Japanese politician, history of concessions without discussing the legitimacy of South Korea's claim

I have always made concessions to South Korea's unjustified claims.
It was a successive administration, without even looking up the truth
Behavior to recognize wrong history and apologize for money
I wish I could get along with it. Successive governments

Past politician Honey-I'm trapped

Explanation of honey trap [honey trap]
For the purpose of obtaining confidential information, etc.
Targeted by spies (diplomats, politicians, military personnel, etc.)
An espionage activity that seduces or threatens a weakness.
It mainly refers to what female intelligence agents set up on men.

Successive governments that did stupid things
It's troublesome, so even if it's a lie, you can solve it with money
Successive governments that can get along with this
What is it like this?

Thanks to that mistake policy
Money will be demanded forever.

When thinking about diplomacy between Japan and Korea, after the war
How Japanese and Korean politicians behave in diplomatic situations

Did it lead to the current turmoil in Japan-Korea relations?
When I traced it, what came to my mind was

By successive major politicians of both countries

Friendship for ad hoc interests and atonement

Good Neighbor Diplomacy, Foreign Policy to Deepen Friendship with Neighbors
It was a similar and non-establishment.

In the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty signed in 1965,
Japan is twice the national budget of South Korea at that time

$ 500 million free $ 300 million, paid $ 200 million
Agreed to provide economic cooperation.

And Chun Doo-hwan, who took office in 1980
The president demands $ 10 billion in new financial support from Japan.

On the other hand, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Prime Minister,
Immediately after taking office as the incumbent Prime Minister of Japan

First visit to Korea by electric shock (1983)
He announced $ 4 billion in support on the spot.
At that time, the exchange rate of 1 dollar = about 240 yen, which is about 1 trillion yen.

Including $ 4 billion support from the Nakasone Cabinet
When Japan's assistance (free of charge, yen loan) ends in 1990

The cut of gold is the cut of the edge. "
Requests for apologies from South Korea to Japan are increasing.

The Asahi Shimbun reported that it was a big fire (
* Note) This is a comfort woman issue that started.

* Note: The Asahi Shimbun has been talking about comfort women since the 1980s. Suppose there was forced entrainment
Seiji Yoshida (deceased)

About the article that took up the testimony
Testimony was false in 2014
I admitted that and canceled the related article

It was Miyazawa (Kiichi) in 1993 that was put out there
Yohei Kono, Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Cabinet
By (Taro Kono's father)
It is "Kono discourse".

Katsuhiro Kuroda, editorial writer for the Sankei Shimbun in Seoul, talks.

The big problem of Kono Statement is

Comprehensive comfort women
without evidence
It is an expression that is misunderstood as admitting coercion.

South Korea interprets Kono Statement as Japan's approval of coercion
It caused a disagreement between the views of Japan and South Korea after that. "

Including Mr. Miyazawa and Mr. Yohei Kono,
in Japan It was
who was responsible for the apology diplomacy It was strangely a network of Hiroikekai.

Economic cooperation interests in Japan-Korea diplomacy
There were many politicians who aimed and broke into South Korea.

On the other hand, with the doves within the LDP
In the called Hiroikekai

Treating Korea with a sense of atonement
The way of thinking was deep-rooted.

Soft to facilitate diplomacy
The idea of ​​contact comes first

That is also the source of the current Japan-Korea conflict.

(Critic Taro Yayama)

The route of Yohei Kono and others is

Tomiichi Murayama, Prime Minister's postwar 50th anniversary talk
And in 1998, Keizo Obuchi, Prime Minister

Japan-Korea Partnership
It will be taken over by the declaration.

Mr. Obuchi is to conclude a fishery agreement
For the first time in this declaration made
I apologized using the term colonial rule.

◆ Forehead Hatoyama's "Forehead"

On the other hand, even the opposition politicians at that time
Diplomacy with apologies was widespread.

The comfort woman issue was raised
The responsibility of Japanese opposition politicians is also heavy

That's what the Communist Party secretary
points out. Experienced journalist
This is Mitsuharu Furuze.

What complicated the comfort women issue
Wartime Sexual Forced Victim Problem Solving Promotion Bill
Was submitted to the Diet (2000)

Toshio Ogawa (currently Vice Chairman of the House of Councilors)
Mizuho Fukushima, Haruko Yoshikawa, etc.
Democratic Party of the time, Social Democratic Party

There is also a cause in the actions of the members of the Communist Party parliament.

They are from an anti-Liberal Democratic standpoint
After making the allegations of South Korean anti-Japanese groups into a bill
Opening the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal in Tokyo, etc.

Movement to build a statue of peace in each country
Created an opportunity to spread

And when the Democratic Party of Japan is born in 2009
It will be spurred further.
Naoto Kan, Prime Minister "100 Years of Japan's Annexation of Korea"

Reflection and apology discourse
Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister after retirement

Contained Korean independence activists
I paid for it at the Seodaemun Prison History Museum.

German Prime Minister Brandt in Poland
I apologized for the Nazi actions

Kneeling in Warsaw and
The same kind of apology in Japan
What the experienced prime minister did

Japan's War Responsibility in South Korea
Invited to increase the size of the frame
(Mr. Kuroda, mentioned above) is believed to be.

Japan responds to South Korea's claim
Instead of discussing its legitimacy
I made concessions.

Detailed history of the reverse side of Japan and Korea
Mitsuhiro Suganuma, former director of the Public Security Intelligence Agency, points out.

Japan-Korea relations are
Japanese politicians anti-communist with South Korea
To make it a breakwater

Continued financial support even after the postwar reparations issue
Let the money flow back to Japan
It has been used politically in Japan and Korea.

Something dispute between Japan and Korea
When a conflict of interest occurs
Use the money in various ways

Convince each other.
That is the political settlement.
It is said to be the Korean lobby

Politicians are at the center of it

Many members of the ruling and opposition parties
Joined the Japan-Korea Parliamentary Union
The number of pro-Korean factions has increased.

However, the world has changed.
The Cold War collapsed
When South Korea becomes a democracy

Economic support with the president's will
I can't move my money.
Economic cooperation from Japan will also be narrowed.

Even if there is a pipe of the Japan-Korea Parliamentary Union
The resources to settle the politics
If not, as before

Conflict between the two countries with the power of money
I can't solve it.
That is the current state.

In fact, by politicians
It became the window for diplomacy between Japan and Korea
Fukushiro Nukaga of the Japan-Korea Parliamentary Union

Takeo Kawamura, Chairman and Parliamentary Secretary-General
Even if the former Chief Cabinet Secretary visits Korea
There is no power to manage the situation.

Shinzo Abe
in the first place Prime Minister and Mr. Taro Kono
The relationship that was built in my grandfather's time

Concession of compensation money
Japanese and Korean politicians
If it was based on calculation,

For diplomacy between politicians
"True friendship"
Was true?

Rather it is the current
"The worst relationship after the war"
If it is the cause
You can even see it.

Prime Minister Abe and President Moon Jae-in
Both sides are my
Looking back on foreign policy

To review the relationship between the two countries
Only if you notice
Isn't new diplomacy starting?

* Weekly Post September 20th and 27th, 2019
NEWS Post Seven

History of Korea Takuei Uyama 2nd

[Japan's choice] South Korea's "anti-Japanese" encouraged "bad history" and
"Existence of domestic power" Do not spoil the Bun administration
!! The Japanese government must take "resolute response" now.

Mr. Nikai's foolishness that caused Japan's East China Sea gas field development to stall in response to Country C
The courage and courage of the Ishigaki City Council, which repelled the pressure of Country C and passed the bill to change the name of the Senkaku.
It was the successive administrations that have always made concessions to South Korea's injustices
without confirming the facts

Bulletin board if you find anti-Japanese activity --japan Register for patriotism
Korean fabrication anti-Japanese site registration post, bulletin board --japan Patriotism

We, Rising Sun Flag, Statue of Liberty, I love you
The official name of the Statue of Liberty is freedom to illuminate the world
The head of the Statue of Liberty is the light of the sun = the rising sun flag = the light of the sun
South Korea can't touch or see sunlight
There is no freedom just to walk at night
If you don't like the rising sun flag of the sun, you have to leave the solar system.
It can't be helped
우리 욱일 깃발, 자유 의 여신상, 정식 명칭 은 세계를
비추는 자유 자유 의 여신 상의 머리 = 욱일 깃발 비슷
한국 씨 햇빛 에 닿는 일도 보는 일도 수 없습니까? 밤에 걷는 것만 자유 가 햇빛 욱일 깃발이 싫다면 어쩔 수 없습니다

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