If you look at the history of dictators

The nature of the dictatorship is clear

The essence of the dictator Communist Party is a dictatorship

It ’s the history of the purge
I understand well

The essence is hidden in the media
Cleverly invading the administration
Japan is also quite
Being done

Hitler, Stalin
Similar to Mao Zedong
The dictator creates an enemy and thoroughly purges the enemy
What was purged is purged
Purge results followed by a large number of murders

Demon Demon Evil Murder Demon Nation Appears
is this
Not limited to the Communist Party

I see, the Communist Party is dangerous
It's made up of
Isn't it

The crueler one seems to be weaker
I've seen some human beings
There is

The ultimate of that kind is the learning sentence
It's a thing

Top that is not very good
But for fear of excellence
Go to crush

That's why the country will also decline
Stalin Mao Zedong Both
Which one is it

The devil rules the world on YouTube
It's good to see the series

Certainly Obama was dispatched to China
CIA or intelligence agent roster
Handed many sacrificed Xi Jinping
Should have been

It role in the centripetal force of Xi Jinping
Should have been

The history table is the history of the winner
It's never a history of justice

Behind the scenes there is a bloody power struggle

There are many cases in Japan

Chinese Communist Party still runs

Just think about time for a long time

I recently saw it online
Chinese long-term care business

It seems that it is aimed at the elderly
If it's a fact, it's a scary situation

Now Stalinism (China)
And Trotskyism Blue Amelie
Ka and

Monroe Doctrine Red American

Where is Japan

Mrs. Stalin is her husband's sweetheart
Willingness to protest Rino's purge
He seems to have died himself because of the taste

Stalin got it
My real daughter is getting more and more crazy
Even asylum in America

The destruction of humankind is global warming, etc
More than changes in the natural environment
Communist thought derived from a madman
It may depend on

A voice to eradicate
Let's raise it

Republican leader Kevin
Mr. McCarthy is a supporter of Mr. Tiger
Express your possession

Please give me a favor

It creates a new strong ground
To make

The 2nd floor also carries one stick and
Full of energy to collapse

Awareness of the history of the Communist Party
I need

Knowing the economic background
It's the minimum required

And allow the Chinese Communist Party to manipulate information
It is necessary not to do it

Approved by Mr. Trump's impeachment trial
Republican Rep. 7
The name is

Is it local as a loser loser
I'm pushing up and eating

Those who did not cast a negative vote
From beginning to end with criticism of Trump

Mitch McConnell is the opposite
Is requested to resign

Stalin compared to the madness
Both Hitler and Hitler are cute
I want to be blackmailed and purged

Welcome if you grasp the human heart with charm
Dictatorship can be done

Obama will eventually weaken
Take the entire land

Give advice to direct
I wonder what the Hiroshima ceremony is
Mushroom cloud that flowed in the text

You can applaud the video without any worries
Because he is a person, with that Putin
He even cut a cross on his chest

Thank you for the scary world Japan
Country for now No forever

The swearing demon uses the Bay Tokushu Corps
The opposition to the odorous flatulence
I've cleared up my strength

The root of all evil is SHOHEI
Is coming to Japan

The power that I think now is deceived

Global, Common Language English, American
It can be used even if you have a weak head

Take Stalin as an example
1934 Party Convention 11 out of 1900
Purge 00 people

110 out of 139 members of the central committee

In the photo at the beginning of the revolution
There are no survivors between them

To weaken due to the purge of the Red Army
Being attached to the German-Soviet war

Less co-direct and finally 20
A million more than 70 million compatriots

This is Mao Zedong's underestimate
Equivalent to 60 million purges
I think.

For reference, Hitler is 500-1000,000

One theory is that the dictator is human
Enemy malignant alien walks
Let me manipulate it in
So a similar phenomenon occurs
It seems to be this way

Let humanity kill humanity
The universe with this intention
There are people

Dictator, using dictatorship
Hide your identity and achieve your goal
There is an existence to do

The sympathizers of both Japan and the United States are certain
I'm a believer in Japan.
Mi and the Ministry of Education are the Chinese Communist Front
Because it is

Communist is American
An organization created by some Jews
you know

Communist is the founding country of the Soviet Union
Create their own absolute monarchy
It is for

In other words, what is the Communist Party
Absolute support for Jews in Inter
Because it's an organization to be a spouse
That's right

I see
The organization called Comintern is
It's pretty crowded

Hirobumi Ito was assassinated
There is a comintern behind
I heard the story

13 shots for multiple people
An Jung-geun
even though he was shot
Have you been committed alone

Mostly the dictator is the last
Behaves abnormally

Stalin and I can't believe anyone
I even said myself

Mao Zedong also suspects Peng Dehuai, a meritorious person in the founding of the country
He killed him in prison

The other day journalist Yukihiro Hasegawa
About that person in CCP
He was contributing a keen opinion

Dictator that Xi Jinping is of the elite party members
I agree with the view that it will collapse due to inner geba

is this
With the general theory of the collapse of the left wing
The dictator who can say

Plausibly talk about politics
Even if self-protection is the ultimate
Is the purpose of

Similarly, ordinary party members also appear
The more you live, the more self-protection
Is the greatest principle of action

I want that day to come soon
That's right

Not limited to communism
A person with such a strange idea
What is common to all is that you can read miscellaneous points
I can't see myself or my surroundings
I can't grasp

They are allowed to murder and destroy
Is an absolute justice hypnotic pottery

Information can be updated
I can't read the air and people's hearts
Is it like this

After all I admire Mao Zedong
Maybe the rumor is true

Mao Zedong is from Comintern
But I haven't waited for the Cultural Revolution

Poo meat bun is kicked down and trunk
How to get up to the club

You should know that
Hanahata: What did you feel like
I'm surprised

Suga looks like Suga
There is a guy who says Rin

Comintern or anything
I don't need industrialism

Japan by eliminating all strange places
I want to spread the principle to the world

Both Stalin and Kim Il Sung are Sue
President Bashir of Dan is also Hu
Kinjo also Vladimir Pouch
I can't even reach my feet

In the past, a large number of people are
Performed against political opponents and criminals

Nikuman is not guilty of an unspecified number of people
Performed on death row prisoners

And the world's first sale of organs
Selling the internal organs of others

Innovative and revolutionary to fly

The Communist Party dictates dictatorship
More liberals tend to be dictatorship
I wonder what it is

By any means
But now it's time to shut up

It's done in America

Did not give birth to a dictator or tyrant
The Constitution was born for

But this was hijacked
Rewritten by being deceived

is helping to do that
The news media and the educational constitution are born

So far, the news media and education
To give birth to a tyrant or a dictator
Some people have been minutes for a long time
I used to

Hide it and put it all over the world
The Fourth Estate has permeated

Some country, specifically A
Melika or France United Kingdom
There is only about

That is the news media and education
Producing dictatorship while guaranteeing the reason
I have to enact a constitution that doesn't exist
I won't be able to

Another harmful effect of multinational corporations
The best thing is the American Revolutionary War
It's like a word, but

I see Tukhachevski
-It's the story of Marshal

Although he was a very good soldier
When the invasion of Poland failed

Lenin seems to have imposed responsibility on Stalin

From that time Stalin seems to have been hostile to the Marshal

He was then forged and executed in a relationship with the Nazis

What China is doing in the early days of the Soviet Union is the same

Eliminate political enemies and threatening people and create and permeate cooperators

Obama, Clinton Biden and the Vice President riding it are also for the United States

It's for the general public
Not from Clinton
Became the Democratic Party of Japan recently
The presence of America is small
I'm gone

Voters who sensed it
I think I voted for Trump
I will.

Erase any torn or used items

Work hard on this channel as well
Those who are erasing first
What do you want to do

Don't say your family is in your homeland
If you escape to a country that is not affected
It's okay

Japan is a companion for them
It's hard because it's constantly monitored.
It's nice

If you do well, you can escape
I think

A system where power and wealth are concentrated
It becomes a dictatorship for the convenience of
Smell of high communism
After all

Current President of the People's Republic of China
Those who become dictators are purging many people, they are really only devils

Georgian Stalin had the Georgian Communist Party Mensheviks instead of Bolsheviks

The local Communist Party has also been purged, hasn't it

Good environment and beautiful in China
You can live surrounded by buildings

For the video claimed by the Chinese Communist Party
4278, 👎 in 5156 rice
Where is such a place

Opinion is publicity of the people and the Communist Party
I understand that I'm sick of

Values ​​for people's crackdown
Purge within the difference CCP
It's going up

Against the crackdown on other peoples
You may not feel anything

The key to purging and erasing the enemy
Is a turf war, isn't it
When both are involved

Money moves, people with that money
However, one combat with one moving body

I feel that the boss of Yamazaru is cleaner
I will

How many humans can manage
Tiger, caught in a honey trap
Was it

The human world is terrible


Administrator Ikuo Kato