possibility.

Even if the victory is hard
I can't be honestly pleased.

Impermanence that requires power.

After all, civil affairs alone
It is recognized again that it is useless.

After all power is necessary.
CCP, it's democracy

Laugh at the limit
It may be.

Trump supporter
My convenient observation.

Maybe Trump is
To the destination

Constitution until tired
I will proceed according to the law, but

Around me in the process
Who has the courage to go to the country

With loyalty
Do you have the spirit to work?

Who is the bat?

And who is involved
It has been taken

Is it quite
It's a dangerous bet, but
Isn't it discerned?

Trump supporters
Looking at the meetings and speeches of the people
I don't think I can lose

However, the judiciary including the Supreme Court
Furthermore, legislation and administration

President Trump
Inside the administration cabinet

The dismissed rebel molecule is
There are many

Chinese food as it is
It's a four-sided battle of Gaixia

Honestly Sydney Powell
Lawyer Lynnwood Lawyer

Giuliani Attorney
When listening to the speech
I don't think I can lose

President Trump's camp side
There is also time left to win
The means are also limited

Unparalleled this time
Large-scale support demonstration
Sincere American people

I think it's also a revolution.

Vice President Pence
Before the veto is activated

Somehow by January 6
Proving fraudulent voting on the 14th

In the Federal House of Representatives vote
It will be decided later

Don't bother
as a hand I think

At that time
Vice President You will have to choose.

Already in trial
It's not necessary, but

Who is the national treason
Is it guilty?
Amazing number of people.

Support of 74 million people
To the president who got

Deep state is also
I lost my strength.

President Trump
Executive order until the end
Does not emit.

I will endure until the end.
I don't want to shed blood.
In this country

I'm really sad.

Republican Party doing nothing
People are frustrated by lawmakers

There seems to be
Why Republicans

Trump Will you help me?

What are you guys for

In the profession of politician
Did you get it?
I want to ask.

New Federal Parliament
Especially in the House of Representatives, the difference narrowed

However, as usual
Democratic Party has a majority

Because it occupies
They are the new Trump administration

For all budgets and laws
Opposition to political administration

I have functional paralysis
Most likely

It has nothing to do with the main subject, but
American elections
The system is full of holes.

Rough work comes out one after another.

The right thing and the easy thing
It's a choice.

People are swept away on the easy path
It may be easy, but

Choose the right path
I hope you will.

Each person in the world

The right path to the future
I hope you choose.

In America and Japan
Even in Australia
Even in Europe.

After all, what kind of hand
Even if you try to use it

Those who succumbed to money
Because there are more

Mr. Trump is
I feel like I'm losing
I do

Issue martial law
Divide America

If they do, their
It's the point I think

Mr. Trump
You should understand
I don't think I can

No matter how you look at it, Mr. Trump's
It seems like a bad minute

President Trump
Japanese fans
Because I'm so much

President Trump is also human
There are various drawbacks

But I'll leave it to you because it's suitable.

This viewpoint is important
How to choose a politician
Very important

็ฎก็†่€…ใ€€ๅŠ ่—ค่‚ฒ้ƒŽ